Friday, November 20, 2015

7th Week of the Russian Intervention in Syria: dramatic surge in intensity

This week was clearly dominated by two major events: the terrorist attacks in Paris and the Russian official declaration that Kogalymavia Flight 9268 was, indeed, destroyed by a bomb.
First, I would notice that contrary to so many prediction that the Russians, Egyptians and other nations involved would lie and cover up this attack, this did not happen. Both the Russians and the Egyptians were open and honest about this attack from day 1. There is something to be learned here: while some politicians clearly have lost the ability to speak the truth even if they tried to, others did not. While lying is the standard operating procedure for most (all?) of “western” (Empire-run) states, this is still not the case everywhere else. It is simply wrong to assume that Russia is some kind of “anti-USA” and that the Kremlin has a policy of systematic deception like the White House. To the extend that Russia could be considered an “anti-USA” this ought to include categorically different methods and motives.

Olodumare (GOD) In Yoruba Ifa and Orisha Is Monotheistic

The concept  OLODUMARE  has been misconstrued by many,this is due to unwarranted  and unjustifiable colonial exploration and exploitation by our  colonial masters  ,they use foreign religion to enslave African . they claim we practice polytheism.

To be sincere and be frank the concept polytheism never exist at all in IFA and orisha tradition. In this little post I wish share my humble idear about yoruba monotheistic view of the nature of Olodumare  (God ).How other orisha are energies through whish mankind can reach Olodumare.

Shocking Video: Nigerian man stabs his fellow countryman to death with a broken bottle in Italy

:”The scene you see in this shocking video below were witnessed by some very frightened Italian citizens outside Bergamo station on Sunday evening November 8, at 21.50.

2 Nigerian men engaged in a bloody fight which ended with one using a broken bottle to send the other to his early grave. You can clearly hear the alleged  Nigerian man say ”I be Eiye Man oh” a deadly cult group here in Nigeria.  He also went on to threaten the victim who he repeatedly called by his name ”Ik” that he was going to kill him.” He eventuality made good his threat by stabbing him to death. The police later came to pick up the remains of IK..

Sun re O.. Watch the video when you continue bellow.


Photos from robbery attack this morning at Berger, Mile 2

A man was attacked and robbed at Berger bridge, mile 2 at about 6:30 am on his way to work. Just as he was approaching the bridge, 3 boys about the ages 18-20 years ran to the vehicle and demanded for his valuables. He handed them his money and mobile phone. One of the robbers then used a big stone to shatter the back glass, looking for other valuables. Just as the robbers were getting away, the man noticed they didn't have any weapon on them just big stones, he then ran after them and caught the guy who took his phone and broke his glass. He got his mobile phone back and was injured as a result of this incident. The unlucky thief was beaten ruthlessly and handed over to Kirikiri police.

Army arrests 3 wanted Boko Haram members in Yobe

The Nigerian Army has arrested three Boko Haram members declared among the most 100 wanted suspects. Making their arrest known to newsmen in Damaturu yesterday Nov. 19th, the Commander, 27 Task Force Brigade, Col. Dahiru Bako, said one of the suspects was arrested in Jakusko while two others were arrested in Damaturu.

Al-Qaeda affliated group claim responsibility for the attack in Mali

Around 10 jihadists attacked a Radisson Blu hotel in the country’s capital, Bamako and took 170 people hostage. Supporters of al Qaeda-affliated group, Al-Mourabittoun have now claimed responsibility for the attack. The African jihadist group made up mostly of Arabs and Tuaregs, posted a message on Twitter saying they were behind the siege. Meanwhile, 18 bodies were recovered from the hotel, a foreign security source told AFP. A Belgian died during attempts to free hostages.

How To Get A Bank Teller Job In Any Nigerian Bank

Bank tellers are the front-line transaction officers that attend to customers’ day to day transactions in the banking halls. Their duties includes paying cash, receiving cash deposits, sometimes they also serve as customer service representative in most banks.

They are always smart and cheerful in attending to customers’ requests and that is why most banks require smart and young looking employees not more than 26years of age.

NIMC Moves To Integrate BVN Data

The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) has concluded plans to integrate the Bank Verification Number (BVN) in the national identity database.

The Director-General of NIMC, Mr Chris Onyemenam, made the disclosure in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Friday in Abuja.

Onyenam, whose tenure expires today, said that the planned integration was borne out of the need to obey a presidential directive to harmonise various databases in the country.

