Friday, April 17, 2015

US Will Not Survive a Nuclear War Against Russia - Jean-Paul Baquiast

A nuclear strikes exchange between the United States and Russia will lead to the complete destruction of the United States, leaving Russia and China in a far better position, editor of the French portal Europesolidaire Jean-Paul Baquiast said.


A potential nuclear war with Russia will have fatal consequences for the US, whose territory would be completely destroyed in the event of mutual rocket exchange, Jean-Paul Baquiast said.

His comment came in the wake of recent internet speculation about the US’ possible intent to carry out a preemptive nuclear attack on Russia.

The concerns have risen after General Robin Rand was appointed as head of the US Air Force Global Strike Command.There are assumptions that he might take an example from American General Curtis LeMay who became famous in 1949 for preparing a plan for a massive nuclear attack on the Soviet Union.

Unable to subdue Russia by conventional methods, Washington is preparing to destroy it with its armed forces, Jean-Paul Baquiast wrote. In the event of an armed conflict, American politicians may carry out a preemptive nuclear strike.

“Chances of the United States to destroy Russia without consequences for itself are small,” Baquiast said.

However, even the highly efficient S-500 missile system, which Russia is currently working on, would be unable to protect the country against a massive launch of ballistic missiles from US submarines, he noted.

In turn, Russia would launch its missiles from its submarines off the coast of the United States. And if the Americans manage to hit only a part of the Russian territory due to its large size, the US will be destroyed completely, the journalist wrote.

Beware Of Obasanjo - Senator Owie advises President-elect Buhari

Senator Rowland Owie, former Chief Whip of the Senate, has advised President-elect, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (rtd), to avoid former President Olusegun Obasanjo, if he desires to succeed as Nigeria’s leader.

Owie, who gave the advice in a statement yesterday in Benin City, Edo State, said:
“To Buhari,  I thank God for you, but you must deliver on your promises and also build on what President Goodluck Jonathan did.  Above all, you must run far from Obasanjo. If he can’t control your government, he will fight you.

He has done it to all former Presidents of Nigeria and even against MKO Abiola who was not sworn in.

Never discuss with Obasanjo unless you have at least two of your aides present. Half way into the tenure of President Jonathan,  Obasanjo started trouble making by naming presidential and vice-presidential candidates. First, it was Governor Sule Lamido as president and Governor Rotimi Amaechi as his deputy. A respectable Lamido, a founding father of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP while Obasanjo was in prison, was being urged to fight PDP.

OBJ lured most PDP governors in the North into rebellion against PDP to destroy the platform that gave all of them relevance, including OBJ. The hate mood in the North for this election against Jonathan was such that, any candidate from the North would have won the election.

The anger was that power must return to the North. Nigerians can see that rebellion against one’s own and betrayer of one’s party doesn’t pay.

Gov. Aliyu Babangìda of Niger State, who led the rebellion against Jonathan and the PDP, lost his election to the Senate and also lost his state”, he added.

Continuing his statement, Owie took the opportunity to call on PDP members across the country to wake up so they can all rebuild the party.
“When Our Lord Jesus Christ was crucified and buried on the Good Friday, nobody, apart from the mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary, knew that Christ would rise from the grave on the third day. PDP shall rise again,” he said.

Popular Music Star, Omawumi set to tie the knot Tomorrow (Details Inside)

When on Friday, 16th January 2015, Bottom Belle crooner Omawumi Megbele had her court wedding in Lagos, it came as a surprise to many as she secretly tied the knot with Lagos big boy Tosin Yussuf who is her daughter’s father.


The couple have between them a daughter and are expecting another addition in the family soon as Omawumi is heavily pregnant. The bigger news is that come tomorrow – Saturday, 18th April 2015 – all roads lead to Warri in Delta State where Omawumi and Tosin will have their traditional wedding.

Ukraine Crisis: West Prefers Blissful Ignorance to Painful Truth.


© Sputnik/ Gennady Dubovoy

The US “is weaponizing ignorance on an industrial scale,” branding the regime in Kiev as a “pro-democracy,” and turning a blind eye to lawlessness, ideological extremism, execution-style killings of opposition in Ukraine, Finian Cunningham noted.

 Western governments and media persist in their refusal to deal with the reality in Ukraine, branding the Kiev regime as “pro-democracy” and turning a blind eye to the rise of Neo-Nazi militarism, lawlessness and assassination of political opposition figures, emphasized Finian Cunningham, a writer and prominent expert in international affairs.

