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Names Of The 59 School Boys Murdered By B'Haram In 2014 Revealed

In Remembrance: Names of the 59 #BuniYadi FGC schoolboys were murdered by Boko Haram extremists last year…

Love can kill: Young NYSC Member swallows Poison After His Girlfriend Told Him They Cant Marry

Lol,Chai women are wicked! the guy is dead now and she will obviously continue with her life!

The body of a 26-year-old National Youth Service Corp, NYSC, member, identified as Ernest, was, Wednesday, recovered from his one room apartment after he reportedly took a poisonous substance.  Reports indicated that the child, who had been in deep love with a fellow NYSC member, Chioma Okewuru, went berserk once the girl returned from her village within the weekend with a band from a person she’d promised to marry.

Ernest, who’s from Edo State and a graduate of the University of Benin, was posted to Cross River State in October, where he met and fell in deep love with Chioma, and both were serving in Redemption Secondary School, Ofombogha 1 in Obubra Local Government Section of Cross Rivers State.

Mr. Noah Ntuen, Acting Divisional Police Officer for Obubra told Vanguard on phone: “The lady had told the guy that she’d not marry him, but that they may be friends. When she returned from home last weekend and showed him the ring her husband-to-be gave her, the child became furious.

“On Wednesday, the situation became worse and at about 7pm, he locked himself in the room and took some poisonous substances.”

A source in the school told Vanguard: “They met at the NYSC Orientation Camp at Abrekpe-Ebokpo and as luck would have it, they were both posted to the same school where they had a relationship going.

“He had the hope the whole thing would end in marriage, but Chioma already had another person she wants to marry.”

Ntuen said the body had been deposited in the mortuary of Obubra General Hospital, while Chioma is with the police, where investigations on the circumstances surrounding the tragic death are in progress.

Konji na Bad Habit: Man kills a Prostitute for Not Satisfying Him in Bed

A 31-year-old Zimbabwean man, Tafadzwa Zendamaoko, has been arrested and charged to court for killing a 23-year old prostitute, Miriam Kugara, because she didn’t satisfy him sexually.  In line with the reports,  Zendamaoko hired the girl around 3 am at the Gora Night Club and both returned to the woman’s house to have sex however not satisfied with her performance, he got angry and murdered her because she didn’t meet his expectation.  During sex, the couple allegedly experienced a disagreement and in a healthy of rage, Zendamaoko threw the girl onto the floor and strangled her.

Then he stole the woman’s phone and left the home. A pal found her dead body the next day and reported to the police.

Zendamaoko who was simply seen the last day when he left the club with the girl, was traced to his home, arrested and faces charges of murder.

Deadly Terrorist Bomb Explosion hits Bauchi Road Motor Car Park In Jos

A witness, Awalu Sani, told PREMIUM TIMES the explosion has killed a yet unknown amount of people, injuring several others and destroying many vehicles.

Information on the incident remain sketchy. The Police in Jos couldn’t be reached for comments only at that time.

The report of the explosion in Jos came hours after another suicide bombing killed 20 people and injured 17 others in Biu, Borno state.

The suicide bomber, driving a tricycle, had scaled through a protection checkpoint, blasting himself near a packed neighbourhood.

The suicide attack occurred at about 3pm when the male bomber sneaked past a checkpoint which another suicide bomber attacked last Wednesday, and detonated the explosive after alighting from the commercial tricycle, popularly called Keke Napep.

A witness, who identified himself as Nasiru, ‎said, “The suicide bomber had come off the Keke Napep and was heading towards the roadside when the bomb went off, killing those that were inside the Keke Napep and those standing by the road side.

“Though the suicide bomber did not die immediately, he was later shot dead by angry members of Civillian-JTF. Many have been injured and some have died including the suicide bomber.”

So Lasgidi Big Girls Now Prefer To Dress In AGBADA abi ? (Photos)

I never might have believed that a day would come when Lades would go completely crazy over male traditional outfits like Agbada.

Agbada was previously a normal outfit for an average Yoruba man and it soon became an attire for several tribes. But gone are those times when this outfit was considered strictly for guys as female trend setters and fashion lovers have already been rocking this attire with heels, gele and even fila.

Nigerian celebrities like Yemi Alade in addition has joined the league of fashionable ladies rocking this trend. What do you think Ladies?

Rock or not ?

