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Why Can't I Get A Lover? 3 Causes ladies are running from You

1. You Do Not Meet Basic Attractiveness Levels

Young ladies care about looks.

Yet, fortunately for us, not as much as we do…

There are some basic rules that each of us need to have to verify that we are not being excluded as potential sweethearts because of our appearance.

Try not to be fat

Supposing sensibly, what does being fat demonstrate a potential sweetheart young lady?

It demonstrates that you over consume (see reason 2) and that in the event that we were back on the fields of Africa (the time that a lady’s qualities have advanced to characterize attractiveness), what is the probability that you would have the capacity to accommodate her and her kids?

The solution is very simple: develop better havits, find out about nutrition and start to enjoy exercise.

Wear great cloths

Presently this one is harder to legitimize from a transformative point of view so I won’t attempt, you will simply need to trust me, young ladies like fellows that have some thought of fashion.

Read fashion web journals and after that make a head to get some thin pants.

Be very much prepped

On the off chance that you are not very much prepped this suggest to the young lady that you are not able to tend to yourself, not to mention her and her kids?

Along these lines, take a shave, go to a hair stylists for a new trim and brush your regularly.

2. You Take Value

Is it true that you are creating or consuming?

Is it true that you are searching for a sweetheart in light of the fact that it will make you feel better in your miserable and desolate life?

Provided that this is true, I don’t blame you.

It could be contended that standard society profits by a consumer culture. Take more value than you give and you will be very happy.

Notwithstanding, on the off chance that you need to turn the table and can at last acknowledge where genuine bliss originates from you will begin providing value.

What’s more, when you do, you will find that young ladies will tart to assemble around you rather than keep away from you.

3. You Chase

Did you ever play kiss chase when you were more youthful?

Yes, young ladies love chasing young men. They may not concede this but rather they do, they fantasize about it.

On the off chance that you begin chasing that immaculate young lady, you will be assuming her part, the part of the female.

Presently accepting that you are naturally pulled in to ladylike energy (most straight fellows are), the young lady you will be chasing will be repulsed by your activities.

Make a stride back, accept the part of the man and permit her to do what she cherishes to do: kiss chase.

I trust you have now internalised the three reasons that answer the inquiry “why cant’t I get a sweetheart” and have spoken the truth with yourself in the matter of whether they as of now apply to you, and in the event that they do, get the opportunity to work…


We Didn’t Receive Jonathan Govt’s $200m Nollywood Funds, Says Bank of Industry

The Bank of Industry (BoI) has denied receiving $200 million Entertainment/Nollywood Fund from the former administration of President Goodluck Jonathan, for the development of Nigeria’s entertainment industry.

In a statement issued Tuesday, the bank described as untrue a news report calling for the probe of the bank on the premise that the former president had released the money to it, clarifying that it never received such money.

Job Ads: EHS Manager, Africa Needed at GlaxoSmithKline Nigeria Plc

Job Title: EHS Manager, Africa
Basic qualifications:
Specialized Knowledge:
•Degree or equivalent in scientific related discipline
•Knowledge ISO14001/OHSAS 18001, EHS management systems
• Competence and regulatory knowledge in EHS disciplines
-EHS Risk Assessment
-Driver Safety
-mental health, employee assistance programs, resilience and energy management
-health promotion
-attendance management

Osun Governor's Aide Olugbore Arrested Over Girlfriend's Death After Visit

A Special Adviser to Osun State Governor, Mr Bode Olugbore, has been arrested by the police over the death of his girlfriend, Miss Kemi Arobieke.

A Punch correspondent gathered that Kemi, a graduate of the Lagos State University, visited Bode in Osogbo, the Osun State capital on Thursday, August 6, all the way from Lagos and promised to return on Saturday.

The deceased’s elder brother, Ayo, who confirmed the death of his sister to our correspondent on the telephone on Tuesday, said Kemi had known Olugbore for about four years, but the family did not know about their relationship.

Woman Carries Undeveloped Twin In Her Womb For 4 decades

A shocked mum was told of her horror after doctors discovered an enormous mass in her ovary that had been growing inside of her for 40 years. Jenny Kavanagh initially visited doctors to have a contraceptive coil implanted, but after medics insisted on an ultrasound of her ovaries due to her age, they spotted a 10cm mass growing in her left ovary.

