Saturday, April 25, 2015

More Photos from huge earthquake in Nepal today

More than 1500 individuals kicked the bucket in a 7.8 magnitude earthquake that shook Kathmandu area in Nepal early today. historic structures and also memorable destinations were decimated in the wake of the seismic tremor. This will be the second deadliest earthquake to strike Nepal since the one in 1934 which killed around 8,500 individuals.

See more photos bellow.

Domitilla Star, Anne Njemanze's Marriage Collapse Months After Wedding

There are suggestions that Domitilla star, Anne Njemanze’s marriage to more youthful partner, Silver Ojieson, disintegrated barely eight months after the union was contracted.

Xenophobia: Nigerian men are snatching our wives – SA Politician

South African politician, Makashule Gana, has said some of his compatriots have complained to him that they are angry with Nigerians and other immigrants because they snatched their girlfriends.

Gana, a Deputy Federal Chairperson of Democratic Alliance, made this disclosure in at an anti-xenophobia rally, held at Constitution Hill.

South African newspaper, City Press, reported that Gana advised that rather than get angry and take the anger out on foreigners, South African men should “provide” properly for women, rather than lash out at non-nationals for “stealing” women away.

Gana urged the crowd at the rally to spread the message of not taking part in xenophobic attacks to “our wives, girlfriends, boyfriends, makhwaphenis (secret lovers), neighbours and brothers”.

“If you can’t speak to a girl, now all of a sudden a man that comes from Zimbabwe or Nigeria that can speak to a girl now must be killed. What is that?”

“So I ask my fellow brothers from South Africa, if you want a woman please go speak up, don’t go around and killing someone from Nigeria because they can speak up for themselves. Speak out because it is important,” he told the crowd.

He also urged South Africans to look at themselves and not blame non-nationals for stealing their jobs when these jobs didn’t exist in the first place.

“Go and start a spaza shop,” advised Gana.

Pics From The 5th Presidential Breakfast Prayer In Aso Villa

Today April 25th, the 5th presidential breakfast request to God took place at the Aso Villa.

President Jonathan was joined by Gen. Yakubu Gowon, Chief Ernest Shonekan & Pastor Oritsejafor and wife. President Jonathan asked leaders to make sacrifices for the Country.

In the mean time, our first lady’s nonattendance at prayer function like these, which she normally went to in the past is making tongues wag.She hasn’t showed up with the president since the presidential elections..

CrossTalk: The Kiev Regime

Ukraine’s is a complex and a multilevel tragedy – as the economy continues to collapse, the Kiev leadership is hell-bent on destroying civil liberties and eliminating dissent.


All awhile Washington and its European allies remain largely silent. And the lack of credible Western media coverage is part of the problem. CrossTalking with James Jatras, Mark Sleboda and Domitilla Sagramoso.

Saudi Arabia Does a Gaza in Yemen

by Soraya-Sepehrpour-Ulrich

‘Shared Values’: The Washington – Wahhabi Alliance

Shortly after 911, Washington declared ‘war on terror’ – a war with a death toll of over 2 million innocent lives (not counting America’s drone hunts), the maimed, the refugees, as well as the environmental effects of America’s war on terror. Washington declared al-Qaeda as its number one enemy, a trend continued by Obama who declared ‘war on al-Qaeda’.


Yet Washington is aiding the Wahhabi regime of Saudi Arabia create a safe haven for al-Qaeda by providing intelligence and weaponry to the Wahhabis to kill the Houthis – Defense News described Houthis as the sworn enemies of al-Qaeda terrorists.

Thanks to Washington, the Wahhabi Saudi regime has pounded Yemen, committing mass murder and destroying the infrastructure while imposing a blockade and preventing humanitarian aid from reaching the desperate Yemenis, a situation which can only be paralleled to that of Gaza.

While the United States has provided the means and the political muscle to enable Israel to destroy Gaza in particular and Palestine as a whole, one has to ask why would Washington provide a safe haven to its protecting its sworn enemy — al-Qaeda? My enemies enemy is my enemy thinking?!

This is a question for every human being touched by the ‘war on terror’. It is a question that needs to be posed by American service men and women who now witness their government protecting the enemy they were sent to kill. And for the American tax payers who paid for the senseless wars, the mass murders carried out in their name.

