Saturday, October 24, 2015

Devalue Naira, Remove Fuel Subsidy, Sanusi Tells Buhari

Restriction of forex to 41 sectors hurting the economy
Advises incoming ministers against flattery of the president
The Emir of Kano and a former Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Governor, Mallam Muhammad Sanusi II, has stressed the need for the federal government to completely remove fuel subsidy.
He also advised the CBN and the Presidency to reconsider their stance against naira devaluation, saying the country cannot continue to live “in denial.”

I’ll Wait For My Eagles Chance, Iheanacho Tells Oliseh

Nigeria youth sensation, Kel­echi Iheanacho has declared that he would continue to bid his time for a Super Eagles’ chance despite being overlooked by Coach Sunday Oliseh in last week’s international friendly against Demo­cratic Republic of Congo and Camer­oon in Belgium.
The 18-year-old was recently pro­moted to Manchester City’s first team prior to the new season following a spectacular pre-season performance, but he was surprisingly snubbed by Oliseh for national team call up.

New Profile Of An APC Leader - Femi Aribisala.

Many monuments have been built in honour of the man Bola Tinubu. He is acclaimed as the political genius of our times who not only engineered the taming of the PDP juggernaut, he caged it and confined it to the backwaters of Otuoke. Since the APC defeat of the PDP in the presidential election, Tinubu the tactician has been feted, celebrated and praised to high heavens. But all these encomiums have proved to be highly exaggerated.

DSS Refuse To Produce Pirated Radio Biafra Director, Nnamdi Kanu – Lawyer

ENUGU – The Department of State Security Service,DSS,Friday,refused to produce Radio Biafra Director,Nnamdi Kanu who was arrested last Monday on his return from United kingdom,arraigned secretly at Magistrate Court,Wuse 11,and granted bail under stringent bail conditions.biafra Nnamdi Kanu

Nnamdi’s Lawyer,Mr.Egechukwu Obetta,who spoke to Vanguard in his Enugu office Saturday,said,”we have fulfilled his bail conditions.
Although the bail conditions were stringent which required the Certificate of Occupancy of a landed property within Abuja municipality, a level 16 officer in the Ministry, which we eventually met in full.

"Magun" (Thunderbolt) Allegedly Kills Prophet After Sleeping With Friend's Wife


A white piece of clothing church prophet in a suburb of Lagos, ‘Woli Adesoji’, supposedly met his untimely demise amid s*x with the wife of his dear companion and a senior in the congregation.

It was accumulated that the ‘Woli’, was actually ousted from another church where he was a prophet after he was nabbed with a member’s wife and he later opened his own congregation and appeared to proceed in his indulgence.

Being the pioneer of the congregation, Adesoji had a free rule and laid down with any lady he considered fit, both wedded and single, particularly the individuals who looked for fruits of the womb or spouses.

According to a church member “It was a thing of shame when Prophet Adesoji, a married man with several children, died while making love to another man’s wife. And the woman is married to an elder in the church.

We all know Woli to be very randy and had been suspected by many but since he was the founder of the church, no one could confront him. It seemed the woman’s husband had planted ‘magun’ (a Yoruba voodoo meant to prevent a woman from committing adu!tery), on his wife and behold, it was Woli that was caught in the trap.

He died in a very shameful way in his private room in the church. The woman has since fled the area while church members have been trying to come to terms with the ugly incident.”


We Robbed Banks In Abuja To Raise Money For Boko Haram - Arrested Suspects

With the recent arrest of five suspected members of the deadly Boko Haram sect, terrorizing the metropolis of the Federal Capital Territory, FCT, Abuja, the police seem to have been on the verge of dismantling the deadly cell which has coordinated most of the bombings around the metropolis.

Pro-Biafra Campaign Championed By Ignorant Youths – Previous Head of State, Gowon


Previous Head of State, General Yakubu Gowon (retd.), has dismissed any potential threat to Nigeria’s proceeded with corporate presence as an aftereffect of the exercises of some professional Biafra groups.

General Gowon, who was in charge of undertakings of the country when the Nigerian common war broke out in 1967, noticed that Nigerians have put behind them the terrible recollections of the three year bleeding struggle, including that those behind the protests were adolescents who have no clue what the war cost Nigerians.


He, however, said he wished he could meet with the pro-Biafra secessionists to counsel them on the dangers of beating the drums of war, adding that “if there’s anything of the sort, anywhere in any part of the country, just like the Boko Haram issue, Nigeria should deal with it in a mature way”.

The elder statesman stated this in Lafia, the Nasarwa State capital shortly after a malaria eradication campaign visit to Governor Tanko Al-Makura.

Gowon further opined that pro-Biafra campaign was being driven by just a few people and that the generality of the Igbo people do not share the view.

While admitting that the protesters had the right to express their feelings, Gowon stated “with Biafra, it is finished”.


Ever Wonder How a Nuclear Plant Makes low-cost and efficient Electricity ? (Video)

Ever wonder how a nuclear plant like Watts Bar makes low-cost electricity? The heat created by nuclear fission is captured and used to create steam. The steam is used to turn a series of large turbines connected to a huge electric generator. How huge? At any moment, a single unit’s generator is producing all of the power needed for 650,000 homes and businesses with no greenhouse or carbon emissions. With both units operational, that’s 2,300 megawatts which is electricity for 1.3 million homes.


‘Have you any Common Sense?’ – Putin Crushes BBC Journalist’s Stupid Questions

Is common sense severely lacking in mainstream Western journalism?
Russia’s President Putin found himself having to ask BBC journalist John Simpson if he has any common sense at all, as he pushed the establishment line that Russia is an aggressor in the world.

Right Wing Nationalist and Racist Football Fans In Ukraine Attack African Fans Of Their Own Club (Video)

They cherished the same game and supported the same club however kindred fans assaulted them as a result of the colour of their skin. It is shameful how in this day and age some sport fans could be so nauseating and bigot. Common sense would propose that regardless of the possibility that you are racist against African people, it’s ideal not to show off your inclinations at a broadcast ballgame where there are such a large number of cameras rolling.

Be that as it may, obviously prejudice is still regular, while sound judgment is NOT, in a few sections of Eastern Europe. Amid a Champions League match between Dynamo Kiev and Chelsea on October 20 in Ukraine, four African folks were targeted on and thrashed by others devotees of the same club they all supported.

This implies Dynamo Kiev fans beat up a cluster of other Dynamo Kiev fans on the grounds that they were Africans. It wasn’t only one group targeting on them either. Wherever the quartet went they kept running into fierce Right Wing Nationalist and Racist Football Fans. A few others did attempt to protect them yet they were far and few between.

It’s simply tragic that these kind of disdainful forces are permitted to exist within the Beautiful Game. Football-related accepted racism by Dynamo fans is just the same old thing new. Last season the club paid a fine and was requested to close some portion of its stadium where the Ultras sit as discipline for their supporters’ provocation of the visisting Evertonians.

UEFA needs to descend overwhelming on Dynamo since it’s a rehash offense. In the main time, the club has an obligation to identify and serve life bans to each one of the individuals who were included in the loathsome episode above.

UEFA has in the past banned clubs for failing to agree to its money related regulations. Maybe, it’s time it likewise announces racism as an issue worth banning clubs for. Perhaps then just Dynamo will spring enthusiastically and free itself of its Right Wing Nationalist and Racist Football Fans like people over in Britain did in the ’80s.