“The contract killing of two opposition figures in Kiev this week is stark evidence that the country under the Western-backed regime is descending into a fully-fledged state of chaos and criminality,” the expert pointed out.

Oles Buzina, a Ukrainian journalist, and former parliamentarian Oleh Kalashnikov were murdered in Kiev this week. Both men were known for their vocal criticism of the Ukrainian ultra-rightist regime backed by Brussels and Washington.Furthermore, the execution-style killings of the Ukrainian opposition figures were preceded by a string of suspicious deaths among former parliamentarians from the Party of Regions (the party of ousted Ukrainian president Yanukovich), the writer noted.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada, dominated by far-right parties, passed a law, banning Communist organizations as well as Soviet-era symbols, including statues of Soviet heroes who liberated Ukrainians from Nazi occupants.

However, “the practice of oligarch-banditry and the surge in Nazi-styled paramilitaries, brashly donning SS insignia and carrying out war crimes against the ethnic Russian population; the indiscriminate shelling of eastern Ukrainian cities and villages under the orders of Kiev leaders; and the economic blockade of the breakaway region in a Nazi policy of collective punishment – all these violations have been comprehensively denied by Western governments and their mass media,” Finian Cunningham emphasized.

Instead of presenting Western audiences with an undistorted narrative of what is really going on in Ukraine, American and European mass media continue to beat war drums, propagating stories of Russian “invasion” and “aggression” without any credible evidence to prove their stance.Western governments and media have turned a deaf ear not only to the Kremlin’s statements, but also to the report of French military intelligence chief Christophe Gaumard, who officially admitted this week that there is no evidence of Russian military invasion of Ukraine, or even plans for such a military campaign.

However, just because Russian reputable media sources such as RT and Sputnik “do not peddle an anti-Putin, anti-Moscow narrative,” the West insists that the Kremlin is carrying out an information war against the West and “weaponizing information,” the expert pointed out.

The American ruling elite in a state of “blissful ignorance” votes for the supply of advanced and expensive weaponry to Ukraine, a country where opposition politicians and journalists are being brutally killed in the streets.

“Never mind American claims that Russia is “weaponizing information.” America is weaponizing ignorance on an industrial scale,” the writer concluded.

Beijing Shocks US With Unbelievable Progress of Airstrip in South China Sea

New satellite imagery shows the extent of China’s construction of artificial islands in the South China Sea. Fiery Cross Reef could soon serve as a military-grade runway in the middle of the ocean. And despite its own military presence in the region, US officials are in panic.


Dredging sand from the seafloor, the Chinese government has been steadily building artificial landmasses atop sunken reefs in the Spratly Islands archipelago. In part, the islands will be used to bolster emergency response in the region. But Beijing also says the islands will be used as military defense posts, which worries officials in Washington, already concerned about a growing Chinese influence.

Images obtained by IHS Jane’s Defense Weekly from Airbus Defence and Space show just how rapid the island growth has been. With construction beginning only last year, Fiery Cross Reef is now home to China’s first airstrip in the South China Sea. With 503 metered already paved, the runway could be as long as 3,000 meters once completed. That’s long enough to support heavy military transport planes and fighter jets, according to Washington’s Center for Strategic and International Studies.

Existing People’s Liberation Army Air Force runways on the mainland range in length from 2,700 meters to 4,000 meters.

Satellite imagery also shows that a second 3,000 meter airstrip could be in the works on Subu Reef, another island being built in the archipelago.

Fiery Cross will also host a large seaport on the island’s southwest end. Imagery shows floating crane fortifying sea walls with concrete.

For US officials already concerned about the island construction, the existence of runways has reinvigorated those fears.

“The United States has a strong interest in preservation of peace and security in the South China Sea,” a spokesman for the US State Department said, according to Reuters. “We do not believe that large-scale land reclamation with the intent to militarize outposts on disputed land features is consistent with the region’s desire for peace and stability.”

But despite this supposed interested in “peace,” the US military has steadily increased its own presence in the region. In February, the US Navy admitted that it was flying its most advanced spy plane – the P-8A Poseidon – out of the Philippines to monitor the region.

Washington has also organized a series of war exercises with allied nations in the South China Sea. Earlier this month, the US and Indonesia participated in joint military exercises, in a move which was seen by some as a warning against Chinese expansion. Another series of war games conducted between the US and the Philippines will begin next week. Known as the Balikatan, the drills are “designed to increase our capability to defend our country from external aggression,” military spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel Harold Cabunoc told Reuters.