Transparency: NNPC set to publish its financial transactions !

As per the recently designated GMD of NNPC, Ibe Kachiukwu, the national oil corporation will from September periodically publish the monetary transactions within of the corporation. He said this at his maiden meeting with representatives of the corporation at the NNPC Towers in Abuja today.

Comedian AY buys Birthday gift, new G-Wagon to himself

Comedian and movie producer maker AY Makun turned a year older today August nineteenth and purchased himself a fresh out of the box new G-Wagon as birthday present. Happy birthday to him. More photographs bellow.



Vice President's Official Resident Overgrown With Weed After Spending Over N7BN Building It (Photos)

With N7 billion already spent, the vice president's official home now seems abandoned, and subdued by weeds.

Lobatan: Married Man Moves In With His side-chick After Wife Attacked His Chikita At The Saloon

I’ve always wondered why women target the other woman when their boyfriend/fiancé/husband is caught cheating? I’ve heard of many instances where the wife and her friends roll up on the side chick to “warn” her or bless her with some hot slaps.

Stop Eating Ponmo!!! Nigeria Loses Over $75 Billion in The Global Leather Industry Annually

Mr. Olufemi Aluko, of the Faculty of Clinical Sciences, Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) , Ile-Ife, says Nigeria is losing out in the pack of countries competing for the 75 billion dollar global leather industry because of ponmo consumption.Aluko blamed the situation on the country’s neglect of the leather products industry in favour of oil production and consumption of its hides and skin as ponmo.

Efia Odo: "I don’t want to wear bras So men know what to get"

“I don’t want to wear bras So men know what to get” – Ghanaian Actress

As indicated by her, impressing any man by putting on decent bras  to make her little Bosom s look huge is not one of her worries. ‘My Bosom s are little so what’s the purpose of wearing a bra?’ Efia told Usi.

She added: ‘I will like the men to know what they are going to get should they approach. I don’t want to wear push up bras and shifting things and pushing things just to impress. I wear make-up and all but just so you know this is the small things you going to get.’

While she may be new, the maturing on-screen character known  in private life as Andrea Owusu, is as of now standing out as truly newsworthy as she keeps on being romantically connected to Nigerian pop star, Iyanya..


Pastor Make Shocking Confession & Seek Forgiveness For Molesting Wife Younger Sisters (Confession)

The plea of a pastor rapist asking to be forgiven. The rapist said it was the work of the devil. Names have been changed to Protect the Rape victims.

''My name is Ebun, an elder sister to Kike, Bukky and Mosun. Kike got pregnant years ago for Kola, and though she was reminded about how her life will be changed for ever, she vowed not to abort the pregnancy. Kola stood by her and her decision. Kike was young but above 18yrs at the time. The family wish them well with a clause that kike must further her Education after birthing the baby. A girl was born and Kike was reminded of the instructions given to her about dropping the baby since the child was a bit grown at the time. To cut the story short, Kike and Kola sidelined everyone and came out to say they are going to be spending their lives together more than 2years after the she gave birth to the child. Traditional rites was perform and they also went for registry. They have four(4) children together a girl and 3boys.

What Is Wrong With This Photo? (Nigerian Rihanna Version)


Wife Catches Her Pastor Husband Having Sex On The Floor Of Church Office

A 42-year-old housewife, Mrs Doris Oseni, has told a Customary Court in Ondo town that she caught her husband of 12 years, Prophet Femi Oseni, on the floor of the church office, having sex with another woman.

The woman, who is also an Evangelist, therefore asked the court to dissolve her marriage on the ground of adultery, desertion and lack of love on the part of the husband .

Police Arrests Aregbesola's Aid Over Girlfriends Murder

A Special Adviser to Osun State Governor, Mr Bode Olugbore, has been arrested by the police over the death of his girlfriend, Miss Kemi Arobieke.

Our correspondent gathered that Kemi, a graduate of the Lagos State University, visited Bode in Osogbo, the Osun State capital on Thursday, August 6, all the way from Lagos and promised to return on Saturday.

