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Pentagon Finally Declassifies Documents Confirming Israel Has Nukes 

In the most recent illustration of the strained relationship between the United States and Israel, the Pentagon has discreetly discharged an ordered archive which uncovers the degree of Israel’s atomic system. A program the Israeli government has since quite a while ago denied even exists.


 Earlier this month, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accepted the controversial invitation to speak before the US Congress and warn against “a nuclearized Middle East and the horrific consequences…to all humanity.”

The speech received, perhaps, the largest round of applause heard in the Capitol since Republicans took control of both houses of Congress. President Obama was less enthused, calling the address “nothing new.”

Coincidentally or not, Netanyahu’s speech coincided with the Pentagon’s decision to declassify a top-secret document which proves that despite Bibi’s warnings about a “nuclearized Middle East,” the region is already a host to nuclear weapons. Namely: Israel’s.

The 386-page report, entitled “Critical Technological Assessment in Israel and NATO Nations,” dates back to 1987 and critical details on a nuclear program Israel has never admitted having.

“[Israel is] developing the kind of codes which will enable them to make hydrogen bombs,” the Department of Defense report reads. “That is, codes which detail fission and fusion processes on a microscopic and macroscopic level.”

Even more damning, the report calls Israel’s nuclear ability “an almost exact parallel of the capability existing at our National Laboratories,” and calls Israel’s labs “equivalent” to US installations in Los Alamos, Lawrence Livermore, and Oak Ridge.

Los Alamos, of course, was where Robert Oppenheimer conducted the bulk of the Manhattan Project experiments.

“As far as nuclear technology is concerned the Israelis are roughly where the US was in the fission weapon field in about 1955 to 1960,” the report reads.

To break that down, a Pentagon document states that 28 years ago, Israel was already as advanced in nuclear development as the United States had been shortly after testing its first hydrogen bomb.

The timing of the document’s release is certainly suspicious. Originally requested three years ago by a US journalist under a Freedom of Information Act request, the Pentagon had been slow to respond. A ruling by a District Court judge ordered the Defense Department to reply.

It’s also worth noting that while the declassified document revealed key aspects of the Israeli nuclear program, the Pentagon took pains to block out sections only other allied countries, including France, Italy, and West Germany.

On Tuesday, a Wall Street Journal report also alleged that Israel was spying on the P5+1 nuclear negotiation. While the prime minister’s office denied these claims, the newspaper cited senior US officials who said that Israeli intelligence was eavesdropping on the international talks.

Barely a week into his new term and Netanyahu already has radioactive egg on his face.


Intense Explosions Turn Yemeni Capital Upside down, Houthis Fight Back

The strongest explosions in the past 24 hours shook the Yemeni capital of Sanaa on Friday, after a Saudi Arabia-led coalition intensified airstrikes on Houthi rebels’ positions, a Sputnik correspondent reported Friday citing military sources.


© AP Photo/ Wael Qubady

SANAA (Ooduarere) — The sources said Houthi-controlled Yemeni air defense troops have been forced to return fire to “repel” the jets carrying out airstrikes on Houthi positions in Sanaa.  Local sources in Saada province told Sputnik the coalition is conducting strong airstrikes on the province, the Houthis’ stronghold.  Houthi militias attacked Saudi positions in on the border with Yemen on Friday night, a source among Houthis in Saada told RIA Novosti.

Earlier on Friday, Al Jazeera reported that armed forces loyal to the deposed Yemeni president had captured parts of Houthi-held oil-producing province of Marib in central Yemen. A fierce fighting between pro-Hadi forces and Houthis in the province is under way, the news outlet said.

“They carried out small attacks and returned, now they are under attack,” — the source said.

A Saudi-led coalition of Arab states continued a military operation Thursday night against Shia Houthi rebels in Yemen; the “Ansarullah” movement currently controls the majority of the country.  The operation, codenamed “Decisive Storm,” is aimed at “the protection of the legitimate government in Yemen,” and was requested by the country’s elected president Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi.

The coalition launched a second round of airstrikes on Houthi positions early Friday, including on the international airport in the Yemeni capital Sanaa, as well as a number of military bases and airfields. It left military infrastructure, equipment and aircraft destroyed, as well as civilians in shock.

Ousted President Abd Mansour Hadi had officially asked the UN Security Council to take action to “stop the Houthis’ aggression,” in accordance with Chapter 7 of the UN Charter. He also addressed the Arab League, urging them to send “Peninsula Shield” troops — Gulf states’ military units — and to declare a no-fly zone over airspace controlled by the Houthis.

Meanwhile, any attempt to establish a national dialogue has failed, and parties to the conflict blame one another for the conflict.


US House Votes 348-48 To Arm Ukraine, Russia Warns Lethal Aid Will “Explode The Whole Situation”

for Zero Hedge

Yesterday, in a vote that largely slid under the radar, the House of Representatives passed a resolution urging Obama to send lethal aid to Ukraine, providing offensive, not just “defensive” weapons to the Ukraine army – the same insolvent, hyperinflating Ukraine which, with a Caa3/CC credit rating, last week started preparations to issue sovereign debt with a US guarantee, in essence making it a part of the United States (something the US previously did as a favor to Egypt before the Muslim Brotherhood puppet regime was swept from power by the local army).

The resolution passed with broad bipartisan support by a count of 348 to 48.

According to DW,  the measure urges Obama to provide Ukraine with “lethal defensive weapon systems” that would better enable Ukraine to defend its territory from “the unprovoked and continuing aggression of the Russian Federation.”

