Friday, November 25, 2016

How Fidel Castro evaded CIA’s assassination attempts

I have often wondered how Fidel Castro unlike many others have evaded the attempts to end his life by the CIA and others, and also his love for Africa. Till date there have been over 600 attempts to end Castro’s life, none of which materialised. One most memorable attempt was when his ex-girlfriend was asked to poison Fidel using a cream she was given. But she ended up confessing what she was sent to do to him.

Another Brick in the Wall: Mexican Company to Help Trump Secure the Border

Owner of a Mexican cement company expressed his desire to provide cement for the US President-elect’s effort to secure the border between the two countries from the onslaught of rife organized crime.

Kristian Rouz – "I will build a great, great wall on our southern border, and I will make Mexico pay for that wall. Mark my words," US President-elect Donald Trump used to reiterate night after night when on his electoral campaigning trail during the past several months. 

Russia SITREP November 24th, by Scott Humor

Earlier this week the German Stern asked a tongue-in-cheek question which I want to try to answer.
I don’t know German, but this looks to me like they want to know why Moscow needs so many tanks.
Putin lässt 3000 Panzer aus dem Depot modernisieren
Wladimir Putin hat bereits 2500 T-14 Armata Kampfpanzer bestellt, nun lässt er noch einmal 3000 T-80 komplett modernisieren. Fragt sich nur: Was will Moskau mit so vielen Panzern?
Putin ordered to modernize 3000 tanks stored in the tank depots.