Monday, July 18, 2016

Troops intercept a suspected suicide bomber

Troops intercept Yusuf Tasiu, a suspected suicide bomber, carrying a primed IEDs concealed in a stabilizer casing, at Sabon Gari Jidari.

Ghanaian Boy Born With His Organs Outside His Stomach (exomphalos)

Last year an English doctor David Williams was in Ghana visiting his daughter who was teaching English and working on a radio show when he met Ethan’s father Charles, who also worked at the radio station.

Dr Williams was asked to examine Ethan and within a year he and his wife Jacquie helped to raise around £51,000 to fly the toddler to the UK for surgery.  Ethan is set to have what Dr Williams has described as “life-saving and life-transforming” surgery on Wednesday.

Tip of the melting iceberg

This comment was chosen by Mod HS from the post  “The “XXVIth NATO Party Conference” in Warsaw (a commentary)”. The moderator believes this comment is very interesting as it highlights that there is a window of opportunity – will it be taken?
Comment by Larchmonter445

On Collapses:
The USSR collapsed after 50 years of containment, fierce competition, drunken leadership, an ideology that was like embalming fluid to a living body, and hundreds of billions of dollars spent by its adversaries used to weaken and destabilize its economy, after it was skewed by a disastrous war on its border.