New Case Of Ebola reported In Liberia – WHO

The World Health Organisation on Friday announced that a new case of the deadly Ebola virus has surfaced in Liberia, which was declared Ebola free in September. There is one confirmed case,” WHO spokesman Tarik Jasarevic told AFP, without providing further details. The west African nation, where thousands died at the height of the epidemic last year, was first declared Ebola free in May, only to see the fever resurface six weeks later, and again in September. Since the beginning of the outbreak, Liberia has registered more than 10,600 cases and 4,808 deaths, according to the latest situation report from the UN health agency published earlier this week. According to the latest toll given by WHO, the epidemic that started in December 2013 has left more than 11,300 dead, mainly in the west African states of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, out of almost 29,000 cases. Friday’s news comes just days after the medical charity Doctors Without Borders (MSF) announced the last known Ebola case in Guinea, a three-week old girl, had recovered. Guinea still must wait 42 days with no cases before being declared Ebola free. Sierra Leone was declared to have beaten the virus earlier this month

105 Missing Soldiers: Nigerians Are Being Conned, Buratai Is Not Being Truthful

The Shadow Cabinet Of Nigeria in a state of utter shock and dismay hereby decry the coordinated‎ bombings in Yola and Kano in the past 72 hours resulting in 49 deaths and many injured, worse still, the alleged case of 105 missing soldiers as reported in the media.

We are aware of the recent press statement by the Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen. Tukur Buratai, that no army officer is missing.‎

‎We beg to differ on this.
We have reached out to a few reliable sources within the ranks of the Nigerian military and we can confirm that things are very bad, the Nigerian press seem to be covering up a lot of things.

The Jagaban: Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Nigeria's Most Powerful Politician - Onyebuchi Ememanka

In 1999, Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu was elected Governor of Lagos State. His then party, the Alliance for Democracy (AD) produced all the governors of the South West. By 2003, Tinubu was the onl y governor left in the AD. He was under pressure to decamp but he stayed. He built the party and it became stronger. For the eight years that he ruled Lagos, he hired several guys to work with him. I think he carefully picked them. Apart from using them to work in his government, he also groomed them for the future. Eight years down the line, see where those Tinubu guys are today -

#HappyBirthdayGEJ: Top 58 Quotable Quotes Of GEJ As He Turns 58

The previous President, Goodluck Jonathan will obviously be associated with his famous quotes amid his time as the country’s first citizen. Notwithstanding a few weaknesses in his administration like in some other organization, previous President Goodluck Jonathan is adored by numerous who have ascended to commend him as he turns a year older today, Friday, November 20.

See top 58 Quotable Quotes Of former president, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan

In festivity of the previous President’s day, Vanguard has caught 58 quotable quotes of his.

Quote 1

The stronger the boat of (democracy), the more it is able to meet the challenges of its voyage and deliver on its promise to citizens.

Quote 2

The air of freedom we breathe today is the result of the sacrifices of thousands of pro-democracy activists, human rights campaigners and others who organised as civil society.

Quote 3

My political ambition is not worth the blood of any Nigerian.

Quote 4

No minister will be allowed to go on a mission of endless search for solutions.

Quote 5

In the comfort of our offices, let us not forget that majority of our people live below the poverty line.

Quote 6

Terrorism has no conscience and spares no one.

Quote 7

Any society or country that closes the vital valves of its democratic space cannot develop at a reasonable pace

Quote 8

Where there is no opportunity for one man one vote, there will be no accountability and no responsibility.

Quote 9

Democracy is a journey that every nation mindful of advancing the liberty of its citizens must undertake.

Quote 10

Nobody’s political ambition is worth the blood of any Nigerian.

Quote 11

Our votes must count! One man, one vote! One woman, one vote! One youth, one vote!

Quote 12

Nobody should rig for me. I am assuring Nigerians that though I am contesting, nobody must manipulate votes in my favour. Our votes must count.

Quote 13

I congratulate the candidates of the other political parties. I regard them not as opponents but as partners.

Quote 14

In presenting myself for service, I make no pretense that I have a magic wand that will solve all of Nigeria’s problems or that I am the most intelligent Nigerian.

Quote 15

I have come to launch a campaign of ideas, not one of calumny. I have come to preach love, not hate. I have come to break you away from divisive tendencies of the past which have slowed our drive to true nationhood. I have no enemies to fight. You are all my friends and we share a common destiny.

Quote 16

Democracy calls for sacrifice and tolerance an open ear and a strong voice.

Quote 17

For the PDP family, the contest for party offices does not produce winners and losers.

Quote 18

I believe in the politics of give and take.

Quote 19

Separation of power is not separation of government.

