Tuesday, November 1, 2016

American dream, revisited

by Pepe Escobar for the Strategic Culture Foundation

Will Trump pull a Brexit times ten? What would it take, beyond WikiLeaks, to bring the Clinton (cash) machine down? Will Hillary win and then declare WWIII against her Russia/Iran/Syria “axis of evil”? Will the Middle East totally explode? Will the pivot to Asia totally implode? Will China be ruling the world by 2025?

Report on the use of chemical weapons by the “moderate terrorists” in Syria

Administration of democratic self government of Rojava (Syria).
Violations of militant groups, connected with Free Syrian Army, which coordinates its operations with terrorist groups of Jabhad al Nusra and Ahrar al Sham in Aleppo.
TranslationVox Populi Evo
The Аgreement for сease-fire, which came into operation in 27.02.2016 in accordance with UN Security Council Resolution of 2268, devoted to the termination of hostilities in Syria, and which had to become one of the ways of resolution of crisis in Syria, did not terminate military attacks on the regions of Sheikh Maqsood.

Clinton and Trump: The Known And The Unknown

by Ghassan Kadi

My American friend Roger is a staunch Democrat supporter. He is in his seventies and has always voted Democrat.

Him and I have had countless discussions over the many years that we have known each other. His paternal roots are Arabic and he sees himself to be on the “left” side of politics, anti-Israel lobby, anti-Empire, but of late, him and I have not been able to see eye-to-eye on the Trump-Clinton race to the Whitehouse issue.

Lagos hotelier turns job seeker into s3x worker .

Victor Obano, who manages Tisa Hotel, in Ijegun, Lagos State, has been arrested for allegedly turning a 23-year-old job seeker, Elizabeth, from Akwa Ibom, into a commercial sex worker, after allegedly luring and promising her employment in Lagos State, Punchng reports.

Elizabeth, a mother of two, reportedly got tired of being a commercial sex worker, and on October 5, told her elder sister, on the telephone, what she was going through.