While publicly decrying China’s island construction as “aggressive,” US Senator John McCain, chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, has called on the Obama administration to move more military resources into the Pacific.

Speaking before a seminar in Washington on Thursday, Cui Tiankai, China’s ambassador to the United States, defended Beijing’s right to install military defenses in its own territory. He said there “should be no illusion that anyone could impose on China unilateral status quo” or “repeatedly violate China’s sovereignty without consequences.”

He also noted that the UN’s Convention on Law of the Sea forbids the United States from conducting “intensive and close-range reconnaissance in other countries’ exclusive economic zone.”

The South China Sea is a hotly debated stretch of water through which nearly $5 trillion in trade passes each year. While China argues that most of the area is its own territory, the Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan, and Brunei also make overlapping claims.

MC Galaxy attacked at Shizzi's studio by Davido & his driver

Sekem crooner MC Galaxy was attacked and badly injured on Wednesday night April 15th at producer Shizzi’s studio in Lekki.

As indicated by a reliable industry source, MC Galaxy, Davido (they have teamed up before) B-Red, Shizzi, Davido’s driver, a fellow named Lati and other HKN individuals were at Shizzi’s studio working and giggling when all of a sudden things turned appalling.

As per somebody who saw the beat down, inconvenience began after MC Galaxy told B-Red that he (Galaxy) was more prevalent than him (B-Red). B-Red didn’t concur and they did a back and forth. At that point a HKN Gang member, who is a Ghanaian artist, told MC Galaxy that he was not funny as a comedian. MC Galaxy answered, letting him know that he was an obscure artist, and they continued yabbing one another. They said out of the blue Davido turned out from the studio and requested that MC Galaxy to leave.

“David didn’t like that Galaxy was yabbing his boys and asked him to leave. Before Galaxy could react, David hit him on the back. Then his driver, Lati, took over, punching Galaxy and then hit him on the head with an Orijin bottle. B-Red didn’t touch Galaxy and Shizzi was very upset about what was happening in his studio and tried to stop the fight. Shizzi was really upset that Galaxy was attacked. If you see MC Galaxy’s eyes now”

I contacted MC Galaxy to confirm he was attacked and he confirmed it but didn’t want to talk much about the incident.

“Yes, I was attacked by Davido, his driver also broke a bottle on my head. Davido is someone I love and I am surprised he did this. His manager Kamal has called to apologize to me but I would rather not have this in the public.” he said


Princesses of Persia: Check out Iran's new Killer Weapon, Female Ninja ‘Assassins’

Sputnik unravels the truth about Iran’s all-female squad of martial artists three years after Western media published a story claiming Tehran was training ninjas to kill enemies of the Islamic Republic.


Three years ago, Reuters was kicked out of Iran after the news agency published a story, claiming that Tehran was preparing an all-female squad of professional killers trained in ninjutsu, a lethal martial art practiced by ninjas.

The original story caught the public’s attention. Readers from around the world wanted to know more about the all-female squad of Iranian ninjas. Sputnik managed to get in touch with Tehran’s “notorious” ninja-training club and spoke with head coach Akbar Faraji to reveal the secret that left many in awe after the original story was published in 2012.

Turns out, ninjutsu is not a new thing in Iran, as women have been training in this form of martial art over two decades. Faraji himself has been coaching ninjutsu more than 12 years, the ninja-master told Sputnik in an exclusive interview.

The training regimen of Iranian ninjas is quite similar to those of other martial arts practitioners from around the world. Faraji said he traveled to other countries, including Russia, to exchange his knowledge with other ninjutsu experts. Faraji aims to reveal his students’ “inner self,” as he called it, and added that the key thing in ninjutsu is to make students interested in the training process and ensure that they are constantly developing their skills.

Faraji trains both men and women. He said it doesn’t matter whether his students are men or women, as long as they are learning the ancient art and the philosophy surrounding it.

However, there are indeed a lot of women that train in ninjutsu in Iran. The reason is simple: ninjutsu requires a full-body keikogi, a traditional uniform that must be worn during training. Since the training gear covers the whole body, ninjutsu classes attract women of all ages, including those who follow the strict Sharia rules.

“We have 5 to 6-year-old girls, as well as 50-year-old women who train in our club. Depending on their preferences and their fitness level, women are free to choose exercises of various difficulty levels,” the head coach said.

