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B'Haram Leader, Abubakar Shekau On His Way To Join ISIS (Evidence Inside)

As the military deploys its special force units to track the lead­er of the Boko Haram sect, Abuba­kar Shekau, there are strong indi­cations that the terror kingpin may have fled Nigeria through the help of Islamic State (ISIS) groups operating in East and North Africa.

Saturday Sun gathered that with the recent loss of his group’s caliphate headquarters, Gwoza to the Nigerian troops and the invasion of Sambisa forest by a detachment of the na­tion’s special force units deployed from their base in Makurdi, Benue State, the Boko Haram leader saw his capture as imminent.

According to dependable military intelli­gence sources, Shekau had to send emissaries to ISIS affiliates with strongholds in East and North Africa to pave the way for his escape to their region from where he intends to coordi­nate his group’s activities or ultimately relocate to ISIS headquarters

in the Middle East.

One of the sources revealed that:

“having discovered that he was being tracked through his Thuraya satellite phone, Shekau recently dropped the line and handset totally to evade capture. But the last satellite image of him and other intelligence pieced together by forces on the battle frontline show his desperation to es­cape from the country to parts of East Africa or North Africa where ISIS is having some foot­holds.”

The source, a red neck military chief further told Saturday Sun that:

“as part of moves being made by Shekau, he now relocates with few­er guards and limited number of lieutenants knowing his movement schedule. This is to frustrate intelligence gathering efforts by se­curity forces and avoid attracting the focus of satellite image capturing technology deployed by some foreign super powers and shared with the Nigerian security forces.”

It was gathered that as part of his bid to es­cape the heat of ongoing military operations in the Northeast Nigeria, Shekau has in the last few weeks changed his look and physical ap­pearance dramatically.

“A recent intelligence from one of our foreign partners shows the Boko Haram leader clean shaven which total­ly alters his look. That heightens our curiosity about his motive, before we got other evidence that pointed to the fact that he was trying to cross the border”, the source added.

The militant group had on March 7 pledged allegiance to the leadership of ISIS in Iraq and Syria. A week after the pledge, ISIS leadership in a statement accepted the militant group into its fold, with a promise to work with it to establish an ISIS cell in West Africa.

As earlier exclusively by Saturday Sun, Shekau had stayed in crisis-ridden Northern Mali to coordinate the training and opera­tions of the militant group before they were flushed out of there by a joint French and Af­rican forces, including Nigerian troops. He thereafter crossed the porous borders to join his foot soldiers in Borno State.

“He may not find it easy to return to Mali this time round but we suspect he may be targeting East Africa or parts of North Africa such as Libya and Egypt where some islamist groups are causing instability now”, a senior military chief involved in the prosecution of the war against the militant group told Satur­day Sun, adding that he cannot categorically say whether Shekau had indeed escaped or still in the country.

“On whether he has successfully escaped from Nigeria, I have no such information but at the same time I cannot rule that out because of his level of desperation to flee and his links with some other groups with­in the region and even beyond”, the source stressed, adding:

“What we strongly believe at this moment is that he is still within our reach or that of our neighbours; especially Niger and Chad. He may find it difficult to move beyond these borders and may end up returning to one of our remote villages in the North-East to hide.”

The source also stated that Shekau had told some of his close lieutenants that he would rather die from gunshot from his guards than being killed by the Nigerian troops whom he regards as “infidels.”

“One of his captured commanders once disclosed that Shekau had given instructions to his personal guards to shoot him dead in the face of a confrontation with our troops who he calls infidels. He believes that makes him a martyr”, the source added.

When contacted on the information that Shekau had fled the country between the last week of March and the first two weeks of April, the acting Director of Public Rela­tions, Nigeria Army, Colonel Sani Usman said,

“We have an ongoing war against ter­rorists in this country and we are determined by all means and what it takes to eliminate, capture all terrorists and destroy all their known camps.

If in the process, any of their leaders is captured, so be it because the whole war is not about an individual. We are also deter­mined to arrest all of them dead or alive.”

Nigerian Man filmed Eating Pounded Yam On NY Subway (Video)

When the Amala woman’s pictures went viral, there is a time & place for everything. The train isn’t the place to have a meal…let alone Amala or Pounded yam…but the Hunger was real, you could tell from the way he packed huge lumps of the pounded yam and wacked the entire meal within just a few minutes!  The man was filmed eating it the only way he should…with his fingers and he seemed to be so into his meal he was totally oblivious of the person secretly filming him!


