Monday, February 2, 2015

Pres. GEJ was not the target in today's bomb blast - Police

The Nigeria Police says President Jonathan was not the target of the bomb impact that happened outside the Pantami stadium, venue of the PDP Presidential rally in Gombe state yesterday.

In a meeting with Premium Times, the Gombe state Police summon representative, Fwaje Atajiri, said GEJ had long gone when the female suicide bomber stormed the street near to the venue of the rally.

Photos of Rick Ross still keeping the fat away

The rapper spotted with NFL Patriots’ holder Bob Kraft after the Super Bowl during the weekend.
rick rick1

Despite everything he keeping the weight away…

Did Nicki Minaj suffer a wardrobe malfunction? (Photos)


Pictured over the weekend at an event. See the full photo bellow.


R. Kelly embarrassed  for refusing to perform !

As indicated by reports, R. Kelly was “supposedly” abducted, beaten up and urinated on by a gathering of goons at Gulf Port MS during the weekend for gathering about $50k to sing at a club in Gulfport and afterward declining to perform.

The occasion coordinators attempted to convince him yet when he can’t, hooligans assaulted both R.kelly and his security and even stole his chain. Presently they are saying the whole thing was recorded and have threatened to release the video footage if R.kelly doesn’t return back their money

Onlookers and companions of observers who supposedly saw the thumped discussed it on Twitter

Bomb Exploded Near Pres. Jonathan Rally In Gombe

Five persons have been affirmed dead while a few others were injured when an auto bomb blasted in Gombe, minutes after President Goodluck Jonathan left a gathering rally close-by.

The bomb blasted around 200 meters from the stadium in the city of Gombe, murdering onlookers. It was accumulated from dependable sources that the Monday evening assault which was executed by a female suicide bomber instantly slaughtered five ladies, including the bomber, while eight other people who got harmed in the suicide mission were promptly raced to healing facility for therapeutic consideration.

The impact happened at Abubakar Habu Hashidu Road, around 200 meters from the Pantami stadium, venue of President Jonathan’s campaign in Gombe state .

As indicated by reports, an alternate bomb which was planted in a positioned tricycle, went off minutes after president Jonathan and his group left the venue of the campaign making it a twin assault, Five individuals have as of now been affirmed dead.

''Why I Rejected 2015 Rolls Royce Gift'' — Pastor Tunde Bakare

Nigerians have reprimanded men of God who live in prosperity while a considerable lot of their congregation parts live in penury. The regular casualties of such feedback are ministers who own private planes, in addition to different sumptuous things.

Previous CPC candidate  presidential applicant and organizer of Latter Rain Assembly, Pastor Tunde Bakare has said that he truly longs for a superior Nigeria where there’s great administration, level with dissemination of the country’s assets among others for all residents. The previous running mate of Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (rtd) made this comment while serving amid the introduction and dispatching of Grace and Glory Chapel in Ikeja, Lagos.

While giving reasons why he dismisses an auto blessing for his 60th birthday, Pastor Bakare said he was not intrigued by turning into a local champion in a city of the blind, saying that, a few persons brought him a 2015 model of Rolls Royce amid his 60th birthday which, he said, he out rightly rejected, including that he was not in need of such extraordinary auto while larger part of Nigerians are suffering from neediness.

Gen. Buhari Agrees To take part In Presidential Debate On Feb. 3. - New Organizers

Soludo Replies Okonjo-Iweala, says "Nigeria’s Economy Collapsed Under Your Watch & you are busy dancing Atilogwu dance at TAN & PDP rallies"

Previous CBN Governor Charles Soludo has answered Minister of Finance and Coordinating Minister of the Economy, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala’s reaction to his viral article.


Intriguing read. Find below….

The difference between APC & PDP - Go. Fashola