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Davido is betting on Mayweather

He imparted the photograph on instagram and composed “All on Mayweather”.

Actress Mimi Orjiekwe shares her story: how fuel scarcity exposed her to robbers in Lagos.

See photo of Nanny's Brother Inlaw who kidnapped Orekoya kids

The Pic of the person above is Akeem, the brother of Waheed, husband of the nanny who kidnapped Orekoya boys. He’s also a suspect in the crime and is equally wanted by the police. Find out about Waheed here

WOW!!! Rita Dominic Dazzles In Aso Ebi @Oronto Douglas Burial Ceremony

Rita Dominic was among the known faces that went to Oronto Douglas’ burial service today in Bayelsa.

Late Douglas was a presidential associate.

See more photographs below…..

Hotties For The Weekend: Debrah Vanessa vs. Agbani Darego, Who Wins?

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Two super tasteful, super hot women!? Guys, you were asked to choose between one of them to spend the weekend with.. Who blows it for you? Agbani or Debrah? Choose one !

Meet the Husband of Nanny who abducted Orekoya's kids 

Faces of the fleeing members of a kidnap gang that connived with an evil nanny, Funmilayo Adeyemi to abduct three Orekoya kids and oth­ers in Lagos have been unveiled. They are two brothers identified as Rasheed and Hakeem Kareem.

The nanny, who abducted three children from the Orekoya family home in Surulere area of Lagos on April 10 within 24 hours after she was employed as a housemaid, claimed that she was pushed into the act by her husband, Rasheed Kareem.

Funmilayo Adeyemi, the arrested notori­ous nanny, who confessed to be the master­mind of the kidnap of the Orekoya and the Esharegaran kids in Lagos, was arrested on Wednesday last week.

The mother of four and aged 35, Funmi­layo was declared wanted by operatives of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, Lagos police command, Ikeja when the news of the kidnap of the Orekoya three kids by their nanny hit the media. The story was that Funmilayo who claimed that her name was Mary Akinloye was recruited through a popular online plat­form. She disappeared with the kids on April 10, barely 24 hours after she resumed work at the Orekoya family residence in Surulere.

The kidnap syndicate initially demanded N15 million from the Orekoyas, a ransom that was later negotiated to N13 million out of which N2 million was paid into a given bank account to bait the suspects. The chil­dren identified as Demola, 6, Adedamola, 4, and Aderomola, 11months were later dumped naked in an uncompleted building after nine days in their abductors’ custody.

She also admitted that her gang arranged the December 2014 kidnap of two kids, Raphael and Michael Esharegaran in Magodo area of the state. She equally confessed that her husband, Rasheed Kareem, brother in-law, Hakeem Kareem and their mother, who are still at large, are members of the kidnap syndicate, which she called ‘family business.’

According to the nanny, the family runs a kidnapping business, adding that her husband is the head of the gang. Saturday Sun learnt that the suspects, who in their early 30s, are known in their area as rich boys because of the exotic cars and choice apartment they live in. As soon as neighbours start questioning the source of their wealth, they will relocate.

She had said that the others (husband and brother-in-law) run the business side of the kidnapping and had collected N2m for the Magodo kidnap, which occurred December last year. The children were later found in Sagamu,

Funmilayo was arrested in the Shasha area of Lagos by operatives of Special Anti- Robbery Squad, Ikeja command after she was tracked down through the phone numbers and bank accounts submitted by the kidnappers.

Speaking on the progress made to arrest the fleeing brothers, the state police spokes­man, Kenneth Nwosu said that the police would stop at nothing until all the suspects are brought to face the wrath of the law.

Wealthy Nigerians Are Today Applying Drones To Record Their Magical Wedding Moments


Initially, there were photographers, then smartphones, and now cam drones.

It appears humans are unhappy since many brides and grooms want to recapture their big day from above and at every other possible angle.

Drones are actually increasingly getting used at top quality weddings to make cinematic videos.

What you think relating to this?

Would you use a drone at your wedding or hire a photographer instead?

What is wrong with these Photos ? (Trashy Fashion Version)

wrong1 wrong2

Whatis wrong with this outfit?

Lol! Carmen Otega!

See another one bellow.

Politics will not affect my marriage –Moji Lawal

Does it feel like a dream that you would become a member of the house of assembly in Lagos State come May 29?


