Saturday, April 18, 2015

Photos from "Fish Rain" in Thailand

Some would say it’s “it’s raining cats and dogs , here it is not cats and dogs but  fish and water in Thailand today according to BBC news!

Wonders of ELedua! How will science and evolutionists explain this?A mystery, a phenomenon that only Eledumare understands. Instead of rain falling, fishes fell.

Graphic: A foreigner's child attacked in South Africa as King Zulu Declares "Africans must go"


So they have started attacking  children? That’s crossing the red line and not cool at all. I think the African leaders should set up something like ICC in Africa to prosecute someone like King Zulu for declaring “Africans must go” in South Africa.

What do you think ?

Timi Dakolo Spotted with Snoop Dogg at the rapper's listening party

The vocalist is right now in Atlanta and went to the listening party for Snoop Dogg’s new collection which took place in ATL a couple of hours back.

Chibok girls kidnapped to discredit GEJ's govt as incompetent- Doyin Okupe

One of the reasons the Chibok girls were kidnapped was to present Jonathan’s administration as incompetent and hold it to ransom against 2015 elections.


One of the reasons the BBOG was formed was to sustain and internationalise the embarrassment. One of the reasons President Jonathan lost the election was a national and international conspiracy predicated on this carefully choreographed and assiduously sustained perception.

One of the issues that will be in the hand over notes will be the missing girls.What is reasonable and expedient for well meaning men and women of good conscience is to dialogue with the incoming administration on what best new approach to employ to find and rescue the chibok girls.

Not much can be achieved, except mischief, by continuing to flog this administration on this matter.


Igbo leaders a disgrace - Etcetera writes

I am not sure why this fellow supposes its alright to say Igbo pioneers are a disgrace! At the same time I believe he’s Igbo (his name is Pascal Ejikeme) so we should read what he’s got to say and let us know what you think.


I was told that every Igboman who heard Ojukwu’s speech after the Biafran war was filled with a renewed sense of pride and hope. A hope that one day the Igbo nation will rise and become a force of reckoning not just in Nigeria but in the entire black world. I have read that speech over and over and each time I read through, I am filled with pride and imagination of how those who heard the words pouring out of the mouth of the warlord himself must have felt. Before going any further, let me recount a little part of what the late sage said while addressing the press:

“In the three years of the war, necessity gave birth to invention. During those three years of heroic bound, we leapt across the great chasm that separates knowledge from know-how. We built rockets, and we designed and built our own delivery systems. We guided our rockets. We guided them far, we guided them accurately. For three years, blockaded without hope of import, we maintained all our vehicles. The state extracted and refined petrol, individuals refined petrol in their back gardens. We built and maintained our airports, maintained them under heavy bombardment. Despite the heavy bombardment, we recovered so quickly after each raid that we were able to maintain the record for the busiest airport in the continent of Africa. We spoke to the world through telecommunication system engineered by local ingenuity; the world heard us and spoke back to us! We built armoured car tanks. We modified aircraft from trainer to fighters, from passenger aircraft to bombers. In the three years of freedom we had broken the technological barrier. In three years we became the most civilised, the most technologically advanced black people on earth.”

Ojukwu, with those few lines, defined the ingenuity and never-say-die spirit God has embedded in the marrows of the Igboman. But my question for Ndigbo is, where has this ingenuity for which the entire world has given them a standing ovation, gone? Why can’t it be used today to enhance the cause of Ndigbo? Can’t we re-enact the same war time feat to launch ourselves back to reckoning again in Nigeria and in the entire black world?

Since Ojukwu died, Ndigbo have been like sheep without a shepherd. Those who we thought could take up the mantle of leadership are nothing but selfish entities who care for nothing but their personal interest. As I am writing this article, I just got words that a senator in Imo State has been discovered as a saboteur working against the interest of his people because he has been promised to be made Senate president in the new political dispensation which begins on May 29. What is it with Ndigbo and greed? How long are we going to kill ourselves? Isn’t it a gargantuan shame that a tribe as populous as Ndigbo can’t provide a single individual that is seen to be credible enough to be elected president of Nigeria? A casual observation of the performances of the governors of the south eastern states will reveal their level of under-performance since 1999. Case point, take Aba which has failed to enjoy any meaningful development since the 1929 Aba women riot.