Russia Grateful to Allies in Anti-Hitler Coalition – President Putin

Russian President thanked the allies for their contribution to the Victory.


Russian President Vladimir Putin thanked the countries of the allied coalition during the World War II and the anti-fascists of different countries in his speech at the Moscow Victory Day parade.

The victory will “forever remain the heroic apex in the history of our country. But we also remember our allies in the anti-Hitler coalition. We are grateful to the people of the United Kingdom, France and the United States for their contribution.”

The Russian leader also expressed his gratitude to the anti-fascists of different countries, including Germany itself, who valiantly fought in the partisan squads during the war.

The World War II lasted from 1939 until 1945, involving 61 countries. The Allies of WWII, comprising the Soviet Union, the United States, France and China, among others, fought against the Axis, formed by states including Germany, Japan and Italy.

This weekend marks the end of the war in Europe. More than 40 million people died on the continent as a result of the war. At least 27 million of the casualties were civilians and military losses of the Soviet Union.

Russia celebrates the Victory over Nazi Germany on May 9. Heads of about 30 states and governments have participated in the biggest-ever military parade in Moscow commemorating the 70th anniversary of the Victory on Saturday.


21 Years Old "Woju" Singer, Kiss Daniel's Dad passes on Days After Birthday

The rave existing apart from everything else, Kiss Daniel has gotten some terrible news.

The singer who has been getting a charge out of a decent year after his hit melody, “Woju” dropped; has lost his father.

Mr Anidugbe passed on today, Saturday, May 9, 2015.

Kiss imparted the miserable news on Instagram to a hazy picture and inscribed it:”RIP Dad”.

Photos: Celebrating WWII Victory in Moscow: Back in the day and Now!

Here’s a collection of photos from the Victory Day parade held today and the one that was held right after the defeat of Nazi Germany, in June 1945.

See more photos bellow.

Eleven Year Old Uruguayan Girl Refuses To Abort Her Pregnancy

The case revealed on Thursday, an 11-year-old girl, pregnant and not wanting an abortion, has created controversy in Uruguay, while in Paraguay; the pregnancy of a 10-year-old girl raises a question for public.

In Uruguay, the girl became pregnant the grandfather of his half-sister, aged 41, during the frequent visits of the latter to the family home in Montevideo, explained sources close to the case who requested anonymity. “It was during these visits that occurred abuse from adults,” the sources said.  The girl, now about 16 weeks pregnant, is hospitalized in the pediatric ward of the Pereira Rosell hospital in the capital. She does not want an abortion.

Uruguay has legalized abortion up to 12 weeks gestation in 2013, after decades of debate on the subject. The law allows, in cases of rape, abortion up to 14 weeks.  According to sources close to the family, the girl has a slight mental retardation and learning problems, but she was not recognized as disabled.

Medical reports, cited by the local press, confirm that the girl “has not the capacity to understand the consequences of pregnancy, motherhood and relationship with a man three times her age,” noting the “late, at least light” she presents mentally.

How Rashidi Yekini Was Allegedly Murdered and How Family Now Wants His Property- Lawyer reveals

Three years after his demise, the families of late Africa Football legend, Rashidi Yekini, are still locked in a fierce battle over the estate of the soccer star.

Jubril Olanrewaju Mohamed, who was the personal lawyer and close aide to Yekini while he was alive, tells Premium Times, in this exclusive interview, how challenging it has been keeping Yekini’s estate for the rightful owners- his two daughters, Yemisi and Mariam.

The lawyer also recounts the sad death of the football star, insisting there was foul play and that justice has by no means been served. Below are excerpts of the interview;

PT: Can you tell us a little about you?

Jubril: Jubril Olanrewaju Mohamed is my name; I was the lawyer to Late Rasheed Yekini and counsel to his estate.

PT: How has the task of keeping Yekini’s estate being for you?

Jubril: It has been a challenging time in the sense that I had to ensure that the estate he left behind is not taken away from the beneficiaries he left behind, that is his two children. They are grown up children and to ensure that they are psychologically stable has been challenging.

