Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Man impersonates the Inspector-General of Police, defrauds Saudi doctor of $10,000

Ekperebuike Akadonye, 29, has been arrested by the police for allegedly parading himself as the Inspector-General of Police, Ibrahim Idris, on the Internet and defrauding a Saudi Arabia-based doctor, Hassan Alkahallaf, to the tune of $10,000.

Goodbye Fidel

by Jimmie Moglia 
“He was a man, take him for all in all,
I shall not look upon his like again.”
Hamlet, act 1, sc. 2
For many across the world, the death of Fidel Castro strikes us with an obscure sensation, like that which would be felt from the sound of darkness. And though expected, there was an indistinct unuttered hope that this news could be postponed to a future yet undated and unnamed. But,
“… all that lives must die,
Passing through nature to eternity” (1)
In some European countries, newspaper articles written before the death of some important figure, are called “crocodiles”, lumping together those lamenting or rejoicing at that death, whenever it may occur.

Lenin comes to the White House

by Pepe Escobar for Sputnik International
Donald Trump, commenting on the passing of Fidel Castro, branded him a mere “dictator”. Whatever the long-lasting results (and mistakes) of the Cuban experiment, History has already de facto recognized Fidel as one of the great revolutionary leaders of the modern – and post-modern – era.
Trump – historical irony obliges – also has all but christened the groundswell of anger that delivered him the White House as a “revolution” – led by, and in the name of, white, non-college educated, blue collar US masses.

Bait & Switch- Fake News, propornot, the Real Inform & Influence Operation

by GH Eliason
A few days before the 2016 election I contacted several publishers and told them they were on a list to be dealt with/ taken down after what was supposed to be a Clinton victory. This effort was against news sites and websites that spoke or wrote against current US policies that Clinton supported. As I was writing this Glen Greenwald’s great article came out specifically about propornot. That plays a small part in this.