The place is a total mess. What have the governors done with what has been accruing to the state in the last 16 years of democratic rule? The fact that these individuals who have mismanaged fortunes of the state consider themselves fit to even contest election is a slap on the faces of Ndigbo. Ndigbo, are we cursed? The red-cap goons known as Ohaneze do nothing but crawl from one place to another offering themselves for sale and for use. This has been their money-making scheme for too long and it can no longer hold water. Can’t we take a cue from the style Dangote adopted and made a kill? The Yoruba have already adopted it and it is working. We have to restrategise to become that economic power house we crave. The idea that every Igboman who makes money whether through his ingenuity or by accident becomes misguided and begins to push for political office even though they are clearly not professional politicians should be discarded.

We hear of Dangote, the Dantatas, Otedola, Mike Adenuga, the Okoyas, where are the Igbo equivalent in terms of their organisational set-up? Most of our businesses are largely one-man businesses and whenever the founder dies, the whole thing dies. Ndigbo must do away with their selfishness and personal greed, otherwise we will continue to languish as a people. We must redirect our thoughts away from the deeply engrossed notion of “to make it in life,” “we must make money at all cost.” What Ndigbo should learn from the just concluded elections is that without a harmony of opinion, all our efforts will yield nothing. Igbo kwezuenu.

VIDEO: Oritse Femi Set To Release ‘Double Wahala’ Album May 1st (Video Montage)

From the stable of AVATAR/MSN GANG, OritseFemi ‘DE Musical Taliban’ drops ‘Double Wahala‘ Album.

This promises to be a great album as Oritse Femi joins forces with his fellow heavy weights in the game such as D’banj, Timaya, Davido, M.I, Ice Prince, Patoranking, Skales, just to mention  a few.

Check out the release date and video montage below.




Watch new VIDEO: R2Bees – Makoma

Ghana’s foremost group; R2Bees keeps churning out dope stuff and just some weeks after dropping the hit; Makoma, they finally drop an equally dope video to the banging tune.



Adorable new photo of Seun Kuti's daughter, Adara


Fela Anikulapo-Kuti’s grand daughter looking so so sweet!

Zenophobia: Meet the Zulu King of South African whose remarks launched the Xenophobic attacks

Zulu King Godwill Zwelithi’s utterances on March 23rd launched the Zenophobic attacks in South Africa and he had refused to apologize, even after finding out that his people have maimed, killed and destroyed businesses belonging to black foreigners.

He’s still insisting that foreigners should go back to their countries but tried to save face by saying attacking the foreigners is not how to chase them away. He wants the government to do it legally.

During a speech last month, Zwelithini called for the deportation of foreign nationals living in the country, saying it was unacceptable locals were being made to compete with people from other countries for the few economic opportunities they had available. King Zwelithi said “foreigners must pack their bags and go home”.

His three major complaints and why he wanted foreigners to go were; 1. SA traders in the townships said they could not compete with the prices that foreign-owned businesses were selling their products. 2; foreigners involved in crime. 3. Lack of respect shown by foreigners to locals.

Addressing Pongolo community members during a moral regeneration event, Zwelithini accused government of failing to protect locals from the “influx of foreign nationals”. He said;

“Most government leaders do not want to speak out on this  matter because they are scared  of losing votes.  As the king of the Zulu nation, I cannot tolerate a situation where we are being led by leaders with no views whatsoever.

“We are requesting those who come from outside to please go back to their countries. The fact that there were countries that played a role in the country’s struggle for liberation should not be used as an excuse to create a situation where foreigners are allowed to inconvenience locals. I know you were in their countries during the struggle for liberation. But the fact of the matter is you did not set up businesses in their countries.”

His comments were widely condemned with the SA DA describing it “highly irresponsible’ ‘Particularly given the recent spate of xenophobic attacks in South Africa, he should do the right thing – retract and apologise,”

He didn’t and his spokesman went on record to say the King had nothing to apologize for, that he meant every word he said.

“I think the people who’re complaining are misinterpreting his speech. He didn’t say foreigners must be attacked or harassed. The king was talking about foreigners who are here illegally. Some are involved in serious crimes like drug and human trafficking. We don’t need such people in our country so the king is right.” His spokesman said

After the killing spread across different cities, the king has relented a little and is planning to speak to his people this Monday in an effort to quell the attacks. He’s expected to address the public directly and clarify his statement and ask his people to stop the violence which his words started…

Nigerian reportedly attacked in Johannesburg, South Africa

Here is a story from a Nigerian who lives in Centurion, South Africa about an assault on another Nigerian in Johannesburg today.Have you seen those terrible videos on Facebook demonstrating the murdering of African outsiders? Furthermore, they are assaulting kids. In one video, a few youngsters were beaten, tied up and the men poured gas on their body. Can’t post the pics here…go on Facebook. This is barbaric !