Video link to yesterday’s interview on this subject:

Nigeria summons High Commissioners to South Africa

Taking after the late Xenophobic assaults in South Africa, the Federal Government has summoned its high officials in South Africa back to Nigeria. In an announcement issued by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the two high commissioners are Martin Cobham, acting high official in Pretoria, and Uche Ajulu-Okeke presented above, deputy high chief in Johannesburg.

Senator, his brother and sister nabbed for ballot thumb-printing in Imo

As indicated by Premium Times, Senator Hope Uzodinma, his senior sibling and sister were this evening captured by the police at a private residence in Oru East Local Government zone in Imo state for professedly thumb-printing ballot papers meant for the governorship rerun race holding in the state today April 25th. The state police however discharged him on personal recognition yet kept his relatives.

Armenian Genocide

On 24th of April is Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day and here are three videos which I think provide a good overview of this horrific event.


Muddying the Waters: US Interested in Keeping Up Ukrainian Crisis

It seems to be only a matter of time until the next military escalation, a German magazine wrote.


While warring parties are trying to stick to the provisions of the Minsk agreement, preparations for a potential new conflict are running in the background, Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten wrote.

The article mentioned the so called “war of words” or propaganda war which is currently taking place backstage. US envoy Geoffrey Pyatt tweets almost incessantly about new alleged threats. Most recently, he wrote that Russians had deployed new BUK-air defense systems in Donbass, the article said.

According to the Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten, the US government is interested in the continuation of the Ukrainian crisis. Americans want to use Ukraine to make the EU aware of its dependence on Russia in the energy sector.

The US is trying to move Russia aside from the European market. Russia’s plans to transport its natural gas through Turkey to Europe are not in line with the interests of the United States. It’s a race against time, in which Russians would benefit from a stable situation more than the United States, the article said.Lately, Russia has often been described as a state on the path to fascism, what is frequently used as a justification for weapons’ supplies to a number of Russia’s neighbors.

France has just sold helicopters to Poland, while Ukraine, which is virtually bankrupt, is planning to purchase H125 helicopters and technical equipment.

The logic is: everything can be done to “prevent fascism”.  But little is said about the fact that the costs for this are borne by American and European taxpayers.

NASA Mistakenly Create a Warp Field?

Space geeks are freaking out because NASA may have accidentally discovered a warp field, an avenue down which spaceships can travel faster than the speed of light – something that, to date, has only existed in science fiction.


Warp drive was long the stuff of Star Trek fantasy – “Warp speed, Mr. Sulu,” is the command often given by James Kirk, captain of the fictional Starship Enterprise.

But in the 1990s, physicist Miguel Alcubierre proposed the idea of a wave that would cause the space ahead of a spacecraft to contract, while the space behind it expands. This distortion would create a warp bubble, in which a ship would travel while itself remaining stationary.

The tremendous amount of energy required made it impossible to translate Alcubierre’s vision into reality, however.

Building on his predecessor’s theories, Harold “Sonny” White of NASA’s Johnson Space Center made alterations that would significantly reduce the energy needs.

Meanwhile, in the lab, NASA and other space programs were experimenting with the EmDrive, a thrust engine that would be able to move in space without the need for fuel.

According to posts on, a website devoted to the engineering side of space news, when lasers were fired through the EmDrive’s resonance chamber, some of the beams appeared to travel faster than the speed of light. If that’s true, it would mean that the EmDrive is producing a warp field or bubble.

Mysterious Universe pulled the following comment from a space forum after the tests:

“That’s the big surprise. This signature (the interference pattern) on the EmDrive looks just like what a warp bubble looks like. And the math behind the warp bubble apparently matches the interference pattern found in the EmDrive.”

What’s more, the discovery was accidental, as this comment points out:

“Seems to have been an accidental connection. They were wondering where this ‘thrust’ might be coming from. One scientist proposed that maybe it’s a warp of the spacetime foam, which is causing the thrust.”

To prove that the warp effect was not caused by atmospheric heating, scientists will have to replicate the test in a vacuum. If the same results are achieved, it could mean that the EmDrive is producing a warp field, which could ultimately lead to the development of a warp drive.

