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Friday, November 28, 2014

I had sexual intercourse with a married woman

About a year and half ago, I gave a lift to a woman and it happened that she stayed two streets before mine. After a chat in the car I discovered she was married and has 3 kids. I also told her I was married with a child.  We got friendly and exchanged numbers.
One thing led to another and one day my wife traveled and she asked to visit me. Another thing led to another and we had sex unprotected. We had Sex 3 more times on different days. Twice in my car, and twice in my house. 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Letter to that Married Woman

Dear Married Woman,
These couple of days I have read messages on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and the likes and as much as I have tried to bridle my tongue and not say anything; just let it slide, my emotion has chosen to betray me.
So today I stand in defence of all unjustly stigmatised Single ladies. To you married woman who has taken to the social media to air her grievances, please re-direct your energy into bridling your erring husband.
 More than half of the time, these men are the ones who pursue single girls unrelentingly, luring them with the worldly goodies the Good Lord has bequeathed on them. And let me let you know what you’d never hear from your husband, they speak ill of you. Half the time, the reason they are still with you is because of our own conscious effort not to break another girl’s home as we look forward to having ours.