PT: There are talks that Yekini had more than two children. Has there been any claim from anywhere else?

Jubril: A Togolese lady came with a three-year old girl eight days after his death claiming that Yekini was the father of the child. The mother (Yekini’s mum) accepted and other members of the family. Yekini actually confessed to the relationship and one and half years after the relationship was over she came back saying she was pregnant. It even caused misunderstanding between him and his mum because he refused to accept the child but his mother accepted saying the more the merrier. We asked her to do a DNA after she came back but up till now we haven’t ascertain the authenticity of the child’s paternity.

PT: So back to Yekini’s estate, we hear all is not well as regards that

Jubril: The family called a number of times asking that the properties be sold and shared among themselves. I however told them their suggestion was unlawful, even Islamically because he had children and a mother. He (Yekini) gave his mother some property and it would be wrong of me to take it away from her. Also the rest of his property, he gave no instructions on how to do deal with it. His mansion in Ibadan is still being maintained and we have looked for an estate manager to help us look for anyone who is interested in the property to lease it because the money you would get from there would be substantial. At the moment the respective mothers are the ones taking care of their children with a little input from me. Yekini has the BQ, the five flats of three bedroom at Ijagbo, then the mansion.

Right now however, they (the children) get nothing from the estate as we are still waiting on the lease of the mansion since the mother takes all the proceeds from the other properties. The family members feel they are entitled to whatever comes from the leasing but I have said no, that these two children are basically and primary beneficiary of that estate. They can meet their mother for part of what she is getting from Ijagbo’s property which is massive but as for this one, no way.

My jurisdiction is limited to this one mansion because I do not want to stop what Yekini did not stop in his life time. The property would naturally revert back to Yekini’s estate after her demise and according to our traditions, no elderly person wants to be left behind while their child or grandchild dies, so the rent that accrues after her demise becomes that of Yekini’s children.

PT: You have fingered foul play in the death of Yekini, do you still maintain such stance?

Jubril: I maintain that stance because of the circumstances surrounding his death. He did not die naturally and I asked some questions on the circumstances leading to his death and they have not been able to provide me with answers. According to the report of his late younger sister who died shortly after he died and was the mastermind of his abduction, she said that morning of May 4, she said they gave him tea because he was tied down because they felt he would escape if they did not tie him down. She said Yekini begged to be released to see me and that he was being smoldered where he was. It was after he took a cup of tea which he requested for, he became restless and started gasping for breath. That was when they took him to a nearby hospital Al-Amin Hospital in Apete, in Ibadan.

According to the doctor who attended to him, Yekini was virtually dead when he was brought in because the pulse was actually very feeble before he could do anything the man was gone. So I wanted to see those guys who took him away and ask them what his treatment plan was because you can’t die in such circumstances and it would not raise suspicion. By the laws in Lagos state, there would have been an inquest into his death; the coroner should have been brought in to verify the cause of his death. That was what I was asking for. The family members might have had genuine reasons for doing what they did and I was not out to persecute them. I just wanted to know the cause of Yekini’s death. Just like what happened to Michael Jackson, there was an inquest. If it were a nobody now, we could just overlook such things but a whole Rasheed Yekini was taken to the native doctor forcefully and he died there and we did not know the cause of his death.

PT: Do you think you could have done more to avert Yekini’s death?

Jubril: Yes, I wish I did more to keep him safe. I thought the police order was good enough but may be stationing a policeman would have been better. I was disappointed that the police failed to make any arrest and ended up calling it a family affair and saying no one had come to declare their grievances. I asked them if there was a corpse lying in the street would they leave it there because no one came to report? They however were waiting for me to write a petition and I did not do that because I expected the police to bring up the coroner law and find out the cause of death of a man who was kidnapped from his house and later found dead despite an order restraining some people.

PT: Finally how are Yekini’s children faring?

Jubril : Yemisi is close to 20 and the other is 15. The 20-year-old is studying at the University of Leicester where she is studying performing arts. The second one is in Osogbo. She will be writing her final year exams soon.

Love In Dubai: Tonto Dikeh Goes On A Vacation With Mr X [Photos]

Tonto Dikeh is at currently out of town, now in Dubai with Mr X.From her plane selfie to kissing a dolphin in Atlantis, Tonto Dikeh is unquestionably having some good times.