When asked about the Reuters story that claimed Faraji was training “professional assassins,” the coach said it was total nonsense and blamed the news agency for biased and prejudiced reporting.

“The information that they published is not true in any way! We’re a sports facility. Judge for yourself: we conduct our training in accordance with rules, adopted by not only the Martial Arts Federation of Iran, but also by the International Ninjutsu Society… I’m not a terrorist, I’m a coach.”

According to Faraji, a woman, who came from Reuters to write the report, managed to pull the wool over his eyes. The journalist claimed she was doing a report on the leisure activities of Iranian women who train in martial arts. The coach didn’t doubt her real intention until the story was published and because of that he had experienced some trouble. If he had known her real objective for taking pictures and writing the story, he would have never even spoken to her, the coach said, regretting his past mistake.

SA Xenophobic attacks: Check out what Alibaba is suggesting to Nigerian govt


AIIB International Bank: Military Confrontation between 2 super powers, US vs China ?

The United States and China could be plunged into a war for geopolitical influence, Jared McKinney warns, adding that Washington should adopt a give-and-take approach in its relationship with Beijing.


The United States wants to keep its dominant geopolitical position at all costs, ignoring the fact that the world is changing rapidly and new powerful global players are emerging; America’s unwillingness to take China’s interests into consideration may lead to a direct confrontation between the powers, noted Jared McKinney, an expert from the Peking University and the London School of Economics.

“The US – or more precisely, large political blocs within the US – doesn’t actually want to share a stake of its power with China: It likes the division of world power the way it is and sees no reason to allow any change. China is rising. Rather than adjust structures and relationships to this reality, it is nicer to pretend nothing needs to change.”


Indeed, in 2010, the US Congress blocked the IMF reform aimed at shifting member quota shares (and voting rights) for new emerging economies — Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa (BRICS).

American congressmen expressed their deep concerns regarding the proposed scheme of international financial cooperation, saying that it would facilitate China’s growth while US influence would be diminished.

However, this “argument is prima facie spurious, as America would still remain the only member state with veto powers,” the expert elaborated.

Although its bid for integration was dismissed, Beijing kept a cool head and began creating its own parallel financial system: in 2014 the country together with other BRICS nations launched their $100 billion New Development Bank and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB).

Eventually the United States found itself in an awkward position, since more than 50 nations, including Washington’s closest European allies, rushed to join the China-led AIIB. Predictably, this situation has sparked outrage among American policy makers.

In light of this a direct confrontation between the two global powers does not seem improbable, Mr. McKinney noted. He cited Dr. Christopher Coker, an expert in international relations, who said that a war between China and the US “is not inevitable, but nor is it as improbable as many experts suggest.”

“The precondition of a Sino-American war is most likely to be the rivalry between a dominant power and one that seeks to take its place; the precipitant, China’s attempts to undermine the relationship between the U.S. and its allies/client states; but the trigger could well be naval spats, bullying that goes too far,” Dr. Coker stressed as quoted by Jared McKinney.


Obsessed with the idea of its supremacy, Washington prefers not to consider China as its equal and rejects Beijing’s proposal to create a “new model of major country relations.”

Thus far, Washington and Beijing currently have a 50/50 chance of avoiding war, the experts believe. It is time for the United States to realize that “the status quo cannot be enshrined as holy” and to build a new consensus with China, “stepping off the road to war and onto the road to peace,” Jared McKinney emphasized.

Alas, it seems the US leadership persists in its refusal to adopt a give-and-take approach:

“When 95% of our potential customers live abroad, we must be sure that we are writing the rules for the global economy, not a country like China,” US President Obama claimed in his recent message to Congress.

Lagos State govt: Restriction of movement continues during environmental sanitation

The Lagos state government says limitation of Movement amid the month to month sanitation activity is still in power.

As indicated by a post on their Facebook page, a government high court today allowed a stay of execution on the March 16th High court decision invalidating the confinement of development amid natural sanitation practice in the state.

This suggests that until the claim by the state govt is listened, the invalidation of confinement of development can’t be authorized. So stay at home, people! :-)

Malawi, Congo, bar South Africans from entering their country

The Malawian and Congolese government have supposedly stopped all South Africans from entering their nation taking after the late Xenophobic assaults where a couple of their nationals were murdered and their business decimated.

The Malawian government has likewise professedly tossed South African minister out of their nation. There are likewise reports that Mozambican government has banished all trucks from South Africa from going into their nation.