“Policy like this should not be partisan,” said House Democrat Eliot Engel, the lead sponsor of the resolution. “That is why we are rising today as Democrats and Republicans, really as Americans, to say enough is enough in Ukraine.”

Engel, a New York Democrat, has decided that he knows better than Europe what is the best option for Ukraine’s people – a Europe, and especially Germany, which has repeatedly said it rejects a push to give western arms to the Ukraine army, and warned that Russia under President Vladimir Putin has become “a clear threat to half century of American commitment to an investment in a Europe that is whole, free and at peace. A Europe where borders are not changed by force.

This war has left thousands of dead, tens of thousands wounded, a million displaced, and has begun to threaten the post-Cold War stability of Europe,” Engel said.

Odd, perhaps the US state department should have thought of that in a little over a year ago when Victoria Nuland was plotting how to most effectively put her puppet government in charge of Kiev and how to overthrow the lawfully elected president in a US-sponsored coup.

Then again, one glance at the Rep. Engel’s career donors provides some explanation for his tenacity to start another armed conflict and to escalate what he himself defines as a cold war into a warm one.


So what will Obama do? As a reminder, the president has been far more eager to sit this one out, and giving Europe the upper hand when it comes to the decision if and when to escalate the proxy civil war in Ukraine.  To be sure, the vote puts even more pressure on the Obama administration, which has repeatedly said it was considering providing lethal aid to Ukraine; it just never dared to actually pull the trigger. Several months ago, the Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman General Martin Dempsey said we would “absolutely consider” providing lethal aid, sentiments that were echoed by Defense Secretary Ashton Carter, who said that he was also “inclined” in that direction.

Obama’s options may be even more limited after NATO’s top military commander General Philip Breedlove said Sunday that the West should “consider all our tools” to assist Ukraine, including sending defensive weapons to areas held by pro-Russian rebels.

For now the president is delaying because according to the State Department, the White House is waiting to see whether the second Minsk ceasefire will hold before deciding whether to deliver lethal assistance.

Ironically, the biggest stumbling block ahead of an outright overture to World War III, may be Hillary Clinton herself. The former SecState, currently embroiled in an e-mail communication scandal, was recently revealed to have been a recipient of some very generous foreign donations into the Clinton foundation: donations where Ukraine was at the very top!


Considering last week’s news of a just as dangerous cold war being waged between Obama’s right hand (wo)man, Valerie Jarrett, and the Clintons, it is perhaps just as likely that Obama, whose foreign policy team is absolutely abysmal and whose offshore “achievements” can best be described as a disaster, is not eager to get involved in Ukraine not so much to avert the cold war with Russia to turn hot, but to make Hillary’s life difficult as she launches her challenge to Obama’s favorite populist Elizabeth Warren.

Then again, when it comes to calling the foreign shots, the US president is merely a figurehead, and the real decision-maker has always been the US military-industrial complex. So while Obama may stall sending weapons, he will ultimately get a tap on the shoulder from the gentle folks shown on the table below, who will soon demand something in exchange for their millions in lobby funding.

The prepackaged spin is already ready: “sending weapons to the Kiev government would not mean involvement in a new war for America”, claimed the abovementioned Eliot Engel who sponsored the document. “The people of Ukraine are not looking for American troops,” Engel said. “They are just looking for the weapons.

Beautiful. And if weapons the Ukraine wants, the US MIC will be delighted to provide them.

So the only question is how Russia will responds to this escalation: according to RT, “Washington’s decision to supply Ukraine with ammunition and weapons would “explode the whole situation” in eastern Ukraine and Russia would be forced to respond “appropriately,” Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov said at the end of February.

“It would be a major blow to the Minsk agreements and would explode the whole situation,” TASS quoted Ryabkov as saying.

In other words, bullish for stocks – just think of the central-bank monetary paradrops that World War III would unleash.

26.03.2015 Ukrainian Civil War news: War in Ukraine, Poroshenko, OSCE, Donbass, Yemen


President Vladimir Putin addresses the Federal Security Service Board Meeting

Vladimir Putin took part in a Federal Security Service board meeting. Meeting participants summed up the results of the Federal Security Service operations in 2014 and set priority targets for 2015.

© Sputnik/ Aleksey Nikolskyi

© Sputnik/ Aleksey Nikolskyi



Good afternoon, colleagues.

We always attach great importance to the work of the key power agencies pertaining to national security. Today, within the framework of this expanded board meeting we will summarise the results of Federal Security Service operations in 2014 and set priority goals for the future.

I would like to begin by saying that, as you all know, the past year was not an easy one. The world situation has exacerbated. We witnessed growing tensions in the Middle East and a number of other areas of the world, while a state coup provoked civil war in Ukraine.

Russia is making significant efforts to reconcile the parties and normalise the situation. We have already received and continue receiving thousands, even hundreds of thousands of refugees and are doing all we can to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe.

However, our position, our independent policy and even attempts to help those in need, including in Ukraine and some other areas, are causing outright irritation on the part of those we traditionally call our colleagues and partners.

They are using their entire arsenal of means for the so-called deterrence of Russia: from attempts at political isolation and economic pressure to large-scale information war and special services operations. As it was recently stated quite openly: those who disagree will have their arms twisted periodically. However, this does not work with Russia; it never has and never will.