No, it doesn’t feel like a dream. But then, I wouldn’t say I was sure I was going to win in the last election; it was actually a 50/50 thing. I knew I had done all I should do. I had spoken to the people and I had reached out to them long before I even decided to contest. I knew the results could go either way. I started with the mindset that whichever way it went, I would have something to fall back on. My major aim has always been to promote my community and take care of my people. If I hadn’t gone into politics or if I hadn’t won, I still would have done something to promote my community. I don’t see politics as a career. It is those who see it as a career that usually run into problems.

How were you able to clinch the ticket during the primaries?

It was a free and fair election. It was open. We had over 100 delegates.

But what could have lured a young lady like you into politics?

It is a thing of the mind. I would also say that politics is in my blood. My dad was a councillor in 1965 even before he became the traditional ruler. I would say politics is something I enjoy doing, I just love it.

So that means your family supported you to get into politics…

My dad is late. How I wish he was alive to witness all this. I grew up in a palace and in the palace, you have all sorts of politics going on there. I learnt a lot while I was growing up.

Would you agree that some people would have the perception that you might have slept with one or two people for you to have got to this stage?

Sure. It is a free world. Those who know me well would also know what I can do. They would also know that I always know what I want in life. It is not about having any godfather out there.

Are you saying you don’t have a godfather?

I don’t have any. If I tell you I have never met Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, you may likely not believe me. I actually met him for the first time a day after my election. That was the day Ambode was declared the winner of the Lagos State governorship election. I purposely didn’t go to see him.

But was it easy all the way?

It wasn’t that easy. It sure wasn’t a child’s play. But one thing that could have worked for me was that I am the first female aspirant in Apapa constituency. I think the feminine edge worked for me. Also, the fact that I am a young person worked for me. The youth supported me.

Were you into activism when you were in the university?

No, I wasn’t really. I would just sit back and watch what was happening. But I was part of the people who would determine the candidate to support. I didn’t come out fully then. But now, I just want to give back something to my constituency. People have a lot of perception about politics. We hear a lot of things about politics. But I would just advise that you listen to people but don’t react to everything you hear. If I had reacted to everything I heard about politics, I may not have been here today. You just listen and pick one or two things that make sense to you. My mindset is that politics is not a do or die affair. I knew I would either win or lose. To me, it wasn’t going to be a big deal as long as I didn’t go to the bank to borrow money for the campaign. Those who borrow money are the kind of people who would do all sorts to win so that they would be able to service their loans. I didn’t go to another person’s territory, I started from my village. My family is known. It was a platform I also rode on.

So how did you get the funds since you didn’t borrow money from the bank?

I got a lot of support from my friends and well wishers. In fact, my friends in the other parties still supported me. They even made souvenirs for me. They know the kind of person I am.

Can you tell us a bit about growing up?

I lived a normal life when I was growing up. I attended public schools when I was growing up. I will not tell anybody I didn’t have shoes when I was growing up. I don’t need to have any experience to know where the shoe pinches. I live around my people and I know what happens on a daily basis. Growing up was interesting. I had everything a child needed to have. There was nothing special about my growing up days. There is nothing special in being a princess. We go to the same market as every other person.

Your father could have afforded to send you abroad to study, why did you go to public schools in Nigeria?

I went to primary and secondary schools in Surulere. I also attended Lagos State University. I wouldn’t know why my parents didn’t let me study abroad. I didn’t ask for it anyway. Maybe they saw something that would eventually keep me here in Nigeria. I didn’t feel any different from the girl next door. We all went to school with the school bus my dad provided for the community. Even after the primaries, people told me I needed security around me. I told them I didn’t have to do that. Getting security attached to me is just exposing myself. Why can’t I walk like a normal person on the streets of Lagos? I have never wanted to live that kind of life. I always prefer to stay at home. The maximum I can do is to go to the cinema and watch a movie. I don’t do parties. I think it is one of the things that have worked for me to remain focused. I don’t have many friends. In fact, I don’t really have friends.

Don’t you think not being social can affect you politically?

I don’t think so. I meet those who are important for me to meet. I just cannot dress up and be roaming the streets of Lagos just because I want people to notice me.

But there must have been times you dropped your father’s name at some point in order to get favours…

The funniest thing is that my siblings use the full name, Lawal-Akapo as their surname. I just decided to end mine at Lawal. I don’t want to ride on any name. I want to make my own name. That has always been my philosophy.

You are not married yet?

I would say I am engaged. We have done the introduction ceremony and we have also gone to the registry. My wedding would be later this year.

How do you intend to combine your new marriage and politics?