Jungle Justice: 2 Okada Snatchers Nabbed, Beaten To Death And Set Ablaze In Abuja (Graphic Pic)

Jungle justice was meted out to two suspected motorcycle snatchers by a mob at Mararaba near Abuja recently.

City News learnt that one of the suspected thieves was set ablaze around Sharp Corner, near the Abuja - Keffi expressway, while the other was beaten to death with dangerous objects in Kabayi area.
The two men believed to be in their 30s, were said to be members of a notorious gang that specialised in snatching commercial motorcycles popularly called okada.

Cynthia Morgan shines In Red Outfit Shows Cleavages


Ere body now flaunts what they have.


Boko Haram Broken Into Factions- Top Nigerian analyst (PHOTO)

Coup within Boko Haram’s ranks “plausible”

Claims that Nigeria’s Boko Haram has been “decapitated” have been spectacularly rebuffed by the jihadists’ leader, yet his first broadcast in months may not see off an impending mutiny, say analysts.

Abubakar Shekau released an eight-minute audio recording on Sunday — his first since March — denying claims by Chadian leader Idriss Deby that he had been replaced, and dismissing the president as a “hypocrite” and a “tyrant”.

Photos: 20 lovely Facts About Various Pregnant Animals

Pregnancy is a glad event that ought to be praised by anybody sufficiently fortunate to be honored by it. Yet, simply on the grounds that it’s a happy time, doesn’t imply that inconveniences don’t tail it too. While it may be somewhat upsetting for the mother-to-be to get colossally portly, it allows whatever is left of us to respect their strength and chuckle at how horrendously adorable they look when they waddle around. Like people, all creatures have their own particular little peculiarities and idiosyncrasies with regards to pregnancy, yet one thing we all have in common is the means by which charmingly fat we all get.


Much like people, orangutans carry their infants for around 9 months. Dissimilar to people, the young breastfeed for around 5 years and after that leave their mom at 10 years of age – must be pleasant not to need to stress over putting something aside for school educational cost.


Similarly with most little puppies, dachshund pregnancies keep going for just around 60 days. Once in a while their tummy becomes more farther than their little legs, making it amazingly hard to walk – in any event they don’t need to stress over attempting to fit their swollen feet into their shoes.


You think nine months is a ludicrously long pregnancy? Have a go at keeping that bun in your oven for a long time like an elephant!


Guinea Pig

While people generally consider rabbits prolific breeders, guinea pigs turn out to be sexually mature at three weeks. That joined with the way that its extremely hard to apparently judge whether a female is pregnant, be mindful in case you’re considering buying one from the pet store – a lot of unknowing client has carried home a guinea pig with some free ones on the way.



The stories of a zebra having the capacity to stand up promptly after birth may appear like only an oddity, however it is key for the foal’s survival. You thought the domineering jerks at your tyke’s school have to worry– in any event they don’t need to worry over being eaten by lions.


Squirrels are annoying if for no other reasons than there are so many of them. That’s because the females have litters of 3-4 pups twice a year.


At the point when woman gets pregnant, she goes to the specialist to figure out whether she is genuinely conveying a baby. Cows get checked by butt-anal palpation, that is the vet sticks his hand up her… well, you know. Won’t be whimpering about chilly ultrasound gel any longer, will you?


With all of those adorable cat videos floating around on YouTube, every wants their own baby feline furl. But its actually best to wait if you can – cats aren’t fully weaned until about 8 weeks.


People like to say that, “it takes a village to raise a child.” When a lioness gives birth, it is incredibly common for the other females in the pride to nurse the young.


Dolphin pregnancies last for about a year, giving birth to one calf. Unlike other nursing mammals, dolphins dispense milk to their young instead of letting the pups suckle at will. A lot easier than bottle feeding and breast pumps, right?


While most frogs lays their fertilized eggs and never return to them again, there is a certain type of frog that caries its eggs in its stomach. The mother eats the eggs, they hatch, and after they mature enough she regurgitates them to finish growing – as if pregnancy didn’t involve enough vomiting already.


Like lots  of different warm blooded creatures, male seals impregnate various female amid a mating season. Fur seals are known not mate with up to 50 females or more – now that is the thing that you call a baby daddy or aristo.


