Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Two Chinese Naval Ships Enter Black Sea Heading to Novorossiysk !

The purpose of entry of the ships into the Black Sea waters is still unknown, as there are no reports of previous visits of the Chinese ships.
Chinese Naval

China’s 19th naval escort task force consisting of a Type 903 replenishment ship and two Type 054A guided-missile frigates entered the Black Sea through the Bosphorus on May 4.

Both frigates are of the type Jiangkai II-Class and are part of the Northern Fleet of the Chinese Navy, based in Qingdao.The purpose of entry of the ships into the Black Sea waters is still unknown, as there are no reports of previous visits of the Chinese ships.

However, some media have reported that the frigates are headed to Novorossiysk to participate in activities in the connection with the 70th anniversary of victory over Nazi Germany and the end of World War II.

President Xi Jinping of China has accepted an invitation from President Vladimir Putin to attend the Victory Parade in Moscow and is due to arrive in Russia on 8 May.

Ayo Fayose is at it again, says Mu’azu sold PDP to APC, claims to have cogent evidence


Ekiti state Governor Ayo Fayose says he has evidence to prove that the chairman of PDP, Adamu Muazu sold their party to the opposition, APC before the elections.

In a statement he released through his Special Assistant on Public Communications and New Media, Lere Olayinka today May 5th, Fayose said he wondered why President Jonathan will lose Bauchi state to the APC when the party chairman Adamu Muazu, FCT Mininster and the state Governor Isa Yuguda are from that state. What he said after the cut…

“How do we explain the PDP losing so scandalously in Bauchi State, despite the presence of the National Chairman, Federal Capital Territory Minister and the state governor? I am even more particular about the National chairman because he sold the party to the opposition. I have cogent evidences of his unholy alliance with the opposition before the elections and if they go any further, I will expose all his underhand deals. I want to say it again that I have no apology for calling for the resignation of the NWC members, especially the National Chairman. After all, someone resigned his position as the National Chairman for Alhaji Mu’azu to assume office. Lastly, let me say it categorically that they can only attempt to destroy this party for the moment, not forever. Sooner or later, they will all fade away and PDP will rise again.” the statement read

"I was more against Jonathan, than I was pro-Buhari. “ - Prof. Wole Soyinka

Nobel Laureate Wole Soyinka said he was more  more against Jonathan, than he was pro-Buhari and also described the Igbos as people who can be predicted when it comes to voting.

According to him, the Igbos vote based on their stomach and have an incurable money mindedness. Prof. Soyinka said this while delivering a lecture titled ‘Predicting Nigeria, Electoral Ironies’ at Harvard University Hutchins Centre for African and African American Research”, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.

“Igbos remained unrepentant and resolute towards their strategic objective of secession at worst; or a Nigerian president of Igbo extraction at best,” he said at the lecture which held on April 29.

“The climax of MASSOB’s war against the Nigerian state was the call for sit-ins and civil disobedience that shut down markets and public services, as Igbos stayed at home in a symbolic gesture to assert Biafran independence. The call was honoured by governors in the two principal Ibo states, though without fanfare.

The Igbos are probably the only group of Nigerians that you can predict with great accuracy whom they will vote for in an election, because they tend to put their votes where their stomachs take them; suffering as it were, from incurable money-mindedness, as they would stop at nothing in their quest for personal financial gain. Muhammadu Buhari was the better of the two evils as the incumbent president Goodluck Jonathan had been an unmitigated disaster and failure. It was a painful decision to tell people to vote Buhari, but the country needed a new beginning. I was more against Jonathan, than I was pro-Buhari.

“Nothing is more unworthy of leadership than to degrade a system by which one attains fulfillment, and this is what the nation witnessed time and time again under Jonathan, who was increasingly becoming intolerant of opposition in an escalating streak of impunity and authoritarian madness, which was most blatant and unconscionable. The ‘militricians’ – soldiers turned politicians in power – aren’t looking for excellence; their civilian cohorts are worse. Short cuts and how to circumvent the system for the profit of a few are the norm of governance. Those who do honest work are derided as lacking the skill to fit it. Ironically, things haven’t quite changed a bit after 16 years of democracy in the country.” he said

Source: The Cable

Photo: An unidentified man drowns at the river in Ubu Osigbo

The story has it that the man came to the river to swim as usual.

After washing his machine, and was about to enter the water to swim, a young lady followed him. As he noticed the presence of the lady, he called her and made some advances to her. One thing led to another both of them started romancing each other in the water. According to an eye witness who narrated the incident to me said that as the romancing was going on, both of them dived into the river at same time and could not be seen again.

Some individuals who were aware of their disappearance searched for them on that fateful Sunday to locate them but they could not be seen. The search continued on Monday with nobody locating them. Until this Tuesday morning the man was brought out lifeless while the Lady that dived into the water with him to swim is no where to be found. As at this moment the lifeless body of the man is still as the shore of the UBU OSIGBU. Some people said that the man is from Kogi state. Those looking for their son or brother or husband can go there to check the identity of the man.

