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Friday, October 24, 2014

Landlord adds 3 more floors to bungalow.

Tenants and other individuals who live near this building are worried about this after the home owner started adding a 3rd floor years after he added two floors to the building.
A Tenants said;
"This house was built over 30 years back as a bungalow. About 10years ago, the landlord added 2 floors to the  building. To everyone's  surprise, he's adding another floor to it. I'm writing this due to the rate of which houses have already been collapsing. The tenants cannot afford an improved housing, so the smallest amount of the government can do is try and prevent another disaster from happening due to greed. The building is on One Day road, off Agbani road, Enugu."

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Local News: Landlord Abandons Home For Land Grabbers

A landlord in Ikeshin Village, Ota, Ogun State, Alhaji Nojeem Obileye, has abandoned his home after some land grabbers in the area allegedly threatened to deal with him for accusing them of causing the mayhem that led to the death of one Alhaji Idowu Arinadeagbo.

Obileye said since he spoke in June about the incident, known and unknown people had threatened to take his life for saying the truth.

He said, “I am surprised they have targeted me because it is a known fact that many of the land grabbers use thugs to seize portions of land. I am not the only one in the village privy to this.”

The landlord added that one Kunle Matanmi, a nephew to the a traditional ruler in Ogun State, Oba Fatai Matanmi, had called him on the telephone to register his displeasure for saying Matanmi gave backing to some of the land speculators when he spoke to reporters.

Although the monarch denied the allegation when our correspondent spoke with him in June, Obileye said Kunle was not satisfied and had promised to deal with him for “soiling the monarch’s name.”

He said, “Kunle Matanmi has called me twice on the telephone to threaten me. “Apart from mentioning his name, a discreet investigation revealed that the number that called my line was Kunle’s telephone number. So, I am taking the threat serious.”

Obileye said Kunle had also visited his house in company with some people, adding that the development made him and his family members to flee his residence.

Obileye’s lawyer declined to reveal his name for fear of reprisal. He said, “I have been going to the police on behalf of Obileye. The police said since Obileye could narrate so much to the media, he must know a lot about the murder. They said the thugs who killed Arinadegbo parked their vehicle in Obileye’s factory. However, I told them that Obileye was just a witness, not the criminal.”

However, when our correspondent called Kunle on the telephone, he said there was nothing like that.

“That is not true; I swear that I did not threaten him. Please don’t mind Alhaji Obileye,” he said.

But other residents of the area said they had been bearing the brunt of daring to speak against the land grabbers.

The Public Relations Officer of the state police command, Muyiwa Adejobi, said the police were working towards bringing peace back to the area.