Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Lobatan: Men filled up Kano radio station after a Woman on air jokingly offered to purchase a vehicle & home for whoever marries her

As indicated by the Kano-based OAP who shared the story, this incident happened in Kano yesterday. A young lady who came to Freedom FM Kano as a visitor in Keke Napep, flippantly said she’ll give an auto and a house to any man who weds her.

Men considered her important on the grounds that not long after she said this, they trooped to the radio station, saying they want to wed her. The men even register their name so she can talk with them on first come first serve basis. The police must be brought into disperse the men after they refused to leave. Hahahaha Can you magine this?



Nigerians lambast Dino Melaye for calling on APC leaders to look into wardrobe allowance report

Senator Dino Melaye in the early hours of today responded to the alleged N8.64 billion wardrobe allowance being given to National Assembly individuals. In his announcement which he posted on twitter, Melaye approached APC leaders to ‘stand firm on the bogus NASS remittance’.

Nigerians are currently lambasting him for approaching the same APC National leaders he affronted by living up to expectations with Saraki against the party amid the National Assembly decision. See their tweets bellow.

Georgian government blamed for deadly tiger attack

A tiger that had loosened up after serious flooding at the zoo in the Georgian capital, Tbilisi, has mauled a man to death two days after government declared the city was safe.  Police commandos killed the predator on Wednesday at a stockroom where it bounced on a specialist.

Nigerians clamouring for diversified sources of energy (NPP) to wait for a decade.

Nigerians clamouring for diversified sources of energy to resolve the nation’s perennial electricity crisis will have to wait till 2026 for first megawatts of electricity from the first nuclear power plant to be constructed by National Atomic Energy Commission.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Power, Ambassador Godknows Igali, and Chairman/CEO of NAEC, Dr. Erepamo Osaisai, confirmed this in an interview with journalists at the on-going Integrated Nuclear Infrastructure Review Mission in Nigeria.

According to him, the first nuclear power plant will have the capacity to produce 1,000MW. This, he added, would be expanded to 4,000MW within 10 years of the establishment of the first nuclear power plant.  Osaisai said the need for safety and security of power infrastructure cannot be sacrificed at the altar of expediency even though the nation requires urgent solution to its power crisis.

Chief Oyegun, APC state chairmen meet behind closed doors

The National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, Chief John Odigie-Oyegun, on Wednesday met with the executives of the 36 state sections of the party.  The meeting which went on for somewhat more than four hours is the first of its kind since the gathering won the general lections on March 28 and April 11, 2015.

Despite the fact that points of interest of the meeting were still scrappy as of the season of publishing this report, directors of two state parts who talked on state of obscurity said state administrators met the meeting to review the last elections.

One of the executives from a state in the North-West clarified that he and his partners thought of it as important to meet with the chaiman to, in addition to other things, express their dismay over the way they were by and large left out of the plan of things.

He said, “As chairmen of the party at the level of states, we worked for the party and we deserve to be carried along now that the victory has been won.

“We are, however, not happy that we are being kept in the dark about happenings within the party and we told him so. “We raised this issue because the states are being neglected and since we do not support disunity within our party, we decided to meet with the chairman to work out ways of improving the situation in the interest of the party.

“On his part, the national chairman told us he has been looking for an opportunity to meet with us to share ideas but that the electioneering campaigns and the limited time the party had to organise itself before the election made it difficult.”

The party leader, nonetheless, said the emergency which came up  after the initiative decisions in the National Assembly were not talked about.

APC Blasts ‘PDP Press Watchdog'For asking Presi. Buhari To Resign Over Age Comment

The All Progressives Congress has called something of poor thinking and deliberate mischief, the statement credited to the so-called PDP Media Watchdog asking President Muhammadu Buhari to resign as a result of comments he made over his age recently.

In a new statementissued in Lagos on Wednesday by its National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the governing party said if the authors of the statement had understood simple English, taken the pains to take part in deep thinking and contextualized the comments, they’d not need rushed to the press to require President Buhari’s resignation.

