Friday, March 6, 2015

Video: An Eloquent & Master Orator of the GEJ Admin, Claims By the U.S. Are Just Propaganda!

An Eloquent and Master Orator of the GEJ Administration, Minister Osita Chidoka, Shines During an Interview on BBC HardTalk

***Boko Haram Will No Longer Hold Territories In Nigeria

***Claims By the U.S. Are Just Propaganda

Photos: Lucky Ndukwe set to tie the knot with Chioma Vivian Torty

Abuja based businessman and top stud, Lucky Uche Ndukwe, MD/CEO of Luciano venture and administrations, is getting prepared to tie the knot with the main offspring of Engineer Anthony Izuogu Torty, Chioma Vivian Torty (otherwise known as Foxxy).

Their traditional marriage will happen this Saturday March eighth at Aggree Primary School, Ibom in Arochukwu LGA of Abia State. As indicated by an insider, altered gold iPhones will be appropriated as a major aspect of the gifts for their companions and well wishers that will be gracing the event.

The insider additionally has it that some top dogs in Abuja and Lagos are adapting to grace this fabulous event with some champagne wave and cash downpour. More pics of the couple bellow.

The problem with Nigeria is mismanagement- OBJ

Previous President Obasanjo says the issue with Nigeria mainly the mismanagement of our resources.

He said this amid his 78th birthday address which held at the Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library in Ogun state yesterday March fifth.

Singer B-Red, Davido's cousin flaunts Wads of Naira notes

Bayo Adeleke aka BRed (Davido’s cousin) shared  the photo on IG, saying he just left the bank

Traffic Warning In Lagos city tomorrow March 7th

This is an activity warning from the Lagos state government in front of APC mass rally tomorrow March seventh.

Statement from Lagos government beneath..

What is wrong with this Photo ? (Don't mind your wife version)

f you wife cannot cook, don’t mind her, just branch this joint..hahaha

Actress Halima Abubakar & her super hot boobs on display.

Performer Halima Abubakar released these photographs, saying that they are from her bio book/Look book forthcoming out.

What is wrong with this Photo? (A mother & child kissing Version)

Most mother and kid photographs are seen as adorable…but this one is out of it.. The pic has been drifting on dark twitter throughout recent days with some actually calling for child defensive administrations. It isn’t so much that he snatched his mom’s lips, its the lip itself …seems as though it went to war and back…and the

Flavour flaunts super hot bod in new beach-side pic

Highlife vocalist and new father, Flavor imparted a photograph on instagram – for the women – flaunting his molded body on the shoreline…

Pics: Gov. Ayo Fayose pictured consuming Amala at a Buka

Ekiti state Governor, Ayo Fayose and his associates spotted eating at a Buka in Ajilosun in Ado-Ekiti, the state capital as of late.

See another pic bellow.

So Dabota Lawson wrote this hate comment to herself?

See some of her fans comment about the post “someone” wrote to her Hmmm. See a portion of the comment bellow.

Fayose condemns Lagos APC 1-Million-Man March, Says; "Buhari has vindicated me"

Ekiti State Governor, Mr Ayodele Fayose has described the planned One-Million-Man March by the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Lagos as a plot by the party to cause chaos and pandemonium in the State, so as to take the minds of the public away from the lies they told about the health status of the party's presidential candidate, Major General Mohammadu Buhari (rtd).

The governor also said that he had been vindicated by Buhari, having admitted that he actually travelled to the United Kingdom to rest and that he visited his doctors.

Photos: President GEJ & 1st Lady at the gym

The president & his wife at the gym center  ahead of the president’s Fitness rally for all administration authorities in Abuja tomorrow March seventh.

See more photographs and a press proclamation after the cut…

1988 - Back in the day When bleaching creams were banned in Nigeria...:-)

Credit: SeeMeSeeNigeria/New Straits Times – Jun 27, 1988.

Obviously, in February 1988, the Nigerian military government banned all blanching creams and cleansers. Lucky for a few Nigerians, vote based system emerged to spare their blanching rights. haha.


ISIL getting Up to $1 Billion Annually From Afghan Heroin

In accordance with head of Russia’s Federal Drug Control Service, ISIL terrorist organization is receiving upwards to $1 billion in profits annually for deliveries of Afghan heroin.

MOSCOW (Ooduarere) – The Islamic State (IS) terrorist organization is receiving well over $1 billion in profit annually for deliveries of Afghan heroin, the top of Russia’s Federal Drug Control Service (FSKN) said Friday.

“According to our figures, the IS is receiving up to $1 billion annually for delivering Afghan heroin,” Viktor Ivanov said.

In November, the FSKN stated that half of all heroin delivered to Europe through destabilized Iraq and some African countries will be transferred by IS militants. Drug smuggling is just a renewable source of funding for the insurgent group, the watchdog suggested.

Furthermore, drug routes across the Gulf of Aden to the African continent have encouraged the business of numerous pirate gangs, the FSKN said in the exact same statement.

The Islamic State, a Sunni extremist group, has fought against the Syrian government, capturing large areas in Syria and Iraq. The group is notorious for numerous human rights abuses, including abductions and killings.

The US-led international coalition, comprising over 60 countries, began an air campaign against the militants in Iraq in August 2014, later spreading the bombing to Syria.


