Thursday, February 5, 2015

Women traditional rulers !

Oba has no gender. Women traditional rulers are being pushed to the background. Why? We need all the leaders we can hold and more. This Oba of Akure is well educated, a wife and mother.


Saidi Balogun Meets Fathia Balogun

Popular Yoruba movie actor, producer and director, Saidi Balogun Celebrates his birthday today.


He hails from Ibadan in Oyo State, Nigeria. He has featured in numerous yoruba movies. Saidi also shares birthday date with his wife, Fathiat Balogun. Wishing them a great day.

Ore Yeye ooo: my mother Osun/Oshun !!


She attracts with her hard work and determination to reach goals. She handles her business and rules her household like a true queen bee. The pantry is stocked and the accounts are full. In her spare time she is planning more businesses to start because she is the expert market woman. Her family is well fed and healthy…no wants go unsatisfied..ase. Thank you Yeye for showing me those sides of you that I respect and humbly submit to.

Don't Vote For Jonathan, Prof. Wole Soyinka lists reasons !

Nobel laureate, Prof. Wole Soyinka, announced on Thursday that nobody ought to vote in favor of the continuation of President Goodluck Jonathan’s legislature, saying that there has been an aggregate disappointment in initiative.


He said he has sixty reasons not to vote in favor of the Jonathan administration.

Why do people get initiated into a system they really do not believe in?

 I would not become a nun if I did not believe in the bible.


Why do people come to Isese and take on initiations and priestly titles if they do not believe in IFA and Orunmila and the Orisa as being THE supreme? You just don’t see Pastors not believing in the Bible as THE word. Or Jesus being their only savior. But yet time and time again I see people linking Ifa to Islam or Egypt and forget what our Word Odu says. Or not even giving IFA the reverence as being the Word to start and end all words. Please I need understanding so I can find tolerance.

Graphic Photo: Keke driver burns to demise after being chased by police men

As per a eye witness Bonario Nnags who sent in the report, the scene happened early yesterday at Gudu indirect in Abuja.

He said policemen in their van were pursuing a Keke driver and amid the pursuit, the Keke tumbled and burst into flames. The main traveler in the Keke figured out how to escape unhurt however the driver wasn’t so fortunate. Bonario said seeing the Keke and driver ablaze, the police rapidly left the scene, leaving the man to smolder to death. He said this rankled other Keke drivers and some individuals who saw the scene and they started to dissent. He said it took the intercession of military men to scatter the dissidents.

More photographs bellow.

Check out Pics of footballer Yakubu Aiyegbeni with his daughters

Reading FC super star, Yakubu Aiyegbeni pictured above with his 2 sweet daughters.

M.I reveals the 5 women he's crushing on

In a new interview with Ebonylife EL now program, rapper M.i uncovered the five Nigerian ladies he really likes

M.I (1)