Monday, February 9, 2015

Back in the day Photo of Toolz's grandfather, former Oniru of Lagos

PDP chairman says Nigerians should focus more on state & local govts than FG

Adamu Muazu to you Nigerians who continue asking the Federal Government to accomplish all the more, more & more. :-).

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Former-Plateau governor's father Abducted , kidnappers demand $10m ransome

Obscure shooters hijacked the 80 year old father of previous legislative head of Plateau state, Sen. Joshua Dariye, and are currently requesting $10 million for his release.

father of former governor of Plateau state

As per reports, nine shooters stormed the home of Pa Defwang Dariye at Mushere, Bokkos Local Government Area of Plateau State on Saturday night February seventh, shot sporadically buzzing around before getting access into his habitation and after that whisking him away on a cruiser. Affirming the occurrence, the state police representative, DSP Abuh Emmanuel, said endeavors are being made to discover the kidnapped man.

Dariye is presently the senator representing  Plateau Central, a position he is looking for re-race…

20 passengers kidnapped by B'Haram in Cameroon

20 travelers who were coming back from work were allegedly snatched by Boko Haram sect yesterday Feb. eighth in Adangadanga, Mayo- Moskota division of the far North district of Cameroon.

They were taken to an undisclosed area.

Cameroonian investigative writer, Etahoben Bissong additionally said that one of the 35 Boko Haram members caught by the Cameroonian armed force after the most recent week’s assault on Fotokol is a 16yr old kid who said he specialises in slitting people throat.

Our Yorùbá Intellects !!


Economics is Ọrọ-Aje

Government is Ijọba

History is Itan

Mathematics is Onka

Sport is Ere-Idaraya

Then, what is Agriculture …… ????

E ku ojumo eyin omo ile kaaro ojiire. Se daada ni?

Mo gba l’adura wipe bi a tin jade lo fun ise oojo wa, ao ni ko el’esu l’ona. Iko ki n ko ejo l’ese, ayun lo ayun bo l’owo n yun enu. Atepe ni ese n te’na. Ire ila oorun, iwo oorun, gusu oun ariwa ki eledua gbe ko wa. A pa m’owo owo, ata jere oja.


Ewe gbegbe ko gbe ire to wa wa,

ewe ewuro ko je ki oloore wa ko mu ti wa ro.

Ona ki n di mol’oko, ona ki n di mo al’ada, ona ko ma se di mo wa.

Ire l’oju owo nri, ire la o ma ri.

Aseye ni alakan n s’epo, aseye la o se.


The INEC Chairman prof. Attahiru Jega and Service Chiefs as well as Heads of Security Organisations should resign 

The situation we have on hand is like creating a problem, getting a desired reaction abd proferring solution.


The dramatis personae are the INEC, which invented the PVC brouhaha, and the Service/Security Chiefs who now say they have 6-week onslught against the Boko-Haram . What have they been doing before now and why plan the ondlaught to coincide with the election time-table? It is like planning against the people instead of planning wiyh them. It is also easy to read the involvement of the PDP ruling party in this machination. Whatever the situation is, the INEC chairman Professor Attahiru Jega and the Service/Security Chiefs should bury their heads in shame and resign for thrir dereliction of duty.

Morocco a traitor country in Africa ??

The Moroccans feel themselves more “europeans” than being Africans anyway. They wanted to humiliate the whole African continent by refusing to host the AFCON 2015 in order to transfer the competition in Qatar, outside Africa. Morocco has always been in complicity with Europe to wage war against the real African people.


The excuse of Morocco to host the AFCON on its soil was: ” the west African people will be bringing Ebola on their soil”. But fortunately for the African people, this great African leader: Nguema Obian Mbasongo,the president of Equatorial Guinea has taken the initiative to organize the AFCON in his country just at 4 months before the competition. He has used the money of his small size and oil rich country to build stadiums, roads, hotels,etc to allow millions of African people to come to his country and enjoy the competition.

Photo: The highly politicized and very unprofessional military service chiefs of Nigeria ?


“These are the heavily corrupt, highly politicized and very unprofessional military service chiefs of Nigeria that became the political tools that President Jonathan Goodluck used yesterday to carry out a military coup against the wishes and aspirations of the tens of millions of the Nigerian voters”