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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Sad Business for T.B Joshua as Religious Tourists Shun Synagogue

These are not the best times for T.B Joshua's Synagogue church of all Nations.The Church was was a mecca of sorts from people around the world ,is said to be seriously affected after the collapse of it's lodging quarters which resulted in the death of 115.Usually ,people from all over ,book months ahead for a chance to gain entry and meet the man of God for healing.

According to a report by Punch ,the premises was desolate during the Eid-Kabir holidays a there were no visitors that were milling around the gates for enquiries.

    "The Ejigbo-Ikotun Road, a major access to the religious centre, was also free of the typical gridlock that welcomes visitors to the Synagogue.The parking lots were also unoccupied just as roads leading to the car parks and offices were bare.

    A security guard said the church was not deserted but affected by the “panic people expressed when there is a disaster at a location.”He said those who were faithful to the church still turned up for programmes as usual.But a resident of the area, Kazim Owolabi, said things had never been the same since the September 12 incident.

Owolabi, who is a part-time hotel agent, said,

     “I have not brokered any business in the past three weeks. I think a lot of people have misunderstood what is happening here. Somebody even asked me on the telephone whether it is true that the government has taken over the place. Since many people who come from outside Lagos are not sure of the true situation, they called off their appointments.”