Lots of creatures have defensive impulses that verge on fearsome, yet ferrets have a standard technique for protecting their babies– stripping down them. We’ve all known a couple of moms who’ve contemplated doing that, yet rather for their own particular rational sanity.


There’s a joke that the most common craving a woman has during pregnancy is for the father to carry the baby. Oh, to be a seahorse – the female deposits her eggs inside the male’s special stomach pouch, where he carries them until they are ready to hatch.

Horned Cow

Since they are mostly livestock animals, most people probably don’t think about the maternal instincts of cows. Heifers are known to try and protect their newborn young after years of having their babies taken from them.


Pigs may appear like sweet, portly, charming creatures – in the 80’s, it was exceptionally en vogue to keep them as pets. What you may not know is that is it silly to attempt and touch a mother’s newborn young – she can be exceptionally horrible and forceful in the event that she supposes you are threatening her babies.


Like so many mothers, goats (or nannies rather) are extremely protective of their young, especially in utero. Even if a pregnant mother is dying of thirst, she will refuse to drink water that isn’t completely clean.


So you’re worried about having to give birth to a big baby, eh? The average baby giraffe is about 6 foot 6 inches tall when its born!



While horses get larger during pregnancy, it isn’t until right before they give birth that their belly drops and really protrudes out. If mares wore bathing suits, they certainly be the envy of all pregnant ladies during beach season.


In the world of primates, gorillas are the most intimidating of all the apes. And yet, as aggressive as they seem, they take excellent care of their young – male gorillas are even known to adopt and care for orphaned babies.



Vincent Enyeama Shares Photo of himself cleaning the Floor

He uploaded this photo on his IG page and wrote:

“When your house keeper is on vacation and wifey is given a free weekend#lavieestbelleavecma #grateful #blessed #I take laws into my hands. guys lets show the women what we can do”.


Now That I Got A Job I Am Now Confused.

It is about 5 years I completed my NYSC here in Lagos and since then I have been so uncomfortable with my life. I studied Physics & Electronics and Master’s degree from State and Federal institutions. I have been teaching Physics, Mathematics, Further Maths, and Chemistry from private home teaching to private schools to sustain myself since 2012.

It has never being easy but as a Christian I keep my hope in God. I have spent a lot of money on attending conferences, travelling, tests, interviews, and scholarship applications for Ph.D abroad. Now, I am to resume work in an engineering firm as a Technical/Product sales engineer with a car next month. Same day, a school offers to employ me as further maths subject teacher with a self-contained accommodation. The confusion now is that the school offers 80k/month while the sales job is 60k/month plus commission on each sale. My highest pay so far per month is 32k.

I will appreciate your contributions. Thanks a lot.

Did I Make A Mistake Studying Law?

I woke up this morning with a lot on my mind. So much that I didn't know when tears started rolling down my cheeks.

I am getting frustrated. To think I did everything right in school to ensure I left with with a 2:1 grade. I ask myself ,where did I go wrong? To make matters worse, my family members think all is well since I am a "barrister".

I am slowly beginning to regret my decision to be a lawyer. Though I am still serving as a batch C corps member,I get scared. So scared that I may have to take up work in a firm that pays 15000 naira. God knows I have tried. I have sent out more than 200 applications, yet nothing!

Loot ’ll Fund Women Affairs Ministry – Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari yesterday assured officials of the Ministry of Women Affairs that part of the money his administration would recover from looters would be used to fund the ministry. He gave the assurance when ‎the Permanent Secretary, Ezekiel Oyemomi, led officials of the ministry to brief ‎the President on its activities and challenges at the Presidential Villa, Abuja.

Did I Make A Mistake Studying Law?

I woke up this morning with a lot on my mind. So much that I didn't know when tears started rolling down my cheeks.

I am getting frustrated. To think I did everything right in school to ensure I left with with a 2:1 grade. I ask myself ,where did I go wrong? To make matters worse, my family members think all is well since I am a "barrister".