Commander in Chief of the Nigerian Armed Forces, Pres. Goodluck Jonathan visits Mubi & Baga In Full Military Outfit

President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, on Thursday in Mubi, Adamawa State and Baga, Borno State applauded Nigerian troops for proving their mettle yet again through the rapid recapture of territories formerly held by insurgents in the country’s North-Eastern states.

Addressing officers and men of the Nigerian Army in both towns, of recently recaptured from Boko Haram, President Jonathan declared he and all Nigerians were very happy with the bravery, competence and patriotism with which they certainly were now undertaking operations to expel the insurgents from all elements of Borno, Yobe and Adamawa states.

The President stated that making use of their recent successes, which may have overwhelmingly turned the tide against Boko Haram, the Nigerian military has proven beyond any doubt so it remains fully effective at defending the territorial integrity of Nigeria. The military’s recent victories against Boko Haram, President Jonathan told the troops, also have proven conclusively that those, within and outside the nation, who cast aspersions on Nigerian soldiers and questioned their ability and willingness to overcome the insurgents were misinformed and wrong.

President Jonathan, who was simply accompanied on the trip by the National Security Adviser, Col. Sambo Dasuki and all of the Service Chiefs, assured the troops that the Federal Government will ensure that they receive all the apparatus and logistics they might need to perform the ongoing mission to reassert government’s effective control over-all areas formerly held by Boko Haram. The President promised the soldiers that most issues pertaining with their welfare is going to be properly and expeditiously addressed. He assured them that they can be duly rewarded because of their bravery and patriotic service to the nation at the successful conclusion of ongoing operations against Boko Haram.

Families of soldiers who’ve sadly lost their lives in battles against Boko Haram is likewise well provided for, the President further assured the troops. The soldiers responded immediately to the President’s address with chants of “Never Again” and assured him that insurgents and terrorists won’t ever again be permitted to take and hold any Nigerian territory. During Mubi, President Jonathan, followed by the Governor of Adamawa State, Mr. Bala Ngilari and the Minister of Youth Development, Mr. Bonnie Haruna, paid a courtesy call on the Emir, Alhaji Isa Ahmadu.

He assured the Emir that the Federal Government can do all within its powers to ensure normalcy is speedily returned to Mubi and other towns and settlements recently recaptured from Boko Haram allow displaced persons return with their homes in the shortest possible time. President Jonathan also undertook an aerial inspection of other towns and areas recently recaptured from Boko Haram including Monguno. Before heading back to Abuja, the President met and conferred with the Borno State Governor, Alhaji Kashim Shettima in Maiduguri.

What Is Wrong With this Photo (Feminine Extreme Fitness Version)

I don’t know wherever to place that lady, probably it’s a lady, a female, hulk hogan – shes ostensibly puzzled!

After NSA Hack China Stops Buying Major US Tech Brands

China has been axing major US technology companies from its government purchasing list in support of local brands. Some analysts believe fears over NSA spy technology could possibly be to blame.


© AP Photo/ Andy Wong

The list of products for the Central Government Procurement Center (CGPC), which is already approved by the Chinese Ministry of Finance, includes over 5,000 products, 2,000 of that have been added in the past couple of years, and almost entirely from domestic companies. Those types of products, foreign brands have fallen by a third, and among security-related products, by a half. As of couple of years ago, Cisco Systems had 60 items on the list, but now has none. Among other programs, whose products were excluded from the list are Intel’s security brand McAfee, Apple, and Citrix.

Video: Check out Major Madonna free fall on stage at Brit Awards

Madonna’s much-anticipated return to the Brit Awards, the UK’s equivalent to the Grammys, after 20 years went a little south Wednesday night.

The planet famous pop star fell backwards off the stairs during her performance of her single “Living for Love.”

But the truth that her tumble came as she was belting out “I let down my guard, I fell into your arms,” enables you to wonder if #MadonnaFall was something the diva had planned from the start.


John Kerry Asks Congress for Fatter Propaganda Budget

Stressing the requirement to counter the influence of RT, Secretary of State John Kerry asked Congress for more income to “promote democracy” across the world.


 “Russia Today (sic) can be heard in English, do we have an equivalent that can be heard in Russian?” Kerry asked the House Appropriations Subcommittee, ostensibly overlooking the truth that Voice of America has been broadcasting in Russian for nearly seven decades.

