Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Man kills fiance on the pretext of taking back his engagement ring then kills himself by jumping out the window

After 27 year old Julia Martin from Detroit broke off her engagement six months ago to her boyfriend of three years, she knew the right thing to do would be to return her engagement ring.
According to police, when Julia's ex fiancé, 35 year old Rodney Harvey came over to her apartment on the premise of collecting the ring last Friday night, he forced open the door when she answered the door and stabbed her repeatedly before jumping to his death from her apartment window.

Media: Us & Saudi Arabia Sending Isis Terrorists From Mosul To Syria

According to media, the US and Saudi Arabia have agreed to provide Islamic State (IS) terrorists and members of their families with a safe exit from Iraqi province of Anbar and city of Mosul prior to its assault by the international coalition forces. Evacuated terrorists will be sent to Syria to conduct an offensive on cities, controlled by the Syrian government forces.

New Facts About Yemen Missile Attack On Uss Mason: Us Ship Fired 3 Missiles To Defend Itself

USS Mason (DDG-87) fires an SM-2 during a March 2016 exercise (Photo: US Navy)
New details of a missile attack on the USS Masion guided missile destroyer have been revealed.
Three missiles were fired by the crew of the USS Mason (DDG-87) guided-missile destroyer in the Red Sea in order to defend it and the nearby USS Ponce (AFSB(I)-15) from an attack of two presumed cruise missiles, fired by the Iran-backed Houthi forces from the Yemini shore, on October 9, the USNI News informational website reported, citing two defense officials.