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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Check out Top 10 Business Tips For Newbies

1. Love What You Do
It's a smart ideo to choose an area which you as of now have an interest for, for various reasons. You as of now have some knowledge and expertise in this area which is precious and you won't as a matter of course be beginning without any preparation. In the event that you picked an area which is as of now of enthusiasm to you it won't inexorably feel like work, particularly when difficult situations arise. Regardless of which zone you area you will without a doubt have harsh patches, when this happens you are much more prone to move forward on the grounds that you have a connection, a personal stake and an enthusiasm. On the off chance that you have no hobby you'll be considerably more likely to quit at the first sign of inconvenience.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Is it wise to invest in my boyfriend's business?

My boyfriend of three years is at the moment unemployed but he has shown his desire to do something just to keep himself going. I am at the moment thinking of investing my leave allowance (I work in a bank) into his proposed business but I am skeptical on doing so as he hasn't popped the question yet but we have talked about getting married. Would it be a wise decision to invest in his business since we are just lovers or I should wait until we get married?