“It’s a pretty expensive proposition. They are spending huge amounts of money.”

California Republican Ed Royce earlier told the House Foreign Affairs Committee that “Russia is spending a lot more than $500 million annually to mislead audiences, sow divisions, and push conspiracy out over RT television.”  Kerry told that body that “Russia’s military aggression is matched only by its propaganda.”

A fast reality check reveals RT’s budget for this season to be less than half of the figure Royce tossed out: $225 million (based on Wednesday’s exchange rate), or 13.9 billion rubles.

Kerry’s budget proposal seeks “$639 million to help our friends in Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova as they seek to strengthen their democracies, withstand pressure from Russia, and to integrate more closely into Europe.”

The Broadcasting Board of Governors, the federal agency charged with overseeing US civilian international media, has long hoped to secure funding for a satellite network aimed at Russian-speaking audiences in post-Soviet countries.

A BBG discussion last August “closed with agreement to produce a proposal to seek funding for this type of project,” an agent of the body told the Hollywood Reporter. “Board members observed that the Russian satellite TV channel is a concept worth pursuing.”

BBG’s current projects haven’t met with much success: Radio and TV Marti, which broadcast from Miami to Cuba, show infinitesimal ratings since their launch, and Alhurra, the US-funded Arabic language TV network, has failed to attain anything like the viewership of Al Jazeera or Al Arabiya.

Its Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty already broadcasts in Russian.


Russian Fighter Jets begin Air Missile Drills Above Barents Sea.

Russia’s Central Military District’s MiG-31 Foxhound fighters are developing response training to air missile strikes during military drills, Russian Defense Ministry said Thursday.

Russia’s Central Military District’s MiG-31 Foxhound interceptor aircraft are conducting military drills within the Barents Sea, testing responses to air missile strikes, the Russian Defense Ministry said Thursday.

“The flight-tactical exercise with the crews of MiG-31 fighter-interceptors was launched in the Perm Region at the Sokol Airbase. In the coming days, two squads of aircraft will be redeployed to the Monchegorsk airport (Murmansk Region), making a flight distance of 1,500 kilometers (932 miles). The flights to intercept ‘enemy’ missiles and aircraft will take place from there,” the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement.

Based on the statement, the pilots will hold drills until March 6, using air-to-air missiles. On Wednesday, Russia’s Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu stated that Russia doesn’t exclude the likelihood of protecting its national interests in the Arctic region by military means.

Russia’s revised military doctrine, signed by President Vladimir Putin in December 2014, named the protection of national interests in the Arctic among the key priorities for the army in times of peace, for the very first time ever. Portions of the Arctic region, such as the Barents Sea, have been disputed for their natural resources and shipping potential, with ice loss opening new shipping routes and enabling further petroleum exploration possibilities.

In 2010, following 40 years of negotiations between Norway and Russia, the countries’then-leaders Dmitry Medvedev and Jens Stoltenberg announced that the breakthrough agreement on the Barents Sea boundary have been reached, opening large, previously legally impassable territories for hydrocarbon exploration.

US CNN is At it Again: Does US Network Really Think Putin is Jihadi John?

CNN did it again. Apparently the key identity of ISIL killer’Jihadi John’is Russian President Vladimir Putin.

CNN just can’t seem to simply help themselves. In a written report confirming the identity of’Jihadi John’on Thursday, the headlines agency accidentally took down the picture of the ISIL-affiliated killer and replaced it with a picture of Vladimir Putin.

With US State Department officials constantly saying that Russia is really as bad as ISIL, perhaps it was just a matter of time before CNN would start mistake the Russian leader for Jihadi John.

The gaffe is merely the newest in what seems just like a never-ending and hilarious group of bloopers created by the international news agency about Russia and Ukraine, the final occuring just a week ago, when CNN accidentally annexed Ukraine to Russia:

  Last summer, the agency had placed Slavyansk, an area in eastern Ukraine contested by Kiev and Donetsk rebels in Crimea about 500 kilometers southwest, in Crimea, which had broken off and joined Russia.  

Earlier, commenting on referendums which had taken invest Donetsk and Luhansk regarding their status within Ukraine, CNN posted a graphic placing the referendum somewhere in Pakistan.