Photo: Delta NBA chairman, Austin Icheghe murdered by hired killers!

The Chairman of the Nigerian Bar Association, Ughelli section in Delta state has been killed. Austin Icheghe was killed yesterday April 16th before his home. As indicated by his niece, Egunor Uviesa, who talked with NAN, obscure shooters shot the expired as he was descending from his auto before his home at around 9pm yesterday.


“As soon as he came down from his vehicle, they accosted him and shot him on the head. He was immediately rushed to a private clinic in Ughelli where he was confirmed dead”

Delta state police spokesperson, Celestina Kalu confirmed his murder to NAN via a text message “Yes sir, he was murdered by unknown gunmen last night’.”

NAATC call off strike

The 1 day old strike by the National Association of Air Traffic Controllers has been suspended.

The General Manager, Corporate Communications, of the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN), Yakubu Dati, told AFP that the strike was a notice strike and that typical flights have started.

“The strike was a warning strike. Normal flights have now resumed,” he said

In the mean time the striking air specialists say they’ll go on another strike by April 20 if their requests of better pay and working conditions are not met.

Deiziani didn't support APC - Bukola Saraki

The attention of Senator Abubakar Bukola Saraki’s media office has been drawn to an online article alleging that the controversial Minister of Petroleum. Ms Deiziani Allison Madueke who has been engulfed in series of questionable transactions made contribution to the All Progressives Congress through Senator Abubakar Bukola Saraki.

This office usually will ignore such reports as we find it completely laughable, baseless and lacking any iota of truth. However, for the avoidance of any doubt and to keep with the renewed mandate of accountability and transparency, we find it necessary to assure the teaming Supporters of APC and Senator Saraki that at no time did Senator Bukola Saraki meet, discuss or had any dealings in any form or nature with Ms Deiziani or her agents.

Senator Saraki hereby challenges either the Minister, her agent, associates or any other person that might have any evidence or information contrary to the above to share same with Nigerians.

The last time Senator Saraki met with Ms Deiziani was in year 2012 when the Minister, her mother and her sister visited the Sarakis’ on a condolence visit over the death of Dr. Olusola Saraki, the father of Senator Saraki.

The alleged publication is total falsehood and completely mischievous therefore, this story can not fly or sell, rather, the promoter should find something else to cling on as they remain with a drowning party.

The credit of the success of General Buhari, and our dear party APC across the country can only be claimed by Nigerians in every nook and cranny of the federation who sacrificed their resources, time and energy to bring about the change this country deserves and that should not be tainted by any individual or group of people who stood as stumbling block to every step taken towards achieving this noble and worthy struggle.


Bamikole Omishore

SA Media and Advocacy.

Cholera outbreak in Ebonyi state, 20 dead

20 individuals have been affirmed dead from a Cholera flare-up in Ebonyi state.

The state Director, Public Health and Disease Control, in the Ministry of Health, Dr Chris Achi, who made this known to newsmen in Abakaliki, Ebonyi state, said seven local government areas specifically Ohaukwu, Izzi, Ezza North, Ishielu, Ebonyi, Abakaliki and Ohaozara have recorded the most elevated number of cases.

Dr Ashi said one understudy of the Ebonyi State University has passed on from the plague while 9 of them are in the clinic in the wake of getting the illness.

15 understudies of the Girls High School, Azuinyiokwu were additionally influenced by the infection and were hurried to the Federal Teaching Hospital, Abakaliki, where they were treated and discharged.

Dr Ashi said the outbreak of the disease was to a great extent because of the villagers in the communities getting and utilizing water from a filthy lake after their community boreholes stopped working…

“Some of the community members have boreholes and when some of the boreholes breakdown, the people, rather than repair it, resort to pond water. Hawkers will display Suya along the road and flies perch on them and people patronize them without considering the health implication. In Abakaliki, most houses do not have toilet facilities and people defecate around the houses. This leads to disease outbreak because the same flies that perch on the faeces also perch on foods”. he said

Why I can't do without rocking Palm slippers - Sen. Obanikoro

Minister of State II for Foreign Affairs, Senator Musiliu Obanikoro has explained why he usually wears Palm-slippers following harsh criticisms he received on social media last week from people who felt he dresses ‘too informal for so a Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.”

Speaking to Breaking Times today, Senator Obanikoro explained;

 “I have serious problems with my toes. I was operated on them twice but the pain still won’t go away. This has made it very difficult for me to wear proper shoes as frequently as I would love to”, he said.

