Sunday, May 31, 2015

Scandinavian countries okay teaching of Yoruba language in schools

The countries that make up the Scandinavian have approved the teaching of Yoruba language in their schools. 

The Scandinavia, made up of Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland, gave the approval late in 2014.

Artist: Olowe Ise

Title: Ifa Object (detail) Date: early 20th c Collection of Godfrey Williams-Okorodus, Labalaba Gallery.

What is the meaning of Awo?

2015 annual World Ifa pilgrimage and Festival in Ado-Ekiti

2015 annual World Ifa pilgrimage & Festival @ Oke-Igeti, Oke-Olota in Ado-Ekiti on Friday, 5th and Saturday, 6th of June, 2015. Ifa agbe wao...

Human race were divided into three groups: Which category do you belong?

Human race were divided into three groups

The achievers Those who follow the achievers The bystanders. These three groups are coming to do three things on earth: They were coming to do good They were coming to do evil They were coming to do neither good nor evil. Which category do you belong? Olodumare has already declared that this is a way of knowing human attitude. I pray we all fall into a good category in our lifetime. "Holy Odu Ofun-Meji"

Photos: Oke Festival Oyo, Nigeria

Beautiful!!! Photo credit: PgFoundation.

Entrance to Igbodu where Ifa Initiation is been done!

Entrance to Igbodu where Ifa Initiation is been done at the house of Oluwo nla Solagbade Popoola. entrance
Ogun state, Nigeria. Let's explore the beauty of Ifa Beautiful!
Photo credit: @Owomide_Ifa

Photo: Yemoja priest, Aare Isese

Ibadan, Nigeria. Beautiful culture!!!
Photo credit: Princess Ifalewa.

What is Eríwo and Who makes this call?

Eríwo yà. Àyà gbó Àyà tọ́. When is this call made? What is Eríwo? Who makes this call? And what are the implications? What are these drums called? When are they used?

Saturday, May 30, 2015

True or false ?

The best revenge is getting over it and moving on. Don't give someone the satisfaction of watching you suffer. Do you agree with this or not ?   The best revenge is getting over it and moving on. Don't give someone the satisfaction of watching you suffer. Do you agree with this or not ?  

Atiku & OBJ, the 2 heavy weight political ex-champions that killed PDP share a laughter at Inauguration gala night

I think that there should be a say that" don't ever eradicate the founding fathers of anything as it will lead to doom or failure of that thing.
This was the case when Steve Jobs was initially dumped and Apple went down until he was called back to revive the nearly dead tech giant, "Apple". The same is the case for PDP.

Toilet Paper War! What is the correct way to unroll toilet paper?

Is it A or B? Believe it or not this is a real issue in some households. lol Have A Happy And Fun Friday! ~ Michael Baisden

Photos: Grace Egbagbe shines in Iconic Invanity

Previous Executive Director, Marketing - NTA, Grace Egbagbe still looking excellent for her age. Ms Egbagbe wore the outfit above designed by Iconic Invanity to the Inaugural Ball in Abuja yesterday. Photograph Credit: Dele Momodu.

President Buhari, Vice P. Osinbajo declare assets

President Buhari and Vice President Yemi Osinbajo have announced their assets as indicated by the dictates of the Nigerian constitution. buhari_1
As per an announcement from the Head of the Buhari Media Team, Garba Shehu today May 30th, President Buhari and VP Osinbajo announced their assets on May 28th, a day prior to their initiation and swearing in.

Here’s How Much President Buhari & Vice P. Osinbajo Will Earn Annually

Nigeria’s new president, Muhammadu Buhari, and his deputy, Yemi Osinbajo, will earn annual basic salaries of N3, 514, 705 and N3, 031, 572.50 respectively, according to the information on the website of the Revenue Mobilization Allocation and Fiscal Commission.
Apart from the salaries, the president is entitled to various regular allowances like: Hardship, 50 per cent of the basic salary – N1, 757, 350.50; consistency – 250 per cent, N8, 786, 762.50.

