Thursday, July 11, 2013

Nigeria Hotels for Sale: 21 rooms luxury hotel sitting on 4000sqms for sale at Osborne Estate, Ikoyi - Photos

21 rooms luxury hotel sitting on 4000sqms for sale at Osborne Estate, Ikoyi

21 Luxury rooms
Located in a quite environment
Sitting on total size of 4000sqm
Located in Highbrow area of Osborne Phase 1, Ikoyi
Good Title: Lagos State Governor's consent

Accryda Associates
7, Oluwaleimu Street
Off Toyin Street
Ikeja, Lagos.
Tel. 234 805 8021 495, 234 809 4025 634

Other Details: Number of Bedrooms: 15+, Number of Bathrooms: 15+

* Price: 6,173,420 USD

Nigeria, China Sign pacts on financial ties

Nigeria's Leader Goodluck Jonathan and Leader Xi Jinping of China Wednesday in Beijing presided over the signing of five agreements to enhance financial, deal, financial, complex and ethnic relations between Nigeria and China.

The agreements of closed after bilateral talks between the 2 leaders and their delegations range from the Structure Contract on Comprehensive Economic Cooperation In Help of Nigeria's Economic Growth and a Preferential Customer Credit Contract for Nigeria's Four Airports Growth Project.

The others were a new Contract on Economic and Technical Cooperation between Nigeria and China, an Contract on Good Credit Exemption for slots of diplomatic and standard passports from equally nations and an Contract for the Reduction of the Theft, Illicit Transfer and Move of Social Property.


Talking ahead of the commencement of the talks, Leader Jonathan thanked Leader Jinping and the folks of China for the warm reception accorded him and the First Woman, Dame Persistence Jonathan because their birth in Beijing yesterday.

The Leader confident Leader Jinping that the Federal Government is completely committed to sustaining and establishing the strategic collaboration between Nigeria and China for the shared benefit of the 2 nations and their people.

He explained that in spite of the numerous positive developments in bilateral relations involving the nations in recent years, there clearly was however sufficient scope for increased deal and strong expense from China in Nigeria.
Leader Jinping confident Leader Jonathan that China can keep on to work with Nigeria in every probable areas in furtherance of the progress agenda of equally countries.

Earlier in the day in the day, Leader Jonathan met and asked Senior Executives of a few Chinese conglomerates to begin fresh opportunities in Nigeria or improve existing types, expressing that the Federal Government was committed to performing all within their powers to grow Nigeria's domestic production capacity.

Those the Leader met with included prime professionals of Huawei Systems Confined, China Great Wall Industries, ZTE Business, the State Grid Business of China, the NIC/SINOPEC/CGC Consortium, the China Railway Structure Business and the China Harbour Design Corporation.

At a morning meal ending up in African Ambassadors to China, Leader Jonathan reaffirmed his certainty that African nations needed to enhance their institutions of democratic governance to guarantee political stability and maintained development.

He explained that democratic governance should really be nurtured and inspired till it requires harder origin over the continent, adding that the African Union must continue steadily to stand against unconstitutional changes of government in member-states.

The Leader regretted recent political developments in Egypt and called for a rapid return by the united states to constitutional buy and governance.

Noting that the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation has become a useful framework for wedding between Africa and China, Leader Jonathan said that the African Union might consider the establishment of a representative office in Beijing to aid deeper connections involving the Asian financial giant and African nations.

Leader Jonathan can meet with Premier Li Keqiang and the Chairman of the Ranking Committee of the National Peoples Congress, Mr. Zhang Dejiang tomorrow for further bilateral talks.

He may also handle Chinese investors and their Nigerian alternatives at a business community in the China Earth Industry Centre in continuation of his state stop by at the united states