Meanwhile, NATO is developing its rapid deployment forces and building up its infrastructure near our borders. Attempts are being made to violate the existing nuclear parity, European and Asia-Pacific segments of the ABM system are being created at an increased pace.

I would like to remind you that the unilateral withdrawal by the United States from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty has toppled the very foundation of the modern international security system. Completely new systems are being developed capable of dealing a ‘lightning global blow’ and conducting operations in outer space.

However, it is obvious that nobody has ever managed to intimidate this country or put pressure on it, and nobody ever will. We have always had and always will have a proper response to all internal and external threats to national security.

Another point I would like to make is that the situation cannot remain like this forever. It will change, for the better I hope, including the situation around this country. However, it will not change for the better if we succumb and yield at every step. It will only change for the better if we become stronger.

Today I would like to thank you and your colleagues for your precise and coordinated work last year, for your immaculate implementation of the tasks and the courage you have demonstrated, for the reliable protection of Russia’s security and national interests.


Your overall workload and responsibility will obviously grow this year. You are facing the challenge of enhancing efficiency in all areas of your activity. Combatting terrorism remains your most important task. A few positive trends have emerged in this area in the past few years.

There were 2.6 times fewer terrorist-related crimes in 2014 than in 2013. While if we look at the previous 5 years, their overall number went down 9-fold.

Such results have clearly been made possible through the concerted actions of the FSB, security and law enforcement agencies, coordinated by the National Anti-Terrorism Committee. We must reinforce the positive dynamics and consistently squeeze out the underground criminal groups.

This is not easy; the militants are fighting back and making attacks similar to the one that took place in Grozny last year. Statistical analysis shows that they still posses a significant amount of arms.

You are also aware of the fact that citizens of Russia and other CIS states are being trained at the so-called hot-spots, including within groups of the Islamic State on the territory of Syria and other countries. Later they may be used against us, against Russia and its neighbours.

It is therefore vitally important to take additional measures to destroy the terrorists’ international ties and resource bases and block their entry to and exit from Russia. They should not be able to move between regions or penetrate the new regions of the Russian Federation – Crimea and Sevastopol.

Your direct mission is to provide the highest possible level of anti-terrorist protection for the international events to be held in Russia this year. This is, first and foremost, celebrations of the 70thanniversary of the Great Victory and the BRICS and SCO summits in Ufa.

In addition, we must step up measures aimed at preventing terrorism, radicalism and extremism, primarily among young people, migrants and underprivileged groups and more actively involve influential public and religious organisations in these efforts.

At the Interior Ministry board meeting in early March, I noted that last year the number of extremist crimes unfortunately went up by almost 15 percent. Obviously, we need to increase coordination between special services and law enforcement agencies in this area and use all the latest methods and equipment, including cutting edge information technology.

Counter-intelligence agencies worked efficiently and steadily last year. Their special operations resulted in the suspension of activity of 52 officers and 290 agents of foreign special services.

Today it is especially important to improve the protection of data that pertains to national secrets and to prevent information leaks regarding the development of our military organisation, mobilisation plans and defence and industrial technologies.

Western special services continue their attempts at using public, non-governmental and politicised organisations to pursue their own objectives, primarily to discredit the authorities and destabilise the internal situation in Russia. They are already planning their actions for the upcoming election campaigns of 2016-2018.

As I have said on numerous occasions, and will repeat again: we are ready for dialogue with the opposition, we will continue our partnership with the civic society in the broadest sense of the word. We always listen to constructive criticism of the authorities’ actions or the lack of such actions at any level.

Such dialogue and partnership are always useful, they are vital for any country, including ours. However, it is pointless entering into a discussion with those who are operating on orders from the outside in the interests of some other country rather than their own.

Therefore, we will continue paying attention to non-governmental organisations that have foreign funding sources; we will compare their stated goals with their actual activities and terminate any violations.


Ensuring economic stability and combatting corruption remain among your priority areas. I would like to ask you to pay special attention to cases of misuse and embezzlement of budget funds, including those allocated for the state defence order.

You should cooperate closely with the Accounts Chamber, the Federal Financial Monitoring Service and other oversight agencies. You should be more active in revealing and thwarting shady deals on the Russian stock and currency markets that may lead to sharp exchange rate fluctuations and destabilise the financial system of the entire nation.

We must continue our efforts to support Russian companies abroad and to protect their interests. Economic competition is tough, as you know. Not all the competitors of Russian companies are willing to work honestly.

Common principles of trade, cooperation and investment are being violated. We see attempts to compromise the business reputation of Russian companies in any way possible. You have to respond to this without delay and competently, within your authority.

Serious tasks are facing the FSB Border Service. The border infrastructure needs to be improved along the entire perimeter of our borders, while traditionally complicated segments in the North Caucasus, Central Asia and the Russian Arctic shelf need to be strengthened.

The Russian-Ukrainian border requires our special attention, of course. The situation there is complicated: thousand of people are trying to escape from the extended armed conflict in southeast Ukraine and are crossing over to Russian territory, sometimes even without their basic documents.

It is important to continue ensuring the unhindered passage of refugees and movement of vehicles with humanitarian cargo. At the same time, we need to reveal those who voluntarily took part in punitive actions against peaceful residents, who are trying to cover their tracks or are planning crimes on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Next. The protection of national information resources should remain under special control. The number of cyberattacks on official websites and information systems of Russian authorities is not diminishing; about 74 million such attacks were curtailed last year alone.

