Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Wow! Ifa is more Civilized than anything known to Man, see one of its verses (Ogbe Rikusa) !

Before reading please take note of the following.

Baba’alawo or Iyalawo is Ifa Chief priest  or priestess that studies Ifa after initiation. Ifa has 16 stanzas. Each stanza has about 495 verses. ( Odus/Odu Ifa). Baba’alawo or Iyalawo (Ifa Chief priest  or priestess ) is required to know by heart a lot of these verses (just like the Imam studying the verses in the Quran or Pastor studying  verses and chapters in the Bible in Eastern and Western civilizations, Islam and Christianity respectively).

So when Omo Eniyan with problem goes to a Baba’alawo or Iyalawo (Ifa Chief priest  or priestess ) to find guidance, the Baba’alawo (Chief-priest) is required to consult Ifa. i. e Look into ifa, find the Odu/verse where that person’s destiny falls and interpret it to the Omo Eniyan as guidance to brighter future. See Example of one Ifa verses bellow. 495 x 16 = 7920 Verses a Baba’alawo or Iyanifa must learn or know by heart. See example of a verse or odu (Ogbe Rikusa)  bellow when you continue after the page jump bellow.

Tension In Kaduna As Police And Shii'tes Clash

There is great chaos now in kaduna as shi'ites group protest violently leading to multiple gunshots. People are running for safety, businesses on lockdown and traffic gridlock is now the result of the actions of the army in zaria. More details and pictures shortly...

Appeal Court Sacks Akwa Ibom Assembly Speaker b

A Court of Appeal in Abuja division on Tuesday sacked Aniekan Uko, the Speaker of Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly. The panel of three judges led by Justice Moshood Oredola Abdulrahman held that election of Uko who represents Ibesikpo Asuntan constituency was marred with malpractices. However, election of two other members of the State House of Assembly were upheld.

5 Impersonators Of Salisu Buhari, Buhari’s First Son Denied Bail

Five persons who allegedly impersonated Salisu Buhari, the first son of President Muhammadu Buhari, to dupe a multi-billion dollars Indoroma Eleme Petrochemical Company in Eleme, Rivers State, have been arraigned before a magistrate court in Port Harcourt charged with fraud, forgery and impersonation.

The five suspects accused include Mohammed Salisu, Yahaya Lawal, Maxwell Atago, Ado Garba and Uche Onu who were remanded in prison custody after they were arraigned.

Lady Was Brutally Attacked By Robbers In Abuja (Graphic Pics)

According to Facebook user, Lara Wise, the incident happened in the Wuse area of Abuja. The victim who happens to be a friend was stabbed with a knife and screwdriver. Below is her post:

The following pictures and story may be disturbing. Viewer disecretion as advised. Criminals have become extremely desperate and have perfected their acts to evade suspecting eyes and security watch. This happened in Abuja. In Wuse to be precise.

Alleged N13bn Land Deal: Tompolo’s Real Transaction With Jonathan’s Govt

ASABA—THE Federal Government, under former President Goodluck Jonathan, actually approved the payment of N11 billion to ex-militant leader, Chief Government Ekpemupolo, alias Tompolo, out of which he collected 90 per cent of the money, but it was not for land deal as claimed by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC.

Fuel Subsidy To Go Next Year. FG To Sell Petrol At 97

*As petrol ‘ll sell for N97 per litre
*Harder times ahead, FG alerts Nigerians
*Personnel cost to drop by N100bn
*FG to fund 2016 N6trn budget with IGR

By Emeka Anaeto, Economy Editor, Henry Umoru & Joseph Erunke

LAGOS — Following increased pressure on revenue and the expenditure profile, the Federal Government has finally yielded to domestic and international pressures to remove fuel subsidy.

This is coming as crude oil prices hit a seven-year low with global reference crude, West Texas Intermediate and Brent trading yesterday at $34.7 and $36.7 per barrel respectively, effectively disrupting Nigeria’s $38 per barrel benchmark for 2016 budget.

