Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Buhari Departs On 3-day-visit To Kenya (full Details )

President Muhammadu Buhari left Abuja this morning for a 3-day official visit to Kenya .

On arrival in Kenya, President Buhari will join his host, President Uhuru Kenyatta and other dignitaries at a memorial service for Kenyan soldiers who were killed by Al-Shabaab in Somalia on January 15.

Crude Combat: Riyadh Reduced Oil Prices to Hurt Nigeria, Russia, Iran

As if exporting Riyadh's wahhabi ideology, Boko haram cronnies  are not enough, it has decided to continue the battle but this time an Economic war against all the countries that are subject to the anglozionist empire's hegemony." 

By reducing oil prices, Saudi Arabia is waging a secret war against Nigeria, Russia and Iran, according to political analyst Bassam Tahhan and Balogun Adesina respectively.