Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Did the US Treasury, IRS just threaten Vatican Bank before Pope Francis meeting with Patriarch Kirill? by Scott

Today, I want to tell you a huge secret. The deepest and the biggest Russian secret of all.
The secret so profound that it will shake your entire being.
Wait for it…
The Head of the Russian Orthodox Church His Holiness Patriarch Kirill meets with Pope of Rome Frances on February 12th, 2016 in Havana, Cuba to discuss something about the plight of Christians. We don’t know what they will discuss, but we can speculate.
Some say that the Patriarch and Pope will meet in Havana in the first time for 10 centuries to discuss how to send Hillary to Hell. It’s as good of a theory as any.

One Size Does Not Fit All!

This comment was chosen by Mod HS from the post “Turkey’s Gates To Europe”.  The moderator believes this comment is interesting because it asks where did it all go wrong for the US? Looking back it seems all their best laid plans have not gone the way they hoped and they are left floundering.
Comment by Bilito
Which is the plot that went wrong?
Let’s have a look on the facts and turn the clock back to when the strategic plans for the current U.S. administration where made (2007-08):
– A vast presence of U.S. troops in Iraq and Saudi Arabia kept the Middle East under control
– The containment policy against the progressive movements in Latin America seemed to work fine, constantly threatening Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador
– Europe was the same little cuddly toy as always with the U.K. and the Eastern States producing chaos on command. The unholy axis Paris-Berlin-Moscow had been defeated and CIA-puppet Angela had consolidated her colonial government.
– Russia seemed under control and caught between the interests of the different cliques, credit debts and its backwardness
– India and Pakistan as always distracted by each other

Anybody left? Of course, China!
Then the idea behind the so called “Pivot to Asia” was born. Those strategists perfectly knew that the Empire could not turn the rest of the world adrift in order to fully concentrate on China and that some continuous distraction was needed (e.g. Cuddly Europe had to be prevented from gravitating towards Russia).
Obviously something went wrong as more and more regional powers like France, Turkey, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, etc. began to believe that a multipolar world was possible, at least at a sandbox game level. Washington had to partly postpone its Asian activities in order to make it clear that none of its “Allies” was allowed to play on its own accord – the “Arab Spring” e.g. was launched to set an end to the French charm offensive in Northern Africa – Daesh was created to avoid a power vacuum exploited by Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria or Iran after the withdrawal of the U.S. troops – Turks and Kurds were expected to neutralize each other – Brazil was threatened economically and internally-. In conclusion: “Our game, our rules, and our command!”

Things could have worked if Russia hadn’t entered the ring to rock and China opened the purse.
Obama failed to immediately identify Russia as the diabolic villain, the Anti-Christ, and to close the ranks against the evil foe of mankind. Ridiculing Russia as a Regional Power made other Regional Powers aware of the poor state of the Empire. That was the point of no return when the “One Empire-One Plan-Doctrine” failed. Since then, each of the Regional Powers started to make their own little plans and this is why it has become so extremely difficult to understand the plot and what went wrong.

Coming back to the “tsunami of refugees”: Erdogan has a plan, Soros has a plan, the Saudis have a plan, and Washington has one, and so on – except Merkel who never has a plan but to wait for instructions from Langley. Each of those tiny plans occasionally works but generally fails. However, there is no master plan any more.

Immigrant Crisis: Facts, Myth or Plot?

The designed, created and carefully articulated immigrant flow to Europe, generating one of the biggest crises in after the Cold War as the byproduct of US waged wars in the Middle East, is rolling out according to the already written screenplay. As the pretext for rising extreme right sectors within the EU boundaries, revival of nationalism, racism and fascism, dramatic changes to European societies bring to the reality inter ethnic and inter-religion confrontations which painfully remind Europeans to some previous Apocalypses which took out over 60 million lives killed just in WWII.

Does the Pentagon just wish upon a star to create new 'threats' that explain the gargantuan budget?

A nonsensical story of Russia's potential invasion of the Baltics has caught a second breath in Western mass media just a day after the Pentagon announced it would seek to quadruple its budget for Europe in 2017. Coincidence? Irish journalist Danielle Ryan does not think so.