Russia inks Military Deal With EU Member State

Russian navy ships will are in possession of access to avoid off at ports in Cyprus, while Moscow will continue to supply the Mediterranean country with debt relief, following an agreement by Russian President Vladimir Putin and Cypriot leader Nicos Anastasiades.

heavy_machines1 © AP Photo


The agreements, which apply to Russian vessels involved in counter terrorism and anti piracy efforts, follow Mr. Anastasiades’two-day visit to Russia, which led to both countries signing a programme of cooperation for 2015-2017.

The agreement comes amid heightened tensions between Russia and the EU over the conflict in Ukraine, however Mr Putin played down any concerns the West could have over the brand new deal.

“Our friendly ties aren’t aimed against anyone,” he said. “I don’t think it will cause worries anywhere.”

Russia isn’t the only real country to have military ties to Cyprus, with the island also planning to host British military bases. Moscow has been working to maintain its relations with long-time European partners such as Cyprus, Greece and Hungary amid the increased tensions with the EU and the US.

“My visit here comes in a time that you can call critical, given the current situation,” Mr Anastasiades said.  “And the least I could do is visit Russia during these difficult times to assure it that, despite this situation, our relations will still develop.”

The Cypriot leader also warned the EU about implementing further sanctions against Russia, citing the widespread effects of such embargoes.

“Whatever sanctions are introduced against Russia, they impact other countries [and] members of the EU, which include my motherland.” 

In exchange for being granted permission for Russian navy ships to stop off in Cyprus’ports, Moscow has agreed to restructure its €2.5 billion (£1.8 billion) bailout loan it gave Cyprus in 2011.



Kiev Starts Withdrawal of Major Weaponry – Ukrainian Military

The Ukrainian military says the schedule for withdrawal of heavy artillery could be corrected “in case there is offensive activities from the other side.”

© REUTERS/ Gleb Garanich

Ukraine’s General Staff has announced on its website that Kiev is beginning to withdraw its heavy weaponry from the disengagement line in the country’s troubled eastern regions.

“Today Ukraine begins to withdraw its 100-millimeter artillery from the demarcation line,” the statement reads. “This first step towards the withdrawal of heavy artillery will take place only under OSCE monitoring and verification.”

The General Staff stressed, however, that the schedule for withdrawal of heavy artillery could be corrected in case of offensive activities from the other side.

Meanwhile Donetsk and Luhansk forces have already been pulling back their heavy weapons for days, in line with the Minsk agreement, and have voiced their concern over Kiev’s failure to do the same.

Kiev forces and Donbas independence supporters have already been in a situation of military confrontation since April 2014. On February 12, the leaders of Russia, Ukraine, Germany and France worked out a peace deal that envisaged, among other steps, the pullout of heavy artillery from the line of contact.


26.02.2015 Ukrainian crisis news. War in Ukraine, Donbass, Kiev

Heartbreaking Video: Anti-Buhari protesters don't know why they're proesting

This is such a humiliating thing to watch. Nigerians who went to protest against Buhari at Chattam House today didn’t even know why they were there. One was asked, “for what reason are you here?” she said “I don’t know” and later said “I’m not against anybody” however you see her carrying a hostile to Buhari notice. The majority of them didn’t even know what they were protesting about. On the off chance that they were paid to be there, then whoever paid them ought to request their cash back. Excessively despicable.

Watch the video above.

Bruce Jenner finally transforms into an old woman ?

Bruce Jenner made his ladylike/drag open introduction in full make-up and a dress on the 1981 representation comic drama uncommon, Bob Hope’s All-Star Comedy – Look At The Fall Season: Photograph Credit: Getty Images.

Pic of Kourtney Kardashian & Penelope: Can you see the striking resemblance ?

Photos: Emma Nyra rocks crazy torn jeans

Hot or Trashy ?

Photos: Khloe Kardashian shows off her backside as she rocks sheer leggings

The 30 year old reality star was spotted heading to the rec center in Beverly Hill yesterday wearing this sheer tights.

Trust paparazzi to zoom in. See more pics bellow.

Christina Milian Flashes Too Much side boob at Focus Premiere in LA

The Singer turned reality star flaunted significant side chest in this open blue silk coat – without a top or bra underneath – at the Focus debut held at TCL Chinese Theater in LA yesterday.

Christina endured closet glitch as the tape she utilized scarcely kept her chest set up.

See more photos bellow.