Monday, March 2, 2015

Russian Forces effectively Carry Out Live Fire Drills With S-400

The S-400 effectively caught target rockets, impersonating an approaching enemy  launch.

s-400 © Sputnik/ Valeriy Melnikov

Russian forces from the Eastern Command held live fire practices with the front line S-400 Triumph air defense rocket framework in the Volga area. The S-400 effectively captured target rockets, impersonating an approaching enemy launch.

The S-400 Triumph is intended to catch any elevated targets, including key aircraft, warrior planes and stealth air ship, and journey and ballistic rockets at a separation of up to 400 kilometers (250 miles) and an elevation of up to 30 kilometers (18.6 miles).

The S-400 Triumph, put into service  in 2007, is delivered by Russia’s biggest defense  contractor, the Almaz-Antey outline bureau. It is perfect for securing urban areas, military offices and other delicate ranges. A solitary S-400 can captivate up to of 80 targets at the same time with 160 missiles.

Obama Threatened to Shoot Down Israeli Attack Jets - Report

According to a Kuwaiti newspaper, the Obama administration may have been willing to undertake drastic measures to prevent Israel from bombing Iranian nuclear facilities, even threatening to shoot down Israeli jets.
In 2014, Israel discovered that the United States was undergoing secret talks with Iran and was close to signing a deal. Concerned that such a deal would threaten Israeli security, Netanyahu planned an airstrike against Iranian nuclear facilities.

Iraqi Parliament Asks Iranian General to help in a Joint Assault on ISIL

In their most brave operation against the Islamic state to date, Iraqi government forces propelled a huge scale military operation on Monday to recover Saddam Hussein’s main residence of Tikrit.

© AP Photo/ Office of the Iranian Supreme Leader

Since June 2014 Iraqi forces  attempted to retake Tikrit five times, falling flat every time. Then again, for this operation the Iraqi government amassed an impressive power of 20,000 troops, made up of customary armed force units, Shiite local armies and Sunni tribesmen. Be that as it may maybe the most noticeably bad news for IS terrorists is that the Iranian Islamic Revolution Guards Corps will be participating in the hostile drove by Quds Force Commander General Qassem Soleimani.

chiefs © AP PHOTO/ OFFICE OF THE IRANIAN SUPREME LEADER Then chief of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard’s Quds Force Gen. Ghasem Soleimani, third right, sits next to the commander of the Revolutionary Guard, Mohammad Ali Jafari, third left, in a meeting of the commanders of the Revolutionary Guard with Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in Tehran, Iran.

Open letter to Dame Patience Jonathan

Dear Patience Jonathan ,

How is everything going for you and the rest of the crowd in Aso rock? How are the Goats eating Yam in our National Barn?,I hope none has died of over feeding or constipation?

I write this Latter in response to your statement, ”WE ARE NOT CONDUCTOR SO WE DON’T ASK FOR CHANGE”

I just want to tell you that in the real sense of it,Bus conductors do not ask for CHANGE. It’s usually the passenger who ask for CHANGE.
Your Husband, Goodluck Jonathan was choosen as the driver to convey Nigerians to their destination; Pdp was appointed the conductor;and the Nigeria Masses were and are still the passengers.

As passenger,we had paid our Bus fares in 2011 using the vote currency and now,we are demanding for our CHANGE.

Usually, Bus conductors do not agree to give the passenger their CHANGE easily (atleast not without fight or exchange of words).

Like the Bus conductors we know,Pdp doesn’t intend to give us the CHANGE that is due us even when they know this is the right thing to do.

But we the Nigerians masses(who lives without amenities;who are unemployed;who do not feel secure at home and in public place;who hasve been designated as target for shooting practice etc) have decieded to get our CHANGE from the conductor(pdp and cabal).

I wonder why you are against CHANGE because even you are changing so many things; you Changed UMBRELLA to UMBLERRA, you changed PRINCIPAL to PLINSPAR, you changed PRESIDENT to PLESDENT.

