Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Warsaw NATO Summit Ultimatum to Russia: Waiting for Yalta-2 Part II: by Scott Humor

The U.S. only fails at everything
Children can be brutally honest, sometimes. A small son comes into his mother’s room and asks, “Mom, have you ever seen my dad naked?” And she is like, “Huh? What?” “Dad is in a shower now. Come quick and look at this horror.”

Rainbow 94.1 FM OAP & Stand Up Comedian, ‘Atol-Atol’ Is Dead

As Nigerian Entertainment industry battles with the reality of OJB Jezreel's death, Felix Ochuko, popularly known as ATOL-ATOL is dead.

He died last night after a brief illness. Until Ochuko’s death, he worked with Rainbow FM Lagos, he was also a “stand up” comedian and event host.FELIX OCHUKO ATOL-ATOLFELIX OCHUKO ATOL-ATOL.

Fake doctor runs Abuja hospital for 10 years undetected .

According to Daily Trust, Victor Moffat Akpan ran a private hospital, Luna Maternity & Surgery, for 10 years in Gwarimpa, Abuja, and offered surgeries and antenatal care, using forged certificates. He opened the hospital in 2006 as a “surgeon” using a forged practice licence, 4 years after MDCN refused to grant him licence to practice as a homeopath. .

Below the Radar: Russia's S-400, S-500 Set to Become Invisible to Enemies

In an age when stealth is the game-changing capability everyone aspires to achieve, Russia's top-of-the-line air defense systems, the S-400 and the S-500, will receive an upgrade that will allow them to hide from enemy satellites, spy planes and radars, Izvestiya newspaper reported, citing an anonymous source in the Russian Defense Ministry.

Russian Top Secret Hypersonic Glider Can Penetrate Any Missile Defense

Russia's new Yu-74 ultra-maneuverable hypersonic glide vehicles may become yet another response to the deployment of NATO's missile installations in Eastern Europe, according to military analysts.

Going head to head with the United States and China, Russia has been developing its own hypersonic weapons during the past few years.
A hypersonic weapon usually has a speed between 3,840 miles per hour (Mach 5) and 7,680 miles per hour (Mach 10). Furthermore, these systems use sophisticated technologies for maneuvering and boast allow the rapid delivery of warheads, precise targeting and survivability against wide range of missile defense systems.