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Unknown Armed hoodlums Attacked El-Rufai's Campaign Office

Unidentified armed thugs on Thursday night attacked Nasir El-Rufai’s Campaign Office in Kaduna state.

Though the motive for the attack is yet to be established, there are insinuations that it was allegedly masterminded by some PDP supporters.

A press statement issued out by El-Rufai’s Campaign Spokesman, Samuel Aruwan, said the attack which was carried out around 10:00 p.m. at the office located at Isa Kaita Road, Ungwar Sarki, Kaduna was carried out by sponsored thugs.

According to him, the attackers left over 12 persons with serious life threatening wounds after forcing their way into the premises.

He stated that but for timely security intervention, the well armed thugs would have killed staff and supporters on the premises.

Meanwhile, he said the injured persons are receiving medical attention at Garkuwa Specialist Hospital, Kaduna.

While stating that the attack came few hours after the APC governorship candidate, Malam Nasir El-Rufai raised alarm of impending attacks across the state being masterminded by the PDP-led government of Mukhtar Ramalan Yero, Aruwan said El-Rufai remains committed to a violence-free election.

“The APC has already demonstrated its acceptability and electoral might. Everyone knows that the APC stands poised to win Kaduna State comprehensively ” he maintained.

He also insisted that Kaduna people are ready for change and so no one should stand in their way.

Piracy: 99 per cent of the people that are trading there are Igbos - Movie Marketer

Only four days after Kunle Afolayan took a shot at Igbos saying they are exclusively behind motion picture theft in Nigeria, a film marketer, Gabosky who is additionally an Igbo man, has said there’s no requirement for estimations and Igbos ought to acknowledge they are singularly in charge of motion picture pilfering in the entire Nation.

This is what the top advertiser told icampusng;a

‘When I went in to fight this group in Alaba, we had a fight that lasted for two hours. I am telling you that when I went into Ubakason Plaza and Obosi Plaza; the den of these pirates, 99 per cent of the people that are trading there are Igbos so I don’t know why you just want to take criminality and start joining it with politics.

“I am bitter. I am frustrated. Kunle Afolayan is also bitter and frustrated. Kunle is like somebody whose wife has been slept with by somebody else and you find out that the man who slept with his wife has a tribe and he is complaining about what the tribe did to him and you are now asking him why he is mentioning a tribe. Continue…

Nobody is addressing the fact that this man borrowed over N150 million to shoot a film and has not gotten a Naira back and he is showcasing his frustration; telling everybody; ‘Look at what I am facing’ yet nobody is asking him about his pains or the challenges he is faced with. Let me tell you what he is facing – Kunle Afolayan shot a movie and gave the movie to an Igbo man called Gabosky who owns G Media to distribute. The man produced the movie and brought it into the market. I came back to him and told him what I was facing; that the movie was being pirated and that I needed to find out what was going on.

I went round the country because I have outlets in all the states and found out that the movies were being pirated and I began compiling names and I can tell you that the names I compiled did not have the name of a single Yoruba man in it. They are all Igbos and I have the list.”


What is wrong with this Photo ? ( I must party by force or fire Version)

Indeed, Nigerians love to live the life!! come downpour come sun, yet shouldn’t there be a cutoff to the stupidity in carrying on with the life?

Meet the Young Lady that Makes ₦2m Monthly By Asking Her Boyfriends For Abortion Money

A 27-year-old woman was pulled over early morning due to a speeding violation. Natasha Brown, acted in a very suspicious manner and officers decided to search her vehicle only to discover $60,000 in cash.


According to US media reports, when officers asked her why she had such a large amount of money she replied “I’m getting an abortion”. She was taken into custody for further questioning.

She told Baton Rouge investigators that the money was rightfully hers.  Investigators asked her for employment information and she told investigators she had no job but that she was a “self-employed entrepreneur”. She then told investigators she had multiple boyfriends and that’s how she earned her money.

Natasha Brown said:

“I have at least 54 current boyfriends and after 3 weeks of unprotected s*x I tell them i’m pregnant and not ready for a baby I then ask them for abortion money”

She told investigators she picks the ones that just got paid and usually gets $400-$500 from each one boyfriend. She told investigators:

“ I been earning over $10,000 a month doing this I don’t get tired”

Investigators called 2 of her currently claimed boyfriends and they were very unsuspecting. 28-year-old Jamal Jones said he gave her the money because: “He didn’t want no kid with her because she had a thotty reputation” but that he still loved her.

Anger as Merkel Sells German Sub to Israel Without Consulting EU.

Germany’s Federal Security Council has approved the export of a fifth submarine to Israel.

© AP Photo

© AP Photo

 It’s the penultimate submarine promised to Israel by German Chancellor Angela Merkel and will be handed over by the company Thyssen Krupp.

Süddeutsche Zeitung newspaper revealed the approval, citing the Federal Security Council’s report to the parliamentary Economics Committee.

Germany’s Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft (HDW) builds the new Air Independent Propulsion Dolphins and the decision to sell them has been criticized for two reasons. One, in that German taxpayers are shouldering a third of the cost.

