Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Syrian Fighter Jet Downed Near Aleppo - Source

A Syrian fighter jet has been downed Tuesday near Aleppo.

Militants have downed a Syrian Air Force warplane to the south of Aleppo, according to the source.

A representative of the command of the Syrian Armed Forces confirmed to RIA Novosti that a Su-22 warplane had been downed in Aleppo.

"The Syrian Air Force plane was shot down by militants in the Aleppo province during a combat mission. At the moment, we are trying to find out the fate of the pilot," the Syrian military told RIA Novosti.

Russia Faces High Demand for Su-34, Su-35 Jets After Success in Syria

After their successful use during the Russian military campaign in Syria potential buyers are standing in line for the aircraft, military analyst Konstantin Sivkov told Sputnik Radio.

Indonesia, India and Malaysia have expressed interest in buying Russian-made Su-34 and Su-35 jets.
Su-34 jet fighters/bombers were deployed to Syria from the first day of the operation. They destroyed terrorist infrastructure facilities and command points. Su-35s were deployed to Syria later. They provided protection for the striking force.

#PanamaPapers: What They Didn't Tell You About Putin's True Wealth

Vladimir Putin's personal wealth has always been a source of speculation. So much so that when the Panama Papers scandal broke out on Sunday, everyone seemed to have focused on the only person not mentioned in more than 11.5 million documents leaked from the Panama-based law firm Mossack Fonseca.

The latest figure provided in the Panama leaks places Putin's wealth at no less than $2 billion. Well, not Putin's personal fortune, to be exact. This is what a close friend of the Russian president is alleged to own. No direct links to the Russian leader were offered.

Army Establishes Camp For Repentant Boko Haram Members

In line with the Federal Government’s commitment to the war against insurgency in the North East and in furtherance of its efforts to rehabilitate and reintegrate surrendered and repentant Boko Haram terrorist members, the Defence Headquarters has established rehabilitation camp in an Exercise known as Operation SAFE CORRIDOR.