DPO That Killed A Subsidy Protester Jailed 10 Years (photo)

DPO gets 10 years for killing subsidy protester

A former Divisional Police Officer, Segun Fabunmi, has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for the killing of one Ademola Ade in Lagos during the January 2012 protest against the removal of fuel subsidy by former President Goodluck Jonathan.

Ade, a fashion designer, had been shot dead at about 9am on January 9, 2012 by Fabunmi, who was the then DPO in charge of Pen Cinema Police Station, Agege, Lagos.

The victim was said to have been shot dead when Fabunmi led a patrol team comprising five junior officers to Yaya-Abatan and Abeokuta Streets around Ogba area of Lagos.

OoduaRere.com's Take on the New Oooni Of Ife ( Re Abomination: Ooni bowing down for Jesus)

Irunmoles are depicted by the western civilization as small letter g (Lesser god to theirs mainly Jesus). Just to make sure it’s not in the same line with their God. Jesus! The same way you will never hear them assign or use the word Chief to address any of their kings but would rush to do that with African kings.  

Please,  lets respect the Yoruba civilization and all religions. Lets be tolerant to each other. So please take note here that an Irunmole is in the same position as God. In Yoruba Civilization, Orisa is a messenger of Olodumare. He has dirrect link to the creator of heavens aand earth (Olodumare is he most high GOD) and the first Irunmole God that created  Ile ife (The Earth) is Orunmila and he brought Ifa as guidance from the most hight Olodumare GOD of heavens and Earth. Please also take note that Bibble in western Civilization or Quran in Eastern Civilization is dirrectly proportion to Ifa which has thousands of verses known as Odu or Odus

OoduaRere’s Position

Back in the day, it may not be politically correct to say the Ooni of Ife is a Christian or Muslim but correct to say he’s  second in command of Irunmole (God, messnger of Olodumare) in other words “Igbakeji Orisa” that is regarded as an Irunmole (Orisa himself) only when he puts on his Ade Ori (Crown). Also the supreme leader of all the Yoruba kings and Yoruba people. In other words, the first among equals.

But today it’s politically correct for the sake of peace to rain in SW and this is why you do not have major foreign proxies in the South W. Like Boko haram, Shiite and the New Nnamdi Kanu Biafra ideology, always hiding under the pretext of religious conflict to carrying out its major interest. As in the case of Nnamdi Kanu hiding under the pretect of Marginalization to also carrying our its objectives.



If you are familiar with the traditions and culture of the Yoruba people. A king is not a God but a semi-God (like a deputy to the Gods) that is why they are called “Igbakeji Orisa” and out of all the Irunmoles we have the supreme beign (Eledumare/Olodumare) who is GOD over all other God/Gods  or Irunmoles. So that the oni know he has a GOD who is above other Gods or semi-Gods is not an abomination. It will be an abomination if he thinks he is the “Eledumare himself or GOD” . Oni is the custodian of all the Gods in yoruba land, he is not an Irunmole but regarded as an Irunmole only when he puts on his Ade ori (The Crown). He still has to bow to not only one God but to all the Gods/Irunmoles in the Yoruba land and also bow even prostrate before the most high GOD”Eledumare”

That is practice the 3 Religious ideologies or civilizations.


In 2015, it’s politically correct to say that Ooni of Ife should be 3 in1 for the sake of peace in Yoruba Land.

#Ooni, #OoniIleIfe

Turkish Military Have Withdrawn some of its troops from Iraq

Turkish military have  withdrawn some of their troops just days after Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said that withdrawal was “out of the question” and that the troops mission would be limited

Turkish Prime minister Ahmet Davutoglu has been quoted as saying that some Turkish troops have been withdrawn as part of a “rearrangement” and that it was a “military necessity” days after the Turkish President said there would not be a withdrawal of any troops from Iraqi territory.