Saturday, March 21, 2015

Western Starndard Foreign Policy: Emergence of ISIL is Obama's Main 'Achievement' – Russian Lawmaker

To have an idea of the Western Standard foreign policy, you need to read this article first.

Meanwhile, a Russian MP has said that the fundamental aftereffect of US administration” has been the rise of the terrorist association Islamic State. A Kurdish Peshmerga warrior conveys his weapon strolls onto his base, where two banners of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

The chief consequence of US “leadership” amid Obama’s residency has been the rise of the terrorist association Islamic State, as per Alexei Pushkov, leader of the Russian Lower House of Parliament’s remote issues council.

“ISIL is already operating in Iraq, Syria, Libya and Yemen. This is the clearest display of the results of the US ‘leadership’ and Obama’s main ‘achievement'”, Pushkov tweeted on Saturday.

A wide development of the Islamic State, which seized huge zones in Iraq and Syria, turned into one of the world’s most squeezing significant issues in 2014.

The jihadist group incorporates around 30,000 aggressors, as per the CIA.

The aggressors have pronounced a “Caliphate” in the involved regions, flagging their longing to further extend the Caliphate’s domain.

Nigeria not on the List: Where ISIS Supporters are tweeting from !

The twitter user who shared this info wrote “Don’t know how much store to set by this, but all hysterics pls note doesn’t even register.

Emir kidnapped By Unknown Gunmen In Zamfara State

Reports reaching OODUARERE has it that obscure shooters on Friday night hijacked the Emir of Bukukuyum in Zamfara State from his royal residence.

His whereabouts stayed obscure as at Saturday morning. The Zamfara State Commissioner for Information, Ibrahim Magaji, has affirmed the emir’s kidnapping.

True or False ? PDP Is Nigerians' Worst Nightmarein the last 16 years of the PDP rule - Buhari

The All Progressives Congress Presidential competitor, Muhammadu Buhari, on Saturday said the Peoples Democratic Party was Nigerians’ most exceedingly bad dream in the most recent 16 years of majority rule government.

He included that it would be the most exceedingly terrible error Nigerians would do to re-choose the party in the prospective 2015 general decisions.

Tending to supporters and gathering stalwarts at the North Central zonal rally held in Lafia, the Nasarawa state capital, Mr. Buhari said Nigeria was described by corruption and ethnic sentiments in the most recent 16 years of the PDP administration.

Mr. Buhari said Nigerians must settle on a decision and the right decision that would ensure the eventual fate of the cutting edge.

What Is Wrong With This Photo [APC no. 1 fan version]

During election you see different types of madness and marketing strategy. This is one could actually be number 1 APC fan.

Can you caption this Photo and are you Pro APC or Pro PDP ?

What Is Wrong With This Photo? [Gov. Amaechi Version]

Why is Gov. Amaechi standing like security body guard behind ?

Seven Soilders Injured, One kisses the dust As Troop repels B'Haram Fresh Attack On Bama

Defense Headquarters this nighttime released an announcement on how they thwarted another Boko Haram assault on Bama, Borno state today, March 21st.

Tragically one soldier kicked the bucket while 7 others got injured amid the assault. They have been cleared from the battle range via air and are as of now going thru medicinal consideration. A hefty portion of the terrorists were murdered.

A Hilux vehicle, other terrorist types of gear and a few weapons were caught from the aggressors. Interest is as yet continue while decency has been restored and troops keep up firm control of Bama town.

With the majority of the towns slated to be cleared of terrorists officially secured, the fight to free whatever remains of the groups of these blood sucking terrorist is proceeding with air and area operations now ventured up in the staying assigned areas in the mission range. Cordon and hunt of cleared groups are also ongoing with a few disclosures of weapons and remnants of outrages conferred by the terrorists while they held influence in a few areas.

New Music Video: Ladonsyl – Change

“The video of the gigantic hit “Change” by AHEADZ ENTERTAINMENT recording artist “Ladonsyl” (@ladonsyl) coordinated by Paul Gambit and was shot in Lagos. this gentleman is truly developing from quality to quality.

Watch and drop your remarks. Much appreciated.”

Watch new Music VIDEO: Yung6IX – Doinz ft. DJ Neptune

“​KKTBM rap star Yung6ix unwraps the anticipated visuals for his buzzing single “Doinz”. The eye-popping video for the track which peculiarities data from DJ Neptune was shot in Ghana and coordinated by Prince Dovlo.

Watch, appreciate and share.


VIDEO: D’banj & Wande Coal back together?

The main inquiry I have, in the wake of viewing the video bellow is “D’banj and Wande Coal back together?” Or is the Glo affiliation attracting them more like each other.