How Lebanese Billionaire’s Plan To Poison Nigerians Leaked…The Amin Mousalli’s Dubious Trade Secrets

But for the quick intervention of the eagle eyed men of the National Agency for Foods and Drugs Administration Control-NAFDAC, the Amin Mousalli-led management of the much publicized Chocolat Royal would have poisoned hundreds of Nigerians who throng the Etim Iyang, Victoria lsland, Lagos location of the company on daily basis consuming their dairy products, this much National Enquirer can report.

Suicide Bomber explodes in Maiduguri Mosque: 26 Killed, 28 Injured

No less than 26 individuals were executed as a consequence of a blast at a mosque in the city of Maiduguri, Borno state in northeastern Nigeria. bomber
Beforehand, the agency reported that the blast had demolished practically the whole building. None of the groups working in the locale have not not yet claimed responsibility for the attack. "Suicide bomber with a homemade bomb blew himself up in a mosque, 26 people were confirmed dead, and another 28 were injured," AFP reports, refering to Borno's state police chief.

Russian Jets Force US Navy Destroyer Away From its Territorial Waters

Russian Navy jets constrained a US Navy ship into the eastern Black Sea after it was seen heading into Russia's regional waters. us_navy
Russian Navy Su-24 planes forced US Navy destroyer USS Ross to go into neutral waters operating in the Black Sea, a source in Crimea's security forces told RIA Novosti.

I did not Ban Anyone From Travelling- President Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari says authorities of past administrations including ministers are entitled for their full rights and benefits under the constitution and must not be subjected to any undue provocation and intimidation at the air terminals or at other points of entry and exit. buhari0


Kendall Jenner flaunts her lanky legs & backside in Brazil

 19 year old model, Kendall who came back from Monaco on Thursday is as of now in Brazil to promote the apparel brand Le Lis Blanc. She was seen in a high-waisted dark shorts with a trimmed coordinating jacket - both of which included a gleaming embroidered floral configuration. She additionally shared this bottom photograph of herself on her Instagram page and inscribed it 'strawberry string'. More photographs bellow.

Timing of FIFA Arrests Ahead of Presidential Vote ‘No Coincidence’

Newly re-elected FIFA chief Joseph Blatter said that the United States is the number one sponsor of Jordan and Prince Ali Bin Hussein, who was Blatter’s only rival in Friday's FIFA presidency vote.

Amber Rose shares half N@ked photo in the pool

Amber Rose
Ms. Rose shared this sultry photograph of her chilling in the Pool half naked.

Check out More pics from Osi Umenyiora's wedding to Miss Universe Leila Lopez

The good looking couple who have been together for more than 3 years wedded yesterday May 29th in Leila's home of Angola.

More pics bellow.

TY Bello shares pics of GEJ & Buhari holding hands

The well known photographic artist and vocalist who took the photographs on Thursday May 28th amid a tour through Aso Villa imparted them on instagram to an intense accompanying message.

Photo: Governor Wike shows off his family

New legislative head of Rivers State - Nyesom Wike, with his wife Eberechi Wike and their three youngsters..

Photo: Check out President Buhari's ADC

Meet the recently designated Aide De Camp, ADC, to President Muhammadu Buhari. His name is Lt. Col.  Muhammed Lawal Abubakar from Kano state. An ADC is a military partner to a Senior military officer. He supervises the security details of the President.

Eleven killed as military foil B'Haram invasion into Maiduguri

A group of five and 6 different people were among the individuals who were killed in a firearm fight between Boko Haram individuals and Nigerian troops in Dala, Borno state yesterday May 29th. nigerian_troops
As indicated by reports, the terrorist, who came in their numbers, had attempted to attack Maiduguri, the Borno state capital however met a strong resistance from the troops positioned in the range. Numerous inhabitants were truly harmed as they tried running to wellbeing. The troops repulsed the assault.

LWKMD!!! See what happens when you put “Mr. Ibu” in a company of friends!

