Sunday, February 8, 2015

President Jonathan Goodluck is abusing his presidential power!

The powerful wave of this ongoing political change that is sweeping across Nigeria that President Jonathan Goodluck is abusing his presidential power by attempting to stop this political revolution is totally inevitable.


It is bigger than the PDP, APC, General Muhammadu Buhari and all the registered Nigerian voters that were prevented from voting on February 14, 2015. The majority of Nigerians from all the walks of life are now united together as one powerful entity and are now jointly demanding for a better Nigeria with the real democratic dividends, the rule of law in place and the reign of equal justice under the same law of the land for the leaders and the led. A new Nigeria that benefit all Nigerians and not the handful of those rogue public officials and their cronies

Nkiru Sylvanus denies marrying Oge Okoye's ex in new interview

 Nkiru Sylvanus opens up about her relationship with Oge Okoye's ex-husband, Stanley Duru, who she' rumoured to be marrying. Nkiru denies everything...

What's your reaction to the report making the rounds that you are getting married?

Now ok, first I've been married on the internet for more than three times! They first got me married in 2008, then they got me married again in 2011 and now, they are getting me married again in 2014/2015. I'm beginning to ask, why do they like to get me married? If I were married in 2008 and again married in 2011, why again should I be getting married again in 2015? That means they were all lies. It's all rumours. Some people will report this stuff like they know you, when they only see you on TV.

Our Yorùbá Intellects...


Idowu Phillips is Iya Osumare

Lere Paimo is Eda Onile-Ola

Lanre Hassan is Iya Awero

Adebayo Salami is Oga Bello

Toyin Afolayan is Lola Idije

Then, What is Babatunde Omidina ……… ????


Between Sanyeyi and Femi, Who handsome pass? 


Your final answer ?

To what divinity does this woman belong?


What are the references in Ifa to this divinity?

What is wrong with this Photo? (Wedding version)


Can someone please explain this wedding makeup.

See another pic bellow.

Video: We are in a democracy... Lol!

Can you guess the city where this happened? haha

Meet Nigeria's Newest Dictator ! (GEJ The Dictator, see why)

In Iraq & Afghanistan where there are far more deadly terrorist attacks almost on a daily basis, there were general elections held not once, not twice and the people there elected their presidents and prime ministers despite the bomb attacks from Al-Qaeda and the Taliban.


Few days to the elections, the Nigerian dictator suddenly realizes that there is insecurity and some people have not collected their cards. So the Nigerians who are now refugees in Chad and Cameroon now will come back and collect their PVCs or INEC will go to refugee camps and give them or what? The Nigerian dictator who has been busy campaigning all over the place and abusing his main opponent just wakes up to realize that they want to destroy Boko Haram in six weeks even if they could not finish them in years?

So what stopped them from wiping out Boko Haram since or they are just seeing the security report now? So when he was campaigning, he did not know some LGAs are under Boko Haram? They were ready for a presidential debate but not a presidential election? So November, December, January, no one was calling for postponement but all of a sudden few days to the general elections, somebody wants to repeat what happened in 1993? Even Babangida fled to Egypt, he was disgraced out of office.

And the service chiefs have lost the respect of the people. We already know they are compromised and pot-bellied generals not worth a bullet so with or without them, this nation will move forward. I just want to let the Nigerian dictator know that if he insists on going against the will of the people, he will face the same thing dictators have always been facing since the beginning of time, from the era of Julius Caesar to Adolf Hitler to Hosni Mubarak. No dictator has ever won a fight against the people, and never will. -By the way, Jega will soon be addressing a press conference composed of local and international journalists.

Stay tuned, roll with me on Twitter: @Abiyamo1

6 Weeks to prepare for rigging the elections ? (Brains behind Elections postponement)

Pressure mounted by President Goodluck Jonathan’s followers and administration boss on the Independent National Electoral Commission prompted the delay of the 2015 general decisions, SUNDAY PUNCH has learnt.

The surveys were charged for February 14 (presidential and National Assembly) and February 28 (governorship and House of Assembly).

When MKO was going to win, Babangida annulled the election, Now...

