Friday, August 7, 2015

Let’s Settle This! Who Is Your Favorite Ghanaian Actor?

So, this argument started between friends about who is the most handsome among these Ghanaian actors:  John Dumelo, Van Vicker, Chris Attoh, Majid Michel and Mawuli Gavor.

Photos: Physical Virginity Tests In Africa! To All Ladies Out There [SEE How Its Done]

To all Ladies out there – anyone of you dare to take this tests ? Thousands of girls in South Africa are queuing up each month to prove that they are vir.gins, reviving an African tradition seen by many as the answer to the scourge of AIDS.

Bare breas.ted teenagers wearing nothing but strings of beads and colourful loincloths regularly submit to the ordeal of having a stranger check if their hymens are intact, leaping for joy when the test confirms that they are still vir.gins.
virgin test 4

See How Hippopotamus Meat Was Shared In Gombe

 Gombe (Nigeria Property) – Head of Forestry unit of Yamaltu/Deba Local Governmen Council in Gombe, Thursday,  confirmed the killing of a
notorious Hippopotamus in Dadinkowa dam that had been terrorizing the community for the past two years.
He said that the bulky animal, apart from terrorizing people, had also been destroying crops and fishing facilities of fishermen in the area.

The African Man Who Found A Cure For AIDS, All Diseases! Taken To Court And Won In New York

Dr Sebi, a naturopathist is famed for curing all diseases including diabetes, cancer and AIDS. Born November 26th 1933, Dr. Sebi believes in diet, ‘electric foods’ and herbal remedies not to treat but to cure diseases orthodox medicine fails to, like diabetes, sickle cell and AIDS.