French Submarine 'Sinks' Entire US Aircraft Carrier Group During Wargames

A series of joint naval drills between the United States and France recently didn’t quite turn out the way the US, no doubt, expected. The practice scenario ended with the French nuclear submarine that was acting the part of an enemy ship “sinking” the American aircraft carrier and most of its escort. subs

The exercises took place over 10 days starting in mid-February off the coast of Florida. The French nuclear attack submarine (SNA) — named Saphir — joined US Carrier Strike Group 12, comprising the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt (nicknamed the “Big Stick”), several Ticonderoga cruisers or Arleigh Burke destroyers and a Los Angeles class nuclear attack submarine.

The exercises were meant to test the newly upgraded carrier, which had undergone a four year, $2.6 billion overhaul, ahead of the Strike Group’s deployment. “We are going to experience real combat situations from all angles, there will be training evaluations from a hostile ship boarding, submarine attacks, and enemy ships or vessels trying impede their justice upon our strike group,” said Capt.

Scott F. Robertson, of the USS Normandy in a statement about the exercises. Better Friend Than Foe And those exercises went well while SNA Saphir was on the American side of the imaginary conflict, in which fictional states were attacking US economic and territorial interests. The French sub supported the American vessels in anti-submarine warfare drills. However, the 2nd phase of the exercises found the French ship playing on the enemy side, charged with a mission to find and attack the Theodore Roosevelt. And so that it did, sneaking deep into the defensive screen of the Strike Group, avoiding detection by the American anti-submarine warfare assets, and, on the past day of the drill, “sinking” the Roosevelt and most of it’s escort. 


Aircraft Carriers Iconic, but Vulnerable, Naval Giants Aircraft carriers travel with these escorts, and train with submarines, precisely as they are so vulnerable to submarine attacks, the USS Theodore Roosevelt proving no (theoretical) exception. “For each and every sailor who’s not in a submarine, submarines are real scary,” writes David Axe at Real Clear Defense.”Stealthy and heavily-armed, subs are by far probably the most powerful naval vessels in the entire world for full-scale warfare—and arguably the simplest way to sink those more obvious icons of naval power, aircraft carriers.” The initial report on the drills was published March 4 on the web site of the French marines under the headline, “Le SNA Saphir en entraînement avec l’US Navy au large de la Floride,” but has since been removed.A link in a Marine National tweet about the drill likewise, leads to a blank page.Parts of this article, however, are reproduced in French language reports.


Iraqi Parliamentarian Claims to Have Proof US Help to ISIL

Iraqi lawmaker Qasim Al-Araji told the Iraqi parliament that his group, the Badr Organization, is in possession of documented proof that the United States government offers the self-proclaimed Islamic State with weapons and military aid.

 According to Almasalah news, the top of the Badr Parliamentary bloc shared these details with parliament on Thursday, claiming that the group is in possession of evidence pointing to US military provisions to Islamic State and further stating which they will have the ability to share the documented evidence at a later time.

The Badr Organization is an offshoot of the Badr Brigades, the military wing of the Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq (SCIRI), that was formed during the 1982 Iran-Iraq war and consisted primarily of Iraqi exiles and refugees in Iran. Considering that the 2003 American-led invasion, the group changed their name from “Brigade” to “Organization,” and have subsequently become the official Iraqi political party. The group maintains a military wing and has risen to prominence in the fight against the Islamic State in Iraq, such as for its role in the liberation of the Diyala Province in February.

Al-Araji’s claims of US military support to Islamic State aren’t the very first of their kind, nor are they the very first coming from this specific group. In January, Hadi Al-Ameri, the Secretary General of Badr, reported to Press TV a US aircraft had air dropped weapons in the Islamic State-controlled Salahuddin Province in Iraq.

According to Press TV, a study conducted by a London-based group has additionally discovered that Islamic State militants have been using “significant quantities” of arms marked “property of the US government.”

The weapons were believed to have now been transferred to the Islamic State from other rebel groups in Syria, sometimes dubbed as “moderate” by the US government. US Senator Rand Paul had also previously remarked on the chance of weapons transfer to Islamic State terrorists, stating that “one of reasons why ISIS has been emboldened is basically because we’ve been arming their allies.”

As Badr has not even revealed the documents, it’s unclear whether the brand new evidence would reveal similar instances of US inadvertent support of Islamic State.


Video: Nigerian Twins, In The UK Break World Mathematics Record.


Peter And Paula Imafidon.

African Nigerian Twins, In The UK. Breaks World Mathematics Record Amazing kids

05.03.2015 Ukrainian crisis news: Latest news of Ukraine, Donbass, US, NATO, Crimea

Video: Right Sector NeoNazis hold up casino, get *sskicking by mafia – Odessa Ukraine


Video: The battle over Greece in a rap from Holland


South African Airways Boss Sweet kisses MI (Photos)

Chocolate City rapper, M.I is presently in the midst of some recreation in South Africa in company of his new young lady companion, Thobi Duma, the South African Airways nation manager.

The rapper imparted a picture of Thobi planting a kiss on one of his cheeks.

They look great together.

See another pic bellow.

GMB arrives Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport this morning (Photos)

Gen. Buhari landed the Nnamdi Azikwe International airport in Abuja from London this early momo.

See more photos bellow.