Friday, July 12, 2013

New Nigerian Actual Estate Internet site eCalabash Announces Beta

Per day in front of the convergence of several local and international organizations for the Luxurious Living Africa Property Exhibition in Lagos, eCalabash has introduced the beta discharge of their new Nigerian Actual Property site, nigeria., which will be centered on giving a solid international advertising platform for Nigerian Actual Property in the top of advanced category.

With a growing international interest in African and Nigerian Actual Property, eCalabash aims with the new site, to provide Actual Property firms that have a viable portfolio of primary Actual Property, and who are intent on advertising their portfolio globally, with the opportunity and instruments to make this happen goal.

Owned by eCalabash Enterprises, eCalabash is in a sealed spouse beta, just before a full community release in the near future.


The Nigerian property industry has been warming up recently, Germany's Vamido presented their property site in the location earlier in 2010, and therefore have PrivateProperty., PropertyIndex.,,, and Property24; eCalabash will soon be in strong competition with them.

Nigeria's company of offering and hiring homes on the web is definately not clear at provide sate, and it is in need of structure. With phantom results extremely frequent, Nigerians are over all skeptical about trusting the validity of on the web property results, therefore a considerable problem for any company looking to establish itself in the market.