They are two different things. My fiancé is also a career person. He has his private business, so I think it will work out well for us. I have never been married. But I think it all depends on the kind of relationship you have with your spouse. I know what he is capable of doing. I know what makes him happy. He is aware that my career is dear to me. I am passionate about my future. He is in support of what I am doing.

But would you have time to cook for him and take care of the home?

We don’t live together yet but I go there on weekends. I always do the cooking any time I go there. You might say I don’t have much to do now but then, I know I will certainly cope when the time comes. When we get to that bridge, we will cross it.

How easy was it for you to choose him as your husband? People might think he came to you because of your father’s status.

I didn’t just know him. We have been together for a long time. He has been a friend of the house. I had known him even before we started having a relationship. I don’t see him as somebody who is with me because of my name. He comes from a popular family too.

Since your father married more than one wife, what kind of relationship did you have with your step siblings while growing up?

I give it to my father; he took charge of his family very well. You could hardly differentiate who came from whose mother. My siblings were even my agents during the election. We are just one happy family. If I didn’t trust them, I wouldn’t have allowed them to be my agents and if they didn’t believe in me, they wouldn’t have supported me all through. We have been together for years.

Do you intend to go higher than this in politics?

Of course I will. This is just a stepping stone. During my campaign, I told my people I wasn’t coming to do roads and give them water and electricity. It is not my job. Some people may not have liked what I said but I was saying the truth. As a legislator, my primary assignment is simply lawmaking. I need to make laws that would protect my people. But I can influence things that I know my people need.

Were you harassed sexually during your campaign by the bigwigs who may have told you they would help you if only you could sleep with them?

That was why I didn’t start from the top. I went to the grassroots; I wanted my people, the ones who I eat together with, to be the ones to determine my fate. That was what happened. The election was free and fair.

Jealous Policeman kills lover, colleague for cheating

A jealous policeman has taken his own life after killing his lover and a colleague over alleged cheating. The lady, who sold GSM recharge cards, was said to be double-dating the two policemen.  Investigations showed that the tragic incident took place at the popular CBN Junction in Karu, a satellite town in the Federal Capital Territory on Thursday.


The killer cop, a sergeant, was said to be the primary lover of the deceased lady.

However, his colleague working with him on the same police patrol team, also started dating the lady without his knowledge.

Sources, however, told Saturday PUNCH that the bubble burst when the sergeant got wind of the development and went to confront his girlfriend.

It was gathered that in the ensuing drama and argument, the jealous sergeant shot the lady twice in the chest

As onlookers tried to come to terms with the unfolding incident, the sergeant again shot his colleague dead.

Having certified that the two were dead, he reportedly turned the the gun on himself.

An eyewitness, Mr. Bature Iliya, who said he was using the Automated Teller Machine of a commercial bank just across the road when the incident occurred, told Saturday PUNCH that he still could not believe what he saw.

He said, “They were shouting and arguing. The sergeant was visibly angry, telling the lady why she had to treat him that way.

“The other policeman was a Corporal. He was standing there as the two argued. Suddenly, he shot the lady, then killed the colleague. Within seconds, he also shot himself dead. It was like a scene from a movie.”

Crowds still gathered at the scene on Friday, discussing the incident. Some wondered why someone would take lives because a lady cheated on him.

The FCT Police Public Relations Officer, Anjuguri Manzah could not be reached for comment as he didn’t respond to calls to his phone. He also did not respond to a text message sent to him.

Chief Imam of Abuja National Mosque passes on @68

The Chief Imam of Abuja National Mosque, Ustaz Musa Muhammed, is dead, aged 68. Prof. Ishaq Oloyede, Secretary-General, Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs, announced the passing on of the Imam in a statement in Ibadan on Saturday.

 The statement said Musa Muhammad died during a brief illness at Abuja National Hospital. It added that there would be prayers for him on Sunday May 3, at the National Mosque, Abuja by 10.00a.m.

1st rain renders 100 homeless in Kwara community

No fewer than 100 residents of Kosubosu, a border community in Baruten Local Government Area of Kwara, were rendered homeless on Friday night as a result of a rainstorm. The rain, the first in the year, affected more than 25 buildings. 

 The News Agency of Nigeria reports that a similar disaster occurred in the community in 2014, with hundreds of residents, including a 95 year-old woman, affected. The Public Relations Officer of the local government council, Mallam Jubril Masene, whose house was also affected, described the incident as devastating. Masene appealed to government at all levels and well-meaning individuals to come to the aid of the affected residents.

