Sunday, October 11, 2015

Top 10 easy ways To Become A Nigerian

1)  Constantly complain that Nigeria is the worst country on Earth.

But when October 1st comes, take complete pride in your origins and celebrate like crazy.Wear green and white to show your patriotism, attend independence party, then 2nd of October go back to your nagging.

2) To be a Nigerian, you don’t have to be too time conscious, arrive late to any event, the event will most likely have not started when you finally arrive late.

3.Learn to be joyous.

Every weekend, attend a party, wear the Aso ebi your friend Shove down your throat, and tell yourself that the biggest achievement that any man can be proud of is to remain alive. It doesn’t matter if you are trapped in squalor. If you are lucky to have some means, then you are truly lucky. That is why we are among the happiest people on earth.

4.Keep a mental note of enemies.

To be a Nigerian, you should have enemies and if you don’t have one, you will need to create one for yourself, else who will you blame for your misfortunes or failure. Even the Enemy complains of his enemies.

5) Look rich at all time even when you’re broke

To be a Nigerian, you won’t climb up the social quo if you don’t “pack” yourself properly.You have to either wear it, drive it or live it, else no one will take you serious. You must be loud with your wealth and accomplishments. Even if you are poor, you must carry on with life with a certain swagger. Don’t ever forget that you are a Nigerian; your country is the sixth largest producer of crude oil in the world, the most populous black nation on earth, and the home of the happiest people in the universe.

6) You must wake up each day dreaming of one hundred other ways of making moneyAfter making the money, you should also learn how to flaun[/b]t it. The wealth you’ve acquired need to be rubbed on the faces of those enemies.

7) In George Orwell’s book- Animal farm, all animals are equal but some are more equal, to be a Nigerian you should always have it in mind that, all men are equal by citizenship, but some are to be called Ogas.

8) You must also adore titles to yourself.

It doesn’t matter how ridiculous they might sound; titles like Chief, Hajia, Alhaji, Otunba, Dame, and other professional titles like Doctor , Engineer. They show how important you’re and why people should regard you. These titles show the exercise of lust for respect, authority, and power to satisfy your unworthy egos and vanity, so you must add one to your name.

So you can now call yourself Alhaji Dr. (Chief)……..

9) To be a Nigerian, you must be very cautious all the time, treat all with nothing less than suspicion. You should not be able to speak your native language or if you can you should pretend not to be able to speak your native language, even while your battle with English Language remained evident, else people will think you’re country-side’, ‘village-bred’, or ‘unexposed’.

10) To be a Nigerian, you must be an optimist. A pessimist is not a Nigerian.

This is the only way to survive is to always hope; hope there will be constant power supply, hope for change, hope that your boss at work will promote you as you can’t remember the last time you got promoted, hope that one day boko haram will stop bombing, you have to always anticipate a brighter future else you will die of depression before old age. And this hope needs some rekindling, so for you to be a Nigerian you also need to be an ardent reader of motivational books.



11.Also, for you be a Nigerian, you also have to portray Ethnicity and tribal sentiment;Yorubas are these… Hausas are that, Igbos are those…etc

Finally, you’re now a Nigerian, but learn how to scream “Do you know who I am?” when you find yourself in certain situations.

Of course, you’re now a Nigerian but you still need to confirm if people truly know who you are.

Oya you can now start hurling your insults cause you all hate the truth.


Check out Top 10 Super hot Popular Non Yoruba Indigene Celebs Making Waves In The Yoruba Movie Industry

The yoruba movie industry can boast of some talented actors and actresses who are making waves but who are not yoruba by ethnicity, some of them achieved fame through the yoruba movie industry while some of them features both in the Yoruba and English sector.

1. Fathia Balogun –


This is one versatile actress in the yoruba movie industry I never knew she is not originally yoruba until I came across her profile online because she has adapted so well. Fathia is Urhobo from Delta state. She was born on February 1969 at Ukwara, water side local government area of Delta State, southern Nigeria.

2. Kelvin Ikeduba –

The actor was born on August 21st, 1976 in Delta state as Kelvin Ngozi Ikeduba. Kelvin has lived all his life in Lagos, he hails from Delta state and is an Economics graduate from Ahmadu Bello University Zaria. His perfect mastery of Igbo, Yoruba and English languages has made him one of the most versatile actors in the Nollywood circuit, being able to fit comfortably well into both Yoruba and English movies.

3. Richard Agbor –

This is my celebrity crush, I love this actor so much, especially his opolo eyes. Richard Agbor has been in Nollywood for over 17 years and has contributed tremendously to its growth in both Yoruba and the English sectors. The model cum actor hails from Cross River State

4. Mercy Aigbe Gentry –

Mercy is from Edo state, she earned a degree in Theatre Arts from the University of Lagos in 2001, and joined the industry fully in 2006. Mercy Aigbe, is married to a Nigerian hotelier and has three children and three stepdaughters.


5. Regina Chukwu –
Regina Chukwu

Regina Chukwu hails from Enugu State and is a Yoruba film producer who has an OND in Business Administration from Lagos State Polytechnic. She entered into the move industry 2003, starting off as a make-up artist, from there her love for acting, script writing and producing saw her produce her first movie Oguso in 2008, followed by Idaro, Akun and Ebolo.

6. Liz DaSilva –
Liz Da silva

Liz started her movie career back in 2004 when she was first introduced to movie producer Muka Ray by actress Iyabo Ojo. She was born in Togo but was brought up in Lagos Island.

7. Rose Odika –
Rose Odika

Rose grew up and currently lives in Ibadan, she is from Aniocha North, Nseluku, a town before Asaba in Delta state. Her family came to Ibadan in 1978 and they have been living there since then

8. Racheal Oniga –

Oniga was born on May 23, 1957 in Eku, Delta State, Nigeria as Racheal Tabuno Oniga. She made her debut in the yoruba movie industry in the movie owo blow

9. Doris Simeon

though born and bred in Lagos she is a Native of Edo State, Nigeria. She attended Primary, Secondary and film schools, Wale Adenuga’s PEFTI, and graduated in 2006. She was married to Daniel Ademonikan and they have a son together.

10. Clarion Chukura –

(born Clara Nneka Oluwatoyin Folashade Chukwurah on the 24th July 1964) is a Nigerian actress and humanitarian. Chukwura was born as the only daughter in a family of 4. She is from Anambra state, popular music video director Clarence Peter is her son. His father is popular fuji musician Shina Peters.