Secondly, the vessels are reportedly capable of being equipped with nuclear weapons. Peter Roberts is an expert in sea power and naval weapons systems at the Royal United Services Institute in London and told Sputnik News that Israel will want to produce and develop nuclear capability on the new submarines. “That’s the long term aspiration”, says Roberts. “But does it have it right now? No.

“These are new batch of submarines that Israel is receiving which have a markedly increased capability on what they’d had previously in terms of range, covertness and ability to reach different parts of the world then they had previously been able to do.”

Roberts adds that the submarines have the capability to become nuclear armed, “but probably not right now.” “Several hurdles have to be overcome before it can be armed with a nuclear warhead.” He explains that the key to being able to arm the submarines with nuclear weapons is down to the delivery mechanism.

“The Israelis rely on the fact they could fire the Popeye submarine missile — a system that the Americans successfully launched in 2002. But traditionally the Israelis only keep the Harpoon anti-ship missile.”

“These are the first submarines that will be able to fire this missile, the size of the torpedo tubes allow it to be fired, they have a bigger tubes for bigger missiles. “The submarines would have the ability to launch them [missiles] — it’s the weapon itself that is the critical part and developing that weapon and navigation system for the guidance from within a submerged submarine is a further challenge.” Peter Roberts says it’s difficult to say whether the submarines are distinctly designed for nuclear weapons.

“The Israelis will want to add this to their golf bag of capability which will give them huge resilience in their nuclear forces — but they’re not there yet.”

According to an article written by Anthony Bellchambers for Global Research, the Dolphin Class nuclear powered submarines “that have already been converted by the Israeli navy to being armed with ICB nuclear missiles…has given the Israeli state ‘deep sea dominance’ that is now virtually irreversible.” Adding that German Chancellor Merkel agreed to supply Israel with the vessels “without any prior consultation with the EU.”

A recent report titled ‘German Submarines — Capabilities and Potential’, written by Captain Raimund Wallner, and published by the Royal United Services Institute in London, says:

“To sum up, one may say that due to their characteristics of compactness, covertness, sustainability and high combat power, submarines made in Germany are already able to meet the majority of the demands which today’s and future scenarios pose to underwater platforms.

“They do have their price, but they extend the maritime capability spectrum of the Bundeswehr in a unique way, and thus the military options in the hands of the political leaders…

“And it is no exaggeration to claim that the German Navy today disposes of nothing less than the best non-nuclear submarines in the world.”

Newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung also reported that Germany’s Federal Security Council has consented to the export of six sonar systems to India that can be used to detect submarines and torpedoes. Spare parts to produce small-caliber ammunition have also been sent. The council also approved the delivery of 336 unarmed military trucks to Algeria.


Army raids criminal hideout in Rivers, arrests six

The Commander, 2nd Brigade of the Nigerian Army, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Brig.-Gen. Koko Essien, told journalists on Thursday night that security personnel had arrested six suspected political thugs involved in electoral violence during the March 28 presidential elections in the state.

Essien said the suspects were arrested after an intense gun duel with his men. He said one suspect who escaped with gunshot wounds would soon be arrested.

Essien said, “We want journalists to have a view of the efforts we have been making in order to take out as much arms as possible from the streets and make the environment safe for people to vote.

“We have been conducting series of raids in areas that we have information especially on the concentration of hoodlums and political thugs.

“On Thursday, in Mile 3 area in a location popularly known as Barracks; we raided the place based on the information we got and recovered arms and ammunition.

“We arrested six suspects. One of them was shot and he is in the military hospital receiving treatment.

“Two AK-47 riffles with 176 rounds of live ammunitions, seven magazines, some 144 raps of Indian hemp, N298, 500.00 and 10 cell phones were recovered from the thugs.”

According to the military commander, security personnel have been deployed to hot spots in a bid to prevent lawlessness during today’s poll.

The leader of the suspects, Prince Uwabunkeonye, denied involvement in the March 28 violence, but admitted that about 144 raps of Indian hemp were recovered from his home during the raid.

B’Haram attacks Borno villages, kills 22

Twenty-two persons were killed on Thursday when Boko Haram insurgents attacked two villages in Borno State.


In Dile, a village in Askira/Uba Local Government Area of the state, a member of the youth vigilante group said 20 people were killed while many were injured when the Boko Haram fighters invaded the village around 2am.

The source said,

“Hundreds of suspected Boko Haram militants, who are believed to be fleeing from the Nigerian troops on Thursday, killed at least 20 people in an attack on a remote village in Askira Uba Local Government Area in Borno State.”

“The insurgents stormed Dile village at 2am in several vehicles, burning houses and killing anybody in sight.”

Also a resident, Dauda Ardo who fled to Mubi, told our correspondent on the telephone that 20 persons were killed in the village and many others sustained injuries during the attack.

He said, “Dozens of Boko Haram fighters attacked our village at about 2am and killed 20 people. Many of us fled to the bush. Everybody was running for his life. We don’t know the whereabouts of our family members.”