This is why even you ought to vote for CHANGE.

Thanks for gathering your things as you prepare to quit ASO ROCK back to OTUEKE or OKIRIKA,the choice is yours.

Yours sincerely

Passenger MOBU2.

02.03.2015 Ukrainian crisis news

Does Ifa need financial and cultural protection ?

The independence words of Sankara are powerful indeed.

Do we as practitioners need to do something similar to protect, centralize, and perhaps standardize Ifa? An example would be a global decree that only materials purchased in Yorubaland would be sanctioned for the practice of Orisa traditions. Imagine the revenue that would allow lineages to strengthen and build? Or has Ifa become too globally diverse?

Earnest Lee

Awon èyà Yorùbá wo lo ma n ko irú Ilà yìí?

Awon èyà Yorùbá wo lo ma n ko irú Ilà yìí?

Ifa University: What is characteristic of Ifa in other regions?

It is said that in Oyo Opele is favored because Orunmila did not bring ikin. The opposite is true of Ijebu, where ikin is favored and Opele less utilized. My question is, does this come from a single verse? Also, what is characteristic of Ifa in other regions?

Obafemi Origunwa

Yoruba Christians and Muslims love to say, "Esu is a liar" !

Yoruba Christians and Muslims love to say, “Esu is a liar” as if they are in a dwell with Esu. Actually, what they meant to say was, “Satan is a liar.”

Due to our mis-education of Christianity and Islam. A lot of Yoruba Christians and Muslims thought Esu is the biblical/Quran Satan/Shaitan or Lucifer in some cases.

If satan is a lair. Who thought satan how to lie ? Hmmm !


Adult Photos of ISIS British terrorist, Jihadi John released...

The covered “Jihadi John” executioner who fronted Islamic State executing video has been recognized as Mohammed Emwazi, a British PC programming graduate from a well-to-do London family who was known to the security administrations.

These are the photographs of merciless executioner, Mohammed Emwazi, the ISIS killer prevalently known as Jihadi John and as of now the most wanted or most talk about man on the planet(Just like Bin laden). He’s pictured left amid his time as an IT laborer in Kuwait. His guardians have likewise been recognized however guarantee not to be connected with him. The last time he identifies with them, they said he deceived them into accepting that he was a helpful support specialist in Syria.

Kanye West drops new album title & cover, now they're saying it's 666 illuminati

Recently, Kanye West discharged the cover art for his seventh studio collection and divulged the collection title – “So Help Me God”…and now the trick scholars have begun.

Individuals are stating the title and collection craftsmanship has evil messages. Na wa! Keep on seeing for yourself and accept what you need to accept. In the main time , the collection has no release date in light of the fact that Kanye arrangements to amaze the world with it on an arbitrary date like Beyoncé did..

Photos: Meet the woman who got a facelift at 80 years old

 What does an 80 year old woman want with a Facelift, you may wonder? Well, Elizabeth Moore said she got it because her ageing face with all it wrinkles no longer matched how she felt inside. Despite her family warning her against, 8 months ago, the retired university lecturer got a facelift, dermabrasion and fat injections into her cheeks. The five-hour operation cost her about $15,000

"I hoped I could go back to looking as I did a decade ago, when I felt more confident. I wanted to look the very best I could, and now I feel I do. I look in the mirror and feel much more confident about what I see. I no longer look tired and miserable, which I did previously because my cheeks were sunken and I had deep lines near my mouth. I now look rested and well." She said...

Photo of North West as she and her mum land UK with her grandma

North West didn’t appear inspired with the photographic artists taking her photographs as she arrived London’s Heathrow Airport with her grandma early today.

Kris took the baby to the UK to re-unite with her guardians who have been in the UK since the BRIT Awards. From that point, they will be heading out to France for Paris Fashion Week, which commences tomorrow. More pics bellow.