Moreover, over 25,000 internet resources have been identified that carry illegal publications. More than 1,500 extremist websites have been shut down. We must continue efforts to rid the Russian cyberspace of illegal, criminal materials, more actively use modern technologies for this purpose and take part in creating an international information security system.

We are not speaking of limiting online freedom, far from it. We are speaking of ensuring safety, law and order, while strictly complying with appropriate Russian and international norms and standards, without preventing people from communicating online and posting legitimate, valid and correct information.


In the past years, we have done much to improve material and technical support of the Federal Security Service. Salaries, pensions and social benefits for acting and retired personnel have grown significantly.

We have practically resolved the issue of permanent housing. In 2014 alone, 65 designated apartment buildings were commissioned (5,200 apartments). We are simultaneously working to increase the stock of service housing.

The state will continue providing the best service conditions for you, taking care of the families of those who were killed in the line of duty. We will certainly do everything necessary to ensure that all FSB units are equipped with the latest in armaments, technology and special gear.

At the same time, just like all the other agencies, you are facing the task of more rationally using state funding and other resources. You have to show maximum responsibility and concentration in resolving all the tasks facing you.

In conclusion, I would like to wish you success and new, visible results in your service that the country needs so much.

Thank you for your attention.

[oduarere] Nigeria 2015 Presidential Election - Live Update


The 2015 general elections will remain a standout amongst the most wildly challenged in Nigeria for quite a while to come. Follow Omo oodua 2015 Election live update as we bring you the latest Pre-election and post election news.



Scary minutes in the hands of thugs

Arriving in Port Harcourt, one of Nigeria’s most active cities, earlier on Tuesday, dozens of queries ran through my mind. Almost two years since I visited the Rivers State capital, much hasn’t changed about the city except that the traffic situation has improved a bit.

Finding our way from the airport to a decent hotel in the centre of the town, different sights greeted me and my colleague – Stanley Ogidi – an award-winning photojournalist, as the taxi driver edged us deeper into the bowels of the oil-rich enclave. With traders dangling wares at motorists’ faces, mentally-derailed men and women in different attires pausing to dance or scare passersby intermittently and young men standing above several gallons of petrol by road corners, waiting for potential customers, it was a mixture of the good, the bad and ugly in the very heart of Port Harcourt.

Breaking News! Buhari wins 2015 Presidential Election (Ọmọ Oódua - polls)

Ater over 3 months of Open online Poll – ‘JONATHAN Vs BUHARI: Who Would You Want As Your President In 2015.’ Probably one of the fairest and longest online poll Suggests Buhari wins 2015 Election by a great margin.

Total number of Voters: 8,103
Pro BUHARI (75%, 6,097 Votes)
Pro JONATHAN (25%, 2,006 Votes)


We wish either of them best of luck!

On Buhari I smell some real good luck

Tomorrow morning, (Saturday, March 28) the sun will rise from its 94 million-mile abode on Nigerians as they choose a path; and it will later set in the evening as they chart a course. Tomorrow, we will find out if sitting President Goodluck Jonathan will be the ambassador of choice leading us beyond these trying times, or he will be regarded as just another flaky, flicker and flutter in history, and one who deserves nothing but a cold bye-bye from Aso Rock. Tomorrow will not be another ordinary day in this country; it will be an extraordinary dawn.

When Party stooges get paid, OPC members unleash mayhem on Lagos

Merchants and suburbanites in the Oshodi Market, Orile Oshodi range of Lagos State, took to their heels on Thursday after associated individuals with the Oodua People’s Congress unleashed fear on the region.

Observers revealed to PUNCH Metro  that the posse, which numbered near to 50, conveyed refined weapons and shot sporadically into the air.

Inhabitants said some of them wore covers. Drivers heading towards Oshodi from the Oshodi-Apapa Expressway, were compelled to take a temporary route from the Ladipo transport stop after the criminals blockaded the interstate.

In the following fight, a few individuals escaping from risk were said to have been harmed, as some road urchins utilized the chance to seize passersby of their assets.

A few shops in the zone were additionally purportedly plundered by the urchins. At the point when our journalist went to the range, he watched that stalls and shops were closed as dealers mourned their destiny. There was substantial vicinity of security agents, who requested individuals to raise their hands as they cruised by. Our journalist watched that a few fighters, who assumed control over the scaffold and the primary street, asked a few young people to do frog hops on the extension.


A vendor, Samuel Ojukwu, said the gunmen were loyalists of President Goodluck Jonathan, adding that their presence created panic. The chaos was said to have lasted between 8am and 9.30am.

He said, “This morning, as I was arranging newspapers on the newsstand, I saw some people running.

“I didn’t know what was pursuing them, so I sat at the stand. A colleague, who was also running, asked me to run, but I said I won’t run since I didn’t see anything pursuing the people.
“Then, these heavily armed men showed up. I started shaking with fright where I sat as they approached my newsstand. The man who led them had two pistols in his side pockets, and held another one in his hand. “One of them came to me and said, ‘Baba, don’t be afraid. When you vote on Saturday, vote for Jonathan.’ I was so afraid.”

He said afterwards, the group went towards the Lagos-Abeokuta Expressway and began shooting indiscriminately into the air. He said as they approached a military base on the road, they retreated to avoid a collision with military men. It was learnt that as the shooting continued, the group dared some people to come out and face them. Another witness, Ojuolape Obafemi, a trader, said some members of the group hid their identity.