The other two were killed when Boko Haram fighters on Thursday attacked Buratai village in Biu Local Government Area of the state. At Buratai, they also injured three others.

A security source from Biu town, told our correspondent on the telephone that the insurgents invaded the village on Thursday night, killing two persons and injuring three others.

Oando’s oil reserves increased by 82%, worth $1.8bn

Oando Energy Resources Incorporated, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Oando Plc focused on oil and gas exploration and production in Nigeria, says it has significantly increased its oil reserves as a result of technical revisions and the acquisition of the Nigerian upstream oil and gas business of ConocoPhillips.

OER had on July 2014 completed the acquisition of the assets of United States-based ConocoPhillips for a total cash consideration of $1.5bn.

The company, in its announcement of its 2014 year-end summary reserves and resources for its assets in Nigeria, said its proved net reserves increased by 78 per cent to 288.5 million barrels of oil equivalent, while proved and probable net reserves increased by 82 per cent to 420.3 mmboe.

The increase, OER said, was largely due to recognising the precedence of the licence renewal under the Nigerian Petroleum Act, which is the basis of the extension of the reserves beyond the current license limit.

It said the economic value (net present value 10 per cent of future net revenue) of the proved and probable reserves had increased by $545m (+44 per cent) to $1.785bn, largely due to the COP acquisition.

The company said the annual independent reserves and resources evaluation was undertaken by DeGolyer and MacNaughton, a worldwide petroleum consulting group.

According to OER, best estimate (working interest) contingent resources correspondingly decreased by 78 per cent from 547 mmboe to 122 mmboe as a result of the conversion of approximately 190 mmboe of 2C resources to 2P reserves due to the rebased evaluation utilising the economic life of the producing fields.

It said the net negative revisions of 246 mmboe occurred due to the current crude oil price environment, which has deemed certain contingent developments uneconomic; and lastly, the change in the interpretation of reservoirs by the independent evaluator.

The Chief Executive Officer, Oando Energy Resources, Mr. Pade Durotoye, said, “We are very pleased with the new 2014 reserves numbers that confirms our thesis at the time we embarked on our transformative COP acquisition.

I’m eager to see how Buhari will end corruption in Nigeria – Femi Aribisala

Controversial preacher and social critic, Dr. Femi Aribisala, in this interview with TUNDE AJAJA, insists that President Goodluck Jonathan’s defeat in the presidential election was as a result of a conspiracy against the minority South South region

Femi Aribisala

Since the presidential election, we have not heard or read from you, what have you been doing?

Since the presidential election, I have been doing what I have always been doing. I have been preaching the gospel and writing articles in newspapers as usual.

Some people said you’re mourning the defeat of your preferred candidate (President Goodluck Jonathan) at the polls and that you need to reconcile yourself with the development before coming out. Is that true?

My preferred candidate did not die, so why should I mourn him? Are the 12.8 million Nigerians said to have voted for Jonathan now supposed to be in mourning? Is Jonathan the first person to lose an election? (Gen. Muhammadu) Buhari lost three times; has he been mourning for the last 12 years? Nigerians have elected Buhari in the Nigerian way; now we have to live with their choice. Since the election, I have written an analysis about how the 2015 presidential election was manipulated by the Independent National Electoral Commission. However, some newspapers have refused to publish my views. It shows you that we may be on our way back to the days of censorship of the Buhari of old. You just wait; in no time at all, people will start longing for the freedoms we enjoyed under Goodluck Jonathan.

Do you also believe that the President should be commended for conceding defeat, or was there nothing spectacular in what he did?

Nigeria is very fortunate to have a president like Goodluck Jonathan. He is truly a man of peace. The president fulfilled his pledge not to allow his ambition to lead to the death of any Nigerian. For that, he deserves our commendation and gratitude.

The last time Buhari lost the presidential election, he provoked a riot. Compare that to what has happened now with Jonathan. That is yet another reason why people like me prefer President Jonathan to Buhari any day; any time.

Why do you think President Jonathan lost the election?

Buhari prevailed as a result of INEC’s policy of voter suppression through the instrumentality of the Permanent Voter Cards. There was a deliberate disenfranchisement of the Igbo especially by the manipulation of PVC distribution and allocation to the South-East. There was also endemic failure of the card reader in the South-East and the South-South, which discouraged voters known to be Jonathan’s supporters.

INEC ensured that, far more disproportionately relative to other geopolitical zones, millions of South-East voters disappeared from the register between 2011 and 2015, in order to provide a smooth passage for a Northern presidential candidate; which turned out to be Buhari.

Between 2011 and 2015, the votes of the South-West remained virtually constant. 4.6 million people of the South-West voted in 2011: 4.2 million in 2015. But compare this with what happened in the South-East. Five million people voted in 2011: only 2.6 million in 2015. That is a drastic and contrived drop of 2.4 million.

Everybody knows the South-East voted en masse for Jonathan. Even now, the Oba of Lagos is threatening the Igbo with death in the lagoon if they vote against the All Progressives Congress in the governorship elections. Many of them were not even given their PVCs.