See what a step mum did to a 2yr old girl for soiling herself

Isn't this one the saddest things you've ever seen? A step-mum stripped naked this 2 year old girl and tied her up with her mouth tapered because she soiled herself. Read full story from Nigerian Tribune

Looking at the picture of two-year-old Lovelyn William will elicit tears from the heart of any human being. Naked, with her mouth tapered, hands tied backwards and legs tied together, she lay on the floor of a room at Itori in Ogun State.
It was her stepmother, 28-year-old Christiana Faturoti, who allegedly threw her there as a punishment because she soiled herself. After putting the child in the room, she padlocked it and left for her workplace.
This woman should be arrested for attempted murder. Please continue reading...

For over two hours on February 17, the little girl, who turned two on February 15, 2015, groaned and moaned, until a neighbour heard the sound and traced it to an unoccupied room which was padlocked. After peeping and seeing the girl in such a condition, the neighbour quickly alerted the police at Itori police station. Christiana was promptly arrested and is currently undergoing interrogation at the Anti-Human Trafficking section of the Department of Criminal Investigation, Ogun State Police Command.

Lovelyn’s mother was reported to have developed baby blues (mental illness) after birth and is currently at a psychiatric hospital where she is undergoing treatment. Crime Reports learnt that the child’s father, Mr Christopher William, met Christiana on the facebook, after which they started a relationship.

Willam (37), from Abia State who spoke with Crime Reports, said: “Christiana posted a notice on facebook that a single lady from Osun State, a mother of one, needed a husband. I called the number and asked that we meet.
“I sent her N5,000 as transport fare to Lagos State and she came in February 2013. She slept in my place and left the following day. We lost contact for about two months. Later, she called me that she was pregnant and I told her to come over to Lagos. We went to my mother in Abia State in June and spent about a week there.

“In October 2013, I told Christiana to move in with me until she would deliver her baby, after which we would go to her family for marriage formalisation. To my surprise, she refused, saying that she had to get the consent of her friend, Dekola Elizabeth. She later called and said her friend disagreed with my suggestion.

“When she put to bed on December 5, 2013 and I was informed, I still repeated my suggestion but she refused. I said we would hold the naming ceremony when the baby would be three months according to my culture but she named the baby herself on the seventh day.
“All these led to a disagreement for a while until I called her for settlement again and I promised to be visiting. In November 2014, she said she wanted to see my daughter. Then my daughter, Lovelyn, was with a care giver whom I was paying N12,000 per month. She suggested that she take the little girl to stay with her along with her son. That was same November.
“I agreed with the idea and she took my daughter.
“Any time I went there, the friend would not allow me to sleep over. She would be looking at her watch, telling me it was time to leave. If I desired to have private discussion with Christiana, she would ask me to say everything in the presence of her friend.
“My daughter was two years old on February 15, so on February 14, I called her that we should celebrate Valentine’s Day together so that the following day, we could mark my daughter’s birthday but she said no, she had a church programme. On February 15, I was at Christiana’s place.
“I noticed that my baby was wearing two dresses. I removed the dresses and saw whip marks on my daughter’s body. I also saw another mark on her face and noticed that her eyes were bloodshot. On enquiries, Christiana said my daughter got the marks from school.
“I called her friend’s attention to it but her response was ‘That is your business’. I made up my mind to go with my daughter but Christiana said she would put her in her own class in school. I gave her N5,000 and said I would be back on Wednesday.