We could not afford to enjoy watching this clip alone. This is what happens when you put "Mr. Ibu" in a company of friends! Make sure you share this video after watching... lol Follow us on Instagram @omooduarere Video Credit: @nollystar

LWKMD!!! See what happens when you put “Mr. Ibu” in a company of friends!
We could not afford to enjoy watching this clip alone. This is what happens when you put “Mr. Ibu” in a company of friends! Make sure you share this video after watching… lol Follow us on Instagram @omooduarere Video Credit: @nollystar
Posted by Ọmọ Oòdua on Saturday, May 30, 2015

Patience Jonathan returned to Otuoke from Aso Rock With Cutleries Including Golden Knifes, Spoons & Cups

As per insiders who were there a couple of hours before previous first woman Dame Patience Jonathan and her hubby ex President Jonathan at long last left for Otuoke reports that Dame Patience instructed that all the knives and forks and spoons and even bedsheets be stuffed and taken out of the Villa. jonah_patience


Check out pics from the Lagos State Government Inaugural Ball

Facilitated by Gbenja Adeyinka and Tee An, a supper night loaded with music and dance to welcome the new Governor of Lagos State, Mr Akinwunmi Ambode.

More photographs after the jump

Pics: See Ex-President Jonathan's New Home In Otueke

On Thursday, workers were putting completing touches to five structures at Mr. Jonathan's living arrangement.


OPEN Letter to Nigerian Celebrities: Especially Olamide Badoo

Gone are the days In the Nigeria entertainment Industry, where celebrities were humble to their fans and also appreciated their fans for the love and support shown to them, despite the Money and Fame, they still maintain the humility and appreciate their fans. olamide

I wasn't interested in politics - former President GEJ says


Photos of the 1st the children of The First Family. (The Buharis)

 by Dele Momodu of Ovation magazine International.the_buharis
The President, his wife, Aisha and his late wife certainly have great qualities. Their children are sweet. More photo bellow. I trust Mr president, the ex-general to select the sweetest woman!
More pics after the jump

Pics of Chimamanda @Wellesley College giving a commencement speech

Rousing lady. Adore her yellow head-wrap. See another photograph of the Wellesley 2015 graduates waving their copies of Chimamanda's "We Should All Be Feminists" bellow.

Naira may be devalued again –Report

 Following the inauguration of the new administration, the naira may be devalued again to reflect the recent drop in Nigeria’s foreign reserves, analysts at Renaissance Capital have said.

The analysts said this in a report, ‘Nigeria beyond May 29: Managing expectations,’ which was made available to our correspondent on Friday.

Buhari leaves guests, attends Jumat service

President Muhammadu Buhari on Friday left some African leaders and other guests who were at the new Banquet Hall of the Presidential Villa to celebrate his inauguration midway into the programme.


Aisha Buhari closes beauty parlour in Kaduna

Soft-spoken but extremely eloquent, there are many things that make Aisha Buhari, wife of Nigeria’s new president thick.

Blessed with an infectious smile; many, often as a result of her warm disposition, underrate the power that lies in her.

Photos: Osi Umenyiora ties the knot with Leila Lopez

Osi_Umenyiora Osi_Umenyiora1
NFL player Osi Umenyiora and his long-term sweetheart, Miss Universe 2011 Leila Lopez traded wedding pledges yesterday in Angola. The couple got engaged in February 2013. Well done to them

Pics from the presidential Inauguration Gala

Some photos from the presidential Inauguration Gala which held at the Presidential Villa last night.

More pics after the jump.

Friday, May 29, 2015

28-29.05.2015 Crisis News - 1

29.05.2015 Crisis News – Ukraine

Pic: Abdulsalam Abubakar, Ernest Shonekan, Olusegun Obasanjo pictured using Ipad

The previous heads of State pictured today at the presidential inauguration checking something on an iPad. The previous heads of State pictured today at the presidential inauguration checking something on an iPad.

Sweet photos of the new and 1st Lasgidian lady , Mrs Bolanle Ambode

Check out first Lasgidian lady ..Soo sweet ......

Ladies: See Photo Of President Buhari's Only Son Yusuf Buhari & His Girlfriend

There has been a huge distress since photographs of Yusuf Buhari hit the net yesterday, with a considerable measure of my sisters wearing Niqab and announcing undying adoration for the young fellow, after due ingenuity I present to you the genuine sweetheart of Yusuf Buhari, Can you folks go chill now?

John Kerry and other US officials in group pic with President Buhari

The US Secretary of State in a photo with President Buhari after his swearin-in today.
More photographs after the jump.