Sunday, May 3, 2015

APC govs meet Buhari on ministerial nominees Tuesday

Governors of the All Progressives Congress are meeting with the President-elect, Muhammadu Buhari, in Abuja on Tuesday, The PUNCH has learnt.


The meeting, it was gathered, would be the first to be attended by the governors jointly since the conduct of the March 28 presidential election which Buhari won.

One of the governors, who spoke on the condition of anonymity with our correspondent in Abuja on Sunday, said that the meeting would also be attended by all the APC governors-elect.

He said, “The APC governors, serving and incoming, are to meet GMB (Buhari) on Tuesday morning in Abuja to pay a courtesy call on him, formally congratulate him on his electoral victory and make input into the policy direction of the administration ahead of the May 29 inauguration of the new government.

“Ahead of the Tuesday meeting, the governors would hold a meeting on Monday evening in Abuja where we would firm up our presentation to the President-elect.”

The National Publicity Secretary of the party, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, who said he was not aware of the meeting, however, stated that it was possible.

He said he had been busy with the work of the transition committee set up by Buhari.

Mohammed said, “Yes, the meeting is possible but I have been busy with the committee’s work.”

It was learnt that the governors might demand that they be allowed to nominate those to be appointed ministers in their states.

Apart from this, the governors are also expected to make their position known on which zone to be supported for the office of the Senate President.

It was gathered that the governors would demand that they be allowed to nominate who should become the Senate President.

Despite the fact that two of the governors contested the presidential primaries against Buhari, majority of the governors supported his candidacy.

After Buhari’s emergence as the party’s standard bearer, the governors wanted one of them as his running mate, but when the lot fell on Prof. Yemi Osinbajo (SAN), they bowed to party supremacy and supported the GMB/PYO ticket.

It was gathered that the governors felt that they should be allowed to present the next Senate President since they had not collectively got anything since the formation of the APC.

Buhari emerged from the old All Nigeria Peoples Party and the defunct Congress for Progressives Change block while Osinbajo emerged from the defunct Action Congress of Nigeria block.

The governors believed that they played a prominent role in the merger that led to the formation of the APC.

19 of The Top 20 Happiest People/Countries In The World (#Luxembourg)

19) Luxembourg

This small land-locked country in Western Europe, which comes in at just under 1,000 square miles in size, is home to the 19th happiest people in the world. Nestled between Belgium, Germany, and France, Luxembourg has the second highest GDP per capita in the world(As per World Bank) but reality may be something else filled with massive tax and socials. It also boasts large social programs, and is one of the few tri-lingual(German, French, Luxembourgish) nations in the world.

18 of The Top 20 Happiest People/Countries In The World(#Venezuela)

18) Venezuela


Notwithstanding widespread cash expansion as of late and an uncommonly low GDP per capita,  this South American nation comes in at number 18 on our list.  Home to the world’s biggest oil reserves, Venezuela’s administration utilizes the monstrous incomes from the sale of petroleum items to give financial backing to its natives. People here are always happy and smilling unlike a country like Germany where you hardly see people smiling anyhow.

17 of The Top 20 Happiest People/Countries In The World (United States of America)

17) United States of America

The land of the free  and the home of the… happy? It’s hard these days for a young African American or ordinary citizen to believe this is a Land for the free as they are being killed everyday by the Police. A police state is surely not a happy state although name of the United States of America come in at #17 on our list of happiest nations. Much bigger than other different nations around the globe, the U.S.A’s 320+ million nationals propelled economy with a GDP every capital but with massive external debt shows almost everyone is thinking of paying Debts rather than smiling per seconds. There is a famous say that the only thing backing the American economy is WAR.

16 of The Top 20 Happiest People/Countries In The World (#Mexico)

16) Mexico


While it doesn’t have a large portion of the social projects or progressed financial status as different nations on this list, Mexico’s residents are in any case monstrously happy and always smiling in their day in day out activities. This interesting nation, one that has a rich history going back thousands years, is home to one of the biggest and happiest urban communities on the planet (Mexico City), and the biggest Spanish talking populace on the planet at 121 million. You really need to meet a Mexican to understand how they take life so simple and party large. They don’t mind working for 6 months and spend the rest of the year smiling and having fun.

15 of The Top 20 Happiest People/Countries In The World (United Arab Emirates)

United Arab Emirates

This Middle Eastern nation, an amalgamation of 7 different Emirates, is embodied 9.2 million residents and comes in at number 14 on our list. Found in 1971, the U.A.E. gloats one of the most elevated GDPs ( though we all know GDP may not be as effective as the only main source of determine the real per capital income of every citizen as som super rich oligarchs may be holding the chuck of the revenue being generated. In China for example. GDP is high is some cities and relatively low in other) per capita on the planet because of its expansive oil reserves and concentrate on tourism. The U.A.E. has made immense interests keeping in mind the end goal to broaden itself from being singularly an oil exporter – which incorporates being home to the tallest building on the planet: the Burj Khalif. Dubai dugbe !