12 months after Nyanya bomb blast, road leading to the place still clossed (Photos:)

One year after Nyanya bomb blast, security operatives still barricade the road going up Nyanya flyover, causing motorists of Mararaba, Nyanya, Karu, Jikwoyi and  environs untold hardship.

The Nyanya park has been relocated to the roadside by the market, causing heavy traffic gridlock, especially in the morning rush hour. Please kindly use your blog to help us appeal to relevant authorities for the road and the park to be reopened.


It didn’t take five days before reopening Emab plaza after the bomb explosion there,  so why is this one different? We have suffered too much on account of this. Imagine spending four hours in traffic for a journey that ordinarily takes ten to fifteen minutes. By the time one gets to work, it’s already 10-11am, depending on when one leaves the house. Exhaustion and tension then renders one less effective for that day. In the long run,  this affects the nation’s GDP, since productivity is reduced. Thanks in anticipation that you will share our plight with the world to hear.

Buhari should abolish government foreign scholarships- Commonwealth Youth chair, Ahmed Adamu

Check out the PRESS RELEASE bellow. 


 The Commonwealth Youth Council chairperson, Ahmed Adamu, has urged Nigeria’s president elect, Muhamudu Buhari, to abolish foreign scholarships in country when he assumes office May 29.


According to Adamu who holds a PhD in economics, close to N100 billion is spent on foreign scholarships annually by Nigerian government which he claimed has caused over supply of Nigerian currency, triggering the continue decline of the value of the Nigerian Naira.


“This figure is extremely higher when adding the cost of other self-sponsored foreign education and I am using this medium to call on the Nigerian president elect to consider this as one of the immediate policy he will adopt in the first 100 days in office”.


He, in a statement issued on Saturday from London said Nigerians and other internationals studying in UK contribute 2.3% to the GDP growth in UK and their patronages contribute 2.6% to the overall UK employment and maintained that the funds injected into foreign economies should be invested in Nigeria.


“How different are foreign Universities are from Nigerian Universities, you will talk about access to energy, IT, resources, facilities, conducive atmosphere, and efficiency. All these can be provided in all Nigerian Universities with the savings that will eventuate from abolishing foreign scholarships. If you divide N100 billion by the number of federal universities, you will see that each university will get N2.5 billion a year”.


He held that Nigerian universities can perform to the international standard if for five years N2.5 billion is injected in them annually and that those who were already trained abroad can teach in Nigerian universities.

The economist also said Mr. Buhari must cut down government expenditure by 50% in one year, increase bank rate and taxes and the extravagance and wastages during the political campaign had caused unnecessary inflation in Nigeria, which he claimed is now at 8.6%  from 7.9% in November.

“The money in circulation must be controlled. It is commendable that the president-elect has proposed to reduce government overheads by proposing to scrap unnecessary political appointments.


“All the money saved from the austerity measures should be invested in manufacturing and industrial sectors as well as education, science and technology. Small skills labourers should have a coordinated wage system, so that cost of production can be predicted, and small skill labourers who contribute immensely to the economic growth will not be underpaid” he stated.

See back in the day photo of Abacha, Abiola & Tinubu

This was before Abacha jailed MKO and the Tinubu behind that formed Nigeria’s strongest opposition party – now soon-to-be ruling party.


South Africans must see this !

A suggestion to insensible South Africans who feel the need to assault the those who helped them in ways that can never be reimbursed.

19-Year-Old SA Girl Commits Suicide After Her Sx Tape Leaked [Photo]

A 19-year-old South African girl, Christina Fokona, has had enough of the shame, hounding, bullying and name calling and decided to end it all by committing suicide after she overdosed on her mother’s medication for high blood pressure, Times Live reports.

The deceased has been haunted by a leaked tape where she and two boys were having sex on their school grounds in 2010 when she was 15 and the boys were 14 and 16 respectively.

The two boys were both charged initially with rape but she had admitted that the sex was consensual.

All three were then charged with ‘consensual sexual penetration’ under the 2007 Criminal Law, which made consensual sexual acts between children aged 12 and 15 a crime. The charges were later dropped after the teenagers joined a diversion programme.

After the video scandal, Christina moved to two different schools because children made fun of her.

For Christina, the trauma of the incident and the criminal case was too much to bear, coupled with the way she was being treated afterwards and she ended it all last week.

Christina’s sister, Bridgette Nzama, said that her family thought she was fine until she committed suicide.

Her mother, Mandisa, was the last person to see her alive.

The last SMS Christina sent to her sister was:

“Thank you my sister for everything you have done for me.”

Nzama had supported her sister during the court case, which was ‘very stressful.’