There is something mysterious about the unanimity demonstrated by the Western media and think tanks in the past few days regarding the prospects of a Russian invasion of the Baltics.
Nothing hinted at any trouble in July 2015, when Financial Times finally admitted that the Kremlin is obviously not planning to rebuild the Russian or Soviet Empire in "a literal sense" anytime soon.

Metuh Kept N50m Of Dasuki’s N400m For Himself, Says Witness

Olisa Metuh, spokesman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), took N50m out of the N400m given to him by Sambo Dasuki, former national security adviser (NSA) , diverting the money, which was meant for “security services”to personal use. Junaid Sa’id, a detective at the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), made the claim on Tuesday at the resumed court trial of the PDP spokesman.

Monday, February 8, 2016

12 Asian men sentenced to 140 years for the repeated rape and sexual abuse of a 13 year schoolgirl

Sex gang of twelve Asian men showed no sympathy as they repeatedly raped a 13 year old vulnerable schoolgirl. The teenager was physically and psychologically abused as she was passed around in turns by the heartless men in an underground park.

Bradford Crown Court heard how the men were led by ringleader Ahmed Al-Choudhury who facilitated most of the offences but then fled abroad, eleven were jailed for rape and a twelfth man was jailed for sexual activity with a child under 16.

Rotimi Amaechi replies Nyesom Wike over $150m allegation

Sadly, on Sunday, February 7, 2016, Nyesom Wike, the governor of Rivers State in furtherance of his administration’s one-point agenda, yet again, continued his grossly irresponsible, repugnant and contemptuous, albeit, feckless mission of denigrating and disparaging the person and office of the immediate past governor of the state, Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, who is now the minister of transportation.

The ‘story-story’ this time is about another phantom $150,000,000(One Hundred and Fifty Million Dollars) that Amaechi purportedly stole from Rivers State government coffers and siphoned to his party, the All Progressives Congress(APC) within eighteen days, from December 1 to 18 of 2014. Sadly again, Wike picked a church, a sacred temple of God to tell his new imaginary tale, another bogus, fallacious concoction.

In His Element: Top Ten Facts About Periodic Table Creator Dmitri Mendeleev.

Renowned Russian scientist Dmitri Mendeleev, best known as the founder of the Mendeleev periodic table, would have had his 182nd birthday on February 8. Sputnik compiled the top 10 generally unknown facts about Mendeleev.

Not everyone knows that besides being one of the greatest chemists in history, Mendeleev was also an expert in many other disciplines, including physics, economy, geology, meteorology and even an aeronautics, among other things. Here are a few other facts.

UK Gov’t Funded Outlet BBC Tries to Slander Russia in a New Propaganda Low

BBC inadvertently explains why Russia is no threat, why Latvia's genocidal policies towards its “noncitizens” pose a threat to Europe, and why NATO expansion is a folly.

The British government-funded broadcaster BBC Two aired on 3 February 2016 a show about a hypothetical Russian attack on Latvia, a NATO member. In the show, called World War Three: Inside the War Room, the conflict quickly escalated into a nuclear war as Nato forces became drawn in.

Accept Electricity Tariff Hike As Painful Pill – Fashola

The Minister of Power, Works and Housing, Mr. Babatunde Fashola (SAN), has appealed to Nigerians to bear the pains of the new electricity tariff hike, describing it as painful pill they must swallow in the interest of the country.

Fashola, who had a meeting with all stakeholders in power sector in Lagos on Monday, and inspected ongoing works at the Alagbon Local 2x15MVA, 33/11 KV injection substation in Ikoyi, told journalists that the right thing could have been to increase the power before the tariff but unfortunately it was not possible considering the rot the government met on ground.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Al-Nusra Front Confirms Deaths of 300 Terrorists in Syria's Aleppo

More than 300 members of the al-Nusra Front terrorist group were killed in clashes near the Syrian city of Retyan in the Aleppo province.

