Saturday, February 6, 2016

Militants Ready to ‘Switch Sides’ as Syrian Army Advances on All Fronts

Daesh and other terrorist groups have pulled back from their positions as the Syrian army, backed by the country's aviation and popular forces, continues its advance in several key provinces of the county.  Government forces have regained control over several more areas in Dara'a, Deir ez-Zor, Hama, Homs and Aleppo provinces leaving dozens of militants dead and wounded, Iran’s Fars news agency reported on Friday.

In Dara’a province the Syrian Armed Forces clawed back more areas near Atman town, almost 4 kilometers north of Dara'a city, killing 30 terrorists and destroying their meeting centers equipped with heavy 23-mm machineguns.  In Deir ez-Zor several militant strongholds were destroyed by missile fire as Syrian Army jets targeted two Daesh outposts east of Deir ez-Zor airport.

Buhari Participated In Syrian Event As A Perfect Cover For His Medical Visit- SR

A statement on Monday by presidential spokesman Femi Adesina disclosed that he will travel on to London where he will reportedly attend an event on Syria. The trips follow closely on the heels of a just-ended state visit to Kenya, as well as to Ethiopia for a meeting of African leaders.

A SaharaReporters source said that during his visit to the United Kingdom, he will undertake a visit to medical doctors in a London hospital.

Our presidency source said President Buhari agreed to participate in the Syrian event because it provides a perfect cover for the medical visit.

Coming to a head in Syria

What started as a “War On Syria”, allowed to grow and fester unabated, fueled and sponsored by eighty three nations spearheaded by Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Israel and NATO and all pro-NATO nations, is undoubtedly coming to a head.

Geneva III seems dead in the water, just like Geneva I and II were. This time however, Syria and its allies are calling the shots, and they are playing the cat-and-mouse game, and why not? After all, the ball is in their court and it wasn’t easy coming. It’s the spoil of blood and sacrifice.