Monday, July 4, 2016

No life lost as trailer falls off the Apapa Ijora bridge in Lagos State

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Akhmed Chataev: An inconvenient “fighter against Russia”

 Original by Boris Rozhin (Colonel Cassad); abridged translation by J.Hawk
submitted by SouthFront:
It’s like it’s a holiday of some sort.
The main suspect in organizing the Ataturk Airport attack is a Chechen militant by the name of Akhmed Chataev whose biography will simply knock your socks off.

Srebrenica “Genocide” Resolution in the Serbian Parliament

by Stephen Karganovic of the Srebrenica Historical Project
The Srebrenica Lobby in Serbia has launched a stealth campaign to pressure the Serbian Parliament to adopt a resolution about the “Srebrenica genocide” that allegedly took place in July 1995. The proposed resolution is scheduled to be presented to parliament for a vote in a few days, following a “fast track” procedure designed to be completed in time for this year’s Srebrenica anniversary ceremony on July 11. Obviously, the timing was designed to ensure that maximum emotional pressure is exerted on parliamentary deputies, while giving them a minimum of time to conduct an informed public debate on the issues underlying the Srebrenica controversy.

China’s President XI Jinping speech on the 95th anniversary of the Communist party of China

Chinese President XI Jinping in his speech on Friday the 1st of July, noted the strategic need for an alliance between Russia and China, which he believes will determine the future world order.
“The world is on the brink of radical changes. We see how the EU is gradually crumbling and the US economy is collapsing. This will end in a new world order. So, in 10 years we will have a new world order unlike anything before in which the key will be the Union of Russia and China,” said XI.

Ukraine Poland NATO SITREP July 2, 2016 by Scott

Worshipping False Idols

this is not about kids´ education but about all-pervading false ideology that rules all of us today.
Like a magic ring.
“One ring to rule them all… (and) to forever bind them” (Tolkien) –
what is this evil ring in our society? It is the shortsighted fear of temporary disadvantages on the levels of bank account and job contract expressed in the words about “future ruined”.
why, then, are people so shortsighted?