Wednesday, December 23, 2015

French Peacekeepers Sexually Abuse African Children, Bestiality Rumored

A scandal involving French peacekeepers, accused of sexually exploiting children in Central African Republic, harms the image of the West, Sylvie Baipo-Temon, a spokesperson for the ad hoc committee of the diaspora for Peace in Central African Republic, told Nigeria Property.

The very soldiers who were supposed to end a conflict and bring peace to the country were doing exactly the opposite, bringing more suffering to the most vulnerable segment of the population — children, said another person familiar with the issue, Jean-Barack Ouambeti, the head of the non-governmental organization (NGO) Gender Based Violence.

9 of Top 10 things that turn real men off in a lady at first glance (Indecent dressing)

9) Indecent dressing:

I can't even stress this enough.Many ladies go about unclad yet with cloths on and i do not see why any reasonable and responsible man will put a ring on such a lady except there is another motive. Guys love to imagine what is under those attires so please don't show us everything.

10 of Top 10 things that turn real men off in a lady at first glance (Smoking)

10) Smoking and alcohol intake

I can't even start to describe how repulsive it will be for me to enter a place and find a lady spewing out smoke from her mouth or with a bottle of liquor in her hand.How do i even say hi to such but then some guys might just be ok with such ladies.

If every lady is asked to state the type of man they want, they will readily use the words"i want a real man" and then i wonder how unreal they can ever be. A lady who uses fake eyelashes,eye lenses,nails,and so on should wish for a fake man and not a real man.

My advice is that every lady should try to look as natural as she can because real men love ladies who look natural and if every lady reading this wants to really confirm this write up please do this..If you are "guilty" of any of the things i wrote above just ask your man his sincere view about it and hear his response.

Kaduna APC To Suspend Shehu Sani

All Progressives Congress, APC Kaduna Chapter, appears to have concluded plans to suspend the Senator representing Kaduna Central, Shehu Sani from the party over the unresolved rift between him and Kaduna Governor, Malam Nasir El-Rufai .

The party had Wednesday sent a letter to Senator Shehu Sani inviting him to appear within seven days before a disciplinary committee set up by acting Chairman, Shuaibu Idris to clear himself over what the party termed “Anti Party Stand” of the senator.

Pay Me My Money - Fasehun To Buhari

I didn’t collect N2.8bn from Jonathan, pay me my money – OPC leader tells Buhari

Founder of the Odua Peoples Congress, OPC, Dr. Fredrick Fasehun yesterday requested the President Muhammadu Buhari-led Federal Government to pay him and his organisation the money owed them for the protection of the nation’s oil pipelines.

Speaking at a quarterly interactive media roundtable in Lagos, the national chairman of the Unity Party of Nigeria, UPN, explained that six companies were given the contract by the Goodluck Jonathan administration to guard pipelines belonging to the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC.

The Year 2015... A Rundown Of Events

In a few days’ time, this year of our lord 2015 will become history, paving way for the new year 2016. In this extract, I try to highlight some moments of the year 2015 that shook the world, put some countries in distress and so many families in grief. Just like I did last year 2014, I will also try and do some justice to this year 2015. Incase you missed that of 2014, this link will guide you down memory lane.
2015 to some has been a great year, to a few a year not so good and equally no so bad, to many a year to forget. 2015 brought alongside it some ray of hope for so many people who wanted to forget the ghost and bad happenings of 2014 and find succour in the year 2015.
This year came so fast and equally went so fast. So let’s take a look into what transpired in the year 2015.