“Some of the hoodlums wore masks and I believe they are known faces. That was why they covered their faces.

“They entered into streets and nobody could come out to challenge them. I believe they were OPC members because they wore all kinds of ammunition and amulet,” she said.

She added that soon after the group left, another set of hoodlums, wielding sticks, bottles and cutlasses took over the road.

Our correspondent learnt that the hoodlums began to harass the people.

“These boys were the ones who entered into shops and looted them. They entered a bag shop and looted it. They also dispossessed people of their valuables,” she said.

The real Political 'hallelujah boys' (Thugs) open fire on Gov Amaechi’s convoy

An SMS sent to Punch‘s correspondent by the Chief Press Secretary to the Governor, Mr. David Iyofor, indicated that the attackers   made bonfire along a major road in the area to prevent the governor from leaving.


The SMS read,

“This evening, gunshots were fired at the convoy of Rivers State Governor Rotimi Amaechi at Rumuolumeni, Obio/Akpor LGA by PDP thugs.  “Obio/Akpor is the home of the PDP governorship candidate in the state, Nyesom Wike. The thugs attacked the governor’s convoy and his entourage with bottles, stones and other dangerous objects. Then gunshots were fired at the convoy.

“When the governor was leaving the community, bonfire was set up on the road to prevent him from leaving. More gunshots were fired at his convoy. Amaechi was on door-to-door ward campaign in the state.”

The Greater Together Campaign Organisation, a team in charge of the APC candidate, Dakuku Peterside’s governorship campaign, described the attack on the convoy as part of the plan to assassinate chieftains and members of the APC. The Director of the campaign organisation, Mrs. Ibim Semenitari, said in a statement   in Port Harcourt   that the thugs were repelled by the governor’s security personnel.  Semenitari lamented that the situation in the state had become worrisome considering that a group of security operatives had gone to the governor’s home town to carry out a secret investigation.

The statement read in part,

“In keeping with their plans to attack and assassinate chieftains and members of the APC, thugs of the PDPambushed the convoy of Governor Amaechi, who was on a door-to-door campaign in Rumuolumeni, Obio/Akpor, Rivers State.

“The thugs were repelled by the governor’s security personnel. However, the PDP in Rivers State has concluded plans to launch house-to-house attack on APC chieftains in the state with the aid of security personnel.”

When contacted, the state Police Public Relations Officer, Ahmad Mohammad, told our correspondent that he was still trying to reach out to the Divisional Police Officer in Obio/Akpor to ascertain the veracity of the claim that the governor’s convoy was attacked.

Mohammad promised to react to the matter as soon as he got any response from the DPO in Obio/Akpor   but he had yet to keep the promise as of 9pm on Thursday. Also in Edo State, the government on Thursday alleged deployment of armed soldiers in the country home of Governor Adams Oshiomhole in Iyamoh     Etsakor West LGA. A statement by the state Commissioner   for Information and Orientation,   Louis Odion, said the presence of the soldiers was to “intimidate the governor on   election day.”

The statement read in part, “Family members of the   governor were shocked to find his country home taken over by soldiers this(Thursday) afternoon. When asked, the invading force said they were acting on orders from above.

We also have it on good authority that the Army high command in Abuja had sent some soldiers to Edo State on what they described as ‘special operations’.

“In order not to arouse suspicion, these soldiers were told to dress in suits and pose as SSS operatives and station them at polling units on election day, particularly in areas seen as APC strongholds.”

Please vote for me, President Jonathan begs North

President Goodluck Jonathan has asked the North, particularly the North-East geo-political zone, to bolster and vote in favor of him on Saturday.


Jonathan in a letter titled, ‘My dear Arewa brothers and sisters’, which he by and by marked, said it would be unjustifiable for anybody at fault him for the Boko Haram danger which brought about the demise of more than 15,000 Nigerians.

The President conceded that his organization at first disparaged the danger and that was the reason the terrorists had the capacity to execute numerous Nigerians.

He included that the danger was aggravated by the absence of military hardware.


He said,

“I do understand that my first duty to you at this time is to rid the entire North of the menace of Boko Haram and secure your lives and property. You and I know that nothing in Nigeria’s past prepared us for the unprecedented reign of unmitigated terror, mayhem and destruction which these murderous terrorists have visited on parts of our country.

“The initial slowness in effectively responding to the threat was as a result of the asymmetrical nature of the war on terror and the need for us to properly equip our security agencies for the successful prosecution of the war. “Given the recent successes recorded by our Armed Forces with your cooperation and patriotic support, the cooperation of our neighbours as well as the laudable gallantry of security agents, I am confident that in the shortest possible time, the menace of Boko Haram would have been eliminated for good.”

Jonathan’s inability to curb terrorism had made him very unpopular in some northern states to the extent that he was stoned in some of the states while he was campaigning. Jonathan said he and the people of the South-South geo-political zone supported his late predecessor, Umaru Yar’Adua who was from the North.

He, therefore, urged them to do the same for him.

He said,

Because Nigeria today is in desperate need of stability, I plead with you to join me in building on the foundation of the traditional alliance between us which has always served to keep Nigeria one strong, united and prosperous nation,” he said.

#BeforeYouCastYourVote: Remember this, remember that ! Concerned Nigerian

Everything here is an eyesaw::: U know, I know, We know and They know::::COME MARCH 28TH. ‪#‎BeforeYouCastYourVote‬ Remember that Jonathan waited for 15,000+ Nigerians to be murdered before taking Boko Haram seriously. #BeforeYouCastYourVote. Remember what Andrew Azazi said that PDP created Boko Haram. #BeforeYouCastYourVote as yourself if moving forward is 225naira to dollar , if locomotive trains are futuristic transport system.