The death of the militants occurred as a result of heavy fighting near the city of Retyan in the province of Aleppo, a source told TV channel Al-Mayadin under condition of anonymity.
The Syrian armed forces were said to have eliminated 300 fighters during the fierce fighting in the area over the last few days.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Militants Ready to ‘Switch Sides’ as Syrian Army Advances on All Fronts

Daesh and other terrorist groups have pulled back from their positions as the Syrian army, backed by the country's aviation and popular forces, continues its advance in several key provinces of the county.  Government forces have regained control over several more areas in Dara'a, Deir ez-Zor, Hama, Homs and Aleppo provinces leaving dozens of militants dead and wounded, Iran’s Fars news agency reported on Friday.

In Dara’a province the Syrian Armed Forces clawed back more areas near Atman town, almost 4 kilometers north of Dara'a city, killing 30 terrorists and destroying their meeting centers equipped with heavy 23-mm machineguns.  In Deir ez-Zor several militant strongholds were destroyed by missile fire as Syrian Army jets targeted two Daesh outposts east of Deir ez-Zor airport.

Buhari Participated In Syrian Event As A Perfect Cover For His Medical Visit- SR

A statement on Monday by presidential spokesman Femi Adesina disclosed that he will travel on to London where he will reportedly attend an event on Syria. The trips follow closely on the heels of a just-ended state visit to Kenya, as well as to Ethiopia for a meeting of African leaders.

A SaharaReporters source said that during his visit to the United Kingdom, he will undertake a visit to medical doctors in a London hospital.

Our presidency source said President Buhari agreed to participate in the Syrian event because it provides a perfect cover for the medical visit.

Coming to a head in Syria

What started as a “War On Syria”, allowed to grow and fester unabated, fueled and sponsored by eighty three nations spearheaded by Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Israel and NATO and all pro-NATO nations, is undoubtedly coming to a head.

Geneva III seems dead in the water, just like Geneva I and II were. This time however, Syria and its allies are calling the shots, and they are playing the cat-and-mouse game, and why not? After all, the ball is in their court and it wasn’t easy coming. It’s the spoil of blood and sacrifice.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Increase farming or risk Nigerians starving to death by 2050 - Minister of Agriculture says

Minister of Agriculture, Audu Ogbeh, says Nigeria will have to increase its input in farming or risk facing her citizens starve to death by 2050. Ogbeh said this during the defence of the Ministry of Agriculture's 2016 budget before the senate committee on Agriculture yesterday February 4th.
"We have written to state governments to encourage them to develop dams and canals so that agriculture becomes an all year round activity and it is not confined to the rainy season alone.
Besides, by 2050, Nigeria population will be very close to 500 million at the current rate of growth. This is just 34 years from now. If we carry on at the current rate of one crop per year, with very low mechanization, Nigerians run the risk of starving to death”he said

Turkey’s Gates To Europe

The story of refugees flocking into Europe, and the avalanche of repercussions that followed, remains to be a conundrum that many involved individuals, including some seasoned analysts, are at pains to unravel.

Any denial that those refugees had brought with them very bad elements is a denial of a truth that is so loud and clear. And when some highly competent authors wrote about this and were attacked and called Fascists and racists, those who made those accusations must be living in a dungeon that lives by rules that do not exist anywhere on this planet. Not that I wish any harm to anyone, but I would just wonder what would those critics do or say if it was their own sisters, girlfriends, daughters and mothers getting ganged raped in the streets!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Why I Use the Term ‘AngloZionist’, and Why It’s Important - Saker

One of the issues over which I am most vehemently criticized, even by well-meaning friends, is my use of the term “AngloZionist”.
After carefully parsing all the arguments of my critics, I wrote a special explanatory note on my blog two years ago, in order to make sure that my argument leaves no room for misunderstanding.
I reproduce it below as a (rather long) introduction to the article which follows, which is essentially a further development of the ideas in my 2014 post.
To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize
– Voltaire
(The following quoted section is from the Saker’s blog (with slight modifications), from September 2014)

Court Orders Aluko’s Arrest Over ‘Ekitigate’

Adesoji Adegboye, a chief magistrate in Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti state, has ordered the state commissioner of police to arrest Temitope Aluko, former secretary of the state chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) over alleged perjury. Aluko, who earlier testified before the election tribunal that the June 21, 2014 governorship election in Ekiti was free and fair, told journalists on Sunday that the PDP rigged the election. He said former President Goodluck Joanthan released $37 million to Ayo Fayose, governor of the state, and summoned top security chiefs to Aso Rock to strategise on how to deliver the state for the former ruling party.

