Sunday, October 9, 2016

MH17 Report Taken Apart by Saker Reader

This comment was chosen by Mod KL from the post  “Moveable Feast Cafe 2016/09/30”. Mod KL found the comment to be a good summation regarding Ukraine and flight MH 17, it was of a reasonable length, and contained detailed information.

Every country has its history, except America that has a criminal record. SITREP by Scott

A day after I tried American food in the first time, I woke up covered in eczema, something I never had before. Thinking that I got infected with some horrible tropical disease during my flight, I went to see a doctor who explained to me that I had an allergic reaction to food and gave me some meds. The idea that one has to take meds to suppress immune system just to be able to eat poisonous food was bizarre to me. Any attempts to talk to other people about this were futile because they thought that it was weird that I found it bizarre.  For them it was “natural” to take meds just to have a slice of bread with butter and a chocolate candy. The majority of Americans have food allergies, they were saying. It’s not food allergy, I remember suggesting. It’s a reaction to poisonous substances in your food. Turned out I didn’t know what I was talking about because as they  informed me the American food was the best, cleanest and most healthiest in the world!

Russia Blocks French UN Security Council Ceasefire Resolution on Syria's Aleppo

On Saturday, Russia blocked a draft UN Security Council resolution on the cessation of hostilities in Syria's Aleppo favoring a proposal by the UN Envoy to Syria that focuses on evicting al-Nusra terrorists (al-Qaeda) from Eastern Aleppo.

Hillary’s Campaign Claims WikiLeaks Emails Are ‘Fake,’ ‘Russian Misinformation’

Clinton Campaign Chairman John Podesta asserts that the emails released by the prominent whistleblower are riddled with fakes and forgeries, but WikiLeaks fires back saying that if John Podesta released his emails the contents would be identical.

War on Cops: Manhunt in Palm Springs as Three Officers Shot - 2 Dead, 1 Injured

The Palm Springs Police Department confirms that at least three police officers were shot on Saturday and that a manhunt for the active shooter is underway.

NATO Falling Apart Due to Incompatible Weapon Systems, Missing Parts

NATO is a big war machine. But being big doesn't always mean being effective. According to US Lieutenant General Ben Hodges, there are numerous factors impeding NATO’s effectiveness.

Asia’s SpaceX: Chinese Startups Making World’s Largest Space Plane and More

Access to space has long been an interest area of space agencies. In this domain, China became a force to be reckoned with as several Chinese space companies made great strides in the space race.

Hillary Spills Top Secret Intelligence During Paid Speech to Goldman Sachs

The recently WikiLeaks dump of Clinton Campaign Chairman John Podesta’s personal emails exposed the “missing” transcripts of the former Secretary of State’s speeches to Wall Street and suggest that she may have violated laws pertaining to confidential information by spilling the beans about state secrets to the nation’s top banks.