#BeforeYouCastYourVote Ask yourself “If my daughter was kidnapped, would I vote for GEJ?” #BeforeYouCastYourVote Remember the Oct bomb blast in Abuja in which Jonathan lied & accused others as he shielded the real bombers. #BeforeYouCastYourVote. Remeber that, Obanikoro is now a Minister. EkitiGate has been swept under the carpet. We all know whose voice we heard on that audio. #BeforeYouCastYourVote Remember the cost of fuel that your generator consumed for all these years.

#BeforeYouCastYourVote Remember that they went dancing on stage just a day after many lives were wasted. #BeforeYouCastYourVote Remember your GEJ raised 21bn for election but IDPs feed on charity & many others is foreign countries. #BeforeYouCastYourVote remember your country produces crude oil but imports PMS & DPK. #BeforeYouCastYourVote remember GEJ met $1 =119 but now. Its $1=225 #BeforeYouCastYourVote Remember the number of jobless people around you. #BeforeYouCastYourVote remember the fuel subsidy scam & Hw GEJ removed d subsidy instead of fixing our refineries.‪#‎BeforYouCastYourVote‬ remember the fuel Subsidy as New year Gift 6months after we all voted GEJ in,Soldiers were used to chase us into our houses after NLC leaders were called to Abuja and still GEJ did not reverse the fuel price.

Vote wisely. God bless Nigeria

Impossible for Neymar to replace me – Pelé

Pele thinks his status as Brazil’s most prominent player is secure, with not even Neymar ready to test him, Mirror reports.

A three-time World Cup champ and the scorer of more than 1,000 goals in a sparkling career, the previous Santos and New York Cosmos striker has as of now seen off a lot of challengers to his mantle since resigning, including Ronaldo and Romario, who not long ago upheld Neymar to surpass Pele’s count of 77 international goals..

Whether the 23-year-old Barcelona forward has the capacity to do as such stays to be seen, yet Pele is not stressed over the test of his kindred Santos graduate.

Asked on Wednesday in Melbourne if Neymar can supplant him as Brazilian football’s most loved child, he said: “I think not.”

“I think to be the new king, the new Pele, is impossible. Because my mother and my father closed the machine. I think he’s a good player, an excellent young player and he’s going to be a big star, no doubt.”

While Neymar is Brazil’s great hope, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo – playing at a higher tempo than ever before – have proven worthy challengers to the all-time greats in recent years.

But Pele insisted he would still have been a force of nature in the modern game.

“If you ask, would Beethoven be important now? Of course,” he said.

“If I was in this moment and prepared to play in this moment. The thing people forget is I was given a gift to play football, this is something no-one can judge.”

Appearing in Australia for a series of speaking engagements, Pele – in his capacity as the unofficial ambassador of Brazilian football – could not avoid inevitable questions about his country’s shock 7-1 loss to Germany in the World Cup semi-final on home soil last year.

Watching on while the hopes of a nation were shattered, what was he thinking as goal after goal flew in during that nightmare game in Belo Horizonte?

“I didn’t think – I cried,” he said. “It’s unfortunate that the two World Cups played in Brazil, in 1950 when I was nine years old, we lost. And now we lost again. This is something no-one can explain.”

The Brazilian Football Confederation’s response to the debacle was to hand Dunga – who coached the South American nation at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa – a return to the national team hot seat following Luiz Felipe Scolari’s departure.

Captain of the team that won the tournament for a fourth time in the United States in 1994, the 51-year-old was not a universally popular choice, but he at least has the support of an illustrious predecessor.

“I think with Dunga … (he) has a different style to Felipe (Scolari), more defensive but I believe in Dunga,” Pele said.

“He could make a good national team.”

Quizzed on whether or not Brazil can win a sixth World Cup in Russia in 2018, Pele said: “I hope so.”

Angry supporters tear- Jonathan/Ladoja posters

Irate supporters of the Accord Party in Ibadan, Oyo State, on Thursday, went round the town tearing a dubious campaign notice bearing the photos of President Goodluck Jonathan and the party’s governorship applicant, Alhaji Rashidi Ladoja.

The pictures of Jonathan and Ladoja are set side by side on the blurbs with the logo of the Peoples Democratic Party and Accord. Punch reporter learnt that the supporters made the move because the blurb was not from the party as they never embraced nor related to any presidential hopeful.

A party chieftain, Pa Jacob Omoniyi, said,

“We do not know who did this. We just woke up this morning to find the controversial posters all over the town. The people we suspect are obviously members of opposition parties. We suspect the ruling party. We do not know about it.

“The step we are taking is to quickly inform our members and the people of Oyo State that our party is not in support of this poster. We have tried to reach the address and phone numbers on the poster but they are not valid.

“We instructed our members to tear them. Even non-party members are tearing them too. Accord Party has a lot of supporters in Oyo. Once we come into government, teachers will be paid on schedule, pensioners will receive their arrears, and school classes that are crowded will be returned to the normal population of 30 pupils per class.”

Also, one of the party members who gave his name as Mr. Saliu, said they had begun removing the posters at strategic places where they were posted.

