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Friday, November 7, 2014

CharlyBoy For President 2014 by Charlyboy

 Yesoooo! I no reach? The whole country is currently agog with political rallies everywhere. Most Politicians/magicians are out with their jack knives, long spoons, guns and God knows what. As I lament over our obnoxious predicament, the phone rings, my uncle Chief OgbuaguUzukwuNsofor summoning me to his house. Unano go believeweytin we yarn! He called me to ask me to join politics and campaign for a political position. Haba! Me? Like how, for where? Who die? Kai!Tufiakwa was my immediate response.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Glow Within; My Simple Life by CharlyBoy

 Article written by Charly Boy...Enjoy!
As Charlyboy, I know lots of people will swear that my life is complicated but sorry, not quite. The truth is that as Charles Oputa, my life is very ordinary and a bit boring because I choose "simple" happy life. Thank God I don't live as Charlyboy in my house. I have nothing to prove to my family, except to love, protect and fend for them. That alone is a full time job, free mejare.