Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Ukrainian Rada to Install Boxing Ring in the Parliament !

The Speaker of Ukraine’s parliament proposed introducing a real boxing ring inside the parliament building after yesterday’s session.


Taking after another battle in Ukraine’s parliament on Tuesday, Verkhovna Rada Speaker Volodymyr Groisman proposed setting up a real confining ring parliament building for those wishing to determine their disparities utilizing their clench hands, Ukrainian news administration Vesti reports.

“If you want to sort things out physically, I am ready to install a boxing ring on the third floor,” Groisman said, talking at an entire session of parliament. The Speaker included that sanctions against the individuals who begin battle would incorporate being banned from the parliament floor for 15 gatherings.

Groisman included that he was likewise investigating banning agents from bouncing from division to portion, which is accepted to have created yesterday’s fight between Radical Party pioneer Oleg Lyashko and previous party member Aidar Battalion officer Sergei Melnichuk. The battle incapacitated the work of the body for whatever remains of the day. It is not yet clear whether both of them will be sanctioned for their ungentlemanly conduct.

“Today I will introduce the bill to amend the regulations of the Verkhovna Rada,” Groisman noted. “Tomorrow we will vote on it and once and for all make this ‘migration’ illegal.”

Ukraine SITREP Wednesday March 4th, 2015 - The Saker

Party leader, Marine Le Pen Urges France to Come Out of America's Shadow

Leader of French National Front wants France to escape US impact and unite with Russia to battle Islamic fundamentalism.

Marine Le Pen, right now a standout amongst the most mainstream legislators in France, has required an uncommon change in French foreign policy.

“We have to bring radical change to the foreign policy of France, now dictated by United States,” she posted on her Twitter on Tuesday.

One of the fundamental points of Marine Le Pen’s National Front gathering is to battle the Islamic fundamentalism and radicalism that is representing a constantly expanding risk to the world recently. In making her call, Le Pen is looking for Russia as a partner to join the battle against terrorism.

She likewise communicated the need to resume political relations with Syria, which were ended in 2012 when the administration of Nicolas Sarkozy perceived the resistance as “the only legitimate representative of Syrian people” and withdrew the French government office from Damascus at the start of civil clash.

ISIL Kills 11 Commanders for Fleeing Battlefield Amid Iraqi Army Advance

Islamic State (ISIL) militants executed 11 commanders, who left Tikrit, the place of battlefield with Iraqi army.
BEIRUT (Sputnik) – Islamic State (ISIL) militants executed 11 commanders who fled the Iraqi city of Tikrit after government forces launched a major offensive, Lebanon's Al Mayadeen TV channel reported Wednesday.
Over the past 24 hours, around 150 ISIL extremists, including commanders, reportedly left Tikrit, the birthplace of late dictator Saddam Hussein and a stronghold of the group. Iraqi forces managed to take eastern and southern parts of the town under control.

Russian Military shows off Revolutionary Electronic Warfare System

Russia’s new Richag-AV radar and sonar sticking framework can be mounted on helicopters, ships and other military gear to stick potential foes’ weapons frameworks from separations of a few hundred kilometers away; it has been hailed by designers as having no simple anyplace on the planet.

© Flickr/ Dmitry Terekhov

At a presentation for columnists in Kazan on Wednesday, Russian radio-hardware firm Radio-Electronic Technologies Concern (KRET) reported that it is giving over the first bunch of another helicopter-mounted electronic fighting framework known as the ‘Richag-AV’ to the military.

Ali Khamenei: Nuclear weapons sinful, West fears a developed and independent Iran (English subtitles)

04.03.2015 Ukrainian crisis news. War in Ukraine, Kiev, Donbass, USA

Graphic Pics: ISIS terrorists throw 'gay' man off building in Raqqa

ISIS brutes have slaughtered yet another man they blamed for being gay.

The blindfolded man was directed to the roof of a multi-story building in Raqqa, where he was primitively tossed to his demise. A huge swarm assembled at the foot of the building to watch the homicide of the youthful person. The murdering was taped and photographs imparted on social media.

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What Is Wrong With This Photo [Football Captain OBJ version]

Seriously? Baba, can you still run 100m race?

What Is Wrong With This Photo? [Evangelist Eucharia Anunobi Version]

The only other individual we’ve seen closest to this is Nkiru Anumudu and hers is even appropriately done.

Nollywood performer Eucharia Anunobi who is presently an Evangelist was spotted with Susan Peters and her eyebrows are stating hey to the world.