He said,

“The posters were posted at Total Garden area, Agodi Gate, Beere, Oje and other strategic areas. It is wrong. We have already started tearing them off. We don’t have any presidential candidate. Our party members can vote for whoever they wish at the presidential polls.”

I didn’t pick Eagles – Daniel Amokachi

One of the top officials told that they were stunned when Daniel Amokachi told them he should not be held accountable for the poor display of the Eagles because he did not pick the squad.


Assistant coach Daniel Amokachi

“He said he did not pick the team, that it was Keshi who did so. It was his own way of defending himself,” said the top official.

Amokachi’s latest self defence is not likely to go down well with ‘Big Boss’ Keshi, who could well be now having a rethink about who should assist him in his second stint in charge of the Eagles.

Keshi’s new two-year contract has been sanctioned by the NFF executive committee and he is now expected to sign it in time for the qualifying tournament for the 2017 AFCON.

Sergio Aguero more difficult to face than Messi – Hart

Joe Hart rates Manchester City team-mate Sergio Aguero as the best finisher he has come up against – not the “phenomenal” Lionel Messi.


Barcelona star Messi and Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo continue to raise eyebrows with their incredible goalscoring records in recent times.

England goalkeeper Hart, however, has seen enough of the world’s best strikers to class Aguero as the most impressive finisher in the game.

He said: “From working with him [Aguero] on a daily basis and from what I’ve seen this season, Aguero just knows how to score.

“In training he particularly excites you most days but he’s also got that ability on the day to do it. We’ve got a good team, but a long clearance could turn into a goal because he’s got that ability to take it round five people and score.

“It’s a great thing to have. Sergio is a very natural player and in a situation one-on-one there is nothing complicated about it. He takes that option to score.

“Messi is absolutely awesome, he is a phenomenal player, but I’m backing Sergio.”

Joint press release by ex-Ekiti State Governors on the security situation in Ekiti

Press explanation as discharged on Kayode Fayemi’s site today about the security circumstance Ekiti state


It has come to our attention that a team of hoodlums in three unmarked Hilux vehicles went round the State, armed with guns, machetes, knives and axes to the houses of APC membersand also to the homes of PDP members in the State who are opposed to the political philosophy of Governor Ayo Fayose. Their most recent operation centered on Ijero Local Government. There, they created mayhem, beat and tortured the 90-year old father of the Commissioner for Financeunder the Fayemi administration. The hoodlums destroyed shops and properties including cars belonging even to PDP members because of their perceived opposition to Fayose.

The APC members were severely bloodied in the process.

This came barely 48 hours after former Governors Adebayo, Oni and Fayemi visited the State Commissioner of Police as well as the State Director of DSS on the security situation in Ekiti.  The Governors had called on the security chiefs to prevail on Governor Fayose to put an end to the ongoing impunity, thuggery, brigandage, political rascality and torture. We had warned that if push comes to shove, the Party and all well-meaning people in the State will result to self-help to protect themselves, their assets and their rights guaranteed under the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

During the visit of the Vice Presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) to Ekiti on Monday March 23rd, 2015, members of APC riding to the reception venue in Buhari/Osinbajo and APC branded vehicles were attacked in Ado Ekiti. They were shot at and several of their vehicles, including those belonging to Hon. Mrs. Bunmi Oriniowo, APC House of Assembly candidate and Amb. Olofin, the APC Ekiti Central Senatorial candidate, were destroyed by the hoodlums.  We want to state unequivocally that we will no longer tolerate any further unprovoked attack on and willful destruction of APC branded vehicles and assets in the State.

Keeping calm thus far is not out of weakness or incapacity to respond. We are only mindful of the lessons of history. Please recall that the First Republic ended with the “Operation Wetie” political violence that erupted in Ekiti when similar situation of political rascality as we have now became prevalent in the West. We do not want this to happen again. Notwithstanding, if further provoked, we will have no choice than to respond in kind!

We can no longer continue to live with a situation in which seven lawmakers are making laws for the State in gross violation of our Constitution. It is alarming that this can be allowed to continue without anyone attempting to call the abnormality to order. Ekiti belongs to all of us and we will not allow any group of hoodlums to willfully bastardize our values and heritage. We remain committed to handing over to our children “a banner without stain”. We hope the security forces will actively carry out their constitutional mandate and savethis democracy from collapse.


1.     His Excellency, Otunba Niyi Adebayo

2.     His Excellency, Asiwaju Segun Oni

3.     His Excellency, Dr. Kayode Fayemi.

Man bags Capital punishment (By Hanging) For Stealing Handset In Delta State

FOR allegedly robbing his victims of a mobile telephone and N10, 000 cash while armed with a gun, a 24-year-old man was on Monday sentenced to death by hanging by a Delta High Court at Akwukwu-Igbo, Oshimili North Local Council.

The convict, Vincent Okwekwu, was convicted of the offence of conspiracy to commit armed robbery, the substantive offence of armed robbery, which was reduced to a lesser offence of robbery.

The young accused who looked dejected after the judgment was, however, sentenced to death by hanging for the offence of conspiracy while he got 21 years jail term for each of the other two counts.

During the trial, prosecution from the Department of Public Prosecutions had explained that the unemployed robber had on or about November 1, 2009 with two others now at large broke into the flats of one Ofoyeju Peter and Tietie Moses at Umueha quarters, Ibusa, also in Oshimili North Local Council and robbed them of cash amounting to N10, 000 and a telephone handset while armed with a gun and a cutlass.