While Kano, Katsina, Kaduna, Jigawa and Bauchi were posting humongous figures; Imo, Anambra and Abia were posting relatively disappointing figures. Jigawa used to be a part of Kano. In the 2015 election, the votes of Jigawa and Kano combined was 3.1 million; double that of Lagos which was only 1.4 million. Cell-phone video recordings show that there was widespread under-aged voting in the North.

You didn’t seem to expect that the President would lose and that General Buhari would win. How did you receive the news?

As I said, I don’t believe the president lost the election and I don’t believe General Buhari won. What I know is that the General was declared the winner, and President Jonathan graciously agreed to accept the verdict in the interest of peace. I received the news with great amusement. I don’t have any personal stake in the president’s victory. I don’t work for him and he does not pay my salary. I copied down all the figures released and analysed them. So doing, I reached the conclusion that the result of the election was bogus. Buhari had won the election long before the election. He had been programmed by INEC to win it.

What do you think would have happened if the President had won and Buhari lost?

Buhari would have declared that the election was rigged and would never have conceded defeat. His supporters would have embarked on riots and killings and there would have been mayhem all over the country. Elections are only free and fair when the APC is declared the winner.

Maybe you would have been offered a ministerial or juicy appointment if President Jonathan had won, because some people said all you were doing then was to attract attention?

Maybe PUNCH will be offered a juicy government contract now that Buhari has been declared the winner. Maybe your newspaper will now get all Federal Government adverts for the next four years. It is easy to cast aspersions on anybody who supports Jonathan. If so, what shall we say of PUNCH’s support for Buhari? Is it ever possible in Nigeria to support a candidate on principle?

Cynical Nigerians believe anyone who supports Jonathan must either be in his pay or be looking for a job. Neither allegation holds water with me. Jonathan ostensibly received 12.8 million votes; surely all these people were neither in his pay nor were they Aso Rock job-seekers.

My faith requires me to support the weak. Therefore, I will always support the minority against the tyranny of the majority. We cannot be reliant on South-South oil in Nigeria and then treat one of their sons as if he is an impostor for being president of the country. This presidential election was a vicious and malicious gang up of the majority ethnic groups against the minorities. I cannot be party to that.

In the run-up to the election, you were very critical of Gen. Buhari based on his antecedents. Now that he is the President-elect, how do you feel?

Election results don’t change history. Neither do they convert the propaganda of the campaign into truths. My criticisms of Buhari were based on what I know about him. I challenge anyone to show me anything I said about Buhari that was false. On the question of how I feel, I am saddened that many Nigerians voted the way they are said to have done. I am waiting to see how General Buhari will make the naira equal to the dollar. We will see how he will unilaterally increase the international price of oil, as he said. We are waiting to see these miracles happen.

In the election that was adjudged as free and fair, don’t you think the people rejected President Jonathan?

Truth is not determined by popular opinion. There was nothing free and fair about this election. I said this even before the election. I wrote an article in Vanguard exactly a year ago saying: “The Presidential Election Will Not Be Televised.” That is another way of saying the election will not be free and fair. Elections in Nigeria are rigged procedurally by the major parties. The best riggers win. Don’t be fooled into thinking the 2015 presidential election is any different. It is interesting that the APC spent the campaign season telling Nigerians the election would be rigged. Now it has been declared the winner, we are meant to believe the election was free and fair where it polled massive figures.

We are on the way; but we certainly have not yet reached the destination of free and fair elections in Nigeria. We will not get there until we are able to get a true population census. This business of 17 million people registering to vote in the North-West alone, more than the South-South and the South-East combined, will not produce free and fair election results.

With all you have said and written about Buhari, do you have fears that he might come after you?

That is a very interesting question. In all that you people in PUNCH said and wrote about Jonathan, were you afraid he would come after you? How come nobody asked this question in the time of Jonathan, but you are already asking it even before Buhari is sworn in?

Buhari has no power of arrest over me. Those were the days when he arrested people for telling the truth he did not want to hear. Those days are gone. I am protected from any recurrence of his tyranny by the Nigerian Constitution. Make no mistake about it; we are not going to give Buhari an easy pass. If he could criticise every government in the last 16 years, he must expect to be criticised in turn.

The President-elect needs to fasten his seat-belts. He should enjoy his honeymoon now while it lasts. I even have an egg-timer to determine how long it will take for President Olusegun Obasanjo to start attacking him. As you probably know, according to Obasanjo, the only good government in Nigeria is the one he heads.

You said you were one of those that were victimised during Buhari’s regime as a military Head of State. Some other people that received the same treatment have forgiven him. Are you thinking of forgiving him?

General Buhari sent people to arrest me because I wrote an article against his dubious policy entitled: “Counter-trading Nigeria’s Future.” They came for me on a Friday but could not find me. They left a note that I should report to their Gulag Archipelago at 33 Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos. However, he was overthrown on Sunday. So God saved me from his hands.

In the end, I was no more victimised than any other Nigerian who had to endure the ordeal of his tyranny. General Buhari has refused to apologise. He has refused to ask Nigerians to forgive him for his atrocities. He merely said he accepts responsibility for them. You cannot forgive a man who refuses to repent.