Please help! Should I report to my Pastor about my hubby's excess demand for s3x ?

My spouse’s sexual drive is high to the point that as his wife, I am totally worn out and tired.

He requests for sex from me like each other day and my refusal has brought on issues between us. It is not as if  I am attempting to flee from my conjugal obligations yet once in a while I simply want  him to comprehend that the rigors of work and dealing with our three little kids takes its toll on me and sex is here and there the keep going thing at the forefront of my thoughts. I may very well need to rest and as hardened as he is to, notwithstanding when he sees that I climb the bed by 11.30pm and I am to wake up by 5.30am to begin setting up the kids for school, he couldn’t care less and still requests sex from me. I am Tired. Presently I am thinking on the off chance that I ought to talk with my Pastor or his Father so they can talk with him for me. Is this a good or wrong idea?

South Africans Pictured stealing from attacked foreign stores

Some South African females seen taking from stores possessed by remote settlers who were assaulted by Zulu young men. So the men assault the stores, pursue the store proprietors away and their ladies go to plunder their stores. How dishonorable!

See more photographs bellow.

Sule Lamido shines on the cover of Vanguard Allure

The spread figure during the current week’s release of Vanguard Allure needs no presentation as he is no other than the Governor of Jigawa State, Sule Lamido, who exposed his mind on a considerable number of issues in a selective meeting.

Photo Credit: Bamiyo Emina

‘PDP Will Not Insult The office of the In-Coming President’ - Olisa Metuh

“The National Publicity Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Olisa Metuh has said that the party will provide a decent and credible opposition that will constructively proffer sound alternatives to the policies and programmes of the in-coming administration without recourse to insults, propaganda and deceit.

Metuh who stated this at an FRCN political programme on Thursday evening said the PDP would never insult or denigrate the office and person of the Nigerian President.

“The PDP is a political party built on values, tradition and utmost respect for democratic tenets. Our manifesto and ideology center on national peace, stability and prosperity and we shall uphold this at all times. In this wise, the PDP as always, will continue to work in the general interest of the Nigerian people.

“We will not resort to insults, blackmail and lies with the aim to distract or ridicule the person or office of the President. However, we must state in very strong terms that we will not allow them to lead the nation astray. So we will firmly oppose any anti-people policy and programmes as may be introduced by the APC.

“We will do this by presenting sound alternatives in such a manner that Nigerians will be the utmost beneficiaries especially on issues that will lead the nation in the path of national unity and development”, Metuh said while responding to questions at the programme.

Commenting on the conduct of the April 11, 2015 governorship and state assembly elections, Metuh lamented that the process was characterized by brazen irregularities against the PDP in most states. He upbraided INEC and security agencies for the barefaced overzealousness on the part of some of their personnel to please the winners of the Presidential elections.

Metuh said concerns are already on the rise regarding the fate of the nation’s democracy under the APC especially given fears that the impunity that characterizes the local government elections it conducts in Southwest states may now be extended to other parts of the nation.

Noting that the elections witnessed massive conspiracy against the PDP, Metuh said his party would not complain in areas where the people clearly preferred the candidates of other parties, but will decisively pursue its mandate in places where there were clear infractions against the PDP. He said such instances abound in states such as Imo, Jigawa, Plateau, Adamawa, Lagos, Bauchi, Kano, Kaduna, Zamfara, Nasarawa and other concerned states.

He observed that in Imo state, authentic result sheets were replaced with those from Kaduna and Katsina states with fictitious figures awarded to APC. According to him, the most scandalous was in Ideato North Local Government Area where INEC awarded about 34,000 votes to the APC even when the number of PVCs collected in the area stands at about 26,000.

The PDP spokesman said his party is collating and analyzing reports of the elections from across the country and will take decisive actions within the ambit of the law to protect the interest of its candidates and the mandate of the people.

PHOTOS: Gov Fashola Inspects Apapa Amusement Park

Commonwealth youth council condemns South Africa's xenophobia

See the press release bellow.


The Commonwealth Youth Council, CYC, has condemned in strong terms the on-going xenophobia attacks on Africans in South Africa and described the attacks as a breach of the commonwealth values.


Ahmed Adamu , the chairperson of the council in statement issued on Friday, said social cohesion is a guarantee for success and development and should not see immegrants as enemies of progress.


“People coming to your country to work are to your advantage as they will add to your productive labour force that propel your economy. They will have to exchange their foreign currencies with yours, injecting your economy with hard currencies and creates demand for your currency.