See more photographs bellow:

Buhari should convert the 10 out of the 11 presidential jets to national carrier (Do you agree ?)

General Muhammadu Buhari can convert the 10 out of the 11 presidential jets that the outgoing Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan is presently using to start the Nigerian national carrier that is now dead, the Nigerian Airways on May 29, 2015.

The Jail Birds of Nigeria on the waiting list after May 29,2015

President Goodluck Jonathan, Diezani Alison-Madueke and Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala are all jail birds on the waiting list in Nigeria after May 29, 2015.

These three rogue public officials worked together to jointly loot the Nigerian treasury empty and to intentionally mismanage her oil-rich economy. Nigeria has now borrowed about N473 billion this year alone to finance her national budget. The federal government as well as many state governments have not been able to pay the salaries of their workers since last month. Nigeria has no money left anywhere in the 2015 budget for capital development. These corrupt officials have now turned Nigeria to a country that uses her budget and borrowing to pay her workers’ salaries only.

Photos Of Wizkid & Emma Nyra At The Industry Night In Texas

On May 6th,the extremely hot Emma Nyra and Wizkid were the fundamental demonstrations at the Industry Nite in Houston,Texas. Also pictured here are Maleek Berry and Victoria Kimani who were there to show their backing.

See more photos bellow.

Leadership By Humility and Example: The Change is coming to Nigeria!

The incoming Nigeria’s President, General Muhammadu Buhari rode on a shuttle bus this morning to the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport in Abuja.

Ivory Coast Bans Skin-Whitening Cream, Says It Causes Cancer, Diabetes

In what can be described as a very terrible news for those young women – and some men – planning to embrace the new trend of bleaching, as well as others already buried in it, the government of Ivory Coast has banned skin-whitening creams across the West African country.

According to the health ministry, this decision was made because of health concerns.

It says “cosmetic lightening and hygiene creams… that de-pigment the skin… are now forbidden”.

Medical experts who spoke with news agency, AFP, say they may cause cancer, diabetes, severe skin conditions and other diseases.

“The number of people with side-effects caused by these medicines is really high,” Christian Doudouko, a member of Ivory Coast’s pharmaceutical authority, was quoted as saying by the outfit.

However, analysts say the ban may not stop people buying the products.

They are still used in The Gambia despite a ban, BBC reports.

A study carried out by UN Environment Programme in 2008 reveals that the use of whitening creams in Africa is most widespread in Nigeria – where more than 75% of women buy them.

Photo: Christian Catholic Church Temporarily Transformed into Mosque in Venice Muslim Festival

The Catholic church of Santa Maria della Misericordia in Venice has been provisionally transformed into a mosque for the seven-month period of the Biennale festivities in the northern Italian city.


Swiss-Icelandic artist Christian Büchel rented out the church, which is now owned by a lighting company, for his art project titled “The Mosque: The First Mosque in the Historic City of Venice.” The artist was chosen to represent his new homeland of Iceland for the celebrations and his mosque will become Iceland’s official national pavilion for the 56thVenice Biennale Festival.

Though the festival doesn’t begin until next November 22, the new mosque was inaugurated Friday morning with a ceremony including Friday prayers by dozens of Muslims.

The originally Byzantine church, restored in 1864, has not functioned as a Christian church for over forty years, ever since it was acquired by private owners. Büchel, who is married to an Icelandic woman and has been a citizen there for seven years, redecorated the interior of the church in every detail according to Islamic standards. He adorned the walls with baroque Arabic script, covered the floor with a prayer carpet facing Mecca, hung mosque lamps and installed a mihrab where the crucifix had been.

The artist, who won the “Hugo Boss Prize” for contemporary art, is known for his provocative work and his barbed criticisms of war, poverty, capitalism, US hegemony and globalization. He sees the Venice Mosque project as a protest against “Islamophobia.”

“We are proud to support THE MOSQUE, Iceland’s contribution to the Biennale,” Sverrir Agnarsson, the president of the Muslim Community of Iceland, said in a statement released to press. “It is particularly fitting that this project coincides with the campaign to construct the first mosque in Reykjavik. In the past, prejudice and political pressures in both Iceland and Italy made it impossible to imagine mosques in either place.”