What if you were offered a position in this new government?

If I maintained I would never accept a government position under Goodluck Jonathan; why would I now accept one under Buhari? I will never ever serve under any government. My kingdom is not of this world.

Some people have said that the President-elect is surrounded by some people that may not mean well for his intentions, do you agree?

You must have a better view of his intentions than I have. As far as I know, birds of a feather flock together. General Buhari is neither better nor worse than the people who now congregate under APC. That is why he agreed to be their leader. Stop making excuses for him already. His intentions are the same as those of the people around him.

The President-elect is reportedly known for his anti-corruption stand and integrity, don’t you share this view?

I disagree completely. The President-elect is very good at making anti-corruption noises, but his actions contradict him. The last time he was Nigeria’s Head of State, he tried to fight corruption with corruption. Imposing retroactive decrees and killing Nigerians under them is corruption. Putting an Igbo vice-president in Kirikiri, while placing the Fulani president under palatial house arrest, is corruption.

Detaining people like Michael Ajasin in jail, even after they were discharged and acquitted by kangaroo courts, is corruption. Jailing journalists for telling the truth is corruption. Putting pressure on a judge in order to jail Fela Anikulapo Kuti is corruption. Shepherding 53 suitcases of contraband unchecked through customs during a currency change exercise is corruption. Presiding over the theft of N25bn of Petroleum Trust Fund money is corruption. Swearing an affidavit that your school-leaving certificate is with the military when it is not is corruption.

With all you have said and written about Buhari, does it mean you don’t expect anything meaningful from his government in the next four years?

I live in Nigeria. I wish Nigeria well. Therefore I hope I am wrong about General Buhari. I hope he will surprise me. But I doubt it. General Buhari did not provide any meaningful public policy programme throughout the campaign. All we got were rhetoric and platitudes. Nothing meaningful came out of his last stint in power. I doubt anything meaningful will come in the next four years. But I pray that I am wrong.

You called for his disqualification after his result/certificate controversy; do you think people shouldn’t have voted for him based on that premise?

I think he should have been disqualified based on that premise. If you fail to fulfil the requirements of an election, your name should not even be on the ballot.

There are reports now that the military said it had found Buhari’s certificate, do you agree with some people who believe that it was all Peoples Democratic Party propaganda and dirty machinery at work?

How very convenient! They suddenly found the certificate now that the election is over.

So where is it? You ask the most biased questions. A man says his certificate is with the military. The military says it does not have it. In any case, the military does not keep the certificates of its officers. So how can this be merely PDP propaganda? Why could General Buhari not retrieve his certificate from Cambridge when he went on his junket to Chatham House in London?

If the certificate is found eventually, will you retract some of your statements, especially the ones that border on his certificate?

If the certificate is eventually found, it would make no difference. He was required to provide the certificate before a particular date and he did not. He should have been disqualified. You need to make up your mind about what is true and what is false. On the one hand, you say the certificate has been found. Now you ask “if it is eventually found.” Make up your mind. Has it been found or not? Was it lost in the first place?

You also described the Speaker, Aminu Tambuwal, as a traitor, meanwhile he gave his reasons for defecting; don’t you think the court should be left to decide if he erred?

The court does not decide if Tambuwal was a traitor. There is no court case to that effect. I don’t need a court case to determine if Tambuwal was a traitor. I can make up my own mind on that. Tambuwal was elected as a PDP member of the House. He betrayed the electorate by defecting to the APC. He betrayed the PDP by becoming an APC Speaker in PDP clothing. You cannot re-write the history of his actions; neither can you bend the truth concerning his treachery.

Some people have accused you of being sponsored by the PDP to write against APC members. They say you have only been critical of APC members, making PDP members seem like saints. Is this true?

Some people have accused PUNCH of being sponsored by the APC to write against Jonathan. They say you have only been critical of PDP members, making APC members seem like saints. Is this true? I don’t lose any sleep over what people say. People can say what they like, that does not change the truth about me.

Are you saying you don’t agree with the majority of Nigerians who say President Jonathan under-performed?

Obviously, I don’t agree that President Jonathan has not performed. I have stated in my write-ups that the president performed, and I gave my reasons. What makes you think the outcome of a flawed election will now suddenly change my views? When the air clears, the true history of the Jonathan administration will be written.

Then how would you assess the President in the area of security and corruption?

What is the point of that now? Let us now see how General Buhari will destroy Boko Haram in a matter of days like he did Maitasine. Let us see how many days it will take him to bring back our girls. Let us see how he will end corruption when he has a legislature full of corrupt politicians who used all kinds of means to get elected. General Buhari’s vain promises will begin to haunt him in the coming weeks and months.

My sister fought in the mall, not me – Bimbo Akintola

It may be that actress, Bimbo Akintola, has a look alike sister as the actress is claiming that it was her sister who fought in the mall recently and not her.
Bimbo Akintola

It was reported earlier in the week that star actress, Bimbo Akintola, was involved in a fight with a shop attendant at the Palms, Lagos, recently.