What do you think?

What Is Wrong With This Photo (Valentine version)

This picture has been around since Valentines day yet regardless I wonder about the generosity of the f**kery. I dug profound and discovered that Ayomide is only a sweetheart not in any case a spouse.

So I ask

Is this adoration or Jonzing?

Former VP, Atiku commends the Nigerian Military on the recent success in combating B'Haram Terrorists

Previous Vice President Atiku Abubakar praises the Nigerian Military on their expanded attack & achievement in battling terrorists in Northern Nigeria.

More tweets bellow.

Nigeria Among The Most Hated Nations In Britain (See Full List)


I Satisfy 3 Guys per Night - Confession Of A S3x Addict


Eku Edewor explains Thisday's Style's heritage shoot after accusations of racism shows up

After pictures from Eku & Lynxxx’s Thisday’s legacy shoot surfaced, some individuals felt it portrayed bigotry, tyke work and servitude.

Thus, they started to slander her for partaking in such a shoot. Actually, she took to twitter to clarify the genuine idea driving the controversial pictures.

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MUD boss, Onyinye Carter flaunst her diamond engagement ring

Chief of MUD Cosmetics Nigeria and girl of uber-rich person specialist, Chief Izu Onwugbenu, the Chairman of Louis Carter group, Onyinye Carter shows off another look of her engagement ring while holding her man’s hand.

'Why I boarded the train With 'ordinary people' on March 2' - Mercy Johnson

  Article written by actress Mercy Johnson Okojie... My picture and that of my daughter, Purity in a Lagos train has surfaced online and quite a number of people have asked me what I was doing in a train and in Lagos for that matter; not Paris or London.

I was around Iddo at Ebute Metta when my Range Rover developed a mechanical fault and I had to make a very important appointment in Ikeja regardless of the usual traffic congestion in Lagos. Luckily, a member of my management team was around, he suggested a train ride and we were in Ikeja in less than 30 minutes but that is not the crux of this statement.

Prof. Osinbajo set to drag FFK to Court , seeks ₦2b damages against Fani-Kayode over oath comment

APC’s VP applicant, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo has initiated lawful activities against Femi Fani-Kayode over the announcement he made a weekend ago that he (Osinbajo) made a solemn vow with previous Lagos State Governor, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, to to step down six month after election.

Osinbajo, through his attorney, Femi Falana is looking for N2billion harms for the charged defamatory articulation, he is likewise requesting a withdrawal of the announcement and a statement of regret which must be disclosed on four TV slots and distributed in four national daily papers.

“The direct meaning, purport and innuendo or insinuation of the false, misleading and defamatory statement is that our client, Prof. Osinbajo is deceitful and participating in a devise that constitutes subterfuge and lacks integrity in concert with others who you also describe as evil, insensitive, wicked, selfish and desperate.” the statement read in part

Falana said if Fani-Kayode doesn’t comply with his demands, they would proceed to court to seek redress as he portrayed Osinbajo, who’s a pastor and a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, in a very bad light

London denies Nigerian lesbian asylum request, claims she can't be lesbian after giving birth to children

 Nigerian asylum seeker and award winning gay-rights activist, Aderonke Apata has once again been denied asylum following a position by the UK Home office that she can not be a lesbian after she's been in multiple heterosexual relationships which resulted in the birth of her children. 

46yr old Aderonke, who fled Nigeria to the UK in 2004 after her life was allegedly threatened for being gay, has been in a running battle with the UK Home office for a while now over this.

Photos: DJ Cuppy vacations in Malta Island

DJ Cuppy, girl of famous Nigerian extremely rich person specialist, Femi Otedola is right now on a fun get-away in Malta Island. She imparted pictures of herself and her team having a fabulous time amid their extravagance vacay.

More pics bellow.

'Corrupt’ British Society Pushing Young Muslims to Jihad

Britain's "corrupt" society, which fails to incorporate and understand young Muslims, is partly to blame for the rise of "mad jihadism" in the UK, according to comedian-come-social commentator Russell Brand.
Brand made the controversial claims as part of his regular series of YouTube videos, where he spoke about British society's role in turning young Britons, such as Mohammad Emwazi, also known as Jihadi John, into Islamic extremists.

Pics: MI hangs out with elephants in South Africa...

Rapper MI, who is presently in South Africa, went by a Animal reserve today where he hung out with some huge elephants.

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