14 of The Top 20 Happiest People/Countries In The World (New Zealand)

14) New Zealand

New Zealand

Is it any marvel that this South Pacific island is one of the happiest places on Earth? Discovered 900 miles east of Australia amidst the Pacific Ocean, you may think New Zealands nationals would feel somewhat segregated – yet a long way from it. A piece of the United Kingdom, having been settled by British pilgrims in the 1800’s, New Zealand brags a lovely atmosphere, ocean breezes, grand shorelines. Is it any miracle New Zealanders are  so happy living at the end of the world?

13 of The Top 20 Happiest People/Countries In The World (#Iceland)

13) Iceland

Notwithstanding its little populace of only 329,000 individuals, Iceland comes in at number 13 on our list of happiest people or nations. Situated in the Northern Atlantic in the middle of Europe and Greenland, this nation might not have tropical shorelines but rather its citizens  are content with life. Bolstered by some GDP capita and solid social projects, Icelanders positioned to a great degree exceptionally on the U.N’s. positioning of happiest countries but on Ooduarere list comes 13th.

12 of The Top 20 Happiest People/Countries In The World (#China)

12) China

Following its creation and fully gained  independence back in the day after the civil war in China, this nation of over 1 Billion adopted the official name China. Despite having some occasionally issues with its adversaries, China possesses an advanced economy that provides its citizens with a GDP per capita which varies from one province to another. Situated in the Asia and bordering the world influence in most countries. Chinese people are very peaceful people and happy as well. They have a relatively high energy with the 2nd largest Economy in the world with relatively low external debt per capital income. China is surely one that has a lot backing its economy unlike its immediate adversary, USA. With the latest development of its International world bank AIIB (Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank) has challenges IMF and for the people of China, the future is bright and they can keep on smiling.

11 of The Top 20 Happiest People/Countries In The World (#Russia)

11) Russia

This is another country that do no spend the money they don’t have. They have a relatively low external debt. There is a feeling that the reason you will see beautiful Russian women is because they live their lives like there is no tomorrow, no massive credit life like when you compare to the west. They still Live life to the fullest, very happy  and beautiful people.

Russia is the world’s biggest country (2.7 times bigger than united state of America), outskirts European and Asian nations and in addition the Pacific and Arctic seas. Its scene ranges from tundra and backwoods to subtropical shorelines. It’s well known for authors Tolstoy and Dostoevsky, in addition to the Bolshoi and Mariinsky balance choreography organizations. St. Petersburg, established by incredible Russian pioneer Peter the Great, includes the extravagant Winter Palace, now lodging piece of the Hermitage Museum’s craft gathering. Russia has recently took a pivot to freeing its economy from Dollar backed by dealing with it new partners (BRICS) in their respective national currencies instead of the famous dollar.tally from the Western backed Dollar thereby making more Russians happy and smiling.

This has sparked massive propaganda and dehumanizing their leader Mr Putin in the western media for trying to continue making the Russians happy and smiling as their adversaries have always wanted a weak and begging for AID Russia. This will not happen any time soon as Russia and China are come together first time in the history of both of them forming an alliance. Another Big mistake USA has got itself into is pressurizing two super powers at the same time.

The country has recently won an Economic war with its Adversaries which planned to isolate the country using old technique. However, the country is still  in the fight to free her economy to

10 of The Top 20 Happiest People/Countries In The World (Costa Rica)

10) Costa Rica
Costa Rica

The second Central American Country to join our list, Costa Rica is home to not just the 10th happiest people on the planet yet some of its most wonderful rain forests. Essentially a Spanish speaking country of 4.5 million nationals, Costa Rica is settled in the middle of Panama and Nicaragua and is frequented by tourists the world over.

9 of The Top 20 Happiest People/Countries In The World (#Australia)


The “Land down under comes” in at number 9 on our rundown. Referred to formally as the Commonwealth of Australia, this country of 23.8 million natives is authoritatively piece of the United Kingdom. Bragging a  good GDP every capita of and a life expectancy of more than 82 years but does not necessary mean everything you see on the street is happy and smiling, in addition to a percentage of the world’s most noteworthy shorelines, its minimal miracle that Australia’s natives are so happy. The original Australian natives are the Aboriginals !

8 of The Top 20 Happiest People/Countries In The World (#Panama)

8) Panama


This Central American nation of 3.6 million residents comes in at number 15 on our list of happiest nations. Panama is positioned 5th among Latin American nations as far as the Human Development Index. Panama’s grand and tropical atmosphere undoubtedly adds to the joy of its nationals. Very happy people and always smiling.

7 of The Top 20 Happiest People/Countries In The World (#Ireland)


Is it any marvel that the “Emerald Isle” is home to the 7th happiest people on Earth? This basically Catholic Nation of 6.3 million highlights stunning fields, a special society, and obviously the universally adored brew: Guinness. Ireland is a propelled economy that is centered around software and the money related commercial ventures. The people are happy and smiling though racism still exist at top management levels here but that does not stop the majority of the Irish people from smiling and living life to the fullest.