Ubu 1

We have seen Buhari Trekkers, Otuoke Trekker, Meet Jiga Trekker !

This is getting to be humiliating! Haha. Muhammad Auwal (in pic bellow) is from Hadejia LGA in Jigawa state.


He trekked for four days from Hadejia to Dutse the state capital with a separation of more than 200km to praise the governor for what he says is the governor’s excellent accomplishments. He was invited by the representative in government house, with other board individuals. The representative offered him settlement in 3-star lodging for five days prior to meeting him formally.

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Armata Tank Leaves Western Readers Awe-Struck, Causes Heated Discussion

The Russian Defense Ministry’s decision to publish high-resolution photographs of its new military hardware, including the T-14 Armata tank, caused quite a stir among readers worldwide who filled comment sections of Western media outlets.

Armata tank

Armata tank

Most readers were awe-struck, amazed by Russia’s new tank, admitting it has no equals among other tank models around the world.

In 2008, I was in Moscow and witnessed this parade in Red Square, what can I say it was awesome, it sent shivers down my spine,” user Nikko from Bulgaria commented on the Daily Mail.

User Thinking man from London added:

More reasons to disband British army as a sign of friendship. Cameron will negotiate non-aggression pact with Putin and there will be peace in our time.”

Never underestimate Russian resolve, scientific prowess and resourcefulness. It is a country capable of great feats. Hitler made that mistake. We did not defeat the USSR — it dissolved because of its internal contradictions.” — Washington Post reader MJR3 said.

Looks like sanctions don’t work,” concluded a reader, named hardwood.And of course, there were few haters, who were quick to sling mud at the new technology.

Grant Fisher from Brum, UK did not seem to believe that the Russian tank would have a chance against NATO hardware:

Armoured vehicles are so out dated on the battlefield of today’s world. Mechanised infantry and fast air would just tear these armoured vehicles into coffins for the crews driving them. Troops carrying javelin misses wouldn’t have any trouble with any of the vehicles above. An if they have air support from the American A-10 tank buster you’re going to have a bad day.”

The only thing Mr. Fisher forgot was that Russia also has great air defense to protect its tanks from aerial attacks, unlike countries, against which NATO launched its attacks during the last decade.

Russia’s new Armata tank is set to undergo trials in 2016. Uralvagonzavod is expected to supply over 2,300 of the new tanks to the Russian military by 2020.

Russian Tu-160 Heavy Bomber to Be Invisible to Air Defense

Russian KRET concern is developing a new aircraft guidance system, a targeting and navigation complex, a weapons control system and other electronic equipment. A total of 800 firms and organizations are involved in the modernization of the Tu-160 aircraft.

The Tupolev Tu-160 strategic missile carrier/bomber will be equipped with an advanced radio-electronic warfare system, which is highly effective against anti-aircraft missiles, Russia’s Concern Radio-Electronic Technologies (KRET) reported.

KRET is developing a new aircraft guidance system, a targeting and navigation complex, a weapons control system and other electronic equipment. A total of 800 firms and organizations are involved in the modernization of the Tu-160 aircraft.

KRET companies are designing engine control and fuel consumption systems as well as a maintenance service which would help the crew in force majeure situations.

On April 29, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu visited the Kazan Aircraft Production Association and ordered to resume production of the Tu-160.

“There is no match to the Tu-160 among supersonic aircraft,” Shoigu said.The Tu-160 is a supersonic variable-sweep wing heavy strategic bomber/missile carrier designed by the Tupolev Design Bureau in the Soviet Union in the late 1970s – early1980s. The aircraft entered service in 1987.

In the Russian Long-Range Aviation the Tu-160 was nicknamed “the White Swan”. Its original construction is stealth-ready and allows the aircraft to stay unspotted during long-range combat missions.

The Tu-160 holds 44 world records in flight altitude and operation range. The most recent was set when it made a continuous flight of 18,000 kilometers in 24 hours and 24 minutes.

The Tu-160 is the largest, heaviest and the most powerful supersonic aircraft in military aviation. During modernization, the aircraft will be equipped with advanced communication and navigation systems, new targeting systems and electronic warfare complexes.

Initially, the Tu-160 was designed to carry 12 Kh-55 cruise missiles with thermonuclear warheads. Currently the Tu-160 is rearmed with the cutting-edge Kh-101 and Kh-555 missiles with an accuracy of five meters.

Russia’s Armata Tank to Have No Match Among Western Analogues - Media

The T-14 Armata tank will be the main feature of the May Victory Day Parade on the Red Square in Moscow. The technical innovations of Armata platfrom make the Russian tank an absolute leader among its Western analogues, a US media agency claims.