Quote 20

We are all Nigerians and I will be a President to all. This is the new dawn we crave

Quote 21

Our unity is firm, our purpose strong, our determination unshakable.

Quote 22

Being a Nigerian is a blessing (and) a great responsibility.

Quote 23

We have a duty to be loyal to our country.

Quote 24

If God did not will it we will not be Nigerians.

Quote 25

Our founding fathers… did not dream of a country where neighbours and friends would exchange bullets in place of handshakes.

Quote 26

I prefer to see the silver lining in the dark cloud rather than the dark cloud in the silver lining.

Quote 27

We may not have overcome our challenges, but neither have our challenges overcome us.

Quote 28

We are not sworn enemies… We are neighbours who sometimes offend each other, but can always sit down to talk over our differences.

Quote 29

Over-dependence on oil has put an unpleasant bracket in our national economic freedom.

Quote 30

Economic diplomacy does not need to be a zero-sum game where the gain of partner automatically translates to the loss of the other.

Quote 31

Peace and security are the barest irreducible conditions for social and economic development.

Quote 32

I am loyal to Nigeria’s economy. I don’t have accounts or property abroad. All my children live and school in Nigeria.

Quote 33

The time of lamentation is over. This is the era of transformation. This is the time for action.

Quote 34

Cynicism and scepticism will not help our journey to greatness. Let us all believe in a new Nigeria.

Quote 35

The goal of achieving positive macroeconomic stability is no end in itself.

Quote 36

I have no intention to inflict pain on Nigerians. To save Nigeria, we must all be prepared to make sacrifices.

Quote 37

While we may not have landed a spaceship on the moon or developed nuclear technology, our inventors and innovators have made globally acknowledged contributions

Quote 38

Transformation in my view simply means taking what you have and making the best of it and in so doing produce results that can bring about a paradigm shift.

Quote 39

I want to assure Nigerians that crude oil is not our ‘Black Gold.’ The real ‘Black Gold’ of Nigeria are her people and they can grow in value from gold to diamond via education.

Quote 40

We must quickly move away from partisan battlegrounds and find the national common ground.

Quote 41

Let me put you on notice: the assignment of offices is not an allocation of privileges.

Quote 42

Nigeria is a nation of resilient people. We will never yield to the forces of darkness. Nigeria will never ever, disintegrate.

Quote 43

The quality of governance is as good as the quality of the civil service.

Quote 44

The best advertisement for good governance is its positive expressions of happiness in the lives of the governed.

Quote 43

In my early days in school, I had no shoes, no school bags. I carried my books in my hands but never despaired; no car to take me to school, but I never despaired. There were days I had only one meal but I never despaired. I walked miles and crossed rivers to school every day, but I never despaired. Didn’t have power, didn’t have generators, studied with lanterns, but I never despaired. In spite of these, I finished secondary school attended the University of Port Harcourt and now hold a doctorate degree.

Quote 44

I was not born rich and in my youth, I never imagined that I would be where I am today, but not once did I ever give up.

Quote 45

As the most populous black nation on earth it seems our manifest destiny is to champion the cause of African emancipation and integration.

Quote 46

African renaissance remains an unfinished business, but the work that remains should not stop us from focusing on new priorities and challenges.

Quote 47

I am happy that the black man has put the shame of dispossession behind him and is moving on.

Quote 48

The dark patches in the Niger Delta will give way to light.

Quote 49

On the football field, nobody cares who scores for Nigeria. You can be a Musa or a Moses; you can be a Christopher or a Mustapha, nobody cares.

Quote 50

We have a duty to stand firm against those who threaten the sovereign integrity of the Nigerian state. Our will is strong, because our faith lies in the indivisibility of Nigeria.

Quote 51

Nigerians are peace-loving people; these sad events perpetrated by those who do not wish our nation well have not changed the essential character of our people.

Quote 52

No matter what it takes, we will win this war against terror.

Quote 53

Africa must declare an end to the era of self-inflicted wars and conflicts.

Quote 54

Africa must turn its begging bowls into baskets of prosperity and opportunity.

Quote 55

It is the supreme task of this generation to give hope to the hopeless strength to the weak and protection to the defenseless.

Quote 56

We must develop a democratic culture in which the will of the people will be treated as sacred and be immune to subversion by anti-democratic elements.

Quote 57

As we strive to advance our democratic development, there will be times when our will shall be tested, our patience provoked and our belief questioned.

Quote 58

The beauty of democracy is that its practice is never final and always has room for improvement no matter how old a democratic society may be. Where we falter we must not fall. When we are weak, we must not surrender.