When it became very glaring to the world that MKO was going to win, Babangida annulled the election and ran to Egypt throwing the nation in a crisis it is yet to recover from. When it became glaring that Jonathan was going to be kicked out, he shifted the elections.

The only difference here is that instead of throwing the nation into a crisis, the whole thing will eventually backfire on him in a way he never thought of.

Now, he is promising to do in six weeks what he could not do in years. By the way, does he think Boko Haram will also wait there for them to be attacked? The end of all clueless leaders and dictators is never good, and history tells us that in very clear terms. We are a resolute people and our collective destinies are far greater than the drunken ambition of an unintelligent dictator.

Back in the day Photo of Brigadier Muhammadu Buhari (1982)

Brigadier Muhammadu Buhari (1982) — General Officer Commanding (GOC) 3 Armoured Division.

Credits: Max Siollun/Oil, Politics, and Violence: Nigeria’s Military Coup Culture (1966-1976)


Back in the day Photo of Maj-Gen Jemibewon, and Brigadiers Babangida and Vatsa.

Maj-Gen Jemibewon, and Brigadiers Babangida and Vatsa. Credits: Max Siollun/Oil, Politics, and Violence: Nigeria’s Military Coup Culture (1966-1976)


On Religion: True Or False ?


Do you agree or not ?

Female Rapper Eva Alordiah Rocks The GORIMAPA (Bald ) Look Again!

Rapper Eva Alordiah shaved her hair again much the same as she did 11 months back as her Valentine shock for her fans.

She’s busy once more.

Do you like the new look? It’s a NO for me Sad

Pidgin English Should Be Introduced Into Nigerian Education System -2Face Idibia (Do you agree?)

2Face Idibia wants the education framework in Nigeria to introduce pidgin English with the educational program!


He has proposed that Pidgin English be introduced to ease communication and exchange information to children in country regions who use Pidgin English as their second dialect.

He made what could be termed questionable explanation at the MTV Base #ChooseOrLose Roundtable which likewise emphasized Banky W, Ebuka Obi Uchendu, Yemi Alade & more

2Baba who routinely talks pidgin English himself, said

“For me, they can gather some linguistic professors and let them package pidgin English properly”

Do you concur with him and if yes would you permit your youngster study it as a course in school?

As for me, the publisher lolade hehe. I accept and it should not stop there..  I think we need a survey in each state or region to check the common language, or mother tongue and use it as that region’s official Language, while English may take the second seat and also still compulsory subject.

For example, an area like Aramoko now should use English as second language and Yoruba as 1st official Language the same thing in the eastern zone and Northern zone respectively. Igbo/Hausa as first Language and English may take the second seat. This will help uniting people and create more jobs.

Pics: Pres. Jonathan & Osinbajo Attends Holy Ghost Service Of The Redeemed Church

President Jonathan was at the at the Holy Ghost Service of the Redeemed Church, on Friday.

He met Gen. Buhari’s running mate, Prof Osinbajo  at the administration.

Joy Akosa marks Birthday with Special People in ADOCA Home

Journalist and publicist to Comedian Klint da Drunk, Joy Akosa decided to leave the halls, parties, eateries alone and celebrate her birthday with the special people in Adetoro Omooba Cares Foundation, lambe, Ogun state.

She and her friends spent a lot of time with the children and also supported them with food items and provisions.

Good move.

See more photos bellow.

Congrats to her.

Comment of the Day: Between Basketmouth and GEJ

“When Basketmouth (Comedian) decided not to shift his Feb14 valentine comedy show in UK many Nigerians were accusing him of not being a patriotic Nigeria..


Can we all now see reasons why he shouldn’t joke with his own business just because of a some senseless entities in power. Perhaps Basketmouth knows even more than our leaders.

It is to my dismay that even with this dramatic and senseless act from the presidency some people still find it reasonable to support GEJ to continue to wreck our nation. I won’t continue to mess your timeline with my long story which I am sure everyone knows.. Nigeria is at the edge of an Internal War. Time will Tell.”

Pics from Tiwa Savage's house Birthday Bash.

Artist Tiwa Savage turned a year older on Thursday Feb. fifth and held a little get together at her home yesterday.

2face, Don Jazzy, Elohor Aisien and others went to. More photos bellow.