But then, the actress, in a phone conversation with Saturday Beats, while admitting there was a fight, claimed it was actually her sister that was involved in the fight and not her.  However, according to an eye witness, the wahala started when Bimbo bought something from a shop and the shop attendant didn’t have N300 balance to give to the actress.

Bimbo, Saturday Beats gathered, insisted she would collect her balance and went to the extent of telling the attendant that she would help her look for change.

“The attendant waited for a long time and didn’t see Bimbo. After some time, she saw Bimbo climbing up to the cinema and she went to meet her there and insisted the actress should give her the money. That was when the fight started,” the eye witness said.

But Bimbo said the incident is actually a case of mistaken identity as she wasn’t the one who was involved in the fight.

She said,
“This thing happened about three weeks ago and nobody said anything about it. The lady attacked my sister and that is what happened. It did not happen to me but to my sister. She kept our change for over two hours and my sister demanded for the change. Although my sister later gave somebody the change anyway, it did not happen to me and my sister is not an actress.”

Once again, the actress denied being engaged despite the fact that some people claimed to have seen her wearing an engagement ring at an event recently.

“There is nothing like marriage on the cards for me anytime soon. People who claimed they saw me wearing an engagement ring at an event are just spreading rumours about me. Stop listening to rumours please. Ignore them,” she said.


Political titans battle in Lagos, Rivers, Kaduna, others

The last presidential and National Assembly elections showed the increasing popularity of APC in the country.

Therefore, there are indications that the governorship elections will throw up stiff competitions across the country, with some states having stiffer battles than others based on the strengths of candidates and the dynamics of the states.


Lagos State is Nigeria’s economic capital and is expected to have one of the most keenly contested polls. The state has never been won by the PDP.

It is home to a national leader of the APC, Ashiwaju Bola Tinubu, and therefore seen as a stronghold of the party.

The two main candidates in the contest are APC’s Akinwunmi Ambode and PDP’s Jimi Agbaje. There were originally 15 governorship candidates in the state but only five are left after 10 others stepped down for Ambode.

Although, in the 2011 governorship election in the state, Agbaje lost out to the incumbent governor, Mr. Babatunde Fashola, who will be rounding off his second term in office by May 2015. However, his chances look brighter this time around against a fellow rookie.

Meanwhile, the contest is unpredictable as reactions from a cross section of residents in the state show that voters are almost evenly split between the two main candidates.


In Adamawa State, the incumbent governor, Bala Ngilari will not be participating in the election, leaving room for Senator Jibrilla Bindo of the APC and Mallam Nuhu Ribadu of the PDP, who are seen as the main contenders.

Incidentally, Ribadu was the presidential candidate of the defunct ACN in the 2011 elections after becoming famous as the pioneer Executive Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, an anti-graft agency.

In August 2014, Ribadu defected to the PDP from APC with the intention to run for the governorship of Adamawa State. Ironically, his foremost contender, Bindo, was formally a member of the PDP who went the other way.

Ribadu may be more popular than his foremost contender but Bindo is not without political clout having won the senatorial seat for Adamawa North district under the PDP platform in 2011. Bindo is currently the Deputy Chairman, Senate Committee on Defence and Army.

The battle between these two politicians is also expected to be a close one.


Rivers State has probably been in the news for political reasons more than any other state in the last two years and its governor, Rotimi Amaechi and the presidency are often at the centre of such reports.

Following a dispute between Amaechi and the presidency, particularly President Jonathan and his wife, Patience, there has been political tension in the state.

Although Amaechi, who has since defected from the PDP to APC, is not contesting in the governorship election, he is rooting for his party’s candidate, Dakuku Peterside. The PDP candidate, Nyesom Wike, was Amaechi’s Chief of Staff before the two fell out.

APC is the ruling party in the state but Wike, who is also a former Minister of State for Education, is expected to pose a strong challenge to Amaechi’s candidate, having had the backing of Mrs. Jonathan, who announced him as the next Rivers State Governor several times.

Mrs. Jonathan, who is also from Rivers State, has been involved in partisan politics in the state.

On the other hand, Peterside, a native of Biriye, Opobo Kingdom, is a member of House of Representatives and also the Chairman, House Committee on Petroleum Resources (Downstream).

In spite of APC being the ruling party in the state, the last Presidential and National Assembly elections showed that the PDP still has overwhelming popularity in the state.

However, like Amaechi and the governor before him, Dr. Peter Odili, Wike is also of Ikwerre ethnic nationality and this may count against him in some quarters. Some people in the state have been calling for rotational governorship as only Ikwerre persons have governed the state since this democratic dispensation commenced in 1999.


The contest in Oyo State will also be tough with two former governors of the state, Senator Rashidi Ladoja (Accord Party) and Chief Adebayo Alao-Akala (Labour Party), vying to return to the position by scuttling APC’s Governor Abiola Ajimobi’s second term bid.

A two-time senator, who rose to become Senate leader between 2007 and 2011, Teslim Folarin of the PDP and Seyi Makinde of the Social Democratic Party are also in the race, but residents of the state are generally of the opinion that the election will be won by one of the other three candidates mentioned.