“The visa fees and the flight fare they pay your domestic airlines, the purchases, rent and patronage within your economy add up to the positive economic indicators of your country and they will help you learn new skills and exchange ideas and partner for developments”.


The youth leader that there are two immigrants: “1. Professionals/businessmen. 2. low skills immigrants. The first category add to the value of the economy, they inject lots to the economy. The second group provide cheap labour, making cost of production cheaper” and maintained that it is an open world with equal opportunities and urged South African youths to “be fit and don’t be lazy”.


“Immigrants put you on your toes, to be competitive and challenge you to do more. If immigrants are preferred, it means they have competitive skills required for the job, and the efficiency of every job in your country is a positive indicator”.


Senator Scams PDP: Collects ₦15 Million PDP Campaign Fund & Thereafter Defects To APC

Governor Sule Lamido of Jigawa State and former minister in the Second Republic, Senator Bello Maitama Yusuf, are currently flexing muscles over ₦15 million campaign funds allegedly diverted by the latter.

Consequently, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) which reportedly released the money to the Senator, is seeking to arrest him, with a view to recovering the money disbursed for purposes of electioneering.

It was alleged that he defected to the All Progressives Congress (APC) after taking the money.

While Governor Lamido asked Senator Yusuf to refund the money or face arrest, the Senator dared the governor to arrest him.

Vanguard reports that Governor Lamido approved the release of ₦15 million to Yusuf for onward disbursement to the electorate in his Gwaram constituency during the Governorship, State Assembly and House of Representatives elections.  Senator Yusuf, in a swift reaction, denied ever taking campaign funds from PDP for disbursement to electorate in his constituency, adding that his defection to the All Progressives Congress was the reason the story was concocted to malign him.

Yusuf said: “I am just a victim of circumstance; because I defected to APC.

“It is unbelievable. I do not have business with campaign funds. I spend my own money for the development of my people and the party.”

Publicity Secretary of PDP in Jigawa State, Alhaji Musa Abdullahi, confirmed that Senator Yusuf received campaign funds and that the party had reported the case to the State Police Command.

State Police Public Relations Officer, PPRO, ASP Abdu Jinjiri, confirmed that the command received a complaint from the state PDP in respect of the alleged campaign money.

He said investigation was ongoing, and that the command had sent its men to invite the senator for questioning.

How Ibadan Politicians Used Jazz On Me During The Last Election - Gov Ajimobi

Oyo State Governor, Abiola Ajimobi who broke the jinx of being a State Governor for the second time in Oyo State on April 11, 2015, has said if not for God, he wouldn’t have made it, because his opponents directed a lot of traditional sacrifices, known as ebo in Yoruba towards him.

The Governor explained he usually goes out in the early morning to jog, and lo and behold he lost count of the sacrifices he found at the Government house during the election. Ajimobi disclosed this while attending the eighth-day Fidau prayer for the late Chief Imam of Ibadanland, Sheikh Baosari Haruna today in Ibadan. Continue…

“They first came to you Alfas to give them prayers that will send me out of office, but my own Alfa prayers superseded that of these desperate politicians.

“Every morning, I always go out on exercise. If you know the Government House very well, it has many interchange, popularly called `orita’, I see all kinds of sacrifices (ebo) placed in all these junctions.’’

“Worried by these developments, some of you my Alfas here advised me to move out of the Government House to render their evil plots useless,’’ he said.

He however thanked all spiritual leaders in the State and admitted the advice they gave him to leave the Government House during the election so that the seen sacrifices won’t have any meaning on him, actually worked.

“It is only Allah who shamed my detractors through your prayers for me and that of the prayers I made in Saudi Arabia where I had the privilege of entering inside the Kaabah,’’ he said as he promised to take 10 of them to Saudi Arabia soon to perform the lesser Hajj with him.

Pics: IK Ogbonna's pregnant fiancee puts her baby hump on display

Congratulations to Sonia and IK…

Darth Vader for US & Israeli Military as Putin is set to Defend Iran with Russian S-300 missile.


Buhari Never Promised APC To Make Naira Equal To Dollar – APC

The All Progressives Congress (APC) has denied that its presidential candidate, Muhammadu Buhari, promised to bring the naira at par with the dollar if voted into power come March, 28, 2015.


APC also promised to implement the recommendations of the Presidential Committee on the Restructuring and Rationalisation of Federal Government Parastatals, Commissions and Agencies to merge or scrap some agencies and parastatals.