“What President Buhari was saying, which was lost on those who issued that jejune statement, is that only his love and passion for the country could have made him, at his age, to come out of retirement to seek the office of President, over 30 years after he presided over the affairs of the country.
“For 16 years, Nigerians gave the PDP the benefit of the doubt to move the country forward, but instead, the party put Nigeria in reverse gear at a high speed, spinning it towards a doomsday that was only averted when Nigerians showed the PDP the red card. This is what necessitated President Buhari to continuously seek the country’s highest political office, so he can help put the country on a forward march again. Nothing else matters, not for him the excitement of an office he previously held and the quest for personal accomplishment. If the country had been well managed, President Buhari will not at 72 be crisscrossing the whole world seeking solution to Nigeria’s problems”, it said.

Mr. Mohammed noted that within three weeks of his inauguration, President Buhari has succeeded in returning Nigeria to the comity of nations, to such an extent that world leaders are now so eager to engage him on how to assist his country in key areas, including security and the fight against corruption.

The APC spokesman said he deliberately refused to join issues with the PDP, which has been issuing a series of insipid press statements that showed clearly that the party is not ready to provide a robust opposition to the APC-led federal government.

“For the umpteenth time, we say that the PDP and its satellite bodies must realise that in order to be relevant, credible and to make the necessary impact, they must pick on real issues and articulate them intelligently, rather than latching on to trite matters. This very amateurish display won’t get them anywhere”, he said.

Please help, Hubby Threatens to impregnate Another Woman just to Prove a Point

My hubby and I have been 2gether for as long as 8 yrs but then no Child.

Am concerned yet he doesn’t appear to be concerned by any means, he said its GOD that gives children,of cos I knw that is valid. We have been begging and beleiving GOD for a wonder. I let him know we ought to go for a check up,my result was okay.His result demonstrates that he has a low sperm count. he started taking some recommended prescription for some time,but he didn’t take the drugs religiously like the specialist advised. He later quit taking the medications. at that point we had a battle.

He said he doesn’t have a low sperm count and that the test outcome is not genuine that since am blaming him for not being a genuine man, he will go and test him self outside by getting another lady pregnant that I ought not get angry becos am the one that pushed him outside. I don’t knw why he is thinking that it hard to acknowledge his medicinal condition and treat him self as opposed to set outside to test him self.

His families and companions believes am the one at deficiency, cos wen a couple can’t have children, people point fingers at the wife. Am so befuddled right now,I have many thoughts going thru my mind. I adore him so much and he has dependably been there for me. Yet, this trying times are killing me. Dear people what would you advise your sister to do. Much appreciated

President Buhari Welcomed In Style In Kaduna

Governor Nasir El Rufai invited President Muhammadu Buhari on his first visit to the crocodile city which serves as the town of the President before his triumph in the 2015 General elections.

Look at more photographs howl.

Photos: Nigerian man reportedly shot dead by Malaysian police

A Nigerian man named Enekwenchi Sampson Someadina from Enugu was supposedly shot dead by police yesterday night around 10:32pm at One Taman shopping complex in Damasara, Malaysia.

Pics: Military officer orders man to do frog jump for scratching his private car

Is this not ill-use of force? This military officer was filmed by a driver punishing this driver this way at CMS, Lagos in light of the fact that he apparently scratched his auto. Na wa! More photographs bellow.

Check out photos from Tinsel cast Meet and Greet in Abuja

Abuja woke up on Saturday June 13th as some of Tinsel’s most loved stars were in town for a meet and greet their fans. It was an evening of fun, fervor and freebies as the stars which included Linda Ejiofor, Tomi Odunsi, Funlola Aofeyebi Raimi, Funmi Holder, Udoka Oyeka and Gbenro Ajibade were more than pleased to sign autographs and take selfies with their fans! More photographs bellow.