 “I was surprised when I received a call on February 17 from Itori police station. When I got there, I was shown my daughter’s picture and I started weeping. I enquiries on what I did to warrant the treatment and I was told she said I loved the girl more than her son.” 
Christopher said the lady’s family had been begging her but said his relationship with her was over. “If she could do this to my daughter, it means my life is in danger too.”
Christiana, from Imesi-Ile, Osun State, told Crime Reports that “the girl did not offend me but I was not happy at the way Christopher neglected me and the baby I had for him, and concentrated on his daughter.
“I met Christopher on facebook in December 2012. He told me he had a child but was single. I also told him I was a single mother of one. He proposed a relationship and I went to Lagos State to see him. When I got pregnant, I went to his parents in Abia State. On our return, I asked him to accompany me to my parents’ but he said he was not ready to go, telling me to pack into his house. I refused and he stopped coming to me.
“After delivery, I called him and he came with N5,000, diapers and clothes. He did not come for the naming ceremony; I named the child myself.
“In September, 2014, he called to apologise and said he would start performing his responsibility. In October, he said his daughter’s care giver had travelled and his relations were using the girl to extort money from him. He said I should get an accommodation for him so that he would move close to me. Christopher started coming regularly and would bring provisions.
“It is true I beat the girl which left marks on her. She soiled herself and I was angry with her. On February 17, she soiled herself again, so I tied her hands and legs, tapered her mouth and threw her inside the room the father paid for, though yet to move in. I padlocked the room and left for my workplace at about 7a.m. I just wanted to punish her.”

When asked to describe her action, Christiana replied: “Wicked”.
Christiana’s friend, Diekola Elizabeth from Eruwa, Oyo State (27), who was also arrested, told Crime Reports that “I didn’t know about what Christiana did to Lovelyn. I was not a party to it, though I also beat her once when she soiled herself.

“It is true that Christopher pointed my attention to the marks on the child’s body and said that he wanted to go with her, but I replied that the choice was his because it was none of my business.”
Reacting to the story, the police image maker in Ogun state Police Command, DSP Olumuyiwa Adejobi, described the suspect’s act as inhuman. “The Commissioner of Police, Valentine Ntomchukwu, has ordered a thorough investigation of the case, after which the suspect(s) will be charged to court,” he stated.

Pics of Leonardo DiCaprio and Rihanna spotted together

TMZ simply acquired the first photographs of Leonardo DiCaprio and Rihanna spotted together since news hit town that the A-listers are dating. The on-screen character is envisioned standing alongside the vocalist at her birthday party two weeks back.

Nicole Scherzinger poses topless in new photos (Hot or not ?0

Recently single artist Nicole Scherzinger went topless in a sizzling new photoshoot, wearing only dark denim shorts and an announcement neckband.

See more photographs bellow.

Video: To Protect & to Serve? LA Police Brutally Beat, Kill Homeless "Africa" Man

A shocking video emerged obviously indicating cops shooting a few shots at a man in the wake of attempting to stifle him, bringing the issue of police brutality back into the spotlight.

© East News/ AP/FOTOLINK

A shocking video rose on Facebook obviously indicating cops shooting and killing a man, referred to just as ‘Africa’, in downtown Los Angeles in wide sunshine. He was affirmed dead at the scene.

The occurrence, shot by a passerby, occurred on Skid Row outside the Union Rescue Mission, a homeless shelter. The police reacted to a 911 call around a conceivable theft. The suspect began battling when the officers attempted to capture him, LAPD said. One of the policemen utilized a Taser on the man however it demonstrated incapable.

The shooting started when the man reach out for an officer’s weapon and a battle followed.

Los Angeles police Commander Andrew Smith said that an “intensive and complete” examination would be directed into the circumstances of the occurrence, seen by a few up ’til now an another case of unnecessary utilization of savage drive by the police. The officers, included in the episode, were put on authoritative clear out. The occurrence started recoil on online networking.

A gathering of activists held a vigil in downtown Los Angeles taking after the shooting.

Video bellow.

Keyshia Cole blasts her estranged hubby on instagram

A week ago, everything was great with artist Keyshia Cole and her offended b-ball player spouse Daniel Gibson.

Indeed they opened up to the world about their arrangements to give their marriage another attempt. Daniel imparted this pic above of Keyshia and himself at Keyshia’s world show debut party and commended his wife.

All things considered, it would seem that that is over. The previous evening Keyshia posted screen shots from Daniel’s telephone where she discovered him chatting with a video model on the set of his new video.

See it bellow..