Speaking on Tuesday, Director, Policies and Strategy of the APC campaign group, Bolaji Abdullahi, made the clarification on Tuesday at the Nigeria Political Parties Discussion Series (NPPDS) organised by the Centre for Democracy and Development (CDD) in Abuja, with the theme; ‘Manifesto Hour: Political Parties and the Citizenry’.

According to him, what Buhari said was that the current exchange rate of the naira to the dollar was unacceptable.

“Buhari never said, ‘I will bring naira at par with the dollars’, he said the current exchange rate was unacceptable.

“We are going to restructure the way we educate our youths. We cannot continue to educate our youths in the way of the 1960s,” he stated.

He also faulted the current educational system, which gives preference to university education, saying his party would restructure the system such that every youth would be employable after graduation.

While promising to also give the issues of people living with disabilities adequate focus, he disclosed that a social security programme has been planned in which the most vulnerable in the society would be given N5, 000 per month

Earlier, APC Publicity Secretary, Lai Mohammed, said his party’s manifesto centres on job creation, corruption and security.

Five People Confirm Dead Over Xenophobic Violence In South Africa


At least five people, two foreigners and three South Africans including a 14-year-old boy, were killed in xenophobic attacks in South Africa on Tuesday, April 14, 2015. According to reports, some South Africans have been attacking foreigners – mostly African immigrants from Nigeria, Somali, Malawi, Zimbabwe and Ethiopia in and around the city of Durban, having accused immigrants of taking jobs and opportunities away from them, which led to the xenophobic attacks. Although South African President, Jacob Zuma has condemned the violence, which has resulted in over 1,500 foreigners vacating their homes and now living in makeshift camps, the violence continues. 34 people have been arrested for possession of unlicensed firearms and other crimes in the last two days. The attacks are similar to the violence witnessed in South Africa in 2008 in which about 60 people died….

Guy calls out his date for ordering 'expensive' food like his



Still Good  as she did not order for one page and this man is complaining, can you imagine and some ladies too sha can order anything.

Guys na by force to carry woman commot if you know you no get money ? Just go to ice cream joint or suya joint finish haha..

To you lovely readers, it’s wrong for guys to get pissed whenever  their dates order (a page) too much from the Menu ?

See what this former Liberian president is famous for...


CBN to prosecute proprietors, others demanding foreign currencies.

The Central Bank of Nigeria says it will not hesitate to prosecute persons, including school managers, who demand and accept tuition in foreign currencies.

A statement by the bank’s Director Corporate Communications, Ibrahim Mu’azu, noted that the CBN Act of 2007 criminalised the usage of other foreign denominations over naira.

“The attention of the bank has been drawn to the increasing usage of foreign currencies in the domestic economy as a medium of payment for goods and services by individuals and corporate bodies.

“It has also been observed that some institutions price their goods and services in foreign currencies and demand payments in foreign currencies rather than the domestic currency (the Naira), which is the legal tender in Nigeria.

“Furthermore, the Act stipulates that any persons, who contravenes this provision is guilty of an offence and shall be liable on conviction to a prescribed fine or six months imprisonment.’’

Meanwhile, some education stakeholders have frowned on the use of foreign currencies to pay for tuition, describing it as an act of indiscipline and betrayal.

They, therefore, urged relevant government agencies to take actions against schools found culpable in the act.

According to an educationist, Dr. Segun Omisore, a situation where the naira will be struggling with the dollar as the legal tender in Nigeria is condemnable.

He said, “I have never seen a situation where the national legal tender will be jettisoned. It is like surrendering our sovereignty. Why can parents not pay the naira equivalent of whatever they want in dollars? If our economy is faulty, why can we not work towards fixing it? It is morally wrong to demand payment of school fees in dollars. If the educational sector cannot build a sense of pride on our pupils, then we have a long way to go.”

However, the Lead Consultant, Child Centre Limited, Mrs. Ibiwunmi Akinnola, noted that many schools had stopped the practice.

She said, “Many schools have stopped demanding tuition in dollars since last year but many expatriates convert such fees to their currencies for ease of transfer. They claim that their companies pay their salaries in hard currencies.”

The CBN recently frowned on such transaction by schools as well as property and business owners, describing it as the ‘dollarisation’ of the economy.

Its governor, Mr. Godwin Emefiele, while maintaining that the mode of business transactions in the country remained the naira, also threatened to take legal actions against those breach the act.