Right Sector Radicals launch assault on Striking Coal Miners in Kiev

About a dozen extremists from the Right Sector and Automaidan radical groups attacked a group of striking miners after a protest rally in downtown Kiev on Friday.

The leader of Ukraine’s independent miners’ union, Mikhailo Volynets, said the incident happened outside the Kiev-Pechora Monastery as the miners were going home after holding a protest in the city center demanding the payment of their long overdue wages. No one was hurt.

“Some of the attackers, 15 to 20 in all, were dressed as civilians, others wore military fatigues. They were tall, broad-shouldered, most of them from the Caucasus… They said they were members of the Right Sector and Automaidan,” Volynets told RIA Novosti news agency.

He added that the attackers threatened to assault the miners again.

Thousands of coal miners from eastern Ukraine took to the streets in Kiev earlier this week protesting the closure of coal mines, demanding their back pay and the removal of Coal Industry Minister Vladimir Demchishin.The rally began outside the parliament building and the presidential administration Wednesday morning, with a group of miners managing to break inside the administration headquarters.

But the talks with the representatives of the authorities brought no result and the protesters relocated to the government headquarters, blocking the traffic on the city’s central Kreschatik Street.

In November 2014 Russia’s Supreme Court declared Ukrainian People’s Self-Defense (UNA-UNSO) and the Right Sector as extremist and banned their activity in the country.

Other Ukrainian organizations which have been added to the Russian blacklist include the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) and Stepan Bandera All-Ukrainian Organization “Tryzub”.


Death of Alternative Media: West Wages War Against Russian News Agencies.

The EU is paranoid about alleged Kremlin propaganda, calling it “Russian information onslaught,” and since Russian media sources do not push the mainstream Western agenda, they are automatically labelled as “propagandist.”


The EU’s hysteric obsession with alleged Russian propaganda picked up another notch.

Europeans, believing in their God-given monopoly in possessing the only truth there is, plan on fighting Russian media outlets by exposing lies within their “propaganda” narrative, Euobserver reported.

Instead of trying to understand Russia’s perspective on foreign policy, the EU keeps on portraying an alternative view that Russia has as “Moscow’s propaganda campaign.”

The Euobserver writes that “Russian propaganda disseminated by outlets such as RT and Sputnik International is finding receptive audiences in various EU member states.”

The question is why does the EU feel so uncomfortable that Europeans have started to read alternative sources of information? Isn’t it a good thing that people have an opportunity to read various news outlets, gather different available information and come to their own conclusions regarding current events? After all, this is what true of freedom of speech and information looks like.A few months ago millions of Europeans marched the streets, holding signs which read “Je suis Charlie,” fighting for their right to freedom of speech and information, but today their elites feel threatened by the presence of Russian media, calling it “Russian information onslaught.”

As alternative media sources start reaching out to the masses, there seems to be a fear among EU elites that they could destroy perfectly concealed and fabricated truths, shattering the so-called manufactured consent.

At the same time, in Russia, a country that is supposedly filled to the brim with propaganda, politicians are not worried about the presence of alternative media sources. Western media companies have their fair share of readership among Russians, and nobody is screaming about the imminent danger of Western propaganda. Russia simply lets them be, allowing its citizens to choose from a wide spectrum of media sources.

Earlier this month, the EU announced the creation of a team of experts whose job requirement would be “correction and fact-checking of misinformation spread by the Kremlin.” Each of these “counter-propaganda” experts will be paid a hefty €4,350 ($4,670) a month.The EU is bound and determined to fight alleged Russian propaganda no matter what, as if there are no bigger problems for Europe at the moment. Close to 24 million people in the EU are unemployed, the Greek debt problem is yet to be resolved and Islamic State is successfully recruiting European youth, but the only thing EU leaders seem to be focused on right now is how to counter alleged Russian propaganda. It was reported previously how Western media corporations follow a political line cast by Washington and its European allies. In effect, CNN, New York Times, Washington Post, BBC and others, function as a global ministry of propaganda.

Since Russian news agencies do not push the mainstream Western perspective, the West concludes that Russian media has to be “propagandist”. In other words, Western media depicts everyone who does not agree with its own propaganda as propagandists.