APC chieftain gives Enugu gov candidate a dirty ‘slap’ over ministerial slot

A major crisis has hit the All Progressives Congress in Enugu State after report emerged on Friday that the APC National Vice-Chairman, South-East, Mr. Emma Eneukwu, allegedly slapped the party’s governorship candidate, Mr. Okey Ezea, following an argument over ministerial slot in the forthcoming Muhammadu Buhari-led administration.
Governorship candidate of the All Progressives Congress in Enugu State, Okey Ezea
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The alleged incident happened on Thursday during a meeting of South-East APC leaders at the Imo State Governor’s Lodge in Abuja.

It was gathered that the closed-door meeting was chaired by Imo State Governor, Rochas Okorocha, and had Senator Chris Ngige, Senator Osita Izunaso, Gen. J. O. J. Okoloagu (retd.), and others in attendance.

Ezea disclosed the development in a text message that was forwarded to journalists in Enugu on Friday.

Apparently, the meeting discussed the sharing of key appointments as Ezea, in the SMS, said Eneukwu slapped him because he (Ezea) told the South-East leaders that Nsukka zone, where he hailed from, should produce the minister.

He accused Eneukwu, who is from Udi, Enugu West Senatorial Zone, of wanting the ministerial slot for himself and trying to actualise the ambition through violence.

The text message read, “Emma Eneukwu slapped me today because I told South-East leaders that Nsukka has not been minister since 1999.

“He did this before Rochas, Ngige, Izunaso, J. O. J, Gen. Eze, Ucha etc.

“I just said the truth and requested justice and equity in the affairs of our party and Enugu State.

“Emma (Eneukwu) wants to be minister by violence. Emma is from Udi Local Government Area which has been producing minister since 2007, including the incumbent, Chinedu Nebo.”

When our correspondent contacted him on the telephone afterwards, Ezea confirmed that the text message actually emanated from him.

But Eneukwu denied slapping Ezea, adding that such incident never happened.

He said, “I am surprised about that, nothing like that happened, I am very surprised.

“That story is alien to me; I don’t know anything about it.

“Maybe it is a calculated attempt to mar my image. I didn’t attack anybody, I am not a thug. I don’t fight.”

Asked what transpired at the said meeting, he said, “We went to see Buhari, that was all I knew. Nobody was talking about appointment.

“We will not be talking about appointment when the party has not decided on the positions that should come to the zone. We have not known the positions allocated to the zone.”

Our correspondent gathered that the alleged incident has thrown the Enugu State chapter of the party into confusion.

Some party members, who our correspondent sighted at the party’s state secretariat in Enugu, discussed the incident in hushed tones.

But they refused to comment on the matter when our correspondent sought their views.

PDP does not have respect for democracy – Araraume

Former governorship candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party in Imo State, Senator Ifeanyi Araraume, has described the PDP as encouraging a culture of impunity, adding that the party does not respect democracy.

He said this on Saturday  while addressing members of his campaign organisation, Destiny Organisation, in Owerri.

He said, “PDP is gone; the culture of impunity is gone. PDP does not respect democracy and that is what we should be against; the era of imposing candidates on the people is gone.”

Fayose plans using thugs to kidnap us – APC lawmakers

The 19 All Progressives Congress lawmakers in the Ekiti State House of Assembly have raised the alarm over an alleged plot by Governor Ayodele Fayose to use thugs to kidnap them.

They urged the governor to stop trailing them, saying it is evil to also plot to take their families out of circulation in order to force them to stop the impeachment move against him.

Soldiers on revenge mission invade Plateau villages

A yet-to-be-identified number of people have allegedly been killed after soldiers invaded Kadarko, Kurmi and Wadata villages of Wase Local Government Area of Plateau State following the alleged killing of four soldiers by persons.

Our correspondent gathered that the soldiers, who arrived the villages  in over 40 trucks, were on a revenge mission over the alleged killing of their colleagues at Angwan Nanmi in Karin Lamido Local Government Area of Taraba State.

30.04.2015 Ukraine Civil war Crisis News: War in Ukraine, Donbass, Chernobyl, USA, Romania

Novorossian militia claim that Kiev troops are planning large-scale provocations for May 8 and 9. Donetsk People’s Republic spokesman Eduard Basurin expressed this point on Wednesday, citing human intelligence indicating the Ukrainian Army command plans large-scale provocations, including shelling of populated localities with heavy artillery. According to the DPR spokesman, Ukrainian service members in conversations with the local population are strongly recommending civilians evacuate the settlements of Novoluganskoye and Staromikhailovka by May 7.