Clearly, they are currently ready to be around one another… Just a matter of time before they cooperate again on great music.


At any rate, the video  bellow/above shows D’banj a NYPD diplomat taking Wande Coal and Oritsefemi on the Metro Train Ride in Abuja, completed by the President Goodluck Jonathan Administration

Peter Lola Okoye & their kids cover Motherhood In-Style mag

Dwindle, Lola Okoye close by their child and little girl, Cameron & Aliona cover the most recent issue of Motherhood In-Style Magazine.

Such a delightful crew.

Video of the Week: Iyanya Ft. Don Jazzy - GIFT [Official Video]

This video is nice, it corolate with the song but the starting lyric wasn’t alluring, it hungers for a female vocal … One will need to hang on a while before dancing. Anyways, Iyanya  is giving you a definition. With so much energy. Surely, you he will be around here for a long time.

Pics: Cossy Orjiakor parties large with 2shotz as he celebrates birthday

Cossy Orjiakor and a few companions joined rapper 2shotz at the club in VI yesterday as he marked his birthday.

See more photographs bellow..

What would you do if you catch your house help naked & sexually grinding on your 5year old son?

What would you do?

Photos: Coach Stephen Keshi's daughter ties the Knot in Benin !

Here are a couple of photographs from the wedding of mentor Stephen Keshi’s little girl, Ifeyinwa, which held at Ekenwa in Benin.

Stephen Keshi, his wife and others were at the wedding.

See more photographs bellow.

Listen to New Music: Kingsize Allstars - Babariga

Mr President, please leave entertainers alone' - Etcetera writes

Once again, Nollywood and President Jonathan are disconnected from the priorities of Nigerians. Millions are hungry and the country is headed off a cliff and what we get is the President having weekly dinner with celebs at Eko Hotel. Mr. President should know that all entertainers in the country won’t amount to a spoon of water in the bucket of our population. I agree that our entertainers judging by recent behaviour are now seen as hungry men and women with insatiable appetite, but Mr. President, the larger part of the society are equally hungry and should be fed as well.

Graphic pic: People gunned by suspected cultists in PH

As per reports originating from Port Harcourt, 4 individuals were shot dead before the end of last night by suspected cultists at Okrika water side town hub in Port Harcourt.

Two others were likewise hit by stray bullets and raced to the healing center.

See two of the victimized people bellow.*warning – graphic photo*

Geopolitical Comment of the Day !

” I’m also very sorry to see Polish leaders lining up their troops to be cannon fodder with US ‘leading from behind’. Always the Slavs sacrificed first in Europe.  Watching the conscript death toll in Ukraine – taken into death traps and abandoned – I have a sick suspicion that population reduction is intended as some kind of economic solution (??).

The world I fear is in the evil grip of a Money / Military / Machiavellian Mafia. A lot of ZioGodfathers, NaziGangsters, Profiteering Warlords and Depraved Banksters … add to that a Goebellean Ministry of Truth owned by 6 interlocked media corporations (same directors – all with vested interests in perpetual war military industrial sales, oil etc).

I look at the installed neoKhazaria Kiev junta, who controls America – hijacks Congress with impunity, and worry we are all becoming one big Gaza under economic and ‘Homeland Security’ siege, with ‘Mowing the Lawn’ at any given pretext.

I’d like to blame 09/11 for the awful turn of world history. It was the ‘Pearl Harbour’ of what is now perpetual war oF terror…. but I think it started long before then. Operation Paperclip probably accounts for at least some of the megalomaniac world fascism?!!

But like you, I have hope that the pendulum has swung as far as older civilisations will allow it to. Let’s hope that the enduring humanity of Russian, Indian, Chinese cultures will push the juvenile delinquent savages of both America (and it’s middle east colonial carbuncle) into history’s dustbin as a failed reign of terror….. soon.”

See Peter Okoye lookalike,Usher Raymond !

They too much alike !

Please help: My fiancee tells so many stories about sex, claims she does not like it.

Photos: Check out Ali Baba's sons !

Meet comic Alibaba’s children, Ejay and Tjah, who stand at 6’2 and 6’1 while Alibaba is 6ft.

He imparted the photographs and composed “Blood of God. My children are resembling my siblings! Simply imagine��..” Then he added “Before somebody curse me, let me curse myself!! I am 6ft on the dot. They are 6’2 and 6’1 respectfully… Not respectively! Because if them like they can be 7’8… If I stand on my money, I tall pass them respectively!! period!”

Pics from Brymo's topless performance on stage last night

Brymo performed in front of an audience last evening at Afropolitan Vibes and he looked hot shirtless, leaving individuals in wonder.

Well that is as indicated by the individuals who went to the show…

More pics when you proceed…