Physically Challenged Appeal For Inclusion In Buhari's Cabinet

The Joint National Association of Persons with Disabilities (JONAPWD) on Tuesday appealed to President Muhammadu Buhari to consider their members for cabinet appointment.

Mr Dauda Sale, the National Secretary of the association told newsmen in Lafia that the same gesture should be replicated by Gov. Umaru Al-Makura of Nasarawa State and his counterparts.

Sale noted that the inclusion of physically challenged in the Buhari’s cabinet would further give them a sense of belonging in the scheme of affairs in the states and the country.

Without the illegal allowances, these are what your Senators, Reps earn

Going by the remuneration approved for them by the Revenue Mobilisation, Allocation and Fiscal Commission (RMAFC), the annual take-home (excluding estacode, Duty Tour Allowance (DTA) and some sundry allowances which they are paid as necessary), of each of the 360 members of the House of Representatives is estimated at N18.26 million.
Each of the 109 senators earns a bit higher, pocketing N19.66 million each a year, PREMIUM TIMES analyses have shown.

Wife Shocking Confession That Ended Her Marriage Of 5years

Cyriacus izuekwe
It was a sad end between a couple simply identified as Ogene and Rita (surnames withheld) after Rita confessed to Ogene that she could not bear him any child because her womb was damaged during abortion when she was in secondary school in Onitsha town in Anambra State, southeast Nigeria.

P.M.NEWS gathered that the confession was made five years after they contracted traditional marriage and wedded in an Anglican Church in Umuchu, Aguata in Anambra State.

The husband subsequently sent her away for hiding such information from him after their traditional and church marriage.

16-Year-Old Girl Nabbed In The Bush Doing it With 52 Men In Anambra

A 16-year-old secondary school dropout, Ifechukwu Atunanya, has been captured by policemen from the Anambra State Police Command while purportedly having intercourse with more than 52 young fellows inside a hedge in what resembled an initiation function.

As per reports, the suspects were all gathered together in the bush in Awka and are purportedly individuals from the Supreme Vikings Confraternity, amid the initiation of new individuals.

Ifechukwu, on her capture, asserted she was compelled to lay down with each male individual from the cult amid her initiation.

As per the state Commissioner of Police, Hosea Karma, the police followed up on an intelligence tip-off that the clique individuals and their new participants were in a bush performing a few customs, clarifying that a few things including firearms, machetes and a few wraps of Indian hemp, were recuperated from them.

On apprehension, the Police said the suspects affirmed that as part with their custom, each male individual from the clique will lay down with each imminent female member.

Read more here


16-Year-Old Girl Caught In The Bush Sleeping With 52 Men In Anambra

“This they did in order to secure their oath of secrecy and it was during the raid we arrested ifechukwu,” Hosea stated. At the police station, Ifechukwu claimed that she had to travel to Anambra from Abuja just to witness the initiation of new members.
In her statement, she said:

Mercy Johnson Is Expecting another Baby ? (Photos)

To a great degree gifted and persevering performer, Mercy Johnson welcomed her second child Henry in October 2014, yet she is as of now expecting another child with her spouse Prince Odianosen barely 10 months after.

Her pregnancy got to be clear on set of her new blockbuster motion picture, Eviction Day, produced by prestigious movie producer Vitus Nnebue and coordinated by Afe Olumowe Pictures Image furthermore featuring Nkem Owoh, Isabella Ayuk, Uche Odoputa, and others.

Mercy Johnson who doesn’t like to run about with a protruded belly and two or three times has released her post baby photographs detecting a fat belly, now rocks a little infant knock as the pregnancy is still in the early stage.

This is not a matter of prattle but rather a matter of witnessing something first hand is the only way to accept something that’s difficult to believe as our correspondents were at the area and discovered that her pregnancy was no more news to everybody who worked with her on set of the motion picture even as they pampered accodingly.

You don’t need to trust this report for the present, however you’ll in the long run do when the pregnancy completely swell in several months.

In any case, how about we let you know that the on-screen character’s new Cinema motion picture “Eviction Day” is one movie that will keep you at the edge of your seat. The motion picture script is a muddled one that uncovered the shades of malice of men single and wedded and the result of choices made, a script which Mercy Johnson drove other star on-screen characters to deliver smoothly.