Emergency landing at Mogadishu after an explosion

Oil rises after Russia ‘agrees’ to OPEC meeting

Oil rose on Wednesday, paring earlier losses, after fresh comments from Russia about its openness to talk with OPEC over output cuts helped revive hope of higher prices. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said if there is consensus among the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries and non-OPEC members to meet, “then we will meet”.

This helped push the price of oil, which had been set for a third day of declines after data on Tuesday showed another big build in US inventories, off the day’s lows. Brent for April delivery rose 40 cents to $33.12 a barrel, pulling away from a session low of $32.30. US crude futures rose 46 cents to $30.34, off a session low of $29.40. “Is there going to be a meeting between Russia and OPEC? That is a supportive factor in this rally that we’ve seen in the last one hour,” PVM Oil Associates analyst, Tamas Varga said.

James Ibori released & Rearrested For Another £250 million Fraud

Former governor of Delta State, James Onanefe Ibori has completed his prison terms in the United Kingdom. But he is yet to be a free man, as he was immediately re-arrested. TheNEWS learnt that Ibori jailed 13 years in April 2012 by a Southwark Crown court in London was released by prison authorities on 22 January and then re-arrested again. He was released from Her Majesty’s Prison in Bedford, outside of London, where he finished his prison term.

Buhari’s Unnecessary Trips Bleeding Nigeria’s Economy – Fayose

* Says about $1 million spent per foreign trip
*Adds foreign countries won’t solve Nigeria’s problems
Governor Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti State, on Tuesday, advised President Muhammadu Buhari to stay at home and govern the country instead of junketing from one country to the other, saying; “foreign countries won’t solve our problems for us and the President’s incessant foreign trips is already bleeding the economy with about $1 million being spent per trip.” The governor, who said most of the trips embarked by the President were unnecessary, added that ministers or at best the Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo could have been made to attend most of the functions being attended abroad by the President.

2016 Budget: Buhari To Spend More On State House Clinic Than On All Federal Govt-Owned Teaching Hospitals

The Nigerian government is proposing to spend more on capital projects at the State House Medical Centre this year than it would provide for the 16 teaching hospitals belonging to it.
If the proposed budget is approved as presented to federal lawmakers, the State House Clinic will get N787 million more in capital allocation than all the 16 teaching hospitals combined.
The State House Medical Centre is a facility that provides healthcare for President Muhammadu Buhari, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, their families and other employees of the Presidency, all possibly less than a thousand.
Federal teaching hospitals cater for the heath needs of millions of Nigerians, train medical doctors and other health professionals for the nation while also serving as top medical research centres.
A breakdown of the 2016 Appropriation Bill shows that a total of N3.87billion has been allocated for capital projects at the State House Clinic.

Anyaoku Proposes Reduction Of Nigeria’s 36 States Into 6 Units

Conversion of thirty-six states in Nigeria to six federating units will make thrive and get a better result.
The Former Secretary-General of the Commonwealth, Chief Emeka Anyaoku who called the National Assembly to convert the existing six-geo political zones into federating units said the present thirty-six states were not viable.
With the new proposal, the present thirty-six states would serve as development zones.
Chief Anyaoku made the call at the Inaugural Conference organised by Ibadan School of Government and Public Policy, ISGPP held at the International Conference Centre, University of Ibadan.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

London's Dirty Secret: UK Capital 'Global Center' for Money Laundering

London offers every possible service to individuals wanting to launder money, Peter Lilley, author of 'Dirty Dealing: The Untold Truth About Global Money Laundering,' told Sputnik.

London and New York are both popular destinations for money laundering because they are major international financial centers that offer sophisticated financial products and well-versed legal and accountancy services, Peter Lilley, author of 'Dirty Dealing: The Untold Truth About Global Money Laundering,' told Sputnik.