Monday, April 11, 2016

Man executed after losing a fight

A horrific footage which shows 2 men fighting in a bare-knuckle fight for survival with the loser of the fight being executed has gone viral.
The video starts with the two men, fighting and surrounded by what seems to be gang members holding guns.

As the two men begin to punch each other in the face, the gang members can be heard whooping and hollering in delight.

The Destiny of Russia or a Secret Thousand Year Plan

by Vladimir Markin
Translated by Alexander Maidan
01.04.2016 00:30
Dear colleagues! Dear fellow editors!
Answers to asked and unasked questions have been piling up. But, please, let us keep this between ourselves. It is not meant for the press here, in the capital. You probably ask yourselves as you watch your screens: why and to what end are they showing all this? Why do self-confessed Russophobes march through the streets of Moscow while the mass media lionizes trendy scandal-mongers and common cads, like Novikov, the lawyer; anyone at all, except people of culture and high professionalism? It begs the question – does Russia have some “cunning plan”, which has considered all these aberrations?

News in Brief April 11th, 2016 by Baaz

“CrossTalk” Bullhorns Incorruptible
The Panama Papers – the huge story that isn’t – a truly pathetic day for Western corporate media. The Dutch voted against the EU’s association agreement with Ukraine. But no worries, Brussels is already looking to overturn this democratic outcome. Also, why is the Syrian ceasefire failing AND is Obama really a realist?
CrossTalking with Mark Sleboda, Stephen Ebert, and Patrick Henningsen.

Ukrainian Nationals Stab Two Indian Students to Death, Leave One Injured

Three Ukrainian citizens have stabbed three Indian students in the medical college of the western Ukraine's city of Uzhhorod, the Indian Foreign Ministry spokesman said.

ICTY Judgments: A New Storm in the Balkans?

by Stefan Karganovic

Two recent judgments handed down at the end of March by the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY), in the Karadzic and Seselj cases, may turn out to have serious implications for peace and stability in the Balkans.

To be sure, most of the Karadzic trial judgment was standard ICTY prose – “victors’ justice” unconvincingly disguised as legal, and even historical, analysis. The defendant Karadzic, first president and wartime leader of the Republic of Srpska in Bosnia between 1992 and 1996, was predictably found guilty on all counts – except for one. But there precisely lies the hidden explosive device built into the decision.

The controversy about Stalin – a “basket” of preliminary considerations

When introducing Jimmie Moglia’s video series about Stalin I promised to share with you my own take on this most controversial personality.  Let me immediately say that what I will write below is most definitely not some seminal analysis of the life and personality of Stalin, but rather few more or less disjointed thoughts on a topic which I still feel that I do not understand.

The figure of Stalin has always been a controversial one.  Some thought of him as the “leader of all times and all nations” (“вождь всех времен и народов”) while other saw him like the epitome of evil, a genocidal maniac who killed more people than any other individual in history.  In reality, that kind of polarization is probably a strong indication of the fact that this issue is a very complex one and that a simple black and white answer is unlikely to correctly evaluate the person of Stalin and his legacy.  The fact that there really was a “personality cult” during Stalin’s life and that it was followed by a emotional denunciation by Khrushchev only made things worse.  Stalin is most definitely a polarizing figure and I myself have been submitted to that polarization from my early childhood.

FG Releases 7,000 Outstanding Petrol Loading Tickets Of Independent Marketers

The federal government has begun to release to members of the Independent Petroleum Marketers Association of Nigeria (IPMAN) trucks of petrol to offset about 7,000 of their loading tickets which they said had been outstanding at products depots in the country. IPMAN said in a statement from the Secretary of their Reconciliation/Interim Management Committee, Mr. Lawson Ngoa in Abuja that some of their have started loading products from some depots in Lagos.

Dauda Adamu Kahutu "Rarara" Kidnapped By Gunmen In Kano

Ever wondered why President Jonathan had so much bad blood in the north Despite building 9 of the 11 federal universities there and empowering millions of almajiri with formal education by building over 400 fully equipped almajiri schools ?

Then look no further as this man Dauda Adamu Kahuta popularly known as Rarara contributed immensely.

He sang a song that painted Buhari in glowing fashion while using very derogatory words for Jonathan and it became the northern national anthem and he bacame an instant millionaire as his CDs sold in millions the consequences is today all history .