Alhaji Mukhtar Yero, who used to be the deputy Governor of Kaduna State, was sworn in as governor in December 2012 after the death of Governor Patrick Yakowa in an air crash.

Today, he will be contesting under the platform of the PDP against Mallam Nasir El-Rufai, a former Minister of the Federal Capital Territory and staunch member of the APC.

El-Rufai and his party are becoming increasingly popular in Kaduna but running against a sitting governor in Nigeria is always a tough task. Therefore, the contest in Kaduna State is expected to be close even though Buhari won with a wide margin in the Presidential election in the state.


The governorship election in Sokoto State is expected to be intriguing with the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Honourable Aminu Tambuwal (APC) battling it out with his brother-in-law, who is also a former senator and senate leader, Ambassador Abdallah Wali (PDP).

Wali reportedly introduced Tambuwal to national politics when he appointed him as senior legislative assistant in 1999.

The two candidates are the strongest contestants in the election and it is expected that one of them becomes the state’s next governor. Although, Tambuwal enjoys the support of Governor Aliyu Wamakko, who is also an APC member, Wali has been in politics longer than Tambuwal.

The contest is also expected to be stiff.


In Imo State, the popularity of Governor Owelle Rochas Okorocha (APC) has had some question marks lately, but residents still expect a keen governorship contest in the state. Okorocha’s biggest contender is Hon. Chukwuemeka Ihedioha, who is currently the deputy speaker of the House of Representatives.

Ihedioha contested and won as a member representing Aboh-Mbasie-Ngor Okpala Federal Constituency of Imo State in 2003.

Between 2003 and 2007, he served as Chairman, House committee on Marine Transport. The two contestants stand tall above the rest but there appears to be no clear gap between them, making it another close one.


Abia State has three main candidates: Okezie Ikpeazu (PDP); Alex Otti (APGA) and Anyim Nyerere (APC).

With PDPs stronghold in Abia, Ikpeazu is seen by residents as probably the strongest of the three.

Otti, an economist, banker, investor and the immediate past Group Managing Director of Diamond Bank Plc, is however expected to give the PDP candidate a run for his money in spite of a recent setback he suffered in his party.

Earlier in the week, a faction of APGA in the state dumped Otti and instead adopted Ikpeazu, citing some internal crises in the state chapter of the party. Some political analysts say this may affect Otti’s chances but no one knows if it will be enough to cost him the governorship seat.

Nyerere, a former PDP chieftain in the state before his defection to the APC, is also expected to make the contest stiffer.


Why I shunned AY’s show –Basketmouth slams rumour-mongers !

There have been bits of gossip that there is a quiet competition between top entertainers, Basketmouth and AY.


A lot of people think that the contention is in light of personality issues in light of the fact that both amusingness traders are big brands in the business.

Yet in a restrictive talk with Saturday Beats, Basketmouth denied the gossip saying he had no issues with AY or his show. Yet when inquired as to why he needed to leave the venue even without entering the lobby, Basketmouth said that he couldn’t be at the show on the grounds that he was not billed to perform and that he had another gig on that day.

“I was not booked to appear at AY’s show. My name was not publicised as part of the people to be at the show. It is not about comedians being united; AY did his show and never mentioned that Basketmouth would perform, so why would people expect me to be there? It doesn’t make sense.”

When Saturday Beats asked Basketmouth why he had to be at the venue if he knew he wasn’t going to enter the hall, he said, “It was just a coincidence that I was at the venue of the show while it was ongoing. I could not even be a guest at AY’s show because I had another gig on that day I was rushing off to.

“The way we think in this country is very funny. You go to the market to buy a Mercedes and hope to get a Rolls Royce engine, it is not possible. They sold a product and said that some people would perform, so why should people expect that I would be there? There is no beef between AY and I. I am an easy going person and I’m very cordial with everybody,” he said.


INEC postpones election in 8 constituencies in Bayelsa state


The Independent National Electoral Commission INEC has delayed tomorrow’s races in eight supporters in Bayelsa state to one week from now Saturday, April 18th.

As per the states Resident Electoral Commissioner, Baritor Kpagih, the delay was because of deficient supply of delicate and non touchy materials from INEC base camp in Abuja.

Fani calls out APC for alleging President GEJ was working to rig Lagos Gov polls

“It is not true that the President has any rigging plan for Lagos and neither do we need any such plan because our party is very strong there. The problem that the APC has and the reason that they make such asinine and stupid allegations is because they actually believe that they own Lagos State and all those that live there.

They are now in a state of panic because for the first time in 16 years, they are facing a formidable challenge and they know that Jimi Agbaje of the PDP is likely to win.

The truth is that there was no secret meeting in which rigging was planned by the President and neither is it true that materials were smuggled in to rig Lagos State. Jonathan conceded defeat and congratulated Buhari even though there were many questions about the card readers, the role of INEC and the so-called votes that APC allegedly won in Kano, Katsina, Jigawa, Kaduna and in one or two other places in the North. The figures for the APC were inflated in those states whilst the votes that Jonathan scored were purposely suppressed and reduced in places like Abia and other parts of the east by INEC.