Nemesis caught up with them when his victims raised the alarm that attracted members of the vigilance group in the area that led to the arrest convict, as he and the other gang members tried to flee from the scene of the crime.

While Vincent was arrested, two other members of the gang, now at large, escaped into a nearby bush. Prosecution further told the Court that the accused, who was later handed over to the Police, admitted to have committed the crime in his voluntary statement but denied the charge as he pleaded not guilty to all the three count charge.

More pics of GEJ and Buhari at the peace deal signing today !

More photographs from the peace deal signing in Abuja today March 26th in front of Saturday’s decision. It was expedited by Gen. Abubakar who is pictured behind them. More photographs bellow.

How To Beat Your Wife - By Charly Boy

When I look back at my life, and all the stuff I did as a carefree, young and restless youth,  I can't help but shudder at some of my very bad habits. Yes, I was once short-fused; blowing off at the slightest provocation. It was pitiful. Over time I have managed to rid myself of such sad habits but that can't be said for a lot of men some of who, even late in their lives can't still get over it, thereby losing their cool in their homes. No be small thing sha.

Domestic violence is an under reported crime in Nigeria, almost accepted as norm. Some  men feel it's their right, some feel it's always the women who bring out the beast in them, while others will readily admit its a way of stamping their authority in the home. Sadly, many don't see anything wrong with beating their wives. How sad! Yes, am aware there are women who beat up their husbands, but those are in the minority and this piece ain't about them. The most guilty perpetrators are usually men and the victims are mostly their wives and sometimes their children too.

Please turn their mobile phones on !!!

We implored Nigerians to please turn their mobile phones on, to capture any violent situation before, during and after the elections.

Please be bold, as this will help our court of justice to prosecute violators after the elections. We all desire a peaceful election and we are technologically savvy, to use all available tools to ensure security of lives and properties of our fellow country men and women. We will ensure that the law takes its course to prosecute all violators.

It is time to liberate ourselves from the hands of our oppressors and help our judiciary become the last hope of the common man. Don’t just own a mobile phone, make use of it to save lives. Remember to photo capture your polling units, your accreditation, your surroundings both in its quietness and peace, any skirmishes and aggressions. Since the government has refused to install CCTV[part of corruption sha] around us, let’s help them do this noble job.

Somewhere, somehow, someone will save you and yours.

God bless our nation, as we march out to perform our civic responsibilities. We pray and hope that the change we desire and clamour for, will not elude us and our nation

Armed robbery reported on Carter Bridge, Lagos

Carter Bridge


A considerable measure of freakiness going on in Lagos today. As indicated by various reports on twitter, there is serious robbery on Carter Bridge going on. There is additionally purportedly an overwhelming weapon fight running down with people running in trepidation.

Some said political hooligans are being pursued by police men. More details elements later!

Pics: Trailer crashes into a house in Aba

The container fell and collided with a house today in Aba, Abia state which was fortunately unfilled.

More photos bellow.

₦230million to help Bauchi PDP campaign for President Jonathan is missing.

The Director General of Governor Yuguda Campaign Organization in Bauchi state, Alhaji Mai’auduga has uncovered that over N230 million from the administration intended to help  Bauchi PDP campaign for President Jonathan in the state has turned up lost. Alhaji Mai’auduga uncovered this while addressing newsmen in Bauchi yesterday March 25th

Pics from the fire outbreak at Oyingbo market

A few sections of Oyingbo market are right now ablaze.

The flame began from the area of the market near to Carter bridge and is said to be spreading.

Men of the Lagos flame administration are being expected..

SHOCKER! Woman Claims "Holy Ghost" Told Her To have s3x With Her Pastor [Photos]

A woman from Nkrankwanta has ended up disrespected by a pastor when she called and let him know that the blessed phantom has taught her to come and sleep with him

(The pastor ) Sources near to the pastor uncovered that the pastor who is the main clergyman of the Temple of Praise Church discovered the methodology strange and chose to uncover this woman so he advised her to come.

As the young lady touched base in the pastor’s room, the pastor had officially alarmed some individuals about what the woman was going to do.

The pastor advised her to sit tight for him in the room and he went out to call individuals to come and see what was going on. Before they got to the room , the woman had officially undressed waiting up for the pastor.

The pastor then dragged the woman out and people began taking photographs of the stripped woman with their telephones.


Pics: Ascon Filling Station in Lekki Phase1 on fire,

The Ascon Filling Station in Lekki Phase 1 is on fire.

Men of the fire administration are on the scene attempting to stop the flame which has spread to the Round-about and the Lekki-Ikoyi bridge. The flame damaged different autos on the road.

More photographs bellow.

Man connives with kidnappers to sell his 15yr old female cousin to pimps in Libya

Parents of  15 year-old girl Precious Nwaigwe, who was kidnapped in Lagos by some Niger-based kidnappers on Sunday May 25th last year have revealed how a relation of theirs connived with some the kidnappers to kidnap their daughter and sell her to some pimps in Libya.

Speaking with  Punch, Blessing Nwaigwe, Precious's mother said the police have arrested a relation of theirs who worked with the kidnappers...

Pics: Pres. Jonathan & Buhari hug as they sign peace accord this morning

Here’s a photograph of president Jonathan and APC presidential competitor Gen. Buhari at a peace accord signing in Abuja today in ahead of Saturday’s decision.

The meeting was assembled by the national peace board led by Gen. Abdulsalami Abubakar.