“I ended up leaving my job so that I could go to court with her and support her. There were journalists everywhere and she didn’t want to talk.

She didn’t want to go outside or go anywhere.”

Muslim Migrants Push 12 Nigerian Christians Into The Sea Over Religious Fight

Twelve Nigerian and Ghanaian migrants were thrown overboard following a fight concerning their Christian religion, Italian police said yesterday. The police said 15 African Muslim migrants have arrested over the incident. .

The victims were “of Christian faith, compared to their attackers who were of Muslim faith,” police said in a statement, saying the 15 people arrested were accused of “multiple aggravated murders motivated by religious hate”.

The incident aboard the rubber dinghy, which was carrying about 100 migrants, took place in the Strait of Sicily, between Tunisia and Italy.

According to a group of Nigerian and Ghanaian survivors, a fight broke out over religion, with a group of Muslim passengers threatening the Nigerians and Ghanaians after the latter – who were in the minority – declared themselves to be Christians.

“The threats then materialised and 12 people, all Nigerian and Ghanaian, are believed to have drowned in the Mediterranean,” the statement added.

The 15 migrants arrested over the attack on their arrival in Palermo were from Ivory Coast, Mali and Senegal.

In a separate migrant tragedy, as many as 41 migrants were feared drowned after refugee boat sank in the Mediterranean, Italian media reported.

Four survivors reported the incident to Italian police and humanitarian organizations.

The four survivors said they were originally from Sub-Saharan Africa and had left the city of Tripoli in Libya on Saturday. They then stayed adrift for four days before their boat was wrecked, the IOM spokesman said in a statement.

“It appears that the four were found floating in the sea by a helicopter and were then rescued by the military ship Foscari,” the IOM said.

5/10: The Top 10 Richest Actors In The World (Tom Hanks)

Tom Hanks is a man of many caps. He’s been a performing artist, screenwriter, executive, and maker. Over his past years of being in the business, he has won incalculable awards for his parts in movies like Cast Away, Catch Me If You Can, Apollo 13, Toy Story, Da Vinci Code, You’ve Got Mail thus numerous different movies.

Total assets: $390 million

Meet The Top 10 Richest Actors In The World

leonardo_di_caprio will_smith jerry_seinfeldjonhy

It’s a well known fact that performing artists are well off. The measure of cash that performing artists make is generally open to the public, and the sum they’re making is by all accounts getting higher each film. Hollywood is not going to lose everything at any point in the near future, so they’re ready to pay huge cash to their performing artists/on-screen characters. The individuals who are interested about which performing artists as of now are worth the most, ought to look no further. HERE is the list for the main ten wealthiest performing artists on the planet.





4/10: The Top 10 Richest Actors In The World (Johnny Depp)


This unconventional performer has been interesting groups of onlookers throughout recent years. His most well known part to date is his depiction of Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of The Caribbean franchise. The establishment is a standout amongst the best ever, on account of Depp’s execution. He is likewise the proprietor of the generation organization Infinitum Nihil.

Total assets: $450 million

10/10: The Top 10 Richest Actors In The World (Salman Khan)


This 48-year-old on-screen character is one of Bollywood’s most sweltering stars. He is a standout amongst the most famous Bollywood performing artists and has a tremendous following in his nation of origin.

Total assets: $200 million

9/10: The Top 10 Richest Actors In The World (Will Smith)


This great Hollywood on-screen character has turned into a family name all over the place. His humble beginnings in the TV arrangement Fresh Prince of Bel-Air the distance to his freshest film Suicide Squad, the performer has made truly a career for himself.

Total assets: $215 million

8/10: The Top 10 Richest Actors In The World (Leonardo Di Caprio)


Leonardo DiCaprio is one of Hollywood’s most prevalent performing artists and in light of current circumstances. The performing artist completely confers himself to his parts and dependably gives an awesome execution. His achievement part was in the most astounding netting film ever, Titanic.

Total assets: $215 million.

7/10: The Top 10 Richest Actors In The World (Sylvester Stallone)


From prevalent movies like Rocky and Rambo, Sylvester Stallone is one of Hollywood’s most conspicuous action stars. Lately, he’s revitalized his acting profession by returning to his old establishments, however the mainstream star additionally invests a lot of time behind the cam.

Total assets: $275 million.

6/10: The Top 10 Richest Actors In The World (Keanu Reeves)


This Canadian performer become wildly successful with the film The Matrix. His profession before that was basically satire movies, so moviegoers were stunned to see the performing artist show up in such an action overwhelming film. From that point forward, Reeves has turned into a really dependable super star.

Total assets: $350 million