Friday, July 1, 2016

A Nigerian man popularly known as Otto was yesterday stoned to death in Togo.

Otto who lived in Dakar Senegal before relocating to Togo allegedly got his Togolese girlfriend pregnant and they had a little mis-understanding. His girlfriend apparently got pissed and mobilized her brothers who descended on Otto, stripped him naked and stoned him to death for not controlling his manhood and getting their sister pregnant. That's the girl in the photo above, peep photos of Otoo naked as he took his last breaths when you continue.

Hacked Emails Reveal NATO Pushed Obama Administration to be Tough on Russia

Leaked emails reveal that NATO’s former supreme commander conspired against US President Barack Obama to ensure the alliance maintained a provocative stance toward Russia.

Gunmen Take Several Hostages At Cafe In Dhaka's Diplomatic Quarter Attack (Photos)

Several foreigners are said to be among a number of hostages taken by gunmen who attacked a restaurant in the diplomatic quarter of the Bangladesh's capital, Dhaka today. Eight or nine attackers were said to have stormed the Holey Artisan Bakery, located in the city's diplomatic quarter.

One kitchen staffer said that the gunmen were armed with firearms and bombs, entering the bakery at around 9:20pm local time and taking customers and staff hostage at gunpoint.

The Pearl River Delta showcases the Chinese Dream

As President Putin, post-Brexit, rushed to discuss all matters pertaining to Eurasia integration with President Xi Jinping in Beijing, I embarked on a connected, parallel southern China journey.
From my base in Hong Kong, I set out on a Pearl River Delta loop, hitting Shenzhen and Dongguan and then Guangzhou, Zhuhai and Macau.

Victory for Brexit In EU Referendum: Working Class Brits Stick Two Fingers Up At the Political and Financial Elites

by Leon Tressell

The vote to exit the EU has shocked the financial and political elites and led to massive turmoil on global stock markets. The corporate media is full of shocked pundits lamenting the democratic decision of British people for Brexit. Brexit voters are being blamed for everything from the rise in racism against immigrant families to the increased dangers of terrorist attacks.