Local Muslims as well as the Islamic community of Iceland have worked together with Büchel in preparing the installation in Venice.

Muslim leaders said they saw the proposal to create a temporary mosque at the forefront of the Biennale celebrations as a perfect way to communicate their desire to participate more actively in the life of their city, which has never had a mosque.

“Sometimes you need to show yourself, to show that you are peaceful and you want people to see your culture,” said Mohamed Amin Al Ahdab, president of the Venetian Islamic community, representing the Muslims of 30 nationalities living in Venice.

Hamad Mahamed, a local imam, was involved in the planning and will serve as the leader of the mosque. He arrived during the last preparations and led the prayer for a small group of Muslim men who were there to help.

Since the work was billed as an art installation rather than a place of worship, building permits were obtained with relative ease. Conflicting reports left unclear whether the pavilion will be used by the faithful for regular worship as a real mosque. The Venice Municipality has stated that it authorized no place of worship but a work of art.

Police and officials of the Biennale informed Büchel that he would not be allowed to make several proposed changes outside the church, including a bas-relief that he had planned near the entrance that would have read “Allahu Akbar” (“God is great”) in Arabic.

Pics: Atiku's son, Aliyu graduates from American University of Nigeria

Ex-VP Atiku Abubakar’s child Aliyu graduated today, Match 8 from American University Nigeria which is situated in Yola and was established by his father years back.

Another picture bellow.

What is wrong with this post ? ( Actress Ronke Oshodi Oke Version)

She posted this photograph of a random gentleman she met out and about and composed that. What do you  think?

Pics: Blogger Sisi Yemmie & Hubby welcome baby boy

Famous blogger Yemisi Aiyedun otherwise known as Sisi Yemmie, who wedded her man Yomi Odusanya in July 2014 has welcomed a child. The blogger took to her page to report the glad news.

“I can’t believe I am a mommy, my handosme little bobo, 4kg of God’s blessings” she wrote. Congrats to her and her husband.

See This Photo Of Ex- Super Falcons Player Chichi Igbo Checking Out Her Friend's Bum

Chichi Igbo Chichi Igbo1

It’s an Instagram video, so I trust you all can watch it.  Ex- Super Falcons player, Chichi Igbo imparted it on her IG page and its interestingly entertaining and underhanded.  Above is Chichi’s heading for it.

I've Not Been With Any Woman in 4 Years Except Toyin Lawani - Lord Trigg

Lord Trigg and celebrity stylist, Toyin Lawani remain one of the industry’s celebrity couples despite a 10-year-age difference.

In a recent interview with NET, Lord Trigg, who hinted that there are plans to tie the knot before the year runs, said he’s remained faithful to his baby mama in the last 4 years since they began their relationship. According to him: ‘I’m not letting out details about the marriage yet, it’s going to be a surprise, our relationship has been over 4 years now and it’s been sweet all the way. What keeps us going is the heart, she’s got a great heart and we truly love each other. And in 4 years, I’ve not had any other woman apart from her. My girl is beautiful, my girl is classy, my girl is everything I want, so why would I want another woman?’ The couple has a young son between them aside the daughter Toyin had 10 years ago.

Meet The 4 Nigerians Who Contested in The UK Parliamentary Elections All Won

1 2

Four Nigerians who contested for different seats to represent province in UK’s parliament won their races. Helen Grant won the seat for Member of Parliament speaking to Maidstone and The Weald while Chuka Umunna won the elections to represent  Streatham. Kate Osamor won the seat for Edmonton in North London while Chi Onwurah won the seat for New Castle upon Tyne Central. Well done to them.

I'll Name General Buhari’s Enemies – Oba of Lagos Threatens

Rilwan Akiolu, the Oba of Lagos has threatened  to uncover individuals who he says worked against Buhari amid the 2015 decision. He said this at an event to stamp the 2, 900 days of Fashola as legislative head of Lagos state.
“A lot of things have been happening now. Some people have been telling Buhari all sorts of things. Awujale and I have decided to meet Buhari because Lagos and South West states must benefit from the Buhari administration. People, who are now telling Buhari all sorts of things, are sycophants.

They did not want Buhari to emerge winner in the election. These people know themselves. When it gets to a stage, I will name them one after the other. I am not afraid of human beings.” he said.