Armata tank

Armata tank

Russia’s cutting-edge Armata tank which was previously unveiled during a Victory Day parade rehearsal in Moscow will surpass all Western versions, according to a US media agency.Before the final rehearsal of the May 9 parade the T-14 tank was shown to the public with its turret masked with fabric. Monday was the first time the Armata was shown uncovered.

The tank is going to steal the show at the Victory Day parade on the Red Square, Moscow on May 9.

In addition, more than 16,500 servicemen and nearly 200 pieces of weaponry will be involved in the event.

The key feature of the new tank is its unmanned remotely-controlled turret, with three crew members seated in an armored capsule at the front of the tank’s hull. The crew controls the tank’s gun remotely.

Such a construction increases the safety of the crew and its firing efficiency. The technical innovations used in designing the Armata make the Russian tank an absolute leader among its Western analogues, AP says.Engineers designed the Armata platform also to be used for other combat vehicles, including an infantry combat vehicle and a self-propelled gun. The versatility of the platform will contribute to reducing production costs and to facilitating repair and maintenance works.

Currently the Russian Military is undergoing a major-scale re-armament program which is planned to be completed by 2020. According to the plan, the army will receive 2,300 T-14 tanks. However, the program could be hampered by the economic crisis Russia is going through now, AP claimed.

On May 9, a military parade commemorating the 70th anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War will be held on Red Square. The parade will be the largest in its history. According to tradition, Russia has invited many foreign guests to the commemoration. This year, 68 foreign leaders were invited as well as leaders of the United Nations, the UNESCO, the European Union and the Council of Europe.

 The motorcade march during the event will be led by historic ceremonial units including a T-34 medium tank and a SU-100 self-propelled gun. The motorcade will comprise of the Msta-S self-propelled howitzer, the Koalitsiya-SV self-propelled gun, the Iskander missile system, the Tigr and Taifun armored vehicles, BTR-82A armored personnel vehicle, the T-90 tank, the Buk-M2 and Tor-M2U air-defense systems, Pantsir-S1 anti-aircraft missile complex, and the S-400 missile launcher of the Russian Aerospace Defense Forces.The victory parade will end with a flight by Russian Air Force aircraft. It will feature planes and helicopters of the army, military transport and long-range aviation. Visitors will have a chance to see the Mi-35, Ansat-U and Mi-28N helicopters, the Su-30, Su-35 and the Yak-130 jet fighters, and the Su-34, Tu-22M3, Tu-95 and Tu-160 bombers.

Earlier, the Russian Defense Ministry posted on its website a photo gallery of its latest and advanced pieces of military equipment which will be involved in the Victory Parade on May 9. The website features high-resolution pictures of never-before-seen weaponry, including the Armata medium tank, the Koalitsiya-SV self-propelled gun, the Kornet-D anti-tank mobile guided weapon, the Kurganets-25 infantry combat vehicle, and the Kurganets-25 armored personnel carrier.

Pics: Riri suffers nip-slip as she goes braless in black sheer top

Rihanna endured real nip-slip as she went bra-less in this retro sheer top which she rocked to host a private Met Gala after-party at the Up & Down club on West 14th Street in New York the previous evening.

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Photos: Zoom into Beyonce's Met dress to see her jiggy backside !

beyonce (3)

Beyonce wore a transparent Givency dress to Met Gala the last evening. The dress is excellent yet when you zoom in…it’s a bit shocking. Lol. It appears as though she’s exposed yet she’s wearing a body suit that looks precisely like her skin colour.

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"I still hope, one day at the right price, that I’ll buy the Arsenal team" - Aliko Dangote 


Africa’s wealthiest man, Aliko Dangote says he is still inspired by purchasing one of English premier league  football teams, Arsenal. In a meeting he did with Bloomberg while going in a private plane from Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa to Lagos on May 1, Dangote said he’ll love to purchase the club when the cost is right…

“I still hope, one day at the right price, that I’ll buy the team. I might buy it, not at a ridiculous price but a price that the owners won’t want to resist. I know my strategy.” he reportedly said

Dangote had shown interest in buying the football club in 2010 however the arrangement didn’t deliver the goods as he and proprietors of the club couldn’t go to an understanding. Arsenal Holdings Plc is estimated at $1.49bn. Dangote is worth $15.7 billion, so he’s mr capable!

Photos: APC Governors meet with President-elect Buhari in Abuja

APC Governors and governor-elects visited president-elect Buhari in Abuja today May 5th, where they praised him over his triumph at the presidential decisions.
apc_buhari (7)

Reacting, Gen Buhari guaranteed to make security one of his top needs, saying that no Nigerian ought to live in trepidation or in Sambisa Forest. Gen Buhari guaranteed that when he assumes power, there will be discernible development in stock value and also increment in the estimation of the Naira.

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