Meanwhile, there are numerous bloggers and cyber-trolls employed by the CIA and MI6 who work to spread Western propaganda, infesting the entire Internet.

Western politicians scream about their public being invaded by alleged Russian propaganda, meanwhile the reality is that the Western public has long been living under the occupation of an even more powerful propaganda, otherwise known as Western corporate news media.

Best Friends Forever: Pakistan to Receive 110 Fighter Jets From China

China will provide another 50 JF-17 Thunder fighter jets to Pakistan over the next three years.


Friendship between China and Pakistan continues to strengthen as Beijing promised to deliver another 50 fighter jets to its southern neighbor over the next three years, a top Chinese official said, according to the Express Tribute.

China already delivered 60 fighter jets to Pakistan since the two countries signed a contract in 2007. After the delivery of another batch of 50 combat aircrafts from China, Pakistan will have a total of 110 JF-17 Thunder  jets.Pakistan needs more fighter jets to fight effectively against Taliban militants, said India Today.

The JF-17 Thunder is a lightweight, single-engine combat aircraft developed jointly by the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC) and China’s Chengdu Aircraft Corporation (CAC).

China and Pakistan have long maintained close political and military relations, based mostly on mutual antipathy towards India. However, recently China has improved relations and strengthened its cooperation with India. Xi’s upcoming visit is aimed at reassuring the Pakistani government that their relations remain robust.

Death Toll in Nepal Earthquake hits 1,400

The loss of life in a huge quake in Nepal has ascended to 1,457, as per the Nepalese Army, Finance Minister Ram Sharan Mahat composes on his Twitter account.

The loss of life from the Nepal earthquake of magnitude of 7.9 has ascended to 1,457, around 1,055 individuals are wounded, Nepalese Finance Minister Ram Sharan Mahat said on Twitter Saturday.

Photos: Uche Jombo looking sweet with baby bump at her baby shower

Pics from her recent baby shower. See another one bellow.

Photos: Anambra Gov pays congratulatory visit to President-elect Buhari, solicits appointment for Igbos

Anambra state senator Willie Obiano who is an APGA party part paid a complimentary visit to President-elect, General Buhari in Abuja yesterday April 24th.

As indicated by Governor Obiano, he came to congratulate Buhari on his triumph at the election and additionally request that he should not sideline the Igbos in the constitution of his bureau. Representative Obiano denied theories that his visit was a move for him to defect to the APC.

Check out Photos from Jude Okoye's birthday party

Jude Okoye was a year older yesterday April 24th and hosted a gathering at Escape lounge to mark with family and companions.

See more photos bellow.

Mother of nanny who abducted Orekoya boys pleads for forgiveness

Prophetess Esther Adeyemi, mother of Funmilola Adeyemi, the babysitter who abducted the Orekoya young men has approached the affected family and the overall population to show benevolence toward her daughter and overlook her.

Mrs Adeyemi in a meeting with Saturday Sun, said Funmi, who is her first girl left home 10 years back and until she was captured and indicated in the media, she didn’t know where her daughter was. Mrs Adeyemi who is a dowager, says however she is embarrassed about what her daughter did, she can’t abandon her.

More Photos from Ini Edo's birthday party

Performing artist, Ini Edo commended her birthday the previous evening with some of her partners and companions including Ene Maya Lawani Oge Okoye, Kate Henshaw, picture taker Kelechi Amadi-Obi, Sound Sultan, Chidi Mokeme, CEO of Polo Luxury John Obayuwana amongst others. See more photographs bellow.

Ebube Nwagbo rocks in short, white dress for Ini Edo's party

This is the dress popular actress Ebube Nwagbo wore to Ini Edo’s birthday party.

She looks hot !

Woman nabbed for stabbing her hubby to death in the US

35 year old Nigerian lady, Adebamiro Temitope, imagined left, has been captured by the New Castle Police in Delaware, Philadelphia for wounding her 37 year old Nigerian spouse and father of her two kids, Adeyinka Adebamiro to death over claims of ill-use and swindling.

The woman blamed her spouse for steady ill-use and asserted he undermined her with a few ladies including her sister and their caretaker’s little daughter.