Saturday, March 14, 2015

PDP is confused & disoriented, they have no sense of direction -APC Chairman Oyegun

National Chairman of APC, Jonh Odigie-Oyegun says his gathering will have a fitting memorial service function for PDP come March 28th. He said this in Port Harcourt at the zonal rally of APC today March fourteenth.


Watch video showing Nigerian Army & JTF battle B'Haram in Borno

This video shows Nigerian Troops and individuals from the Borno state Civilian JTF tackle Boko Haram terrorists before the recover of Kukawa, Borno state on March second.

Twitter user narates an interesting story about a policeman & his son

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EFCC clears the air on fake document ordering probe of APC leaders

EFCC has released a statement saying that the letter which surfaced online today suggesting that President Jonathan had ordered the agency to probe the financial operations of APC leaders, is fake. Statement from the agency below and a picture showing the difference between a real document from the agency and the fake one above..

Lekki Robbery: Statement by Gov. Babatunde Fashola totally irresponsible - Reuben Abati

Presidential Media assistant, Reuben Abati has depicted as completely untrustworthy the announcement made by Governor of Lagos state Babatunde Fashola that the achievement of the theft episode that happened in Lekki yesterday March twelfth was as a consequence of the drafting of all police formation in the state to secure President Jonathan who was in the state when the burglary occurrence happened.

Reuben Abati addresses state house correspondence

So now, one can kiss the dust for too much sexual excitement & sweetness? Haha

The last piece of the reports says ‘The whore won’t be arraigned in light of the fact that she perpetrated no wrongdoing by being too sweet for the man’…hahah

Gorgeous Dakore Akande covers Exquisite magazine!

Performing artist, wife and mother of 2, Dakore Egbuson Akande covers the new issue of Exquisite magazine where she discusses juggling Nollywood and parenthood.

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Is it OK to date my third cousin?

“Is it true that it is OK to date my third cousin? I succumbed to him before I even knew we were to a degree related. Anyhow its past the point of no return and the sentiments is shared. I have been cozy with him however no sex yet. I can’t get over him. Is there anything not right in dating my third cousin?

Nigeria Breaks World Record again! Check out The World-class Open Roof Main Terminal At Yola Airport!

Indeed, as you know, Nigeria will never come last! Welcome to the world’s first open top airplane terminal  – In Atiku’s homeland, Yola, Adamawa state.

11-year relationship & a breakup! The story that got Nigerians talking on twitter

This Twitter User recounts a truly dismal story of how her companion dated a gentleman for a long time, share her salary with him all through and essentially kept him glad..

At the point he breaks their 11 year relationship a day to his wedding with anotther young lady. Pitiful!

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Oge Okoye goes shopping in Dallas, shows off her purchases from designer stores.

Performer and mother of two, Oge Okoye, who is present in the midst of a furlough in Dallas Texas, made a go at shopping and imparted pics of her buys from designer stores – Gucci, LV, Michael Kors and so on.

Pics: Alaafin of Oyo & two of his wives visit the University of London

The Alaafin of Oyo and only two of his wives were at the University of London, UK, as of late on the welcome of legitimate symbol, Afe Babalola, who was being honoured with the Doctor of Letters at the college.

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Popular Televangelist Creflo Dollar shut down website begging for $65m jet after online backlash

Mainstream TV minister and author of World Changers Church International, Creflo Dollar, has deleted the site where he was asking individuals to give $65million for him to purchase a fresh out of the box private jet.

He likewise deleted the Gofundme page where he asked 200,000 individuals to give $300 each for him to obtain the Gulfstream G650 plane, after backclash from online network.

Check out back in the day photo of TY Bello, Lara & Emem

TY Bello, Emem Ema, Lara George and Dapo Torimiro, individuals from now dead music gathering, Kush, pictured around 15 years back.

See more back in the day photographs of the group who have all gone ahead to individual successes.

2 Bomb blasts hit Internally Displaced Persons camp in Maiduguri

Two bomb blasts shook the Yerwa Government primary school which has the Internally Displaced Persons from Bama in Maiduguri, Borno state  this nighttime. Numerous dreaded dead.


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ISIS linked accounts tweeting about B'Haram reclaiming Gamboru from Mercenary forces

As indicated by International security expert for Nigeria Security Network, Ryan Cummings, an ISIS connected twitter handle hours back tweeted about the recovering of Gamboru in Borno state from Chad and other Mercenary forces which make up the Joint Military Task Force.

Ogun O !

No drop of blood from the crucifix is pure enough to appease Ogun. No stone, casted by any servant of God has killed Shaitan. Listen! I am far from being a ghost, but close to my goal. Let Agemo (chameleon) flaunt is colors.


It can not be as bright as Osumare (rainbow) in the sky. Let iron, sharpens iron, Ogun (Iron) will continue to devour whoever lives by the sword and saints alike. Ase!

BY: Odua Balogun Kakanfo

Question of the day:

How many of our kings(Kabiesi) can prove all this thing with them in their palace? only Ifa can prove it right not even bible or quaran. Ifa

loba.ese Kabiesi Ifa !


Ifamimo-Alabalase Temple Ondo Icir

Ifa University: What is the name of this drum?

In what part of Yorubaland is it found?

Who plays the drum?

When is the drum played?

What are the figures carved on the sides?


~Moyo Okediji‎

Good to ask Ifa!

Aboru boye nile ifa!

Esu lalu okiri oko okiri ! (police of the universe)

Esu lalu okiri oko okiri ogo(police of the universe) ako ebo ti ofi orita se afin.Laroye ebora ti ron oju mo omo kinkankinkan. Esu mase mi omo elomi ni kose……….n.

Oriki Olodumare !


Olubabi Ifaniyi Power