This is the bitter truth even though many people are reluctant to say it or admit it. Till today, many of us are wondering what really happened to the INEC commissioner in Kano and whether it is true that he and his whole family were murdered after he privately expressed his misgivings and regrets about inflating the figures for the APC during the presidential elections. Rather than spitting in Jonathan’s face and rejecting his friendly handshake by accusing him of plotting to rig Lagos, the APC should keep their mouths shut and bury their heads in shame for what they and their friends in INEC did during the presidential election.” the statement read

I'm not in Rivers state to rig the governorship election - Mama Peace

Mrs Patience Jonathan has disproved claims by Governor Rotimi Amaechi that she is in Rivers state to strategize on the most proficient method to utilize the state Electoral Commission and the security contraption in the state to rig the governorship decision for Mr Nyesom Wike, the state PDP governorship applicant.

The First Lady, who arrived Rivers state on Wednesday April 8th, has invalidated charges by Amaechi in an announcement released by Director of Information in her office, Ihuoma Priscilla today April 10th.

“The First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan has dismissed the allegation that she was pressurising the Independent National Electoral Commission (and the Security Agencies to rig tomorrow’s (April 11, 2015) elections in Rivers State. As an apostle of peace and non-violent elections, the First Lady distances herself from any alleged actions that could hinder successful elections in Nigeria, especially in her home state, Rivers State. She countered the insinuations that she was in her home town, Okrika for the purpose of the governorship election, pointing out that she registered in her husband, President Jonathan’s village, Otuoke in Ogbia Local Government Area of Bayelsa State. The First Lady, a highly respected indigene of Okrika in Rivers State visited her home town on Wednesday, April 8, 2015 to a tumultuous welcome by her kinsmen and women who thronged the streets to welcome and appreciate her wonderful support to her husband, the President and for bringing development to Okrikaland.”

Hilarious! Jega's Election Result (Stage play at AY Live) Must watch!

At AY Live on Easter Sunday, The Collaction of the Presidential Election was re-enacted in a Stage Play featuring AY, Helen Paul, Seyilaw, Acapella, Stillrining, Funnybone, and MC Shakara.

Man rides bike from Ivory Coast to Nigeria for Chibok girls

A youthful Nigerian man named Oyekoya Yemi on March 30th started a bicycle ride from Abidjan in Ivory Coast to Lagos Nigeria to make mindfulness for the missing Chibok young ladies and in addition to check the one year commemoration of the young ladies in Boko Haram imprisonment.

He will be out and about for 15 days, from March 30th to April 15th. He imparted photographs of his trip so far on twitter.

See them bellow.

Pres. Jonathan's message to Nigerians ahead of tomorrow's election

As Nigeria returns to the polls tomorrow, I encourage all registered voters to come out en mass and exercise their right to vote.

I have instructed our security agents to fully facilitate the right of Nigerians to choose leaders of their choice at the gubernatorial and assembly levels by remaining non partisan and ensuring that we all vote in a secure environment. Because of their sacrifice in securing our nation, we can all be confident to come out and vote our conscience all over the federation. I urge contestants to respect the will of the people as we promote a new Nigeria that is a pacesetter and light bearer in the practice of democratic politics without bitterness. May God bless Nigeria. GEJ

Nigerian Airforce helicopter crashes in Lagos

A Nigerian Air Force helicopter on a preparation mission in Lagos crashed at around 10am today April 10th.

As indicated by an announcement by Nigerian Air Force representative, Dele Alonge, the helicopter, which endured severe damage, was coming back to the Apron after the finishing  the preparation exercise when it crashed because of pressure driven disappointment while on taxi to the hanger.

No setback was recorded. A full scaled examination concerning the circumstances prompting the accident has been requested by the Chief of Air Staff, Adesola Amosun.

Billionaire daughter, Adama Indimi, shines new photos

The lovely uber-rich person girl of oil financier Mohammed Indimi and D’banj’s ex looks fab in these new photographs she imparted on instagram. More photographs bellow.

Korede Bello reacts to critics about his church performance

Korede Bello head to his Instagram page at the beginning of today to answer commentators furthermore impart a few responses from individuals about his congregation performance on Sunday April 5th.

Check out Photos of Garissa attack survivors

147 individuals were slaughtered when Islamist organization Al-Shabaab raged a college in Garissa.

Subside Njue (envisioned) lost numerous cohorts however he survived. He was shot in the chest, twice in the stomach and in the left arm. He’s as of now getting treatment at the healing facility.

See more photographs of survivors bellow.

Ẹni t'ó bá f'ẹyin t'ọ̀pẹ̀ ní gbọ́ ohun Olodumare

Ẹni t’ó bá f’ẹyin t’ọ̀pẹ̀ ní gbọ́ ohun Olodumare (Those who rest their backs on the primordial palm tree will hear the voice of Olodumare) The testimony expressed in this video reminds me of the IFA teachings. What do you have to say to this?