Ukraine SITREP May 2nd, by Duff

On the anniversary of the tragedy on May 2 Odessa left without mobile signal
US armored vehicles in the center of Odessa
US armored vehicles, which were pompously a few weeks ago, welcomed at the Kiev airport by Petro Poroshenko, are deployed in the center of Odessa to intimidate the local population on the eve of the anniversary of the tragedy on 2nd of  May.

Seventy Years Ago Today: Red Army Takes Berlin !

Saturday marks the 70th anniversary of the unconditional surrender of the Nazi German garrison in the Reichstag, and with it the end of the Battle of Berlin.
Raging from April 25-May 2, 1945, the Battle of Berlin served as the dramatic culmination of a brutal four year war between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, known in Russia and other former Soviet countries as the Great Patriotic War.

CrossTalk: Putin’s 15 Years

Fifteen years ago Vladimir Putin assumed the Russian presidency and no one can doubt that he has left his mark on the country since then. Widely popular at home and demonized in the West, Putin has presided over Russia’s transformation from a country on its knees to a renewed global power. What is left on his agenda?
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BBA Melvin Oduah survives ghastly vehicle accident, narrates what happened

Big Brother Africa contestant Melvin Oduah survived a ghastly car accident in Benin yesterday and took to IG to explain what happened. See it after the break.

Pics: Bovi, Igodye, Gandoki, others storm Igosave's daughter's birthday party

‎Igodye, Bovi, Gandoki, Gordons, Maleke and others at the birthday party of Comedian Igosave’s daughter's party. More photos bellow.

Man tested positive to HIV advises all his exes to go for test, shares results on IG

The gentleman who goes by the name @I'malwaysup on Instagram said he was feeling wiped out so chose to go do a test and was told he was HIV positive.

 He took to instagram to apologize to individuals he's laid down with without insurance and requesting that they go test themselves.. I think it's time to start this HIV stamp on everyone that has it(May be near their spare part or somewhere the victim will see it sha cos some love to off light during the episode), well, ladies if the person looks recognizable to you, you think perhaps you got down with him at some point in your past, go and test yaself!

Please I need your advice: My Hubby's demands are weird

Please I need your advice. My husband is the dearest thing in this world I've ever had! He's so different from most other guys: intelligent, funny, handsome, very muscular and well-built, and is an amazing person.

“Music Career” – 1.LIE, 2.LIE and 3.LIE!' - Etcetera calls out Burna Boy in new article

Singer Etcetera and these his He comes for them again in new article. See the article below...
Ladies and gentlemen, you are welcome to the new game in town. For better or for worse, our music “industry” is embracing a new form of art.

Photos: Police woman helps push a car out of the road

We do have plenty good police officers, who do good. A reader's car broke down along Oba Akran, Ikeja today and a police woman came out of nowhere to help push the car. The car owner was so thrilled to be getting help from the police that they took pics. Thanks to our police men & women.

Pics: William & Kate introduce their little princess to the world

The Royal couple flaunted their little princess born hours ago. William touched base with their son, George to meet Kate and after that they rose up out of the Lindo Wing with their new infant young lady wrapped in a white cover. See more photographs bellow. After the jump break.

Keith Carlos - winner of ANTM puts his eggplant on display

This is top model, Keith Carlos, he won American Next Top Model cycle21 and as of late flaunted what he Anaconda. See it for yourself bellow

Blooming Bromance: Russia-China Alliance Challenges US-Designed World Order

Beijing and Moscow have increasingly found common basis in challenging the US and Western dominated order in Europe and Asia.

China and Russia are striking a number of deals to strengthen their military, financial and political ties in recent times.

Footballer Rio Ferdinand loses 34 year old wife to cancer

Former England defender Rio Ferdinand announced this morning that his wife of six years and mother of his three children, Rebecca Ferdinand died in a hospital in London following a short battle with cancer.

Lauryn Hill sings for Nigerians. Watch!

Lauryn Hill has done a video apologizing to Nigerians for not showing up at the May Day Live event last night. She explained what happened and performed one of her hit songs, 'That Thing' as a way of saying sorry. 

Pics: Nigerian Oyibo Niki Tall pictured in Lagos!

Self aclaimed Nigerian Oyibo, Niki Tall, who's half Greek, half German and famous for remixing Nigerian songs and speaking pidgin is in Lagos. He flew in on Wednesday and will be here for 6 days. More photographs bellow.

Agbani Darego flaunts her body in sexy swimwear

Super hot !!