Sunday, December 4, 2016

Who are the Sunnis? A Lamentation

by Anwar Khan
As I sit to answer this I am gripped by a state of unexpected indetermination as what I thought to be a painless task has become rather difficult. Painless because I can simply translate a passage from one of the hundreds of manuals on Sunni creed—where defining Sunnism is a run of a mill standard procedure. Additionally, the relative homogeneity of the content on this subject matter by Sunni writers— for well over a millennium— makes the work further free from complication(1).

Abubakar: Even With Our Money, Countries Don’t Want To Sell Aircraft To Nigeria.

Sadique Abubakar, chief of air staff, says the Nigeria air force uses old aircraft because new ones are difficult to procure.  Speaking with journalists in Abuja on Saturday, the air chief said sometimes, politics is involved in the procurement of military hardware.  He explained that even if money was available to buy military equipment, some countries would still not want to sell.